An Unexpected Kiss (Christmas in Snow Valley #1)

An Unexpected Kiss (Christmas in Snow Valley #1)[KINDLE] ❆ An Unexpected Kiss (Christmas in Snow Valley #1) Author Cindy Roland Anderson – An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found hereNOTE TO READER THIS IS A REVISED EDITION WITH A BONUS EPILOGUE Lucy Phillips doesn’t want to spend her Christmas vacation dodging her ex b An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found hereNOTE TO READER THIS IS A REVISED EDITION WITH A BONUS EPILOGUE Lucy Phillips doesn’t want to spend her Christmas vacation dodging her ex boyfriend so when he turns up at the airport to give her a ride home Lucy panics and asks a complete stranger to kiss her Although the kiss is incredible Lucy never expects to see the guy again Is it bad luck or destiny when Lucy comes down with a sore throat and the new doctor in Snow Valley is none An Unexpected PDF or other than Cole Taggart the guy she kissed at the airport. This was the sweetest book so good in fact that I have read it twice in the last monthLucy Phillips is traveling to spend Christmas with her family but knows most of her time will be spent dodging her ex boyfriend who she broke up with seven years earlier He just keeps hanging on monopolizing all of her time so she doesn't come home often Her mother is another problem because she will do whatever needed to get her daughter married offshe wants grand babies Behind her back her mother sets up these unfortunate get togethers to throw Lucy together with her ex and Lucy is sick of it How many times does she have to tell her ex and her mother that she is done with him They simply won't believe herTo avoid the ex boyfriend Lance who shows up at the airport to transport her home at her mother's insistence Lucy walks up to a gorgeous guy who had been on her flight and says 'Hi I'm Lucy Kiss me please' Boy did he and how She kissed him backand he kissed her the second time She has no idea that the gorgeous young man is Cole Taggert the new doctor in townuntil she gets sickYou will have many laugh out loud moments and a few sad ones as well but those don't last too long I highly recommend this charming book focused on love and Christmas It is a very clean readSafe BookNo CheatingSmall amount of OM drama heroine's ex MinorEdit 121617 I just finished my third time through this sweet and lovely book as reading this each December is a part of my holiday experience and I am so grateful the author has updated the story with an epilogue Thank you for that Cindy Roland Anderson I appreciate that than you can know I have loved this book so much that it comes to mind several times throughout the year and I look forward to reading it each Christmas holiday It is such a fun uirky and precious love story If this book doesn't put you in the Christmas spirit I don't know what will I really enjoyed this one it was the perfect Christmas Chick lit read Lucy is going home to Snow Valley MT to visit her family over Christmas break Her matchmaking mama is trying to get her to get back together with her ex but she wants nothing to do with him So when he shows up at the airport to pick her up she panics and asks Cole the hottie stranger from her flight to kiss her He willingly complies and that small action changes their lives foreverThis was a fun lighthearted read The romance was sweet but I also liked how Lucy wanted to change Cole's opinion on Christmas not only by doing fun Christmassy things but also by serving others What better way to show what a wonderful holiday Christmas really is than by helping others Even though this is a novella I felt like everything played out at a nice pace and wrapped up nicely This is part of a Christmas anthology but will also be available on its own I look forward to reading the other books in the series I loved the setting of Snow Valley MT ContentRomance Clean swoony kissesSource Review copy in exchange for honest review Now that was a cute book I loved cole I liked Lucy too She wasn't too annoying Her mom bugged me I loved her idea of the true meaning of Christmas It was perfect Meh 25 stars It wasjust okay I loved the way this one started out with a bang Lucy does not want her ex high school boyfriend to get any ideas about them getting back together So when he shows up at the airport to bring her home for Christmas she grabs the first guy she sees and begs him to kiss her Thinking that incredible kiss was that imagine her surprise to run into him againas the new doctor in her hometownLucy is a fun character who always seems to run into incredible situations She's good for a laugh and a smile as Cole soon discovers Cole is a lot of fun as well and is a swoony guyI loved the setting a Christmas spent in Snow Valley would be magical and amazing It was great to see the characters get into the events and celebrations with so much Christmas spiritContent CleanI received a copy in exchange for an honest review This one was adorable I was looking for a cute Christmas romance and this completely fit the bill Such an enjoyable little love story to totally put you in the Christmas spirit Loved it Lucy Phillips' mother is determined to marry Lucy off to her high school boyfriend Lance It's been seven years since they broke up but Lance still thinks he's a senior in high school and he wants Lucy to be part of that fantasyHer mother has arranged for Lance to pick up Lucy from the airport when she comes home to visit for Christmas In a moment of insanity Lucy panics and asks a handsome stranger in the airport to kiss her She was hoping to send a message to Lance but instead she set things in motion that could turn her carefully planned world upside downCole Taggart has an ex fiancee who has made him extremely cautious where women are concerned He is buying his uncle's medical practice and moving to Snow Valley Montana When a beautiful stranger asks him to kiss her in the airport he finds himself unable to forget that kissI want to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie about Cole and Lucy Content Very cleanSource com Rating 4 starsThis was a cute short story It was sweet clean festive and romantic It put me in the Christmas spirit Lucy and Cole met on a plane on the way to Lucy's hometown of Snow Valley Montana Lucy an IT professional was going home to visit her family for Christmas whilst Cole a doctor was moving permanently to Snow Valley to take over his uncle's family practice When they landed Lucy gave Cole an unexpected kiss in the terminal to fend off an ex boyfriend Lance who had pined for her since high school Their brief encounter left an impression on both of them They met up again when Lucy visited her local doctor Cole's uncle William for a sore throat They uickly became friends When they started to develop deeper feelings for each other they both had to re assess what they truly wanted out of their livesFor a short read it was a fun escape The Christmas theme gave the story an added cheerful touch What I liked1 Cole He was a stand up guy and just needed a little push to defrost his slightly cold heart I love how much he cared about his uncle too2 The MCs' relationship Although it had a rather unorthodox start the way that it developed had a natural feel and was uite sweet I like especially that neither of the MCs was too proud to go after what either of them really wanted3 Lance OK maybe he was a little dense in the beginning but he was a genuinely nice guy4 How the community all came together to help a family in need I like that the Christian message was genuine and subtle in this story; true love euals action5 How clean the language and content of this story are6 The dual povsWhat I didn't like1 Lucy's mom What is her deal? Why's she so pushy?2 The abrupt ending For a detailed review please check out my review belowDebra's Book CafeDebs