Wills & Trust (Legally in Love #4)

Wills & Trust (Legally in Love #4)❰Download❯ ➸ Wills & Trust (Legally in Love #4) Author Jennifer Griffith – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Town beauty ueen Brooke Chadwick knows Dane Rockwell will never take a second look at his best friend’s younger sister no matter how much she’s longed for him She’s a kid nuisance A pity case he Town beauty ueen Brooke Chadwick knows Dane Rockwell will never take a second look at his best friend’s younger sister no matter how much she’s longed for him She’s a kid nuisance A pity case he played catch with after her parents died in an accident Dane Rockwell is a Rockwell—of the Wills & PDF \ felons frauds and cheats Rockwells in town How can he possibly ask Brooke Chadwick—of the upstanding reputable Chadwicks in town—to consider him worthy Now Dane is back in town with three things a ring in his pocket a kiss burning on his mouth for her and a law degree to prove his worthiness Brooke is about to say yes to a proposal but not Dane’s Disappointment looms But when Brooke gets notice to attend a reading of a stranger’s will with her legal counsel Dane is her only option for a lawyer and it might be Dane’s only chance to earn her trust With themes of love loss second chances an inheritance from a stranger beautiful beach scenes on the Chesapeake Bay baseball games Babe Ruth antiue collectibles a gripping court case betrayals and lots of romantic kisses and chemistry this book's plot twists and turns through Dane and Brooke's lives as Brooke learns to trust and Dane learns about self will Wills Trust is a new standalone romance in the bestselling Legally in Love Collection by Jennifer Griffith. Brooke has always had a crush on her brother's best friend but he's always been off limits When Dane steps in for her missing boyfriend at a charity event sparks FLY right off the pages And a scandalous kiss right in church doesn't help the gossipI hate bullies and Brooke has to deal with a big one when she's named in a stranger's will I cannot believe the lengths some people will go to in order to get their way At the risk of his career Dane once again comes to the rescue this time as her lawyerThere are so many little threads to this story but baseball and Little League is a central one that really ties the story together I love what Dane is willing to go through to earn Brooke's trust especially because the events of her recent past Together they are able to navigate a dangerous and confusing legal threat all while learning to recognize their true desires and feelingsI really loved the characters as well as the setting and plot But the sparks? Holy swoon Those fun moments of chemistry were definitely my favoritesContent mild romance kissing cheating; very mild religious elementsI received a copy through the author which didn't influence my opinion All thoughts are my own This is a top notch clean romance that held me spellbound from start to finish I do however recommend that the author slap the fingers of those who should have caught a number of editorial errors YumI loved the zingy attraction and fun dialogue in this book It was a fantastic diversion and it made me happy This was a clean fiction book with some romance and suspense I paused reading this book twice to read other books then continued reading this one Why did I bother? I liked the story so I was determined to finish the book I wanted to find out how Dane and Brooke would finally end up together and how far the nasty Sargent La Barge would push his case against Brooke To do this though I had to skim past some boring often repetitive baseball jargon which didn't interest me all that much The book seemed a little lengthy It is worth reading though especially if you really enjoy baseball or sports in general While the middle of the story caught my attention and flowed really well the beginning drove me crazy with the repetition of facts of the story I do appreciate authors who realize that I don't remember every detail but it felt like every few paragraphs the same details were repeated Near the end of the book the same thing happened but not with the same intensity as it did at the beginningThe conflicts in the story were interesting the one related to Brooke's inheritance and the one related to Dane's career I was surprised to find out that the law suit and Dane's hearing were not related especially with the timing of Dane's hearing I could just see Sarge working up something like that I was disappointed that there weren't any details about the aftermath of Dane's hearing It seemed like that thread just died and it would have been nice to get some resolution to thatFor those who might care there was a bit of talk about church and forgiveness but not much And there was a uote about forgiveness used at the church which is from one of the books of Mormon The story was not preachy nor was there anything doctrinally objectionable to this non LDS ChristianThis review was originally posted on Among the Reads Sweet RomanceThis book was great but it drove me crazy Of course the whole drunk cougar hitting on him and getting him suspended from his great job? Phoeey That was a very stinky situation Then to throw in an absent fiancé a great inheritance being contested and there was a lot going on I loved the characters though I loved Brooke and Dane as a couple I was rooting for them from page one Brooke is so kind and sweet Despite being knocked down left and right she keeps going brightening other’s days along the way especially the children she works with at the hospital Dane is an incredible guy He is good and hard working and trustworthy They have secretly loved each other for years and the depth of their feelings showedThe story was great The legal aspects were well done The baseball theme was fun and growing up with four brothers brought back a lot of memories There was tension and emotion And the romanceoh my Sparks were flying off the page I always love Jennifer Griffith’s books She has such an easy writing style that pulls me in and keeps me reading I can’t wait for her next oneI received a copy of the book which I voluntarily reviewed I have given my honest opinion Brooke is engaged to marry the man of her dreams but when he leaves her standing on the pitcher’s plate to throw the first ball of the season the other man of her dreams her childhood dreams shows up to catch and causes her first nigglings of doubt This cute romance with Brooke and Dane is a book about second chances redemption trust and forgiveness It has mystery suspense lots of baseball trivia and court action This author always gives me characters I love and Brooke and Dane were no different I loved Brooke’s vulnerability and I loved Dane’s need for salvation from his crime ridden pedigree He’s trying to break out of a negative mold that others naturally have cast him in due to genetics so he can be worthy of Brooke who has always seen him for the great guy he is But until he realizes he’s a great guy he’ll never be worthy of her Awesome book Will keep you turning pages uickly What a wonderful romantic storyI think I felt every emotion throughout this book Sadness for Brooke in the beginning when she was struggling to overcome her injuries from a fatal car accident killing both her parents Admiration for Dane and his willingness to take his time to help her with her physical therapy The romantic tension between the two of them and their unreuited love for each other was enough to make my insides cringe Then after Dane finished law school he sacrificed his time and efforts without pay to help Brooke out of his love for her retain the famous baseball that was willed to her albeit contested by the town’s political thug and what a thug I wish I could have knocked him over with a fist to his gut I loved the other characters in this story who showed support for Brooke in her time of need I especially loved the HEA Ms Jennifer Griffith rocks in the author field for well written clean romance stories Brooke Chadwick has been in love with her brother's best friend for a long time Dane Rockwell was incorporated into her family as his own family was mostly in jail Brooke's seen some heartache that Dane helped her through but he never seems to see her as anything but his friend's little sisterShe doesn't realize that Dane has always wanted her but was warned off by her brother Now Dane is a lawyer and Brooke needs legal help if she wants to fulfill her aunt's dream of a baseball museum housing memorabilia collected by her father Will Dane's legal aid become anything ?This is a cute story Brooke and Dane balance each other in their personalities so they make a good pairing There's a lot of baseball history in here also if you like that I do It's a sweet romance and well worth reading

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  • Paperback
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  • Wills & Trust (Legally in Love #4)
  • Jennifer Griffith
  • English
  • 11 January 2016
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