All of You

All of You[Reading] ➺ All of You By Lindsay Detwiler – There’s no such thing as impossible when it comes to saving the one who holds your heart A sexy doctor who’s restricted by expectationsA uirky poet who’s defined by her dark pastAll it takes is There’s no such thing as impossible when it comes to saving the one who holds your heart A sexy doctor who’s restricted by expectationsA uirky poet who’s defined by her dark pastAll it takes is Alex Evans saving Marley Jade one fateful night for their futures to be realigned And when a All of PDF \ passion sparks between them they must decide if they can piece each other back together and make love work. Favorite uotesYou know not all men are the devil Look at me I’m not half badHe’s everything I’d never imagine my heart fluttering for I’m of a Wednesday Adams person while he seems to be like a Ward Cleaver A very sexy tempting Ward Cleaver at that Not that I’m judging Okay I’m judgingThis black haired Converse sneakers girl has snagged the sexy supersmart doctor I don’t know how the hell it happened but I think he’s under my super odd not so charming spellI’m usually pretty low maintenance because well when you live in a town with about five eligible bachelors all of whom you’ve already slept with at one point and decided against looking like a cover girl isn’t exactly a priorityMy ReviewAll Of You was a uick easy to follow emotive and heart sueezing story with a sweet and transformative romance between admirable and endearing characters Written from a dual POV the premise straddled several genres and could be considered part New Adult women’s fiction small town contemporary romance and family drama; although all that doesn’t really matter to me as I mainly consider it a well written entertaining and engaging read The storylines were realistic well constructed and held my interest and attention throughout I enjoyed and cared about the characters and wanted to know all about them Marley was a bit offbeat for her small town She was tattooed converse clad clever and partially broken yet sweet and easily lovable I was uickly drawn to her and remained uite curious throughout while the wily writer gradually revealed their tragic family secrets at a tantalizing pace which kept me intrigued and eager for each new tidbit Alex was the perfect book boyfriend although both characters produced a new and improved version of each other by the book’s satisfying conclusion Sigh they have inspired me today I seem to be looking forward to the next rainstorm and am even considering pulling out my long mothballed kayak Miraculous Usually I am all about the loud romances – those with big bangs and dark characters But sometimes there are also some of the silent ones that sneak their way into my reading schedule A co blogger of mine had already read some books by Lindsay Detwiler so I knew her to be a good writer from what I heard So when I read the plot of “All of You” I decided to give it a go even though I knew it would be uiet than what I usually readAlmost everything in this book is the opposite of what I usually read so I was a little out of my game at first I was expecting things to happen that never came and therfore the story could not manage to finally engage my whole heart in it so I can only give 4 stars But please do not misunderstand that as negative – it was just me This book had a steady flow and provided deeply and careful developed characters They were just on the uiet side of things In this story it is about the depth of things than about their paceAnd know there are not many authors that can “sell” me this kind of story flow but this is def one of them Marley and Alex were such interesting characters that I truly liked to follow their journey navigating the rough waters of relationships when families interfere To me it was a calm story about breaking free from chains that tie you in places you no longer belong and hinder your growth═══ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE LIKE FOLLOW US ════Blog Page 2 Stars ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewThis novel sounded uite promising but sadly it wasn't for me It had it's sweet moments but overall I felt the novel had too many clichés It wasn't a bad story I've just heard it before There was the California guy who moved to a small town The small town girl who's 'different' Dancing in the rain The father who forces his dreams onto his son The girl with the troubled past I didn't dislike this story but I didn't love it either It seemed like every 'typical romance novel' moment could be found in this bookOverall I felt this was a sweet and touching story but it wasn't very memorable PURCHASE on Check out on my blog at imjaclynwordpresscom All Of You is a uite short storyyou don't worry it won't leave you with a sense of incompleteness because Lindsay Detwiler has perfectly written and described the growth of her characters chapter after chapter until their happy endingMarley and Alex come from two very different worldsa bartender in the best cofee shop of her little town with a love for poetry the first and the hot new californian doctor in town the latterTheir relationship starts as a friendship and flows smoothly as the water of a river until they have to face their baggages and fears in order to break free and finally live their lives at the fullest without any guilt and pressure from their pasts and familiesI really appreciated to read this lovely and heartbreaking at times but always interesting book Copy kindly provided by the PublisherAuthor All of YouLindsay DetwilerReceived From AuthorFourteen years ago Marley lost her dad She was only seven and she has been trying to save her mom ever since ALL OF YOU starts out with Marley sitting on the railing of the same bridge where her dad died She falls over and that happens just when Alex is driving by He doesn't think twice about jumping over the side to rescue Marley This won't be the last time the sexy doctor saves Marley either Marley doesn't feel she is worthy to have a friend or anything with Alex He has his life all mapped out knows exactly where he is going and comes from the perfect family At least that's what Marley thinks She comes with lots of baggage and refuses to pull Alex down with her Over time Alex tries to get closer to Marley but she has a wall up surrounding her heart and refuses to let him in So many times I wanted to just give Marley a hug I was cheering for Alex hoping he could get through to Marley and help her find her way She is a tortured soul and feels she is unworthy of anyone loving her or caring about her ALL OF YOU had me tearing up uite a few times while my heart was breaking for MarleyI'm so grateful for Lindsay Detwiler for reaching out to me and asking me if I would be interested in reading and reviewing her captivating book ALL OF YOU Once I started reading I was instantly hooked and had a very hard time putting it down I felt every feeling and emotion Marley was feeling and found myself choking up many times wishing Marley wasn't dealing with so much heart ache I can not wait to read by Lindsay Detwiler Lindsay Detwiler is expanding her horizons a bit With All of You she tackles the darker side of life Upfront I'll saw that this isn't a down and dirty gritty read but with subjects such as mental health and addiction the story will be far from light But this is a story about taking chances and risk and ultimately hope and embracing change Both of the main characters Marley and Alex are incredibly likable From the moment of their unusual introduction to each other and the not so subtle way they are pushed together I had a great feeling about them Marley is the creative one but she's stuck on being stuck She's convinced herself of the role she is to play in life It's rather tragic but Alex is is just the right antidote Not that he isn't without his prescribed notions of the path he's on but he's already started striking out on his own veering off the familial expectations of himAll in all I found this a super sweet story about first love As to those heavy topics Detwiler handles them with sensitivity and uses some of life's harder lessons to flush out her characters I'm a long standing fan of Detwilers and I love the idea of her Rescue Me series and All of You is a very promising start All of You was my first book by Lindsay and I enjoyed it It was a fairly uick read for me with heartwarming moments I would certainly read by this author again There is so much story packed into this novella This is such a different twist on anything I have ever read by Lindsay Detwiler It deals with a couple heavier topics like addiction and suicide Marley seems like such an addictingly care free person I love her personality How corky she is yet sweet and giving at the same time Henry’s little appearance is just perfect I loved every second of it Alex was raised in the complete opposite environment that Marley was Everything was precise and done for a reason He is going to become a doctor and move back to California to work with his father at the facility his father wants him tooFor some reason this odd couple is the perfect fit for each other it seems However they both have their demons they need to fight In such a little book this author managed to evolve these characters so well it floored me Did I want ??? Of course I always want when I fall in love with the characters How did she fit a slow burn romance into a Novella?? How?? I really don’t want to spoil this book for anyone So I really just suggest you go and buy it and read it for yourself This book was Amazing if I could give it than 5 stars I would If you have read other books by this author this book is different It has characters that haven't had the best growing up secrets that don't want to reveal because afraid of people running away from them Marley Jade and Alex are the main characters in All of You I really enjoyed getting to know Marley and Alex This book was about living in the moment and life isn't easyI did shed a tear while reading this I can't wait to see what is next in this seriesParts of the story I likedWhen Marley was tour guide for Alex Life is simple if you follow what your heart wantsMoney can't buy happiness but hard work can buy you things you can be proud ofI've come to realize the unknown isn't such a bad thing and life isn't exciting because of where you live It's who you're spending your life withI'd definitely recommend this book to othersPlot 55Characters 55Writing style 55Overall rating 5 stars 5 Alex is working in a small town hospital He has a bright future ahead of him as a doctor When he's driving to work he sees a woman falling into the water and immediately dives after her This woman is Marley and he's instantly intrigued by her for Alex she's the most interesting person in town He would love to spend time with her even though this goes against his father's wishes and his plans for Alex's future career What will Alex do? Marley is taking care of her mother and let her own dreams go because of it Her mother is unstable and Marley keeps hoping she'll change but this seems to be in vain When she meets Alex there are sparks Marley has finally found someone who understands her but she thinks she shouldn't get into a relationship with someone She doesn't feel she has much to offer at all because she has too much baggage to be a good catch for anyone However there's something between her and Alex that can't be ignored will they have a chance together?All of You is a beautiful emotional love story Marley is a wonderful woman I loved that she enjoys the smallest things and can totally be herself I liked her kindness and gentle caring nature She's perfect for Alex She's an adventure and that's exactly what he needs Alex is a good person but he's always doing what people are expecting of him and it's time to follow his heart instead I loved the gorgeous bond they form together it's clear that they are soul mates and belong to each other However their parents are standing in their way and I couldn't turn the pages uickly enough to see if Alex and Marley would be able to find the courage to live their own lives insteadLindsay Detwiler's writing has a lovely easy flow I was completely captivated by her story and couldn't put it down I love stories about true love and All of You is definitely a good one Alex encourages Marley to make her dreams come true and Marley shows Alex what it's like to enjoy life They are endearing together and that put a big smile on my face I really liked this wonderful romantic story