Nights in Rodanthe

Nights in RodantheFrom The 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Nicholas Sparks Comes A Tender Story Of Hope And Joy Of Sacrifice And Forgiveness A Moving Reminder That Love Is Possible At Any Age, At Any Time, And Often Comes When We Least Expect It At Forty Five, Adrienne Willis Must Rethink Her Entire Life When Her Husband Abandons Her For A Younger Woman Reeling With Heartache And In Search Of A Respite, She Flees To The Small Coastal Town Of Rodanthe, North Carolina To Tend To A Friend S Inn For The Weekend But When A Major Storm Starts Moving In, It Appears That Adrienne S Perfect Getaway Will Be Ruined Until A Guest Named Paul Flanner Arrives At Fifty Four, Paul Has Just Sold His Medical Practice And Come To Rodanthe To Escape His Own Shattered Past Now, With The Storm Closing In, Two Wounded People Will Turn To Each Other For Comfort And In One Weekend Set In Motion Feelings That Will Resonate Throughout The Rest Of Their Lives Did You Know The Main Characters Names Were Christmas Presents To Nicholas S In Laws Paul And Adrienne This Was Nicholas S First Book To Debut At 1 Of all the books I ve read of Nicholas Sparks, I ve realized they all have twists Twists you wouldn t think would happen in this story line All of his books seem like they have all the same story line but like I said its a twist You think you know what will ha
Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Nicholas Sparks is the romance genius He is able to create stories of people falling in love, like no author I have read a book from yet He puts so much emotion and feeling into the pages, that after one of his books, reading another romance seems boring.Having read almost all of his books, I decided to finish all the ones I haven t read, and when I suddenly encountered this one in the library, I told myself Hey, why not The synopsis was intriguing, as all of his books are, but unlike the others, Nights in Rodanthe left me disappointed With his books this was the first time I ever felt like that And that is why I need to mention this.First of all, the story is very predictable Too predictable even I knew what was going to happen from the very first chapters, and I was expecting at least a little bit of a plot twist, but nothing really happened.Secondly, the romance was fake The falling in love part I didn t see it I just can t imagine people falling in love in three days I am sorry but it is impossible Crush, interest, lust, someone paying attention to you, and you feeling goosebumps I can understand it all But in three days, I can t imagine anyone falling so deeply for one another, that you can t lo
First off, I d like to offer myself as exhibit A in the case against the hypothesis that carriers of the XY gene are love story averse Though I must admit that partly the reason for my reading this novel is Diane Lane What can I say Shes really pretty.With that said, I was a little, well disappointed with this one I ve never read a Spark s novel before but enjoyed the silver screen version of The Notebook so I was expecting something a lil I suppose If I could use one word to describe this book it would be juvenile Paul and Adrienne were a couple of molly sues and from the very beginning they were superfluously fawning Too many moments of furtive glances and declarations of admiration The pages were fraught with Paul and Adrienne thinking how beautiful the other was too the point were it just seemed silly But I suppose, silliness is one of the many faces of love, most prominent when a thir
I watched every movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks novels but I never cared to actually read his novels which made me feel like I was cheating on this author I thought it was kind of unfair that I benefit so much from his stories by merely watching the movie adaptations So, when I saw my chance at retribution through a book sale, I automatically laid my eyes and hands on this book and yes I braced myself for the tears and the death common in Spa
I am just a big Nicholas Sparks fan I love the way he writes This is just another great one of his that I loved as I was reading it and could not put it down Can t wait for the movie Just a bare bones list of what I SHOULD COULD have done with the 2 hours it took me read this sorry excuse for a book 1 Cleaned my bathroom2 Painted my daughter s bedroom BEFORE paint gets spilled3 Cooked AND ate a romantic dinner with my husband, which would be much better for my marriage anyway4 Gave myself a MUCH needed mani and pedi5 Weeded my garden6 Caught up on laundry7 On and on and on8 And last, but not least, read ANY OTHER BOOK, I mean, besides another one by Sparks.I have to state, the reason I read this was because I saw the movie preview and I like Richard Gere The preview didn t seem that bad and the book was getting high marks Everyone talks about how Sparks is such a great author, but I just don t get it Yeah, his books are supposed to MOVE you, to make you feel, cry, whatever But not only are his characters COMPLETELY unrelatable, i.e super perfect humans who have been poorly treated by something for absolutely NO reason whatsoever , but Sparks exploits his readers feelings by using universally tear jerking situations Of course you re going to cry if someone you love dies Of course you re going to cry if your husband wife ch
What I learned from this book is merely a confirmation of something I already know because I have children most parents willingly and without hesitation make tremendous sacrifices for their children They will put aside their own wants and needs and sometimes personal happiness so that their children s lives go on uninterrupted and relatively normal Usually the children are unaware of what they have been given An older mother shares with her grieving daughter a yet untold story to help her daughter move on with her life and to be a good mother to her own children after the loss of her husband and their father.Adrienne shares the story of how as a middle aged divorcee she meets a man the only guest conveniently while keeping a seaside inn for her good friend He is recovering from a divorce and a life lived selfishly and is on his way to make amends with his adult son They are instantly attracted to one another and a romance begins in the midst of an approaching hurricane I ju
The story captivated me from beginning to end and I thought it was very well written in a smooth, easy and fast to read format But, I wantneedexpect my romance books to have happily every afters HEAs and this one did not It bothered me that Adrienne did not go on with her life, that she made decisions for herself based on the lives of her kids that were not young and she paid for those decisions in later years when she was left alone Everyone is entitled to have a life of their own She would expect that of her kids and did and her
Well shit, this book broke me I cried so much while reading Nights in Rodanthe it isn t even funny I don t even have any wine to help me cope with this book. and I need to fix that situation ASAP.I feel like I need to stop forgetting what Nicholas Sparks can do to my heart Please stop torturing my heart sir Okay, so Nights in Rodanthe definitely made me cry and fall in love with Adrienne and Paul God, their love was so real and unique It was hard not falling in love with them From the moment they first met at the Inn, I starting shipping the hell out of them Then when they finally acknowledge their feelings for each other I was giddy AF people HOWEVER, the ending shook me Broke me I cried over the letters he wrote CRIED PEOPLE Other than that I loved how Adrienne told her story to Amanda, because in some way it reconnected their love and relationship as mother and daughter While also helping Amanda cope with her own loss I re
Sekali lagi saya terpesona oleh gaya penceritaan Nicholas Sparks Mendayu dayu tapi tidak menye menye Romantis namun tidak bombastis Ceritanya mudah ditebak, walaupun begitu tetap saja saya dibawa ikut dalam irama drama yang naik turun Hebatnya lagi begitu jelas dan detilnya Nic Sparks menceritakan bagaimana kisah cinta dua manusia di usia yang tak lagi muda, namun tetap sangat menarik Saya ikut merasakan getar dan gelora asmara yang dialami kedua tokoh utama Nights in Rodanthe Plus saat mengetahui endingnya, saya tak tahan untuk tidak mengeluarkan air mata.Dibilang happy ending nggak Dibilang sad ending pun tidak Yang jelas kemarin saya sangat merasakan ketulusan sebuah cinta sejati, tak lekang oleh waktu Mau tak mau saya teringat kisah mama dan papa saya sendiri Mereka bertemu di saat usia papa yang tidak muda lagi, 37 tahun Tahun 1979 mereka menikah dan tahun 1990 mama saya meninggal Cukup singkat kebersamaan mereka, tapi sampai saat ini, detik ini, kapanpun papa menceritakan soal mama, beliau menceritakan mama dengan pancaran cinta yang tak pernah berubah Terkadangpun saat kami duduk bareng, papa masih berbicara seakan akan mama saya masih ada, Min, anakmu sudah besar sekarang Mia sudah bisa cari uang sendiri lho, lihat saja bukunya semakin numpuk tiap hari kenapa jadi nyesek ya p Yah seperti itulah Dan perasaan nyesek itu yang saya rasa saat membaca buku ini Sesak sedih, sesak bahagia juga Mengetahui bahwa orang yang dicinta sudah tenang di alam sana namun cinta dan seman

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