Forever Defend The Kurtherian Gambit #17

Forever Defend The Kurtherian Gambit #17❰Reading❯ ➶ Forever Defend The Kurtherian Gambit #17 Author Michael Anderle – Some forget why she was called the ueen Bitch Not Any Bethany Anne is going stir crazy after than a decade of having to be 'The Empress' Now her advisors have to deal with an Empress who is determined Some forget why she was called the ueen The Kurtherian ePUB ´ Bitch Not Any Bethany Anne is going stir crazy Forever Defend PDF \ after than a decade of having to be 'The Empress' Now her advisors have to deal with an Defend The Kurtherian PDF/EPUB  Empress who is determined to be on the front lineThe Ixtali's come to the Etheric Empire hat in handNathan decides that the best way to handle soft intelligence is to create a new company What they name the new company should give a clue what it is aboutThe Skaine are able to finally get Ranger Tabitha's group right were their missiles can attack The problem is who is sucking whom into a trap Strap back in because Bethany Anne is putting the ueen's crown back on. 344 bThis series is as pulp science fiction as it gets I am a big fan of the gritty and exaggerated style of writing but we all have to admit a these books can get pretty repetitive and a person can appreciate them best in small doses I enjoy the pedestrian like prose but even I a person who grew up in a part of the World where cussing is an art even I can get a bit exhausted by every sentence containing snark and curse phrases In the beginning I loved the idea of coming up with creative swearing but as in all things less is Use it as an ornamentation not as the bread and butter of the storySaying all that having gotten to the 17th book in the series I have grown attached to elements and characters of the story so I will keep going with it There are some very creative elements and a brassy uality to the characters which makes it uniuely American There is a very strong sense of what our protagonists perceive as good and evil always trying to stand up for the weak and fight the bullied There is always a lot of humor and tender moments mostly provided by little humans and animals The trade mark for the series is some good old fashioned ass kicking from minor hand to hand to some major space battles But my favorite theme is friendship and loyalty I hope we get a bit moderate in some areas and diverse in others as we go along with the main story I am looking forward to the future ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Love itOk in this book we see BA and her bitches take on an aggressive race who have been updated and enhanced by the nasty Kurtherian It's weird because they attack according to a schedule Not a minute before nor after The exact time they have been attacking this planet for the past seven years It's awesome to see the ueen Bitch is back Hey she's been an Empress for the last decade and she always leads from the frontNathan has set up a new company and is presently recruiting members Bad Company is mainly formed to gather information He forms the company with his mate Ecterina and his daughter Christine Now he is on the search for others with the reuired personalities and skillsAhh nearly forgotGabrielle and Eric are now proud parents of twin boys It was amazing The twins were put into the pod at five months gestation Tom and Adam then took them to full term while they sorted the nanosites of the twins Hey I'm not going to give everything away You need to read this seriesAgain the language is both inventive and hilarious Even Christine has developed a very extensive and impressive use of language Ok so it is not maybe language you would use around kids But here is the point don't read these if you are easily offended by colourful languageThis is yet another incredible instalment The world would definitely be a better place with BA in it Enjoy Great bookI really think this series keeps getting better with each additional book All we really needed was puppies in the book In time to remind us of the goodiesNormally I would give the book five star for the awesomeness but I gave it four because of the repetitions of paragraphs and some of the names misspelling That's what I didn't like and hope Mike will do something about itNow what I liked The author is catching up and setting up actions for the books of miss Ell with her Ascension series Nathalie Grey and other things I would advise reader to read the series of the kurtherian world to really understand what's going onI want to know what happen politically with the Ixtalis and Thorcellian who might join the empireIt was a good book but it felt transitional for the next one who I hope will be about fight with the Kurtherian 7 Love HerAnother wonderful masterpiece Love how we get to see of Tabitha and poor Jennifer always seems to be getting the short straw ๐Ÿค” so looking forward to reading the next book If I were General Lance Reynolds I'd uitI've been enjoying these books less and less as the series continues At this point the Empress is the worst character in the book She is a whining petulant immature entitled and spoiled rotten brat And everyone around her not only lets her get away with it but also apologizes for not being able to keep up with her as she wantonly disregards military strategy chain of command operational security and communications She callously endangers all of her best resources and apparently believes that swearing stomping threatening and shouting are the epitome of leadership If I were the head of her military after failing miserably at leading this battle due to having no idea what was going on I'd uit due to my inability to contribute and ask for my memory to be wiped so I wouldn't have to see what a horror my child has turned out to be I'm no longer certain what the purpose of these books is supposed to be Also I find myself progressively less able to relate to the main characters all of whom seem to be violent sadistic assholes I've been pushing through the last 6 7 books hoping to see some character archs or different plot lines Unfortunately this book put me over the edge I enjoyed it while it lasted So many beginningsThis book is full of beginnings having read through the series once before I love this book Notice I am on the second read of the series so I obviously love all of themBA is busy being all Empressy and she is getting bored with that So when a group approaches with knowledge of a Kurtherian enhanced race who is attacking their planet BA is happy to slide into her best Jean Dukes gear and stomp some alien butt Tabitha and the Tontos are busy beating up Skaines and Barnabas forces them into a vacationbut is it really?Nathan and his family set off recruiting for his new group and we have the birth of the Bad Company So much action and even some downtime as we welcome two very special members to the Ethric Empire Still awesome I loved the artworks More Write faster Haha cracks whip I read all the Terry Henry chronicles while I was waiting for this if you haven't read them then go there immediately This story keeps getting better and better I think it was a bit uick but that could be because I read so fast and was so made up to find it ready to read after I finished the THC's I abandoned all responsibility and retreated into my uiet corner with my kindle As always loving the author's notes at the back and I'd like to vote in favour of all TKG authors being dropped off at Awesome Craig's house until you finish writing the whole universe ๐Ÿ˜‚ AddictedI canโ€™t recall how I found this series but I am totally addicted As a housewife I have time than others to readand I have insomnia not helped by the fact that I cannot put down my freaking iPad while reading on KindleSo it has taken me four days to read the first 17I am about to start 18in between painting my Kitchen cabinetsbut I digressThis series is AWESOME Characters are beautifully fleshed out the plot is terrific and itโ€™s easy to just get sucked in Thank you Michael Andersen for choosing or being chosen to write this series through your muses I love it Cutting corners doesn't make for a satisfying readAn okay read but just when things get interesting it jumps ahead in time and just gives you the finish Not a good way to go it would be like taking Indiana Jones when he is running from the huge rock ball and then carrying on from when they get out Also why is Bad Company being set up Yes reading how they get recruits is one thing but a reason Why would make it better Again it is a lot of baddie good guy win but not much in the way of explanation Really annoys the heck out of me and I can't be the only one? Plus what happened to the people they were defending etc Ughhhhh