Echoes of a Highlander (Arch Through Time Book 3)

Echoes of a Highlander (Arch Through Time Book 3) PDF Epub Echoes Of A Highlander Arch Through Time Book 3 By Katy Baker Lucy Jennings Has Given Up On Love She Gave Her Heart Once And Had It Shattered Now She Finds Solace In Music, Dreaming Of Getting Her Break So When An Eccentric Old Woman Offers Her A Place On An Orchestral Tour To Scotland, Lucy Jumps At The Chance But She Soon Learns To Be Careful What She Wishes For When She Falls Through A Stone Archway In A Ruined Scottish Castle She Finds Herself Thrown Back In Time Five Hundred Years And Right Into The Path Of Andrew Harris, A Brooding Highland Laird Adrift In A World Of Intrigue And Danger, Lucy Finds Herself Drawn To The Enigmatic Warrior He Just Might Hold The Answers She Seeks To Solving A Riddle, Saving A Life And Healing Lucy S Heart But Andrew Harris Is Broken Plagued By Guilt Following The Death Of His Family, He Struggles To Trust Anyone Lucy Jennings Might Just Change That If He Dares To Take The Risk Can Lucy And Andrew Heal Each Other And Will They Realize What They Truly Desire Before It S Too Late Echoes Of A Highlander Is The Third Book In The Arch Through Time Romance Series Each Book Can Be Read As A Standalone Novel Dreams Of A Highlander, And Touch Of A Highlander, The First Two Books Are Available Now Searching for LoveFive Amazing Stars.I was thrilled to read another most exciting brilliant romantic through the ancient Scottish highlands with these completely new adventure in the wonderful third series, Arch Through Time Written by the amazing author who I just love, Katy Baker I have thoroughly adored this series and just so excited to enjoy this exciting new time travel romance.Whilst Lucy Jennings was enjoying the music she d love and played she wished her performances where perfectas as she played on the streets in the Big Apple Playing such chords of older flavour able classics that people just love As she played on this windy day in the city the strong breeze became unbearable Poor Lucy had suffered deeply after her loss Garth, the one who started this all Her family were now pleased to know that she was playing her instrument once again.Until she meet up with with a smiling lady who absolutely adored her performance she asked her her to play along with songs from her own town Scotland As she started placing her hands on her instrument playing her music Later that day Lucy stated auditioning for work until sh find out she know can play her music in Scotland Wh
Another excellent read Really enjoyed this series I was hoping maybe there would be , there could be Loved the characters and the adventure. Lucy Jennings is down on love finding solace in her music and dreams of getting her big chance She s playing on a street corner when she meets an eccentric old woman and plays a song for her The woman s name is Irene MacAskil and tells her to watching for her chance and be sure she takes it because she may save a life and find her heart s desire When a chance comes out of the blue for Lucy to play with an orchestra in Scotland she immediately takes it One event is in an ancient castle and she follows Irene after seeing her in the audience Lucy winds up going through an arch and finds herself thrown back 500 years Upon her arrival she finds a man with three horses who shares his meal but winds up in trouble when Andrew Harris finds them because the man is a horse thief When the man escapes, Andrew takes Lucy to his home until her innocence can be determined Andrew himself is a tortured soul hau
Wonderful romanceThis Time traveler has a bit of a twist We have some interesting characters and a good story plot The story leaves that can be written with the other characters You will enjoy the fact of the story is a tad different that some of the other time traveler stories you ve read Enjoy FREE on today 4 22 2019 I loved this book too As old as time, love can heal old wounds and make things new again I love that the time travel arch was left openpossibly leading to stories in this series Lucy and Andrew are broken souls that thrown together can they both be m
a great addition to the series love how she integrates past and present and how she fuses the stories of two people in to one I really hope there are in this series she captures historical fiction beautifully and takes you back in time on a great journey Oh a Wonderful Time Travel SeriesEach book just keeps getting better What could Katy Baker add to make such a complete time travel romance, I was lucky to have found this series and hope there are to come L. Loved itWould recommend this book Love the romance and adventure Handsome and beautiful characters and honorable heroes and heroines Would love to visit Scotland Love this book For the third book in her Archway series, the 21st Century woman is Lucy Jennings, a talented musician still looking for her future Lucy was orphaned vas a little girl and has been raised by her Aunt Helen and Uncle Nathan Aunt Helen wants Lucy to settle down and get a real job Lucy wants to make a living as a musician and plays her violin on the streets of NYC.One day, she meets Irene MacAskill, already known to readers of the series from the prequel and the first two books in the series.Lucy had auditioned for an orchestra three weeks earlier but never heard anything After her meeting Irene,Lucy gets a call from the orchestra They want to offer a position as the third violinist for their tour of, wait for it, Scotland Which she naturally accepts.Meanwhile, in the 15th century, Andrew Harris, Laird of the Harris clan is looking for horse thieves when he meets, you know who, Irene Before you know it, Lucy is in the 15th c