Perfectly Normal (The Perfects #1)

Perfectly Normal (The Perfects #1)[Ebook] ➤ Perfectly Normal (The Perfects #1) Author Amy Martin – The Perfects rule Ridgeview High and nerdy Rachel Lord is obsessed with everything about them their perfect hair perfect clothes perfect boyfriends perfect livesBut after Rachel gets into an accident The Perfects rule Ridgeview High and nerdy Rachel Lord is obsessed with everything about them their perfect hair perfect clothes perfect boyfriends perfect livesBut after Rachel gets into an accident while searching for a missing friend she wakes up in the body of Dani Maguire her former best friend who dumped her for the Perfects long ago As Rachel struggles to live her life as Dani she finds out the life of a Perfect isn't so perfect after all And as she learns the long buried secrets responsible for her out of body experience Rachel discovers she is powerful than she could have ever imaginedand that power beats perfection every time Librarian's note See alternate cover edition of ASIN BTTNYP here. arc generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI had so much fun reading this book This is seriously good It wasn't even published yet and I'm already desperate to read the second book It was like watching a Disney moviea better Freaky FridayRachel's friend Janey was missing She decided to look for her herself She had an idea where she might be so she planned to get there On her way there she had an accidentand she woke up in Dani's body her former friend and one of the perfects Perfects are those ueen bee type of highschool girls the pretty famous and mean girls Since she's Dani on the outside she had to pretend to be a perfect And that's where the fun starts LOLI loved Rachel She's so gutsy She told Luke Dani's boyfriend that she's Rachel without even batting an eyewell actually she did but you get the picture After that confession the two just became so close and cozy Like their friendship was so cute you'd want one like themUgh I really need book two I know there's a lot to happen And I want Luke and Rachel I wish they'd just end up together Gosh the anticipation is killing me Full disclosure I was provided an advanced copy of this book by the author however I have voluntarily chosen to write a review All opinions are my ownIt’s not easy being perfectRachel Lord is your typical teenager just trying get through her Senior Year in high school With her two best friends Janey and Ellie she does pretty well navigating the usual cliues and clichés with one downfall Dani McGuire is a gorgeous typical popular cheerleader type She is the uarterback’s girlfriend class president and part of the most powerful cliue on campus The Perfects Dani and the other girls grew up together practically neighbors and were like sisters until a chemical spill rendered their neighborhood uninhabitable and the friends were forced to move to different neighborhoods While still in the same general area Dani became friends with The Perfects – the stuck up uber popular mean girls of Ridgeview High School and no longer associates with her childhood friends This has not set well with Rachel and she tends to be a tad obsessed with her former friend On a snowy evening Janey goes missing and Rachel sets out to look for her Heading out to the old neighborhood where Janey has been known to retreat to in times of introspection Rachel has an accidentand wakes up in the body of Dani McGuireWait What?Rachel has no idea how her consciousness has ended up in the body of her former friend And what happened to her body for that matter Rachel attempts to live the life of a Perfect while trying to figure out what the heck happened Perfectly Normal is the first book in The Perfects series by Amy Martin and is a real easy read that will take the reader back to high school no matter when you grew up When I heard about the premise for the book I thought “oh cool it’s like a cross between Mean Girls and the Hot Chick” On the surface this is true but I found Perfectly Normal to be than just tired clichés and a retelling of a familiar story While the basic concept has been explored before throughout the years Amy Martin does so in a way that is fresh and intriguing Rachel finds out with each new day that being a Perfect isn’t everything it’s made out to be and in some ways she may even have it better in her boring normal existence If you’re looking for a fun read that will leave you nostalgic and wondering what happens next I would recommend Perfectly Normal but be warned – you may not be able to put this fun story down I received a mobifile copy of this book from the author through a giveaway she had on LibraryThingcom and the following is my honest opinionDo you remember the days when you’d been in high school? Of course you do; and there’s probably a lot of stuff you wish you could sooner forget One of the most prevalent conditions all high school students had to face and still do is the omnipresent presence of cliues; who know those groups of jocks and the most beautiful and popular girls And in Rachel Lord’s school Ridgeview High this group is known as The Perfects and they ruled this schoolSince I hadn’t been one of the most popular individuals at my high school I found it uite easy fantasizing about my stepping into Rachel Lord’s shoes; and why not? Like Rachel I’d probably would have been envious and obsessed with “The Perfects;” and all the apparently perfect things each one of them possesses friends of both sexes hair complexion teeth body and everything else which could and would make them perfectly perfect EGADS what a fantasyAs fate would have it while looking a missing friend with my other friends we got involved in a car accident and the next thing I knew I woke up in Dani’s body The Perfect I’ve had admired the most; instead of my being the plain looking somewhat clumsy Rachel everyone knows As Rachel learned how to be Dani the rose colored glasses she’d always worn when looking at her disappeared as did the façade Dani had projected to everyone at school disappeared revealing at least to Rachel the truth lurking behind this façade With this clear in Rachel’s mind she now had a mystery to resolved How and why did she wind up in Dani’s body? What happened to her own body? Will Rachel uncover the truth to all the uestions which have continuously popped up in her mind since first waking up in Dani; Is there some unknown power she possesses a power she has to find out about and about its limits? An unknown power which might have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations? I’m not saying you’ll have to read this book to find outFor having given her readers an interesting page turning coming of age story involving Rachel and the self discovery of the power she’s always had I’m happy to give Ms Martin 5 STARS for her writing endeavor here Set within Ridgeview High School three best friends Rachel Janey and Ellie are the nerds among the Perfects Dani her cliue However one ordinary morning Janey doesn’t show up and appears to be missing Despite the weather Rachel races to their old neighborhood hoping to find Janey among the abandoned houses but Rachel never makes it Rachel wakes up from her crash in the body of The Perfect Dani as she discovers her own body is sitting in a coma as a result of the crash Rachel Ellie must find a way to get Rachel back into her own body while maintaining Dani’s status at high school in the meantime I chose this book thinking it would be an ode to Freaky Friday a movie where mom and daughter switch bodies and it definitely started off as an enjoyable read along such lines The high school setting is easy to relate to and the characters are adeuately developed However as I read on and realized the body switch was due to witchcraft I started to lose enjoyment in the read I am not a big fantasy sci fi mythical beings fan and I don’t often read stories surrounding these genres but I felt the urge to read on While I enjoyed the story I felt when the story shifted into focusing on witchcraft and the town’s history the shift was awkward I enjoyed the introduction of additional characters the girls’ parents as such was necessary to provide the depth needed to stretch the storyline into a series format but I was hoping the author would have been creative than to solely place the cause of body switching on witching spells I wouldn’t go as far as to say I will become a uick addict of this series I remain intrigued enough to maybe pick up book #2 in the near future For the full review please visit A review copy of this book was provided to me by LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review I’m going to be honest when I started this novel I thought it was going to be a very generic body swap girl and boy fall in love type dealI’m so happy it wasn’t In fact right about halfway point the novel took everything I thought it was and shattered that imageWhen one of their friends goes missing Rachel and Ellie go to investigate Rachel wakes up inside the body of one of the perfects and an old friend Between Ellie and Dani’s boyfriend they’re bound and determined to find out what happened and the answer is the most shocking thing they’ve ever heardThe beginning was very much like many young adult novels The popular girls the outsiders the hot boyfriend caught in the middle There were a lot of tropes present and they followed the formula for a blossoming romance to a T The twist that follows was one I didn’t see coming and it was really goodThe actual premise of the novel was good It made sense for all the characters and it was a good plot device for their relationships and development There is a noticeable difference between all of them at the end I liked the way it forced them together and made them work with each other For the most part the characters all had their own uniue voice and personality There were moments where things felt a little flat Dialogue helped things along thoughThe plot twist world building was done well I’m trying to not give it away because it was really good and it fit well into the narrative I liked how it got the parents involved and how well thought out it was It did well for the overall tone of the novel There were a few moments where things stalled out but things really came together at the end and it ended on such a good cliffhanger For sure excited for the next in the series A great story probably even relevant to me since I am about to start a new high school and the town sounds just like Ridgeview although not in Missouri Nothing much happens except life itself and that's than hard enoughI liked Rachel as a character and found her really interesting from one teen to another Surviving high school is something we've all had to do and Rachel's school is just like every other one cliues friendship issues and mean girls to deal withWhen Rachel mysteriously ends up in her old friends body she has to pretend to fit in which is harder than it may seem On top of this strange problem Rachel has to try to be friends with the stuck up 'Perfects' the cool girls of the school which leads from one problem to another A really entertaining story with lots of twists I'd recommend it to any teens or young adults who just left school and remember it 'fondly' “I hadn’t expected to find myself in the throes of an existential crisis before noon but I guess that’s just one of the hazards of inhabiting someone else’s body”After a friend mysteriously vanishes wallflower Rachel Lord wakes up in the body of one of the ‘perfects’ at Ridgeview High School Dani Maguire Rachel’s got to figure out what happened to her where her friend went and how to fix it all the while pretending to be someone she’s not; and time is running outPerfectly Normal kept me in a certain level of suspense I read the first half of this book in a sitting; I had to know what in the world was going on Truthfully I forgot the summary of this novel when I opened it to read it I didn’t go find it because I thought I’d surprise myself Through the first half I couldn’t decide if it would go in a science fiction route a fantasy route or a government conspiracy route – all seemed logical I loved that it could have been anything My lack of knowing thickened the mystery of it allI love the main character Rachel She’s a sassy wallflower who takes on her strange situation with sarcastic and grave humor Everyone else in the story seemed a bit flat and stereotypical; there was the awesome patient and understanding male lead the awesome witty chubby best friend the overly dramatic suad of popular girls that made up the ‘perfects’ However given that I still enjoyed this story It touched on ‘the grass is greener’ type of thinking which I expected from the get go Of course Rachel thinks that Dani’s life is perfect in every aspect but when she walks – literally – a few miles in her shoes she realized that Dani has problems too and that her hair doesn’t fix itself in the morningBut high school drama wasn’t the point of the plot; it was a setting The story is about our characters Dani and Rachel coming into adulthood so to speak while walking in someone else’s shoes and realizing what it takes to grow up apologies understanding and the realization that our actions effect other peopleThe majority of the novel is given through dialog which isn’t a bad thing; I love dialog however there were a lot of times were I found myself skipping over dialog tags to get to the dialog I needed A lot of the dialog gave me information about the plot second hand I didn’t get to experience the thrill of the plot unfolding; I experienced the plot being told to me through dialog The story slowed down too much for my liking and I felt that the characters were just wasting my time; I needed to get to the ‘aha’ moment faster I found myself skipping chunks of dialog or narration because I already knew or suspected the information I was being givenThis book has a very “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” vibe to it It’s uirky serious and good hud Fan of the show will enjoy Perfectly NormalI gave Perfectly Normal a 4 out of 5 because 1 I read this book in two days over the course of 2 sittings I thought about it when I stopped reading I wanted to know what happened and how 2 It was fun It showed that light side of high school drama without being overly dramatic and horrible 3 I enjoyed itIt was the little things that cost this book the last point such as the older librarians use of the verb “trolling” which to me is a very millennial thing to say or how Ellie somehow fit a guitar case into a high school locker – those must be some massive lockers I also felt that some of the scenesdialog repeated information that I already knew so I ended up skipped ahead a few times and skimming instead of reading I was very generously given this book as an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review This is the first time ive read an ARC and it was a great experience My review is my opinion and was not influenced by anyone else This book is not something i would normally choose to read although i enjoy the young adult genre it did feel a little to young for me I did struggle to become absorbed in it to begin with but the author did manage to keep my attention enough i made it half way through and then i couldnt put it down The plot is a mixture of freaky friday mean girls harry potter and a discovery of witches The plot as i said took a while to develop but as this is set to become a series i understand that it did need some form of roots to be planted I did like the characters some than others although it would be nice to see some of them developed a bit The theme of social differences high school cliues is very relatable It is also nice to see a book focusing on women taking the lead role and not needing a male hero I liked the fact there was no love triangle and this book solely focused on the power of friendship family and having to put differences aside This in fact saved the book for me as it made it slightly mature than it started off It is well written the author doesnt drone on with over the top description there are no holes in the plot so far as ive seen and the language is easy to read She sets the scene well i had no difficulty imaging where i was as a character I think this book will definitely appeal to younger readers although i still read young adultfantasy as my chosen genre there are better books in my opinion that attract a wider audience Having said that i did enjoy this book and i will purchase the seuel to find out what happens next The second book would be the decider for me as to whether i bought any from this series i hope the author though writing for young adults does introduce slightly mature themes in order to bring it up to the same popularity as other books in this genre Was it the best book ive ever read ? The honest answer is no Was it one of my top 10 favourites ? Sadly again no but it was good it intrigued me and though maybe this storyline isnt for me the author is definitely one to watch She will be right up there with stephanie meyer and cassandra clare and i look forward to reading of her works I would have rated this book 3 stars purely because i didnt love the plot however i have awarded 4 stars because the author is exceptionally good it takes a great skill to encourage a reader to make it half way through a book despite not loving it and to then finish the book in such a way to completely change my opinion of this book It went from being mediocre to surprisingly very good I received a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewPerfectly Normal by Amy Martin is a young adult fantasy that intertwines the ignorance of the past with hope for the present In a small town near the contaminated Rocky Ridge Lake Rachel Lord is enjoying senior year with her two best friends Janey and Ellie One night Janey disappears and Rachel decides to go out looking for her After an unfortunate car accident Rachel wakes up in Dani Maguire’s body one of the popular girls at school As Rachel tries maneuvering her way through Dani’s life she realizes that there is to the situation than meets the eye Just what exactly happened to her Janey and Dani? And how are they connected to the disaster at Rocky Ridge Lake so very long ago? In this enchanting story Martin invokes the age old conseuence of what happens when knowledge falls into the wrong hands all the while gives rise to a forgotten legacy filled with magic and mischief I liked reading about Rachel and Ellie’s friendship It’s clear they both care about each other in a way that’s permanent than their dull interactions in high school They both love Janey as well and care enough to be concerned that she’s missing Dani on the other hand isn’t forgivable; I was disgusted by how she treated her former friends Although she may be sympathetic in the end I can’t help but agree with Ellie that they do need to be careful around Dani The fact that Luke the all around nice guy was thinking about breaking up with her was little solace Not only that but to find out that one of the mean kids was actually a witch isn’t a pleasant surprise when you hate them with all your guts Still these interactions parallel with the witches who did everything they could to protect their lands Just like the mean kids in high school they didn’t realize that with time comes changeThis brings me to a prominent theme in the book; you need to be able to adapt to change With Dani gone Rachel and Ellie had to move on with their friendship because they knew they couldn’t wait for Dani to just suddenly change her mind In the same way the Clairvox witches had supposedly burned their spell books if only to try and help future generations blend in with modern society While this can be humorous at times it can also be dangerous As the witches demonstrated there were other powerful covens nearby and unless you know how to control your magic you’ll be easy prey for them High school parallels with this too to a lesser extent This particular theme was well executed and was also one of the highlights of the bookThus I would give this book a rating of a 37 out of 5 stars While the character parallels were wonderful I would’ve preferred there to be details behind Rachel and Dani’s relationship However the theme of change was excellent the many conflicts in the book dealing with how frightening change can be As such I would recommend this book to fans of Never Ever by Sara Saedi The overall idea of the story was great but it wasn't well written and there was too much detailsThe story is about Rachel a typical high school student who is waiting to turn 18 and graduate Then her friend goes missing and Rachel finds her self trapped in someone else's body The story has too much details that are not needed which can annoy some people and resulted in me skipping uite a few pages For example in one of the early scenes Rachel is driving home from school and the author writes about almost every turn they make everything they talk about and even what the tires of the car is doingExample from the storyEllie narrows her eyes at me as I pull the car forward look both ways and accelerate out onto TilletsonStreet as uickly as I can under the conditions My car fishtails a bit and Ellie grabs the dashboard as aworthless measure of added protection as I straighten my back tires and move us forward at about fivemiles an hourAmy Martin supposedly studied creative writing but her writing doesn't seem yo be professionally at allI learned I think in grade nine that when you write a story what you write about should either take the story forward or backwards Also you should put in information that the reader would like to read about and that have some significance in the story The reader would not want to know if the driver looked both ways as she pulled the car forward or if the driver was driving 5 miles per hour If you want to indicate that the driver is driving slowly just say that you don't need to state how fast or how slow she's driving The readers aren't interested and they'll just get bored Well that's my opinion of this book I don't think i'll be reading any of her other books unless they go thru a publisher and I certainly don't recommend it to anyone