What Ted Did

What Ted Did Reading What Ted Did Author Frances J Armstrong Anguillais.us Picture In Your Mind A Serial Killer Think Of Someone Who Has Reached The Depths Of Human Evil, Who Has Not Only Committed Murder But Has Done It Over And Over Again What If This Thing That Walked Among Us Was Indistinguishable From A Normal Person They Had No Lazy Eyes Or Menacing Size, No Awkwardness About Them In Fact, What If This Person Were Handsome Instead Of Some Basement Dwelling Monster Living On Rats, This Was A Man That Had Good Skin And Hair, Who Had A Reassuring And Calm Voice, And A Face That Seemed Friendly This Is Not A Science Fiction Story, Nor The Story Of A Chameleon Or Shapeshifter Such Evil Once Walked Among Humanity, Undetected Even As He Committed His Awful Crimes His Name Was Ted Bundy This Book Explores His Life And Crimes. What Ted didThis is the first book I ve read completely about Ted Bundy I learned a lot about the killer I hadn t known before It was informative and held my attention.