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Cunningham – Wouldn't it be nice to have hot feisty rule breaking Angels fighting our corner from the skies Well here you go You're welcome Fun loving career girl Amy Fox is a new Angel but for how long Avenging p Wouldn't it be nice to have hot feisty rule breaking Angels fighting our corner from the skies Well here you go You're welcome Fun loving career girl Amy Fox is a new Angel but for how long Avenging personal scores lusting after her partner dishing out tough karma on evil ex's bullies trolls abusers traffickers animal hunters drug dealers violent crime gangs and competing hell Warlords will have her thrown below ground At the age of four Amy was takenShe survived A week later another little girl was takenShe didn't Angry that a bad man has gotten away with murder feisty young Amy makes a deal with God When she dies if she’s been a good girl would he let her sit on a cloud for a while invisible to get the bad people who slip through his fingers Her deal and God long forgotten Amy mysteriously dies Her lifeless body is found beneath a London underground commuter train She awakens in the afterlife to discover an international network of like minded souls who’ve all made the same deal A sophisticated MI esue justice machine sits in the skies protecting righting wrongs tracking criminals and working within strict rules of play all against time Each country's Unit shares intelligence surveillance and resources to deactivate dangerous situations The only evidence they leave behind during their earthly visits is a small white feather sashaying to the ground In a chaotic world powerful adversaries try to close her Unit down A complex SAS vigilante has been assigned to work as her partner but with his jealous violent ex on her heels and with her own vendetta to settle Amy has never worked so hard in her entire earthly life She has to wonder if making a deal with God was a mistake ABOUT S C Cunningham Author of 'The Penance List' 'Unfinished Business' and 'Karma' Cunningham creates psychological thrillers and paranormal crime with a skilled mix of fueled tension dark humor and pulsating passion Having worked in the industries she writes about her novels offer a fresh level of sincerity and authority rare in fiction An ex model British born of Irish roots she married a rock musician and has worked in the exciting worlds of music film sports celebrity management and as a Crime Investigator for the British Police Wanted Absconder Unit Major Crime Team Intelligence Analyst Investigations Hub As respite from crime she writes educational children's picture books 'The Ginormous Series'REVIEWS“The Deal is blissfully raw and absolutely perfect ★ for days” “Completely different from anything I have ever read; it is an outstanding book”“It got me It's been a very long time since I have read a book that I A Couldn't put down and B I didn't want it to end Plots intertwine twist and turn it's addictive” Hard to put down a must read that keeps you guessing “Could not put this down enjoy reading all her work Am now desperately waiting for the next one in the series. When Amy was only four she had a lucky escape not that every little girl who the bad man took did The little girl he took the week after he had abused her he killed Amy made a deal with God when she died she wanted to put a bit of balance back in the world and protect children from being abused or murderedUnfortunately Amy got her wish much younger than she thought she would when he life came to an end abruptly under one of the tube trains in London Amy soon found out she wasn’t the only one that had made a deal and got their prayers answered She became part of The Unit The angels that tried to get the bad guys put away behind bars or that is what they were supposed to doThis is a pretty cool story with extremely serious under tones Not only does it deal with child abuse and grooming but the whole bundle of moral issues where humans seem to delight in vile practices There are pretty graphic descriptions of abuse cruelty and sex which uses appropriate language in the story setting This is very much an adult seriesI loved the theme of the story and although this super team are there to bring justice for the victims they really are no Angels the way they go about it They dish uite a bit of revenge out themselves in the form of violence rather than forgiveness It really is an all action story with re caps into the former lives of The Unit as to what deal they each made that brought them all togetherI found the last uarter of the book very intense to the point of talking to myself and the characters Well I say talking probably shouting at them really with confusing advice There is a budding love story going on too with Jack also in the Unit and Amy This is going to make a very fascinating series to follow This started off interesting with Guardian Angels in heaven making up an organization to help right the evils in the world  Like a very complex sophisticated MI5  It definitely put a different spin on the afterlife  Where the story got a little wonky for me was when the family dynamic was introduced  I would have enjoyed it better if they just continued fighting evil righting wrongs and finding love  The twist put into play just added a level of complexity that I didn’t care for  I will warn readers there are some hard themes that take place in the story not to the lead characters but they are fighting evil and the evil happens in the “background”  It can be horrific  The concept of the story was good but I am not sure if I will continue it or not but it was interesting  I am giving The Deal The Fallen Angel Series #1 3 Boundless Stars it was good   What a surprising book; I enjoyed it a lot than I expected to which gives it a big thumbs up from me I knew it was going to be something a bit different when I started it and it certainly is but it also managed to hold my interest throughout as I really got to know the amazing charactersAmy didn't expect to die that day After waking up in a strange bed she does the walk of shame and makes her way to the tube station Next thing you know she's on the tracks with a train barrelling towards her; did she jump or was she pushed? After a difficult childhood Amy made a deal that she would get retribution when she died so she finds herself part of The Fallen in the afterlife I loved the band of characters in The Fallen Jack the dark brooding fatal attraction Pyke the kind of supervisor who's timing is impeccable and Maggie who is ex MI6 swears like a trooper and loves her cup of tea Needless to say I warmed to Maggie immediately Now where's me effin' cup of tea?I loved the fact that even in the afterlife Amy and Jack have their insecurities They are clearly made for each other but each is frightened to make the first move then Jack's wife arrives cue the Eastenders dramatic theme tune I'm not going to say any about the story as there are twists and turns that left me wide eyed with surpriseSC Cunningham has taken some popular beliefs and created an outstanding story There are so many people who believe that finding a white feather means that they have been visited by a loved one or angel rather than they have just shaken their duvet I'm not a great believer in this as I feel my dearly departed loved ones all around me and I don't need to see a feather to know that they are there but fair play to those who do believe I liked how the white feather was woven into the story when the characters returned to Cloud 9 love this tooI've hovered between a four and a five star rating for The Deal and settled on four stars although I'm sure there will be many five star reviews forthcoming The writing is excellent and the story is brilliant but it is difficult to read at times even though I felt the graphic scenes had been kept to a minimum so as not to overstep my comfort zone The hint is in the title that this is book 1 in the Fallen Angel series but it does lead nicely on to a seuelThe Deal is completely different from anything I have ever read; it is an outstanding book that covers many issues in an ethereal but definitely punchy way Step out of your comfort zone and try it you won't be disappointedI chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion If I died and went to Hell the Devil would sit me down and read me every typo I've ever made Gag Talk about a living nightmareLet's just pray I'm lucky enough to go to heaven and be a BALLER like Amy Fox as she gets sweet succulent revenge on all the people who abused herAt the start of The Deal we are immediately thrust into the action We are inside a prison where a conniving criminal wants to exchange cells YaaaaNO Pretty soon he'll start asking for t bone steaks and use the bones to go HAM on other prisoners like Gerald Butler in Law Abiding CitizenOooo and these criminals are so perfectly sculpted SC Cunningham gives us immaculate descriptions through the eyes of a detective I mean who can even come up with details like this? It's maddeningWhy did it feel as if someone was watching her?Someone is always watching sweetheartEight years later we are introduced to Amy Fox She is an adult and very much alive when we first meet her but not for long There are many ways to die but my top three worst ways to go to heaven are as follows being burnt alive inhaling ammonia which burns your lungs and your body instinctively sends water there—like a blister—and essentially drowns you and lastly getting hit by a trainOne of these happens to Amy Hey she's gotta get to heaven somehowLet me just warn you all now The Deal is incredibly raw and explores dark themes of human trafficking and abuse I don't know how SC Cunningham did it but Amy Fox brings balance to the plot with her humor and lightheartednessExcept she's not very lighthearted when it comes to getting revenge on the man who raped her when she was four Yes fourIs getting revenge at the expense of others worth it though? To Amy it kind of isYou're probably asking yourself right about now Where is the romance NDP?Entering JackLe sigh Let's talk about Jack for a minute before we analyze the plot HELLO HOTTIE Jack is Amy's new partner I say new because he may be a stranger to her but she is no stranger to him 😏You became my obsession all the time Think a bodyguard that you didn’t have to payUmm Can I be your obsession?Now our protective Jack is concerned Amy is going to be consumed by revenge too late but now they've got their feelings intermingled into this mess of avenging and justice Something has got to give and I'm afraid that Amy is going to choose revenge over loveWhy wouldn't she?SC Cunningham sent me on a vivid acrobatic journey replaying Amy's past at the right intervals The text is detailed flawless and wonderful The puzzle pieces all started to line up as I followed Amy through her transformation and inevitably towards her happily ever after The Deal is so descriptive I felt as if I was reading line for line an investigative report There is uite a bit of dialogue which I don't typically enjoy but it all had a purpose propelling the characters and developing them through actionsThe Deal is blissfully raw and absolutely perfect ★★★★★ for daysAnd let's not forget to mention that this book is absolutely typo free Devil ain't got nothin' on this bookFTC Disclaimer I received a copy of The Deal from SC Cunningham in exchange for an honest review I have in no way been influenced by the author andor publisher's generosity You can't fake these stars babyReview originally posted at NDPBookReviewcom Amy Fox is abducted when she four years old she makes a deal with God that when she dies she help get the baddies that the police can’t When she dies at only thirty two the deal comes into effect and she becomes a Fallen working with Jack a mysterious hunk to protect the ‘Erthfolk’ below themI have to be honest this is the first time I have read this genre before and wow this was a lot darker book than I was expecting Amy and her team deal with the worst of the worst murderers paedophiles and rapists to name a few I want to warn everyone before they jump into this book that there is scenes of child abuse and rape which I found even as a hardened crime fiction fan hard to readIf you put that aside I really liked Amy She headstrong rebellious and a little damaged after her childhood trauma and the chemistry between her and Jack was fantastic Another one of my favourite characters was Pyke a computer hacker and a bit of a sweetheart who’s mission in his afterlife was to punish drug dealing scumThere was also some tremendous villains that I guarantee will turn your stomachI found the whole concept of the story immensely interesting I would love to think that there was some supernatural police force out there dishing out karma to bullies and bad guys and watching over the most vulnerable in our societyI did feel that it could have been edited a bit especially some of the dialogue One that sticks out is in the first chapters where Amy is having a conversation with her friend Sal and it went on a little too long going over the same things I also felt that story could have ended a bit earlier as I think that it would have lead nicely into a second book but that of course is just my opinionOverall a good start a series and I’m looking forward to see what happens next This was an interesting series The book started off slow but it did improve and I enjoyed it a lot I liked the whole Cloud 9 agent thing It would be nice if there was an angelic group looking to take down the bad guys in real life The whole triangle between Jack Mara and Amy was different I don't want to give anything too interesting away but their relationships were definitely interesting I am definitely curious enough to read of this series Avenging angels aren’t a new story but SC Cunningham’s The Deal delivers a fresh spin with a grittier edgy feelTenacious Amy Fox ends up in the afterlife and due to a deal she made with God she’s an avenging angel circumventing and defeating evil on every frontDriven by the memory of the horrible sexual violence she suffered as a preschooler overzealous doesn’t even begin to describe Amy Angel though she may be Amy holds nothing but contempt for those who deal and profit from human suffering—specifically human trafficking—and goes above and beyond to dispense with the lowlifes who always seem to slip through the cracks of justice Her memories also lead Amy to hold tight to hopes of revenge against her abuser the appropriately named Richard ‘Dick’ Parker and the chance at a little vigilante justiceNo one said angels were perfect—although they could use a few less F bombsNew partner Jack a fallen angel is supposed to keep Amy in line but that never happens HA Someone needs to keep Jack in line He’s adorable even if his psyche was kicked around by life but the connection from the past he shares with Amy is a mind bender Didn’t see that comingAmy Fox is a great protagonist She is far from perfect but I love the fact she’s unapologetic All too often male anti heroes are accepted as being ill natured overbearing rough talking rule breakers When a female lead is portrayed similarly there’s something ‘wrong’ with her there’s a reason for her ‘flaw’ and she needs to be ‘fixed’Whatever Amy is still learning the craft of keeping mortals safe but she won’t apologize for being a bit heavy handedFamilial connections are revealed that gave me pause over how the whole goodevil thing mingles so closely together They also made me wonder if I could kill Gregori myself – HA But as much as I despise him my ugh character in The Deal is Mara UGH The Deal is not for the faint of heart It shows the worst of some of the worst but excellent writing keeps the violence in its proper perspective and keeps the reader swiping pages The ending made me smile and exhale but also made me aware this wild ride is just getting started It’s a ride I wholeheartedly recommendEnjoy Firstly thank you to S C Cunningham and to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for allowing me to take part in this blog tourI will warn you there are some serious trigger warnings that come with this book child abuse domestic abuse and a lot of abuse in generalWe start off in a police interrogation room in all honesty I'm genuinely not uite sure why But it doesn't take long to get to our heroine of this story Amy Fox At the moment she's alive but it doesn't take long for her to die and join 'The Unit' where she gets to keep her deal that she forgot about and gets to deactivate the bad guysHere she meets Jack who has his own secrets he's keeping close to his chest As soon as we get to 'The Unit' you know there is chemistry between Amy and Jack I was definitely rooting for them That is until you learn Jack's secret I didn't like him much after that but soon changed my mind againIt doesn't take long for hell to break loose and a 'Witness' to try and stop and take down 'The Unit' which is when we start to learn secrets and truths At this point I was guessing and second guessing what I thought but turned out I was wrong After a few good deeds a white feather is found but the people Amy and Jack helped but there is no mention anywhere in the book that they actually have wings so this did confuse me a bitWith so many twists and turns I did enjoy this book but did feel that the abuse details were a bit too graphic and weren't needed This being said I can't wait to see what the next installment brings as this definitely kept me on the edge of my seat I'm giving this a 45 and I definitely recommend it But do be careful of the triggers When Amy Fox was four years old she was kidnapped and raped She managed to get away but the next little girl her attacker took was not so lucky She made a deal with God that when she dies she wants to go after the bad guys that don’t get punished Years later and the promise forgotten Amy dies via train She then wakes and learns that she is not part of The Unit a specialized group that looks to protect those in danger But there is something going on besides what you see on the surface It seems that some people in The Unit don’t really want to help the innocent and proceed to cause problems for the rest of the groupThis is a dark story with very realistic descriptions of abuse rape and such But to get the point across in this story I think this works well I love The Unit and everything they stand for Although Amy forgets about her promise she uickly fits in and becomes a killer woman fighting to protect the innocent I also enjoyed the romance aspect between John and Amy although there were moments that I was not that impressed with John I think this really added to the story without drowning it This is a great story and one that I recommend checking out I’m excited to see what SC Cunningham comes up with for book 2I received a complimentary copy of this book I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review A copy of this review can be found at Book Ink Reviews Thank you to SC Cunningham for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Oh my Part paranormal romance part mystery thriller The Deal is sure to be a hit with fans of both dramas With enough action and suspense to keep it interesting sprinkled with steamy scenes and topped off with a final reveal the book was a fast readHowever it wasn't an easy read There are a lot of dark dark things in this book You'd expect to be told about gruesome crimes these uniue angels fight What I did not expect was the vivid detail especially of the different pedophelic and sexual assault variety I'm only a book blogger by night y'all By day I'm a mom And this portion of the book threw me too much to read at night Please please know if you have any triggers pertaining to these themes this is absolutely not a book you should pick upIf you have no such triggers the story is uniue and there is justice dispensed throughout the book