Forged in Fire (The Vessel Trilogy, #1)

Forged in Fire (The Vessel Trilogy, #1)[Reading] ➿ Forged in Fire (The Vessel Trilogy, #1) Author Juliette Cross – Genevieve Drake has never been the helpless kind of girl has never needed to be rescued That is not until her twentieth birthday when some dude nearly chokes her to death in an alley and a hot strange Genevieve Drake has never been the helpless kind of girl has never needed to be rescued That is not until her twentieth birthday when some dude nearly chokes her to death in an alley and a hot stranger splits the guy in half rips a monster from inside and incinerates it into ashThe hot guy Jude Delacroix—Dominus Daemonum Master of Demons Now her guardian whether she likes it or not But she’s seriously beginning to like itThe dude choking her One of many demons from the underworld trying to abduct or kill Genevieve As the prime target of Forged in ePUB ✓ the demon prince Danté she has no problem accepting Jude’s protectionWhy Genevieve She’s a Vessel one born to serve the Light but can be corrupted and used as a weapon for darkness She had no idea this world even existed Now she just wants to survive it. This fabulous series is being re released today with a brand new publisher and a brand new cover Isn't it beautiful? So if you haven't had the pleasure of starting this series yet today is the day Don't miss this Forged in Fire is book #1 in The Vessel Trilogy by Juliette Cross If you follow me on Goodreads you may have noticed my gushing over both Soulfire and Windburn of the Nightwing series by Juliette So of course I was ecstatic to get started on her new series But I was not prepared to be bowled over yet again by this author’s ability to plunge me into a completely new world and to get completely submerged in it To fall in love with the characters so completely This book is different for me anyway because it had such a poetic feel to it The words seemed so lyrical I could not turn the pages fast enough So gushing complete let me tell you a little bit about it Genevieve Drake lives in New Orleans and it is her twentieth birthday She and her roommatebest friend Mindy are going out to a club to celebrate This night though would most definitely not turn out the way she imagined and her life would forever be changed Genevieve is attacked by some very sinister beings and is saved by an oh so steaming hot rescuer He literally cuts open her attacker and pulled out some sort of demon and turned it into ash “Are you kidding me? In the past twelve hours I’ve been groped by a red eyed demon on a dance floor nearly strangled to death in an alley watched an actual demon being pulled from another man’s body and now I’ve been casually informed by my new stalker a Donimus whatever that I’m like chocolate cake to every demon alive and all of them want a piece of me” On this night Genevieve discovers that on her twentieth birthday she has awakened That she is a Vessel She can either serve the light or be taken over by the dark princes of the underworld and used to commit horrible atrocities whenever they wish There are two such demons who want her One Dante that wishes to control her and one Bamal that wishes to kill her “If I could possibly swallow everything Jude had told me I had several issues to consider One I was a Vessel some mystical thing I’d never heard of before in my life Two demons would be hunting me and soon Three my new would be protector was probably the hottest man alive” Enter Jude Delacroix Dominus Daemonum Master of Demons and Genevieve’s new protector No Vessel currently living has been able to escape being taken over by a dark prince He is determined that Genevieve will not But Genevieve is not taking the danger she is in as seriously as she needs to and protecting her is becoming tougher and tougher The time he and Genevieve spend together though the the bonds between them strengthen and soon change His feelings towards her grow from protector to love “You are mine Genevieve And I will have you”“I will keep you close and warm and you will be my light” Jude and others like him are becoming and convinced that Genevieve could possibly be the Vessel spoken of for centuries in a prophecy A prophecy that speaks of a woman a Vessel that will tip the scales one way or another in the war between the hosts of heaven and hell Could Genevieve be this Vessel? This book was just unbelievable I loved Genevieve’s strength and Jude sigh well you get the picture There is so much to learn about this world and luckily it won’t be long until book two comes out There just aren’t enough words to express how much I love all of Juliette Cross’s books She has fast become “that” author for me that I know before I even start the first page that the book will be a wild and wonderful ride full of steamy romance wonderful characters and epic action So I encourage you to try any one of her books You won’t regret it “Mea luna in tenebris” I whispered to my reflection My moon in the darkness And he was my guiding star” 5 You'll be the death of me StarsI cannot seem to get enough of Juliette Cross’ writing at the moment so when the opportunity arose to read The Vessel Trilogy I grabbed it with both hands and went and hid with my KindleNow LIVE US – Forged in Fire – in Sin in Black – UK – Forged in Fire – in Sin in Black – love affair started with all things paranormal and otherworldly when I read Bram Stoker’s Dracula but it took hold like an addiction when I read the Twilight saga so when I say I got the same chills from reading Forged in Fire as I did when I started Twilight you can understand just how good I think the first book in this series isDid I mention that it’s about Angels and demons Well it is and that just flipped my enjoyment levels even higher Because Jude Delacroix; Dominus Daemonum a Master of Demons is a guy you aren’t going to forget in a hurry I don't mind bearing a small burden of hell since it's giving me another chance at heavenGenevieve Drake took a little longer to warm too and I think this is mainly because the author did such a good job at showing her immaturity at the beginning of the story but you also see how much she grows through the progression of the book and I actually liked her snarky sass once she had sorted everything out in her head This is a twenty year old woman who is given an awful lot to absorb and deal with in a very short space of time and she does it pretty well No matter his dark allure something about him made everyone step clearly out of his way he emanated an aura of back the fuck off wherever he went The stage has been set lots have uestions have been answered a load have been raised and are waiting for answers and Gen and Jude as well as a great cast of secondary characters have also been fully introduced I cannot wait to see where the adventure takes me in the rest of the books Even ageless life is too short to live halfheartedARC generously provided by the author and it was my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review Gen Drake is a really cool snarky character that I liked right off the bat She is funny she works for her dad at his Karate dojo and she's a Vessel a what? Yeah seems like when you turn a certain age you might just be a Vessel They tend to have certain gifts but I changed my mind on telling you what they are you will just have to read the book Anyway I love her snark in the book Carol giggled I wanted to slap the blonde right off her Wouldn't take much since she dyed it like once a weekGen is out with her best friend and roommate Mindy at a club to celebrate Gen's b day She comes across some freak who tries to kill her and then tall dark and bad ass Jude Delacroix Demon Hunter takes said person out And not on a dateOver some time Jude explains to Gen what she is and there is so much to what she is that it takes uite some time to explain it all with the help from some others Kat and St George but that's later on Jude starts training her along with Kat on how to use her powers Back tracking a little the first time Gen got to see Jude in all of this glory was when she closed down the dojo for the night and got jumped by some demons it seems a demon prince Dante wants her for his own I'm not telling you why either anyhoo so Gen leaves the dojo and this is her take on Jude in action A sudden high pitched scream drew our attention Behind him there was Jude in all of his masculine glory holding a long sword thrust deep into the chest of Pit Bull boy Wait a sword? What century was I in?I am in love with Jude and so is Gen after a bit He rides a motorcycle or whatever he wants really and he is yummy They all have to try to keep Gen safe and fight the jerk demon that wants to take her It seems that Gen is a very strong Vessel and doesn't need as much help as one would think after she starts learning I can't wait to read about these two and their love it's a burning love and they need to get on with it I could feel the love and um stuff lifting right off the pages This is the second book I have read by this author and I like her writing style so it's not going to be the last that's for sure Fin First Read February 2015Re reading now to follow on to books 2 3 I absolutely adored Forged in Fire Juliette Cross has created such original worlds with characters that have captivated me I love Gen's strength and stubbornness and the depth of Jude's love for Gen leaves me breathless Simply just cannot wait until Book #2 Have pre ordered Sealed in Sin so now to counting down the days Full review of the trilogy HERE and fear not no spoilers I want you daily nightly repeatedly constantly forever Wow this was one thrilling ride Filled with so much action drama suspense and thrills I never knew which way to look for where the bad guy was going to come next On Genevieve’s twentieth birthday the world as she knows it is suddenly and terrifyingly changed before her eyes The man at the center of her new world is a demon hunter and the things he slowly teaches her are things straight out of a nightmare As the target of a high demon Gen is struggling to learn how to utilize the new powers that are a part of the new her With Jude’s help she hopes to survive but as events slowly begin to unravel it becomes apparent that even he may not be able to save herI loved both Gen and Jude Their pasts although so many centuries between are eerily similar but they have both been scarred down to their souls by it As they forge a united front they grow closer to each other and yet the dark powers that threaten Gen keep them from moving forward in the direction they both desire Jude was exactly as I would imagine a demon hunter would behad I ever thought to imagine one What he takes upon himself in a fight for justice is uniue and horrifying but the fact that he faces one of the worse his kind could endure in order to help Gen made me love him even Gen with her background in self protection is not a wilting flower Despite the extremes she is experiencing daily now and the human struggles of remaining sane in the face of them she stays strong and continues to grow in strength I loved the hard and soft sides to herThis is a slow paced read with lots of world building – in today’s world but with powers and beings that exist outside our realm – that painted a wonderfully dark and grim picture of those things we might sense but never see The secondary characters are excellent and add so much depth to the story The steam is low although there is definitely chemistry between Gen and Jude This ends in what felt like a happy for now style although it’s safe to say this couple are definitely a couple I’m very curious to see what happens from this point onwardHeroine POVSafe view spoilerno owom drama although h is a bit jealous of H’s co worker who she thinks H is or had a thing with she eventually learns he has never had a romantic relationship with her hide spoiler Of course Genevieve expected her twentieth birthday in New Orleans to be a little crazy after all she was with her best friend Mindy She wasn’t expecting this birthday to change her life or what she thought was her life nor did she expect someone to attempt to end said life Enter Mr Mysterious Hot and Deadly to come to her rescue and lead her down the rabbit hole of Holy Crap revelationsDemons? A Demon Prince? And what exactly is a Vessel and how did Genevieve become one?Jude Delacroix has the answers but is Genevieve ready to listen and learn when just being in this guy’s presence sends her libido into overdrive just when she learns she must be untouched and pure of soul sometimes life isn’t fair but demons don’t play by any rules and Dante will stop at nothing to possess her body and soul All she has to do is earn one black mark on that pearly white soul and she is toastunless Jude can keep the minions of hell at bayJuliette Cross’ FORGED IN FIRE is than a great start to another Cross series it is a fabulous start Be prepared to jump in with both feet feel the flames of than just Hell because there is some heavy smoldering going on between Jude and Genevieve and it is electric But there are secret pains failures and the need for self redemption as well as “the rules” that Jude must follow and than once he will leave Genevieve dazed and panting for Great attitude great characters great pacing and what a storyline Juliette Cross and her magic pen once again writes us into a world of darkness danger and passion Safe to say none of us had such a life changing twentieth but thanks to Juliette Cross Genevieve did and we got to share it allTrilogy The Vessel Trilogy Book 1Publisher Entangled Select Otherworld July 31 2017Publication Date July 31 2017Genre Paranormal RomancePrint Length 345 pagesAvailable from |  Barnes NobleFor Reviews More Super excited to get this series back on the shelves Coming back July 31 2017 Why in the world did it take me so long to read this book? Time and time again I stumbled across Forged in Fire through the GoodReads feed with members rating it highly and I'm always thinking 'this would be a great paranormal romance to get stuck into' But alas I never did until now And boy am I glad I did This book was everything I ever wanted from a PNR and It was dark and juicy and edgy and sexy and sensual Forged in Fire is definitely a uniue spin on demons and bad ass hunters set amongst the backdrop of the beautiful and haunting city of New Orleans A place I've only ever read about or seen in the movies The moment you begin on this dark journey you are immediately thrust into this world of war being waged between good and evil Those fighting are Masters of Demons hunters who have for centuries protected humans and cast the spawns of the devil back to hell One in particular Mr Sexy Mr Makes You uiver in Places You Never Dreamt Of Jude Delacroix Oh this being throws hand against forehead in such a flutter Every time his name graced the pages of this paranormal story I felt him whispering against my ear making me breathless This man was just this fiery energy that engulfed our unsuspecting and very kick ass heroine Genevieve Drake oh and me too hehe Their chemistry was electric and the tension between these two was palpable Everything and everyone was getting in their way especially The Dark Prince himself Danté He wanted Gen for himself and he would stop at nothing to make her his bride You see Gen is a Vessel born to serve the light but if tainted can be swayed into the darkness to do the bidding of evil Something Gen did not ask for and Jude would forever protect These encounters with Danté left me feeling stained and I often shuddered every time he presented himself to Gen yet delighted when he did It's sick I know but that's what brilliant writing does Juliette Cross absolutely reels you into this gothic world and demands you pay attention to these characters You become wholeheartedly invested in their story and what happens to them You actually begin to feel as they do and want as they do Just magnificent I can't wait to step back into this world and continue on to see how this story unravels Will Gen harness all her power and embrace the light or will she waver sinking into the darkness? Will Jude continue to protect Gen at the cost of everything or will the despair of all lost souls shadow him completely? I'm going to find outto be continued Great start for a first book of this new Trilogy I really loved Genevieve’s strength and Jude There is so much to learn about this world and luckily book 2 is already published and book 3 that will be released this July in my mailboxFor my first book of Juliette Cross I have to say they are highly addicted And I really have to check out the other books she has written As soon as we finish this mazing trilogy of course So I encourage you to try any one of her books You won’t regret it