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Marianne Dreams Download Marianne Dreams Author Catherine Storr Ill And Bored With Having To Stay In Bed, Marianne Picks Up A Pencil And Starts Doodling A House, A Garden, A Boy At The Window That Night She Has An Extraordinary Dream She Is Transported Into Her Own Picture, And As She Explores Further She Soon Realizes She Is Not Alone Great children s classic, with vivid and memorable characters, a dark yet beautiful dream world and the power of imagination I can remember how much I loved it as a kid, and I recall watching a pretty go
The latest in my season of re readings of classic children s books It s been a long time since I first read this one, but it still packs a punch it s well written, dark and in places, genuinely chilling those whispering stones always freaked me out as a child, and they still do The characters are marvellous well drawn and quite without sentimentality I especially love the fact that illness makes them both so cranky and unpleasant it reads as a deliberate cha
The basic premise of Catherine Storr s Marianne Dreams is that when the main protagonist, that when young and boisterous Marianne is confined to her bed for many weeks due to serious illness the exact nature of her malady is never clearly stated, but I have always wondered whether it might be a case of rheumatic fever to ward off her boredom and frustrations at having to remain not only inside but actually firmly bedridden, she passes her time drawing pictures but with a special and as it turns out rather magical drawing pencil she has found, and which drawings start to increasingly take over both her dreams and her reality, her life as it is Now the house that Marianne imagines dreams about and then proceeds to draw with her special pencil has a boy in the window who actually also turns out to be a real boy named Mark who has had polio and is thus housebound and cannot or perhaps will not come out, cannot or will not leave his home, which is probably why at first Marianne has imagined and the drawn her
Catherine Storr s 1958 novel Marianne Dreams is one of those classic children s stories that passed me by, but luckily I spotted a Puffin copy from the 1970s, I picked it up, I thought it looked lovely, and so I brought it home.It was lovely, it was spooky, and it was the kind of book that brought out the child who loved books inside me.Marianne is confined to bed with an illness that will keep her their for several months Bored, she starts to draw to pass the time, using an old pencil she found in her grandmother s workbox She draws a house, with a garden, set in rough moorland.When she falls asleep she dreams that she is standing outside the house she drew She goes to the door but she finds that she can t get in, because she didn t draw a door knob She adds that the next day, and after the next night s dream she adds a staircase, so that she can go upstairs to meet the boy she drew looking out of a window.The next day she goes back to her drawing, and she adds a door handle, and a boy looking out of an upstairs window That night s dream makes her realise that she needs to add stairs, and when she has added those she meets Mark he tells her that he has trapped, because he has been ill and he can t use his legs properly.Marianne had been having lessons with Miss C
A Children s book was exactly what the doctor ordered for this gloomy never ending winter This book is a fabulous old school kind of children s book with its old fashioned vocabulary that makes it all enojayble It takes you back to the time when life was fresh and exciting Now when we are old, the novelty of life has worn off, we have to go to work, buy groceries and pay the rent and we have to be reminded sometimes how exciting life really is.Children s books do it for me This one really took me away and during the 40 minute tube ride I completely forgot I was actually going to work.It tells a story of a little girl who confined to bed for weeks amuses herself with drawing As it turns out the pencil she has been using is not just an ordinary pencil but the kind that makes her drawings come to life later on at night when she is dreaming The
I think anyone who dreams or imagines a lot about things they hear about, or just likes to make stuff up, would like Marianne Dreams a lot Marianne is bedridden and only has her thoughts and drawing materials to keep her sane That s a pretty thin grip on things, so dependent on moods It only takes a creepy looking tree outside to throw a new light on impending future Some of us like to work ourselves up, too Marianne s tutor tells her about another boy in the town, and Marianne includes him in those drawings When Marianne s dreams come to life dream or reality , Mark is in danger It is up to Marianne to imagine a way out.I recognized that feverish dreamlike feeling that makes things look sinister or magical or both I can get that feeling even from a lack of sleep, or being awake at a certain hour with no one else about Dreams evokes those feelings to the best of their abilities I have to say I LOVE that feeling there is such a thing as too much of a good
I d never come across this children s novel at all until a friend recently recommended it to me I can imagine that whoever has read this as a child would have been haunted by it Marianne is a young girl who is bedridden as a result of an unspecified illness Discovering a pencil which had belonged to her grandmother, Marianne draws a house set within a fence That night in her dreams, she visits the house, but can t gain entry as she hasn t drawn anyone inside who is able to let her in Awake again, draws a figure in the upstairs window, but in her next dream he still can t let her in because she hasn t drawn any stairs in the house And so it goes on The book is incredibly imaginative, cleverly structured, and tightly plotted There is a tremendous sense of foreboding throughout the dream sequences which builds to a terrific climax Even though this is ostensibly a children s book, I would heartily recommend it to anyone
When I read this as an 11 year old, I didn t quite fully grasp how incurable illnesses and death exist in a desperate murky no man s land dreamworld Now I do Both Marianne and myself got perspective, learnt about the floor dropping sensation of
I read this when I was a kid It is a MUST read if you like dark fantasy The book was made into a movie and surprise, surprise the Where was this book when I was 9 or 10 Man, I would have adored it and read it over and over and over Marianne is bedridden with what sound like mononucleosis to the modern ear, and she finds herself whiling away the long hours drawing with a magic pencil and visiting her drawings in her dr

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