Whiskey River

Whiskey River[BOOKS] ⚣ Whiskey River Author Theresa Oliver – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Begin the journey to 1870s Whiskey River in this thrilling romantic adventure series Whiskey River Whiskey River Brides seriesWithin a tough city girl beats the untamed heart of a wild spiritElla Rain Begin the journey to s Whiskey River in this thrilling romantic adventure series Whiskey River Whiskey River Brides seriesWithin a tough city girl beats the untamed heart of a wild spiritElla Raines may not have the best reputation in New York but she’s determined to have respect Knowing she will achieve this with a fresh start Ella answers an advertisement for a mail order bride in an up and coming Western town Whiskey River WyomingColton Hill is a wandering gunslinger seeking new horizons and is tired of being challenged because he’s the fastest gun around When he meets Ella he’s amused by her unusual ambition and agrees to tag along to Whiskey RiverTogether they travel Westward in search of happiness purpose and destiny What they find instead is the spark of something they cannot control. I was just thinking that once we get to Whiskey River you'll go on with your live and I'll go on with mine and this will become a distant memoryMy first Theresa's book and certanly not the last I had such fun reading itIf you're looking for a clean and sweet Western this book is for you Is there anything better than a romantic western in a time when things were wild men were strong women were stronger when it was you and the land and rugged men If so I haven’t found anything I think one of my all time favorite books are mail order brides nothing ever goes as planned there are always wonderful twists to keep you interested along with such interesting characters you can relate to I am so hooked and can’t get enough The author gives you a wonderful clean read of a headstrong woman who is determined to turn her life around This is a time when it is hard for a woman to find a good job sometimes you had to take what you could get It doesn’t mean they are bad women just doing what they had to do to get by Ella became a dancehall girl but refuses to do anything She has had enough of the life and decides to become a mail order bride This is a time when men look out for women keeping them safe and treating them like they should Colton is a true gentleman He might be a gunslinger but he is very protective and goes with Ella to keep her safe as she travels to meet her groom I fell in love with Colton from the start and was really cheering for him as he fell in love with Ella Wish I could say the same for Drake as I got to know him and saw who he really was I wanted to pull Ella right out of the book He was not a very nice person and I was glad when Ella saw thatI found this to be a fun exciting suspenseful read that is well written with wonderful characters I really liked how the romance builds up with just the right about of chemistry there is steam along with romance that just melts your heart I enjoyed the twists and turns the sense of danger and the author’s style of writing she had me chuckling and laughing out loud It was a book I couldn’t put down and read at one setting I enjoyed it so much that I saw what a deal the pre order is on the next one and bought it I can’t wait to read it and see what the author has in store for me What a great deal 99 cents on this and 99 cent on the pre order you can’t go wrong with a deal like that Rating 45 StarsElla Raines is ready to turn her life around Colton Hill comes from a time where some men look out for the women One thing about the historical romances they show how tough women had it back in the day Especially when it came to the limited choices available to womenIt’s a story that will remind you of simpler times – no technology whatsoever and that includes the telephone It was also a tough time because people got very little pay and choices for jobs were slim for those that lacked an education And it was even tougher on the women Do you see a theme here How do you think you would fair if you were sent back to the 1870’s And let’s not forget the clothes that the women had to wear I don’t think I would handle it very well – I like to breatheOne good thing about this story it reminded me why I liked watching television shows like Little House On The Prairie and Dr uinn Medicine Woman One surprise I got was finding out that this was the first book in the Whiskey River Brides series Sometimes the first book can seem slow because the author is creating a world that may carry through the rest of the series Our author impressed me by her creativity and how I got to travel back in time without having to pack a bag She has me looking forward to her next book – especially after reading the titleI was not compensated nor was I reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own A strong willed women who dreamed of being respectable Ella and a handsome gunslinger Colton are a wonderful and amazing combination even if they didn't know it themselves at first It took a train ride a game of poker and a good man to make a woman see what life could be like I love my books about mail order brides but I can truthfully say that this has been the best one I have ever read The mixture of the wild west strong men the women they love and even the villains make Whiskey River a must read It's wonderful to read a book with a sweet down to earth story of real men and women fighting for love and the dream of a life together I'm hooked and anxious to read the next book in the series and know that I'll never put it down till I finish the book Whiskey River Whiskey River Brides Whiskey River Whiskey River Brides #1By Theresa Oliver5 starsReviewed on behalf of 3 Degrees of Fiction Book BlogI loved this book A really great historical western story I loved the author’s descriptive writing – I could really imagine everything that I was reading The characters in the story were great too I really liked Ella – she knew that she wanted a better life for herself and she was really headstrong in her journey to do just that I knew I would love Colton from the very first moment I read about him He was such a genuinely sweet person I think it was probably pretty obvious he had feelings for Ella but he respected her wishes and escorted her on her journey to make sure that she was safe He was a great hero in the story alpha male but not over the top I had a feeling Drake wasn’t going to be what Ella was expecting when she arrived The story was really well written and had a very good pace to it It was a nice easy read and I am really looking forward to reading this rest of the books in this series this book was a old western story not my usual book i read but i really liked it its about a woman tired of her boring life so she and her guide man set off to another place after she put in a mail order bride reuest only he wants her for himself What a fun exciting and suspenseful story I really enjoyed reading this book and can not wait for the next one in the series I fell in love with the characters and absolutely felt the chemistry between them While this is a clean romance there are still some steamy moments that had me feeling all the feels The way Colton and Ella are able to just be themselves when together had me laughing at moments and ready to shake some sense into them at others I read this all in one sitting because I couldn't put it down I had to know what was going to happen and was on the edge of my seat wondering what Ella was going to do A must read book for sure By Alisa Dancehall girl Ella Raine is determined to change her life and be respectable She will go west to a town called Whiskey River as a mail order bride Colton Hill will not allow Ella to travel all that way alone It's too dangerous Hopefully he can talk some sense into her on the way A trip into the Wild West where people can start a new life if they are strong enough Lots of fun and great characters that we will meet again in the rest of the series I look forward to reading them Otay so this was a different kinda book for me Ella is bound and determined to change her life shes gonna be a mail order bride Shes supposed to wed banker Drake Colton has rescued her in past he feels he should take her to her future On the journey feelings change Well written sweet kinda read Ella is a dance hall girl in a saloon is ready for something different She wants to be respected; a member of society She decides the only way to do that is to become a mail order bride to banking president Drake King Colton is a gunslinger and has previously rescued Ella Feeling protective he escorts her to Whiskey River They travel by train together and the time they spent together the they got into each other hearts minds Good pace and well written Characters and story draw you in along with an ending that appearances and assumptions can be misguided Clean Historical Romance There are coming in this series and I look forward to reading themThank you Hot Tree Promotions for the review 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