Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights Reading Crazy Eights Author James Melzer As One Of The Nation S Leading Cryptozoologists, Emily Nite Is Used To Investigating The Strange And Unusual An Expert In All Things Extraordinary, She S Approached To Lead The Formation Of A New Team Into The West Virginia Wilderness To Evaluate Reports Of A Giant Spider, But Her Quest For Answers Leads Her To The Discovery Of An Eight Legged Monstrosity No One Could Have Prepared For Existing For Eons Beneath Our Earth, These Aren T Your Garden Variety Spiders They Re Bloodthirsty Monsters That Will Rip Apart Anything And Anyone In Their Path, And While A Town Fights To Survive Emily And Her Team Will Have To Do Everything They Can To Beat Back The Terror Before There S A New Species At The Top Of The Food Chain After reading The Hatching earlier this year, I thought I had broken my streak of poor to exceedingly average spider based horror novels.Sadly, Crazy Eights proves The Hatching was the exception rather than the rule, as it provid
B Movie goodness Giant spiders Clandestine military operation Small town in the middle of nowhere setting This book has it all And it s a lot of fun Emily Nite is an expert in the weird and the urban legend Think X Files meets Ancient Aliens and you get the gist When a man named Tempo contacts her about giant spiders in a West Virginia town, Emily is skeptical at first, and a believer by the end She is given a team and a dossier and told to go forth and figure out what the hell is going on and to stop the threat at all costs What follows is really a great little ride into everything a B movie promises to be over the top ridiculous with action, explosions, and monsters The book was great fun It s everything I wanted it to be, right down to groan worthy jokes It s a quick read and the pages do keep turning The only fault I found was the author did quite a bit of telling in the narration when, perhaps, a little dialogue would have done Otherwise, the book is fun Straight up fun You w
Action packed fun horrorAn enjoyable read from a talented writer and hopefully the start of a series If you liked Eight Legged Freaks, you ll love this. 3.5 stars.If you have a sweet tooth for b movie horror, like I do, this novel is worth a read Lots of fun for people who like stories of giant bugs, mutant creatures, or monsters run amok Consider it a SyFy Original movie, but with better special effects. This is not a bad book There are some good refreshing ideas and it s fast paced I could have given it four stars because I did like it The reason I end up giving it only three stars is because i became so annoyed with the characters especially or because of the way I had every thought and motivation shoved down my throat It distracted me enough from the story to retract a star And since that alone is reason enough for me to not pick up any sequel I retracted another star I would still
A fun read I thought this book would be another typical somewhat scary creature story Wrong This is a fun, somewhat gross novel about giant spiders The team sent in to take care of the spiders were great characters who made everything
I hate spidersWhy do people who have a fear of something,always seem to seek out what scares them.This story is for readers like those people,and hold on folks,for you will not want to stop reading. Exciting The story pulled you in and kept you on the edge of your seat The team brought the human element with occasional humor but such excitement and anticipation Can t wait for the next book. A fun monster hunt A good bug hunt A little heavy on the female Leader trope Let her be the commander, without pointing it out so often. Crazy eightsPretty good book It will make a nice series Good action sequences and people who act like people and not robots.