Under the Hawthorn Tree

Under the Hawthorn Tree➳ [Reading] ➶ Under the Hawthorn Tree By Marita Conlon-McKenna ➩ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk It is the late 1880s and the Great Famine has ravaged Ireland The potatoes are black and rotten and the people have nothing to eat Eily Michael and Peggy are alone in their cottage Their parents went It is the late s and the Great Famine has ravaged Ireland The potatoes are black and rotten and the people have nothing to eat Eily Michael and Peggy are alone in their cottage Their parents went out in search of work and food but never returned Now the children must fend for themselves Desperate to avoid being sent to the workhouse they set out on a journey to find their great aunts On their journey they encounter the devastation caused by famine people scrabbling for food abandoned children soup kitchens beggars disease wild dogs Under the MOBI :¼ death Led by twleve year old Eily the children use all their strength and ingenuity to survive and find their way to Castletaggart. This is one of the books from my childhood I was in fourth class when our teacher first read this to us I fell in love From there I bough all three books and read them myself To this day I can still remember reading these books and this book was what got me hooked It's my favourite in the trilogy The book is based in the time of the great famine of Ireland It's about three kids who fight for their lives and are determined to find their relatives For a children's book it has a lot of tragedy The saddest scene for me view spoilerwas when baby Bridget died hide spoiler This is a touching story of the tragic effect of the potato famine in Ireland in 1845 1850 A family is torn apart in an attempt to survive the people of that era lived through hell Parents watched their babies waste away and if they did not starve then they were at risk of dying from the dreadful fever The story of the courageous O'Driscoll children Eily Michael and Peggy Eily the eldest is just twelve They face such perils as they fight to stay alive in a land where everyone seems to be dead or like walking deadThis is an idea introduction to this period in Irish history Source I own this book Cost 50p in a charity shop Title Under the Hawthorne Tree Series Children of the Famine #1 Author Marita Conlon McKenna Overall Rating 5 stars I remember reading this book in primary school and it's one of those books that have stayed with me ever since the author presents the famine to children in a way that they'll understand through children's eyes and growing up in Northern Ireland the famine was something we always learned about but never understand And thankfully never experienced As I've gotten older I obviously understand it a lot than I used too but this book sparked an interest for me It broke my heart and I hoped for the best for Eily Michael and Peggy when the famine ended I remember that I wanted to read the rest of the series but I can't remember if I ever did After recommending this book to Ashley I realised I hadn't added this book as 'read' and I've read it 3 times P before the end of the summer I will re read and review it but for now here's a five star rating YA historical fiction easy read The O'Driscoll family are land tenants when crops fails the father is forced to seek work away from home After the death of an infant and facing starvation the mother decides to temporarily leave the house and the three remaining children to search for him Soon after the family is evicted from their cabin and the children find themselves homeless and alone They start a long and perilous journey on foot in search of some distant relatives who might help This is the first book of a trilogy a bit lightweight so best for primaryintermediate children Good source of information about the potato blight and great famine in Ireland 1845 1850 where an estimated one million people died by sickness and mass starvation I loved this book it is my favourte The book “Under the Hawthorn tree” by Marita Conlon McKenna is a novel which I read as a child and it really touched me as it depicts the history of the Irish famine in the 1840's through the eyes of the three main characters Michael Eily and Peggy The three children are faced with great heart ache and suffering during the devestation of the Famine They have lost their father and also their sister Bridget The children must travel to Castletaggert to their great aunts who they hope will provide them with food shelter and safety The journey to Castletaggert is not an easy one but their only other option is to be taken into the workhouse which is something they cannot face as it will mean their seperation There is constant hardship for the children throughout the book and you can really empathise with them and try to imagine how you would feel if you were in their position The children show courage and optimism despite their constant suffering I feel this book would be great for children aged 10 12 depending on their level of reading and I think they would benefit from the story because it gives a fantastic depiction through the eyes of the children of Ireland during the devestation of the famine and all the suffering the people went through There is a lot of sombre themes in this book but it does end on a positive note with the children making it to their aunts house and finding solace now that they have somewhere to call home again This is a book a lot of Irish people will probably have read in school The author Marita Conlon McKenna excellently portrays the feelings and hardship the famine brought to the three central characters the O Driscoll children Not only is it a very interesting read but the detail and description of the times would also give the children a sense of history of what it was like during the famine The O Driscoll's face many problems and set backs and the children are likely to engage with Eily Michael and Peggy All three have different characteristics which will appeal to both both and girls making a good classroom read Eily is the oldest of three children and acts as a mother figure to the other two She is only twelve years of age but incredibly mature and this is seen through many of her decisions throughout the book She has continuous hope and an unwillingness to give up Michael the only male in the family is a brave and fearful young boy Like Eily he shows great courage and strength as the three siblings fight against famine and the troubles it brings I think it was a really good book because I thought it was very interesting and it was very moving I'm really looking forward to the next book Three siblings find themselves alone and homeless during the Irish potato famine so they leave their village to search for relatives they know about only through their mother's stories The book does a very good job of showing how terrible this avoidable tragedy was though it doesn't explain anything about why it happened or who was responsible I think some parents might find this book a little too traumatic for the age of kids it is written for though others would be fine with it depending on the sensitivities of their child I would say the writing would be ideal for a 10 year old but the subject matter for12 or 13 I can imagine small children having nightmares after reading this

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