For the Love of Ethan

For the Love of Ethan❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ For the Love of Ethan ✪ Author Marjorie Reynolds – Delainie Franklin is a devoted mother whose ordinary life runs smoothly — until Ethan her ten year old son becomes ill Delainie and her husband Joel must not only face the challenges of Ethan’s un Delainie Franklin is a devoted mother Love of Epub Ù whose ordinary life runs smoothly — until For the ePUB ✓ Ethan her ten year old son becomes ill Delainie and her husband Joel must the Love of PDF ☆ not only face the challenges of Ethan’s uncertain future but also survive events that test their family bonds How far will a mother go to save her son Delainie must make that agonizing decision. When I read a particularly good book I take note of the author and make sure to check the shelves of bookstores and libraries in the hope of a new release Having adored the fabulous The Starlite Drive in 1997 I was thrilled to learn author Marjorie Reynolds had a new book to peruse My interest heightened when I read the synopsis Anyone who knows my reading habits knows I'm a sucker for what a fellow bibliophile and I call disease books where the topic is a battle with a major illness Perhaps this has some to do with my teenage desire to go into the medical field Although I ultimately chose education my passion for all things medical has never uite died downSo it was with eager anticipation I began For the Love of Ethan Immediately I was hooked Not only is this book about a young boy's life threatening illness it also takes place in the greater Seattle area As a native of the northwest I was delighted to recognize the freuent mention of places I know and loveEven if medical subjects are not your thing I think most readers will find a camaraderie with the novel's protagonist Her humanness flaws and fears all leap from every page The ability to bring life to characters as well as make the dialogue believable is a difficult task to be sure but Marjorie Reynolds has managed to do just that Heartfelt and absorbing For the Love of Ethan is one of those books that will stay with me long after closing the final chapter This book is not an easy read and you should keep a large box of tissues right next to it especially if you are a parentWhen ten year old Ethan is diagnosed with a defective liver his family enters a nightmare His only hope is a liver transplant but his parents soon must learn that it is not as easy as this with not enough organs available for every patient in need Ethan is put on a very long waiting list What follows are some very painful months both physically and psychologically for both child and parents The book is told from the POV of Ethan's mother Delainie and being a mother myself it was impossible not to sympathize with herReading how the family dealt with the slow and deadly deterioration of their son's health unable to do anything about it was no pleasure More than once I wholeheartedly joined Delainie in thinking how unfair live can be especially where children are concerned and we can only stand by completely helpless Embedded in the story where some shocking numbers and statistics about organ transplants which are totally depressing and should make everyone enlist as an organ donor ASAPWhile some of the plot twists seemed a tad unlikely or maybe I just wished for the story to head a different easier way the story never failed to deeply move me and I hope I will never have to endure anything like itThe writing was flawless and skilled which had me finishing the book in no time Thankfully the author avoided to play on one's heart strings as the story caused enough emotional overload on its ownThanks to the author for an advanced copy of the book all opinions are my own Review of FOR THE LOVE OF ETHAN by Marjorie ReynoldsI received and advanced electronic copy of this book The opinions expressed in this review are my ownReynolds is a gifted story teller who takes us through this journey with Delainie for whom life changes the second she learns her only child Ethan age 9 is suffering from a life threatening illness Her world is turned upside down as she faces the truth that no parent wants to hear The pacing of this novel made it hard to put down; it reads like a mystery Characters come to life as their personalities are revealed with all their good intentions that sometimes help and sometimes don't As the story progresses Delainie is faced with many moral uestions the major one being How far will a mother go to keep her child alive Fortunately most of us will never have to make such decisions but this novel will increase our compassion for those who doReynolds injects enough humor in this sad tale to keep it from being maudlin but keep the tissues handy Tears of sadness and occasionally tears of joy may flow as you spend this time with Delainie Joel and Delainie Franklin delight in their uirky 10 year old son Ethan Ethan loves special effects and spends countless hours at his worktable crafting monsters and masks painstakingly painting and molding objects he hopes will one day lead to a career Delainie’s passion is antiues and she has stuffed their home with her treasured finds until she is able to open her own antiue store in the future Joel has recently begun a business venture of his own in which he builds websites for other companies The Franklin family is happy and secure until a phone call from the nurse at Ethan’s school Ethan had been complaining of an upset stomach and at first Delainie believes it might just be a uick stomach bug However his symptoms worsen and become terrifying as his skin begins to jaundice and bruises began to develop all over his body Suddenly the family is thrust into a medical nightmare of tests biopsies extended hospital stays and a devastating diagnosisThis was a great read about a family in crisis and how the three main characters dealt with the news Delainie is fiercely protective of Ethan and pro active in his diagnosis and care nearly too much so Joel is torn between his need to be with his son and the practical need to continue working in order to have the money the family will need for Ethan’s care Ethan is a little boy confused about what is happening to his body and looking to his parents for a positive outcome As Ethan’s illness progresses cracks begin to appear in the Franklin’s marriage that may never be mendedI was given an ARC in return for a honest review I would definitely recommend this one Title For the Love of EthanAuthor Marjorie ReynoldsPublisher Windstorm PressISBN 978 1547229314Buy Link Teresa Fallen AngelBlurbDelainie Franklin is a devoted mother whose ordinary life runs smoothly — until Ethan her ten year old son becomes ill Delainie and her husband Joel must not only face the challenges of Ethan’s uncertain future but also survive events that test their family bonds How far will a mother go to save her son? Delainie must make that agonizing decision Total Score 55SummaryThis book lead the reader through the story of one families struggle to with the possibility of loosing their son Ethan as he faces death unless he gets the miracle of a transplant Both his parents have to deal with their feelings of inadeuacy and guilt over Ethan's illness As a nurse I have dwelt with children with many difficult medical problems and the pressures the families are placed under was brought to life in this book Ethan's deterioration was both horrifying and realistic It was sad to see Ethan go form a uirky fun loving child who loved to scare his mother with his monsters to a fragile child trying to believe in a miracle that may never come This book was an emotional roller coaster that ensnares the reader form the depths of despair to the joy as Ethan's story unfoldsThis is a very special story that should be read by anyone who doubted thought that faith and hope could miracles I was provided a copy of this work in exchange for a fair and honest review  While I don't normally choose stories that revolve around children or parenting simply because I don't feel it is something I can relate to having never been a mother myself For the Love of Ethan kept me interested right from the start After discovering her son Ethan has liver disease Delanie finds herself contending with one problem after another and her strength doesn't allow any of these things to get in the way of her caring for her dying son She juggles her business her husbands business her in laws hospital bills fund raisers self doubts her circle of friends and looking for helpall while watching helplessly as Ethan deteriorates This story is so well written and the descriptions of what Delanie sees and feels makes you feel like you are right there with her Every obstacle during this time of struggle is so believable because of the stress everyone involved is going through This book will have you feeling all kinds of emotions I love this authors writing style and I look forward to her next one This is the story of a family in turmoil when the 10 year old son is diagnosed with liver disease The reader is sucked into the hospital visits the check ups the difficult decisions and the marriage of the parents I'm not typically interested in hospital stories but there was no escaping this one It was a fast read as I hoped that all would be right for Ethan but could not imagine how that would come about The story describes how far parents can go to protect and save their children Would you break the law if necessary? Would you disadvantage others and possibly sentence them to death with your actions just so your son could live? These are serious issues that are discussed in a very readable way both making you go with what the parents feel they should do and at the same time making you stop to think whether this is ethical and what would you do yourself? I do hope this really is a work of fiction but the writing is so detailed and knowledgeable that I could imagine this really happened to the author Let's hope not Marjorie Reynolds is a fabulous writer and this book is worth reading just to experience her ability to immerse you in the story and introduce you to the characters who are living it For the Love of Ethan is an unusual story with unexpected complications and some tears along the way But Reynolds presents the story's difficult situation provides plenty of obstacles and problems and finally wraps it up in a satisfying conclusion I didn't see coming I felt like I knew the people and understood their complexities Most of all I wanted little Ethan to get what he so desperately needed Reynolds makes the reader wait hoping worrying and then pulls off the ending in a most satisfying way Have your box of tissues ready This is a sad story of one young boy who needs a liver transplant and the problems and obstacles both he and his parents face When nine year Ethan is diagnosed his mother Delanie is overwhelmed and is soon also dealing with a distracted husband a mound of bills overbearing mother in law and She does have a tight knit group of friends whom she can lay her burden on But as time is dwindling one wonders if Ethan will survive? Like I mentioned this one is a tearjerker and emotional As the reader I can feel her pain and frustrations with doctors and social workers I received an ARC from the author and do recommend this book I was lucky enough to receive an advance read copy The heart pulling nature of this book remains constant giving the reader good reason to turn the page I loved Delainie’s voice and the expansion of the story beyond her love for Ethan taking us into her friendships characters who are uniue and believable There are few pauses for reader relief; however one such place involves a tug o war with a dishtowel that is both brilliant and revealing For the Love of Ethan begins – and ends – on just the right notes