When He Falls

When He Falls[PDF] ✑ When He Falls By Michelle Jo Quinn – Oaklandjobs.co.uk From USA Today Bestselling Author WHEN HE FALLS Maggie I thought I had found the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with – until he ran off with my best friend on our wedding day I had to From USA Today Bestselling Author When He Falls Maggie I thought I had found the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with – until he ran off with my best friend on our wedding day I had to get away from it all my meddling mother the cheating couple of the year and the embarrassment of being stood up at the altar My sister’s house in San Francisco is the perfect escape I can get lost in a big When He PDF/EPUB or city where nobody knows who I am where I can mend my broken heart in silence But someone crashes my pity party Zach Faustino was the uiet boy who lived next door ten years ago He was my first kiss and if a young heart can be trusted my first love That was before he and his mother left without saying goodbye Ten years have shaped him into an irresistible charming young man But the same ten years have also sharpened his edges his dark past paving the way to a career that could end in a heartbeat And despite it all Zach hopes to change my mind about giving love another chance But is a broken heart a willing heart And if we’re both broken is a second chance at love enough to fix us. 35 stars When He Falls is a well written dramatic romance with many life examples leaving the reader with something to think about Maggie has lived her life according to the rules set down by her mother sister and later her boyfriend and then ex fiance When crunch day came and she found herself standing at the altar without a groom Maggie takes the first step towards her own destiny At first it seems as if she is trying to escape the town where everyone knows what happened as well as her gloating ex best friend who is pregnant with her ex fiance's baby However by taking that one definitive step Maggie crosses paths with her childhood friend and neighbour Zach Zach has his own demons to deal with but the best thing to ever happen to him is Maggie stumbling back into his life Maggie has an over protective sister and family who care for her and while they aren't sure whether they can trust Zach his integrity shines through and Maggie knows that she is safe with him The romance between Zach and Maggie is tender and healing for both of them and the issues that they are both dealing with bubble to the top and lose their power to hurt them The effects of dysfunctional families and domestic abuse are well documented and give insight into a sickness in our society that needs to be addressed I thoroughly enjoyed this book the characters and the depth of feelings portrayed The story left me feeling a little pensive but in a positive way When He Falls by Michelle Jo uinn a falling five star read This is the first book by this author I have read and I can’t remember who recommended her too me but when I find out they will be getting a big thank you and possibly wine I loved it I plan on going back to read Nica and Chase’s story they both sound like they are going to be fun journeys Margaret Stewart has always been the girl with a plan her life has been planned and everything has its place Her life is made up with her boyfriend June and his twin sister may who is also Maggie’s best friend and some other friends like Delany they hang out with between work and school with Maggie and June’s wedding fast approaching life seems to be perfect Until the morning of the wedding May gets a text from her brother he didn’t even have the guts to tell Maggie he wasn’t coming Maggie starts a pity party of one in the small town they live in where everyone knows she was jilted Felling no other option she runs to her sister in Napa and cries on her shoulder then her sister offers her a chance to go with them to San Francisco and it seems like a dream a change of scene and something to do will keep her mind occupied Until she goes for a walkZachary ‘Reverend’ Faustino is an MMA fighter with a dark and dismal past the only light in his past was as an eleven year old boy a little called Maggie who once saved him from bullies and fast became his best friend she has always kept a special part of his heart even after they haven’t seen each other for all these years until one day when she is doing some training and Promo away from his Las Vegas home in San Francisco fate plays the best trick on him and shows him an angel from his past as she is walking by Will secrets from the past be too much for them will the years they have been apart and the lives they lead make too many differences for them? Or will a childhood dream and love be enough to last the years? You need this book in your life to find out if childish love can win over everything else I have to say that this book surprised me It was a love story about 2 very broken people Zack who had suffered thru a lot of trauma at the hand of his father Who was on the run with this mother at a very young age Then you have Maggie who grew up in a loving home but who had never really stood on her on two feet She let people lead her and never really stood up to anyone Maggie gets left at the altar and her whole world as she knows it blows up She has no idea what to do so she runs She runs into Zack and old childhood friend Without even knowing what is happening both begin to heal It is a sweet romantic love story with a lot of hard stuff thrown in The only thing I did not like about this book was the ending I really would love to see where Zack and Maggie's story goes I think the rest of their story would be amazing Definitely a 5 star bookI voluntarily received a copy for my honest review I really enjoyed When He Falls by Michelle Jo uinn I voluntarily read a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review but I would gladly recommend this book to fans of the contemporary romance genre especially those who like the sports theme MMA blended in as well I've read several books by this author and I was pleasantly surprised when I started this book and discovered that it was connected into her Bliss seriesThis book deals with some heavy story lines but does it an way that the tough parts don't interfere with being able to enjoy the story line along the way It was a roller coaster of emotions throughout but I'm looking forward to see this story continue on into future booksPut this book this series and this author on your to read listHappy Readingenjoy WOW Michelle does it againThis book was a heartwenching journey for two people in who have been hurt and are in deep pain I loved reading Maggie’s story and being jilted at the alter was bad enough but having your fiancé run off and marry your best friend is unforgivable Zach’s story is filled with pain and a little bit of hope that he will meet Maggie again after all these years and his hopes are answered after a chance meeting one night I loved this story It had me turning the pages so fast that I could not put it down Great book and well worth a read especially if you are a fan of the Bliss series as the characters have cameos in this storyI read an ARC of this book for an honest review Jilted bride Maggie Stewart runs away from home to stay with her sister Nica and brother in law Levi and while out for a walk bumps into the boy who gave Maggie her first kiss MMA fighter Zach Faustino fights so that he can afford medical treatments for his mother Zach is out with friends when he bumps into the girl he's pined after for 10 years Zach and Maggie start dating and falling for each other but can two broken people find happiness together when they're still haunted by their past? Michelle Jo uinn delivers a heartwarming emotional and steamy story that will suck you in and tug at your heartstrings I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book Wow What an emotional ride Zach and Maggie were such great characters The story is engaging and a real page turner A story full of passion heart ache personal growth family and love I can't wait for from this world his is my first book by this author I liked her writing style and felt that she gave good descriptions so that you understood each aspect of the storyMaggie has suffered a humiliation that no one every should her fiance left her at the altar for her best friend who is pregnant How did she not see that coming? Now she needs to get away from her home and all the pity She needs to regroup and just find herself again Zach is a blast from Maggie's past he is now and upcoming MMA fighter who has always had a soft spot for MaggieWhen he sees her one night he immediately goes to her and they begin to rekindle their friendship While Zach wants it to go further Maggie is still getting over what June did to herAs Zach learns about what happened to Maggie and Maggie learn about Zach's life after he left their town they both realize they are kindred souls As their relationships heats up Maggie must decide if she is ready to jump into another relationship And can Zach let Maggie go if she wants to return home? With a few twist and turns these two find each other and their HEAWhile reading this you'll feel Maggie and Zach's pain but you will also smile I also loved Bri and TravisI was given this book and am leaving an honest and voluntary review The story began with Maggie’s conflict putting me already on the edge of my seat I experienced cringing as if I was in the protagonist’s shoes—the author did well in showing us her emotions making me empathize with her Even with a broken heart she managed to make sound decisions and to be independent from her mother and sister Though at first it wasn’t clear to me what her goal was as the story progressed I witnessed how her character evolvedThe story was written in alternate POV’s and the distinction between Zach and Maggie’s voice was clear While Maggie has the tendency to doubt her decisions Zach faced a situation head on I admired him for his determination to reach for his dreams and the way he pursued Maggie; he wore his heart on his sleeve as far as she was concernedRead the rest of the review