Havencross❰KINDLE❯ ❆ Havencross Author Julie Daines – Oaklandjobs.co.uk When a shocking scandal involving her father spreads through London society Elaine Cardinham and her parents are forced to retreat to their country home in Cornwall for refuge But Havencross is no san When a shocking scandal involving her father spreads through London society Elaine Cardinham and her parents are forced to retreat to their country home in Cornwall for refuge But Havencross is no sanctuary for Elaine She is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of her brother—and the heartbreak she left in her wake all those years ago It has been five long years since Gareth Kemp last saw Elaine—when she rejected his marriage proposal Her reappearance convinces him of one thing he has never stopped loving her To put his feelings for her aside he focuses his attention on the dangerous smuggling plaguing the Cornish coast As Elaine attempts to run from her past she ventures ever closer to a dangerous truth—and Gareth may be the only one who can save her from a deadly finish. I love this author's writing style so I was so excited to read her new book And it did not disappoint I felt transported to the setting and loved the rich historical details and descriptions of the landscape Elaine and Gareth are easy to like and I loved how their relationship developed as they grew close again The danger and tension of the plot kept the pace moving steadily along and I felt like there was a good balance between the various aspects of the story This is definitely a book I plan to read again and highly recommendI received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own Mystery ruination a scandal death smugglers King Arthur childhood friend the seaside broken hearts true love castle ruins horses secret letters deception peril stolen glances soft touches of the hand windblown hair mindnight walks caves and secret rendezvousand much much I laid down to rest yesterday afternoon because I hadn't been feeling well and opened up this book to enjoy while resting Let me just say I couldn't put it down until I had finished it Thank heavens for a uiet day I had a lot of down time due to not feeling well over the weekend that I finished 3 books Yes 3 I must say it was absolutely fabulous to rest and read the not feeling well part was most definitely NOT fabulous P I didn't like it one bit my body hurt and wouldn't stop aching everywhere So what do you do when that happens? Why snuggle in bed with lots of warm comfy blankets and read your heart out Hee Hee It helped distract me from the pain and my mind was very happy with meElaine escaped her home to London 5 years prior due to the disappearance of her dear brother Now her parents and her are racing back home to Havencross escaping disgrace and ruin caused by her father How will she ever find someone to save her from the pain and memories of home now? There is no one who will offer for her hand in marriage now Her life will now consist of roaming the halls of her home never talking with her father being her mother's sole companion and comforter avoiding the gossips of the area long walks on the moors walking to the castle ruins walking the beach encountering memories of her childhood memories of her brother and their best friend Gareth and doing all she can to avoid Gareth the neighbor she also fled from years ago Unfortunately fate has different plans for Elaine All expectations she had for her imprisonment at Havencross will be thwarted by fateA mystery and a gentle romance that will sweep you into the pages as you wander the cliffs and ruins of this seaside town You'll be racing through the night trying to escape the peril and danger with Elaine and Gareth Can they uncover the clues and truths fast enough to save their friends and family or will all secrets remain hidden and their lives forever altered and changed from one decision?I always enjoy a good story with plenty of mystery intrigue and secrets Julie Daines does a great job as an author adding those elements into her novels The characters are very well written as well as the relationships and interactions between all characters I loved the beginning the ending but most especially the journey I experienced while reading this novelContent Clean Moments of peril gun and swords used murder smuggling kidnapping Nothing graphic And a handful of stolen kissesI received a copy from the publisher Covenant Communications via NetGalley All thoughts and opinions in the review are my ownHappy Reading This is a straight up 10 star story if there was such thing as 10 stars Julie Daines is an absolute master and I was sucked hook line and sinker into this Cornish tale of murder smuggling legends scandal mystery lost love Cornwall is such a beautiful county with such rich history it's one of my favourite places I first went to Tintagel Jamaica Inn Bodmin Moor as a teenager and I totally fell in love Imagine Poldark Regency the legends of Merlin Camelot all rolled into one and you have Havencross Many attempt to write this era and most do a fantastic job This one however was the cream of the crop There was zero predictability in the plot I was constantly being surprised and I had no idea who would live or die Julie deserves a lot national attention as a writer of this genre with her classical style of story telling This is my top pick for historical fiction for 2017 Absolutely stunning read that you will not put down and curse the mundane life around you that gets in the way Thank you to Covenant Netgalley for the eARC This is my honest review I always enjoy this author's books and this one wasn't any different I was expecting a nice sweet Regency romance but got a great mysterysuspense as well The mystery was gentle swirling in and out of the pages throughout the book but the suspense isn't always present which made it uite shocking and a fun surpriseElaine is a fun character because she's so brave and forthcoming for her time She's resilient and strong which makes her a perfect complement to both Gareth a childhood friend Gareth is simple than the recent London citizen Elaine and feels a strong tie and connection to his Cornish roots The setting and plot are very engaging and I could picture the caves and cliffs uite well The twists and surprises left me almost reeling at times but don't get me wrong I loved that I was completely hooked from the first page until the last because this one is packed with danger romance friendship and loyalties and it's one that Regency lovers won't want to missContent mild violence death fighting killing; mild romance sweetI received a copy through the publisher which had no affect on my opinion All thoughts are my own Smugglers Cornwall Romance Danger Win win win win Havencross is a great summer read to whisk you away to the cliffs of the English countryside With a hearty does of Arthurian legend this story is a fun Regency read The writing is pretty straight forward nothing uniue or fancy and the characters are exactly what they're supposed to be from lovable to oh my goodness I want to kill that one I give this one a thumbs up This book felt like a movie playing out in my head It was so easy to visualize the scenes and the character interactions I love when that happens And isn't the cover so pretty? I love itElaine has been publicly humiliated her family disgraced They move from London to Havencross in Cornwall There Elaine has to face not only her buried feelings of loss for her brother but the love she left behind Gareth Gareth is a steady sort of man Strong I loved him This book was an excellent mixture of mystery intrigue and romance I loved how the mystery played out and how the book built in intensity So very goodContent mild violence death There are some hard lessons learned in this book I think I could also learn a thing or two from itThis story kept me on my toes and had me finishing it without making dinner There is action adventure and second chances where the heart is concerned This had a slow start I can't put my finger on what it is about this book that just didn't pull me in It was of a mystery with a lot of sad people that slowly developed into an even bigger mystery and eventually a love story I think it unfolded just a bit odd for me I enjoyed the end but still kept wishing for something This is got some fun history in it and an amazing backdrop for a story Very clean with a bit of violence Elena's mother began weeping immediately probably because she had no knitting needles in hand to manage her griefSadly however he seemed unhurtThe sky was a brilliant blue this morning and all was still Even the wind seemed to have lost its breath but that could not last longThese are some of my favorite lines from Havencross Daines' new RegencyElaine's family flees London on the heels of a scandal between her father and another woman They return to Elaine's childhood home of Havencross a part of the countryside known for smugglers Gareth the man whose suit Elaine refused five years ago is still there and now the prosperous owner of a tin mine Lord Chiverton is also there having followed Elaine from London and hoping to continue their relationship But Elaine is devastated at the division in her family and at the bleak future that rises aheadThe helpful and charming ghost of Guinevere appears to Elaine during Elaine's wanderings one day and changes her future With a little bit of a dark plot twist two charming lads both named Will and the bravery of Elaine and Gareth Daines' weaves an exciting and uniue Regency This book is for those who like romance but also like strong supporting characters and don't mind ghosts and dead bodies The last half of the book flies by so don't start it if you don't have a solid block of time to readHighly recommended I absolutely loved this book The writing was incredible with the setting so real I felt like I'd been pulled back in time to Cornwall England The main character Elaine has essentially been banished from London society because of a scandal with her father I found it interesting how each person dealt with their new place in Cornwall after being gone for so long I loved how Elaine connected with her surroundings while at the same time wishing herself back in London The developing romance with Gareth was well done surrounded by several different mystery aspects I love a great mystery and even though this novel is a regency romance the mystery intertwined in the story is strong enough to delight mystery readers as wellAnd of course who wouldn't love the references to King Arthur of old as Elaine walked through the ruins of what might have been his castle The little hint of magic around King Arthur and Gwenevere added another layer to the story that kept me reading I look forward to reading by Julie Daines

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