Dancing in the Dust

Dancing in the Dust Download Dancing In The Dust Author Gwendolyn Pendraig Petrasrobert.eu God Is A Construct Created By Men, To Control Those They Placed Beneath Them After Surviving The Plague That Wiped Out Her Family And Most Of The Warm Blooded Life On Earth, Ayla Has Spent Ten Years In Relative Solitude Surviving, And Against All Odds, Thriving Ayla S World Gets A Whole Lot Bigger When She Finds A Fascinating New Canine Companion Along The Way She Picks Herself Up A Nemesis, A Needless Distraction And A New Approach To Post Apocalyptic Life Capable Of Devastating Violence And Deep Compassion, Our Anti Heroine Walks An Almost Invisible Line, Navigating Her Own Morality In A World Where The Concept Doesn T Exist Any An Uniquely Female Perspective On The Challenges Of Surviving In A World Ruled By The Violent And Strong, This Is Not For The Faint Hearted Or Easily Disturbed Please Be Aware This Book Contains Graphic Descriptions Of Sexual Violence, And Scenes That Some Readers May Find Disturbing.Self Publishers Showcase Called This Novel, Graphic But Glorious, And Readers Worldwide Have Loved The Bleak, Brutal Yet Bolstering Story Of Ayla S Fight To Survive In A Landscape That Cares Nothing For Her Easily The Best Book I Ve Read This Year Difficult, Gut Wrenching, Repulsive Yes Impossible To Put Down Oh, Yes Many Aspects Of This Brutal Story Are Fascinating And Thought Provoking Amazing Healing, Origin Of Ayla S Companion But The Core Plot Of This Woman And Her Survival Is A Lesson Every Reader Should Be Required To Try This Book Is Not For The Faint Of Heart The Storyline Is Brutal But Inspiring I Have Never Read Anything Like It Disappointed When I Was Finished But Only Because I Wanted To Keep Reading A Hook At The End Suggests A 2nd Book To Come In A Possible Series Of This Woman S Struggle For Survival In A Ruthless New World Huge Fan Gwendolyn Pendraig S Dancing In The Dust Is A Brutal, Graphic Take On A Harsh Post Apocalyptic Future A Dust Born Plague Has Wiped Out The Majority Of The World S Population And Just To Survive Is A Battle Very Few Can Win Be Warned, Pendraig Doesn T Hold Back In Describing The Often Gruesome Nature Of Staying Alive But Trust Us, The Experience Is All The Better For It. I really enjoyed this Although initially I found the narrator difficult too deep and mature for the character plus I struggled with the accent That did pass The protagonist is a young woman, Ayla, who is strong, independent and capable It is written in first person present although when we switch POV to the bad guy, it becomes third person.This is a true apocalyptic world Set in our near future after a world wide event wipes out almost all mammals A group of men attack Ayla
We re done A virus killed most of the human race Those who survived behave like feral animals than civilised humans If you look closely you ll see mothers roasting their children over the fire, men raping women and abusing them in every imaginable way Even if you re imagination is sick, you ll witness scenes of such cruelty that even Satan himself would turn his eyes in shame.The story focuses on one of the survivors of Bubble Flu a young woman named Alya She fights for survival Not an easy task given that every man in the book wants to rape and kill her Alya became violent and brutal herself She enjoys tearing violent men to pieces sometimes quite literally Alya lives alone until the day she rescues a strange, dog like creature she names Hope As this world is a cruel place where bad things happen 24 7, Alya is brutally raped by two men One of them runs away Second is shredded to pieces by Hope And that s basically it The other guy, the one who runs away appears in some chapters and plans violent revenge on Alya who, in turn, wants to have her revenge on him She s occupied by other things as well, but I won t get into details.The story unveils in two timelines in the present and in the past Alya s life was terrible even before the virus wiped out most of the humanity Raped and impregnated by her father, regularly beaten and threatened, she fought for survival for most of her life The plot is rather thin and simplistic The writing, though, is ver
Gwendolyn Pendraig s Dancing in the Dust is a brutal, graphic take on a harsh post apocalyptic future A dust born plague has wiped out the majority of the world s population and just to survive is a battle very few can win Be warned, Pendraig doesn t hold back in describing the often gruesome nature of staying alive But trust us, the experience is all the better for it.We first join our protagonist, a mid twenties woman, ten years after a plague has decimated the population For reasons that also come to light, her home nation was already on to the road to ruin well before the plague swept through, killing without discrimination Armed with self modified weaponry we first encounter her taking on a group of men that are fuelled with murderous intent Immediately we associate her with fighting the good fight She could hide away, content just to remain alive But she wants to do all she can to prevent the brutal suffering of all who are unable to protect themselves Never, though, losing sight of the fact that she is her number one priority Given her backstory, you could understand her giving up but she can t, and she won t.The novel flips effortlessly between Ayla s struggle to survive the present climate, with flashbacks to the days of the plague Her backstory is harsh, and at times hard to
I m very impressed New author and new novel but eloquently written with a supremely capable female protagonist The book is a dark, violent and wittily written journey through the eyes of a lone woman surviving in a menacing, post apocalyptic land Not for the faint of
A good fast read, with a slightly different take on the usual post Armageddon stories. I started this book in anticipation of journeying into a new post apocalyptic wasteland with all the thrills and challenges that this usually brings What greeted me was so much The world and its inhabitants are described with a gritty realism which both horrifies and captivates in equal measure The feisty female protagonist is a revelation, providing a unique perspective on the trials of survival in a world dominated by aggression and brutality.The story is elevated to greater heights with the addition of a companion who ushers in a new plot device which both enthrals and
Strong womenThis book takes place in the future A future of killer viruses, corrupt presidents, and women s rights are kicked down all the way to the bottom of the food chain She is at the mercy of a man who can do whatever he wants She has no rights.Ayla is a survivor She survived her old life rape, pregnancy, beatings and has made her home out of a series of caves She is smart Physically and mentally beautiful, but can kick butt with the best of them.She is lonely On an outing where she subdued some very evil men, she finds a puppy She names her Hope and realizes there is something special about her dog.I found this book to be tremendousl
I m really torn on how to rate this book The Ayla scenes are in first person which is not a style I particularly enjoy The narrator, Karin Allers, has a deeper, gravelly voice that didn t mesh with what I was expecting of Ayla It was a good narration and the voice probably fits with the ruggedness of the environment, it just took me a while to get into the groove of the story because of it The story itself is bleak, violent and gut wrenching I was totally enthralled listening to it and sometimes did not want to get out of my car I listened while commuting Every morning
Very graphic, heart breaking, and shocking This book is as hard to read, as it is to put down From the very start you are pulled in to its nightmare and it doesn t let up I won t be forgetting this book for some time, and I am not so sure that is a good thing Very wel
Assume there is a sequel Odd different with much volience with rape gpre in spots Yet people are mutating into what well as animals I did enjoy this book and though it had several points of view the characters were plotted well Read away if you enjoy this kind of a book