A Pennys Worth

A Pennys Worth❮Epub❯ ➞ A Pennys Worth Author Cynthia Austin – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Sara Conrad just about had it all wealth beauty a prominent place in Las Vegas society as the owner of a popular nightclub and a reputation that was second to noneThere was only one thing Sara failed Sara Conrad just about had it all wealth beauty a prominent place in Las Vegas society as the owner of a popular nightclub and a reputation that was second to noneThere was only one thing Sara failed to possessHer lifeThat’s because it was dominated by a despicable sociopath her husband Ezra Silverstein who rarely let Sara out of his sight and manipulated her every moveOut of desperation Sara turned to a bodyguard at her club Max Tobias for sanity and salvation Before A Pennys PDF or long they are on the verge of a torrid affair that threatens not only to engulf them personally but their very lives as wellWhen Silverstein catches wind of Sara and Max’s relationship he is determined to make them pay for their betrayal He makes it his mission to inflict a blood thirsty punishment on his beloved Sara and her romantic rescuerAs events reach their dramatic climax Sara is stunned to discover Max is not really a bodyguard at all This revelation turns her entire world upside down leaving her vulnerable and unable to trust anyone especially the man to whom she had given her heart Riveting Unpredictable Page turningThe story of a good woman trying to survive in Sin City where Satan himself has set up camp in her own marriage and the only man she had truly loved turned out to be a virtual strangerGod help her. “He had set all the players nicely on the board but perhaps he chose to place the wrong protector next to his ueen The bishop has been a betrayer” Sara is married to Ezra a vicious devious bastard and he loves nothing better than to elicit pain in creative ways to those around him especially his wife Sara frightened beyond belief turns to her bodyguard Max for help Their affair while hot threatens to expose their betrayal to Ezra Sara is caught between her sadistic husband and her protector who is hiding secrets of his own When Ezra vows revenge Sara doesn’t know where to turn and is left to fend for herself Will she survive and if so is her life worth than a penny? I liked A Penny’s Worth for its damaged characters intense drama accurate portrayal of an abusive husband suspenseful plot and romance Yes romance While the genre is romantic suspense I would categorize it as dark mafia romance The grittiness of what it means to be a part of an organized crime family is the backbone of this book Every decision Ezra Sara and even Max make revolve around this theme Yes it is a classic love triangle but Austin puts an intriguing new spin on the trope that I found refreshing Sara is uite surprisingly a strong woman and in the end her choices are a part of who she becomes Ezra is a controlling SOB but he loves Sara in his own way Max loves Sara too but his love is fraught with secrets no spoilers here I found the drama a little too much to take at times It felt like it was a soap opera think Dynasty from back in the day and while some drama is good it was a little over the top If you’re looking for a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat not knowing what will happen next read this book There’s definitely some twists I didn’t see coming My Rating 4 starsThis review first appeared A Penny's Worth is the very first book that I've read by Cynthia Austin and I really enjoyed the plot I'm not going to go into any detail about it as this story is full of suspense so I don't want to inadvertently give anything away nor sway anyone's opinion one way or another as this review is in MY OPINION I just didn't get invested in the characters like I wanted to especially Sara and not sure why but she somehow fell flat for me And I'm the type that's usually always on the side of the female I could tell that Cynthia Austin has a talented writing style because even though the characters didn't uite do it for me the intense original and fast paced plot kept me turning the pages uickly And the twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat while dropping loud f bombs I'm definitely looking forward to reading by this author in the future and HIGHLY RECOMMEND The author provided me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an unbiased reviewI have to say this book is amazing I loved Sara and Max HATED Ezra Not a big fan of Carmela eitherThis book is a pretty realistic depiction of what it's like to be in a domestic violence situation I worked as a law clerk in an SODV unit and I took a seminar on how to handle DV cases specifically The way that Sara waffles back and forth between her abusive husband Ezra and Max their employee is pretty realistic There were times reading it where I wanted to yell just leave him but the situation was complicated than that There are a lot of family stuff going on that complicates things and she still has feelings for him which is very very typical The writing style is wonderful I love the dialogue that's where the story really shines I loved watching Sara evolve through the corse of the story and her relationship with Max blossom 35 STARSThis is a new author to me and I was not sure what to think going into this book I read the synopsis and I was intrigued for sure I had a lot of expectations for this bookMost of them were met I liked the characters I did not connect one way or another with any of them but I liked them The plot of the story was good but felt just a little bit a miss about it Almost like something was missing and that could be because I did not get an emotional connection with any of the 3 main characters Sara is trying hard to live her life but is married to the devil himself for sure As she turns to someone she is once agaon let down and is left wondering and trusting no oneThere is definite suspense and overall good read in this book If you are looking for something a little different then give this book a chanceI volunteered to review an Advance Reader Copy of this book for Rockstar Book Muse Overall the book was okay it was hard to stay focus and it was just missing something it was hard to keep going I did not feel much of a connection to any of the characters The plot of the story had promise but it just fell short Sara was too swishy washy for me I'm all for a little drama but this woman was a little over the top with her back and forth between the husband that cheats and a sexy bouncer that only shows how much concern I wanted to see her develop over the book and I really did not see much of that I will give this book a 3 3's independent reviewer for Romance Authors That Rock I love a book that fills my thoughts for days after turning the last page a book with characters who become my friends and enemies a book that I want to recommend to others A Penny’s Worth is this type book It's filled with real well developed characters set in an intense and exciting world of evil and deception I highly recommend it Where to begin? This book was a whirlwind for me At times I wanted to put it down at others I COULDN'T put it down It follows Sara who's in a terrible marriage to Ezra a sleazy abusive con man gambler in Las Vegas Sara is the very definition of a woman in a domestic abuse situation She knows she should leave the relationship which has become loveless in the short time they've been married but somehow despite Ezra's blatant affairs right under her nose she can't seem to tear herself away She's under his spell emotionally sexually economically and even physically To make things even worse Ezra's in business with Sara's brother Luke who runs a Las Vegas strip joint on the seedier side of town The author's skill made me seethe with hatred for Ezra I wanted Sara to do something terrible to him and get away from under his clutches almost immediately I kept asking myself why she would stay with him even if the sex is so good and I couldn't understand it at first Then as the story unfolds with its many twists and turns and as a handsome bouncer arrives on the scene at Sara's brother's establishment details behind their relationship evolve I still hated Ezra almost from the first time I met him through these pages and my disgust for him grew with each horrible behavior he exhibited toward Sara This novel is filled with lies deceit crimes and even human trafficking and would make an amazing movie I don't want to describe much of the plot because I may give away too much; however I recommend that readers who enjoy reading complex plots involving creative crime as well as the way in which men try to control women through sex will find this book intriguing There are a number of explicit sex scenes in the book but they are well written and are crucial to the book's flow and focus And you need to read to the very end to figure out where the title came from It's worth it Original engaging read about a Las Vegas crime familyOne of the best parts of this book was the emotional turmoil of the book’s arch villain Ezra Silverstein Ezra is the psychopathic husband of Sara Conrad child of a Las Vegas casino crime family Usually the villain is painted in black and white but Austin gives us a revealing and elouently painted portrait of Ezra’s agonized human side Example The moment Ezra laid his trap to win Sara by offering her a job to work in his high end Las Vegas jewelry pawn shop “I’ve been looking for a new assistant Someone just as beautiful as the precious stones in my case’ Ezra expelled a sharp breath and if Sara didn’t know any better she would have thought that was the sound of his soul leaving his body”Sar and Ezra’s fights “Sara clenched her fists and swallowed the scream inside her throat `You keep falling deeper and deeper into this pit This endless destructive pit And like an idiot I follow you right into the fucking abyss’”Sara is a walking time bomb over Ezra’s continued infidelities She watches from the other side of the club as “He was enjoying a lap dance from Chelsea which consisted of having two watermelons draped in his face” Ezra’s secret agony over losing Sara’s love as she gradually pulls away and becomes involved with her sexy bodyguard “Love was not supposed to hurt like this But her eyes cut sharper than any knife Nothing destroys a man than the lost love and validation of the woman he adores”The first half of the book really held my attention and kept the pages turning The plot seemed to slow a bit in the middle but picked up again I couldn’t eat dinner until I found out what happened at the endHowever the way the author wrapped up the suspenseful plotline seemed a bit complex and convoluted Hence it lacked some credibility for meHigh points of the book were the ever present conspiracies infidelities and desperate struggles of a Las Vegas casino family Loved the author’s insights into the psycho villain Ezra and the breakup of his marriage with Sara which was originally based on mutual love A tragedy in anyone’s book Then there’s the uniue roller coaster plot A good read I thought the author did a fantastic job with creating believable characters I read some of the reviews and I feel like I read a completely different book than the othersThe story is like a slow burn At first it seems a typical my husband is a bad guy and cheats yada yadabut then it changes courses and picks up As you flip the pages you find yourself engulfed into a world of deception lies and hidden secretsSara is married to Ezra a good for nothing cheater who enjoys humiliating in her public In his defense Ezra truly loved Sara as crazy as he may have been that is the feeling I had Sara wants out of her marriage to Ezra and has even confided in her brother Luke about it Luke as much as he lives his little sister knows without Ezra as his partner the empire he worked so hard at creating will collapse So Sara is stuck So she thinks until Max enters her life and things begin to take a twist This hunky stranger has his attention completely on Sara and she is not sure why? Is his motive based only on pure animalistic attraction? Or is there ? Drama Secrets and games combine together for A Penny’s Worth Secrets and revelations at the end of this story were simply astounding Hatred is simply not adeuate as to how I felt for the men in Sara’s life using herThe story has a slow build up particularly the first half I did feel slightly bogged down with all the drama and Sara’s rotating emotionsThe vulnerability that Sara showed at times made me connect to her When Sara became the hard nosed Mob ueen the change kept me riveted to the story A Penny’s Worth is not a Romance novel at all in my opinion This story takes you into a gritty world of organized crimeThe author noted she fought to keep the name Ezra for Sara’s complicated husband I am glad she did as I cannot think of another name that would fit Ezra even now gives me chills as to the actions he has taken in his life He was such a surprising character and that final scene with Sara had me shaking Ezra had so many different moments at one point I felt sorry for him then hated him and ultimately feared him Sara’s marriage was simply a roller coaster with EzraMax Tobias I struggled to connect with him at times due to his secrets and he has plenty of them Some secrets I thought I knew others were surprising curveballs in the story I actually also found it slightly strange her brother dropped out of the story towards the end Another side story that was one of my favorites was the Fischetti familyA Penny’s Worth definitely had me pausing through the story feeling anger and utter betrayalIn conclusion to have seen Sara reconcile with her mother and father together would have given great closure Being given an epilogue showing Sara achieving some happiness on the beach at a Barbeue with a family feeling safe and loved like she dreamt ofuote He had set all the players nicely on the board but perhaps he chose to place the wrong protector next to his ueen The bishop has been a betrayer