Pitch Dark

Pitch Dark❤ [KINDLE] ❃ Pitch Dark By A.M. Wilson ➣ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk One girl disappeared After fifteen years her cold lifeless body was found on the damp forest floor Not an inch of her was unmarked by the horrors she endured Alone malnourished abused in horrific ways One girl disappeared After fifteen years her cold lifeless body was found on the damp forest floor Not an inch of her was unmarked by the horrors she endured Alone malnourished abused in horrific ways; this was how she diedOne girl was found walking the streets covered in dirt and scars She had no memory of who she was where she came from or what happened to her Even though the marks on her body attested to years of heinous abuse her strength shone through at every turnRevenge and justice were swornYears of searching brought up nothing but dead ends Detective Niko James was too late to save his childhood friend but he vows not to let down another The clock is ticking and the trail is Pitch Dark. I love the cover on this book Perfect representation of the story Fantastic compostion and uniue title work WOWZAthis is the second book in a week that has emotionally wrung me out I'll admit I wasn't expecting to be as blown away by this book as I ended up being It was heartbreaking It was brutal It was uplifting I also found it to be fantastically well written and paced The plot was interesting and kept me turning the pages There were twists and turns We jump back and forth from the past to present Some of those flashbacks were extremely difficult to read and rather graphic The others offer us a glimpse into Nico's childhoodteen relationship with Aislin There wasn't a lot of secondary characters in this one but the few that are peppered throughout added a nice extra dynamic to the book I also enjoyed both main characters Nico especially My heart just broke for this guy His regret and sadness and anger saturated the pages making the ending that much sweeterNow what stopped this from being a complete 5 Star read for me was the fact that it was LONG And although I was never bored or felt like skimming I DID feel that sometimes it got a bit repetitive Especially Nico's inner thoughts That was just a tiny issue and didn't lessen my enjoyment much at all So this one gets two HUGE thumbs up from yours trulyption MY RATING 45 STARS PITCH DARK is a stand alone full length dark romance novel and is co written by AM Wilson and Alex Grayson This does flit from ‘Past to present’ And is spoken in 'Dual Perspectives' Going into this I didn’t know what to expect so was really unprepared for how much this book would grab me by the throat and not let go from the first page to the last I was riveted Both of these authors are new to me but that is definitely going to change after this book Niko eight and Aislin six met when Aislin and her mother moved next door a rough neighbourhood filled with gun shots heard throughout the night drugs and rife with gangs Niko had two loving doting parents whereas Aislin was being raised by a drug addict mother with a revolving door of men coming and going As the years progressed their friendship also grew friendship bracelets exchanged and they vouched to the other that they would always be together to protect each other from the harsh realities they lived in Until Aislin disappeared Niko James has been searching for his childhood sweetheart Aislin she’d vanished into thin air the police never took her case seriously and just put it down to another young runaway so the case turned cold but Niko knew differently for one he always found her when she needed to be by herself two she’d never leave him behind Ever I was her protector and she was my North Star lighting up my world and making it seem less harsh She'd been missing for fifteen years And within that time Niko vowed to never give up to always keep searching for his friend His goal then was to become a police officer and then a detective t find out exactly what happened to Aislin and to help other girls in similar situations So just imagine his unbearable pain when a body has turned up in the woods confirming to be Aislin She doesn't look anything like his childhood friend Her hair has chunks missing out of it her face is black and blue fully covered with bruises and fresh lacerations maring her once beautiful face beyond recognition her eyes and cheek bones look beyond gaunt like a holocaust victim malnourished and dehydrated what surely must've been a slow and painful death Over one hundred and fifty scars were discovered on her body Aislin Kennedy Mathers Date of birth July 21 1989Date of death August 30th 2017She's safe among the stars And then another girl Jane Doe barefoot and with similar cuts and bruises marring her body is found wandering the street in Niko's neighbourhood She has no memory of who she was where she came from or what happened to her The same night she was picked up by the police someone was outside Niko's house gunshots were fired are the two connected? She's become an obsession almost as bad as Aislin The need to find out about her where she was when she disappeared what happened to her Twist and turns that will further pull you into the story whiplash as leads to Aislins death turn out to be dead ends Seconds minutes hours as you read you hope pray for a happy outcome MY THOUGHTS I think Niko should've been forced to go to an anger management therapy session because I swear the dude lost his rag every other chapter if I could teletransport myself into any book I would jump into this one and give him a slap upside the head This was definitely Dark and Gritty enough to keep me racing through the pages for others stepping into the dark genre this may be a bit too much in your face as it does go into vivid detail of a kidnapped female and all that shit sickos like me enjoy reading that comes with this type of genre So just be aware of that before you one click and rate it low because of that But for all you dark lovers out there I highly recommend this one Oh wow I know starting this review that no matter what I say I won't be able to give this book the credit it deserves I'm not gonna go into storyline I do believe you need to jump into this and feel Firstly I was so happy this wasn't a uick read When I wasn't reading it I was thinking about it and wishing I was reading it This book got under my skin My emotions were all over the place This story ain't for the faint hearted It's on the dark side but I'd say it's of a psychological read as it messed with my head in a good way if that's possibleGreat praise for these two authors who wrote a brilliant book that will stay with me for along time I'm looking forward to reading from both these authors in the future Pitch DarkBy AM Wilson and Alex Grayson45 StarsWell my goodness Popping a double cherry with this book Two New to Me authors and what a book to pop my cherry with A page turner from the very first page till the last Sat down yesterday and started this one pulled me in immediatelydidn’t stop till I finished late last night This is a different story one that is full of emotion One for the young boy who lost his best friend Now a Detective 15 years have passed and he is still looking for his best friend Refusing to give up his life has revolved solely around finding the girl who just disappeared From the highs of possibly getting a break in the case to the lows of just another dead end on the lead this story tells a fantastic tale of what a person goes through when a loved one goes missing Never give up hope and continue to live each day searching The star that shines the brightest is the North Star If you keep looking hopefully one day your path will be paved in the direction the brightest star is shining Follow us onFB – ➳ Crime fiction liteWriting style 35Cover art 55HEA? view spoilerYes To a fairytale capacity hide spoiler AM Wilson and Alex Grayson delivered a heart wrenching story that leaves readers speechless and craving for If you are looking for fluffy and romantic romance turn away now this book is nothing but pitch dark and the authors do not attempt to sugarcoat the intense violence and hopelessness in their characters It was brutal raw and heartbreaking definitely not the faint heart Pitch Dark was my most anticipated read of the month because the blurb itself was a 5 stars rating It's literally tough to write this review because I know whatever I write would not live up to my feelings for the story and it will somehow be lost in translation This story captures the essence of an abused and tortured victim of her learning how to live among people and building her confidence again and you are reminded of how many things we took for granted from the society Detective Niko James vowed to hunt down the person who kidnapped his childhood best friend Aislin In fact she is the reason why he became an enforcer of the law until the day they found a body in the woods 15 years after she was taken Jane Doe was found wandering the streets barefoot covered in scars and marks unimaginable to man a reflection of the horrors she endured yet she has no recollection of memories of how they happened only the pain Lost and afraid she managed to find comfort in Niko but he is hiding demons of his own If only she can rememberI swear my heart was torn into two I was so engrossed in the story I finished it in one sitting all the while wanting to punch the psychotic bd in the nuts give Doe a huge hug and cry with Niko over his heartbreak It was a pit hole of darkness despair and desperation yet there was a silver lining at the end of the story and the epilogue had me in tears I love dark romance and had my fair share of them but this may be my favorite one yet Thank you L Woods PR for the reviewing opportunity and the authors for generously providing an ARC of the book All images are extracted from the teaser packet for Pitch Dark UPDATE OH MY GAWD THATCOVERISBEYONDMYEXPECTATIONS Jesus wept Talk about a story that punches you straight in the gut I have no words right now literally no words that will justify just how good this book wasWhat Alex and AM have delivered is a heart wrenching story that will leave you completely speechlessTo fully appreciate the magnitude and mystery of this story you need to go in blind so I'm not going to tell you anything But be prepared It's brutal It's rawAnd it's incredibly graphic and not for the feint of hearts I flinched and cringed so many times while reading some of this and normally it doesn't bother me If you can get past that you will fall in love with this story and its characters Alex and AM have not only delivered a gripping story they have delivered a masterpiece with Pitch Dark You can feel the blood sweat and tears gone into writing this book and it is worth so much than the 5 stars I'm giving I didn't expect this story going in I didn't expect to be knocked on my arse gasping for breath only a couple of pages in but by god did I love every bit of the emotional ringer I was put through Definitely one of my top reads for 2017 Aislin Mathers was a girl trying to survive in a rough neighborhood and in a household with a drug addicted mother When Aislin befriended a neighbor boy he became her sole respite from reality until one day she disappears without a trace “I’m so sorry” she says softly “You got hurt because of me” Fifteen years later Detective Niko James can’t stop looking for his best friend and the light in his life Aislin Feeling like he should have protected her on that fateful day he is dedicated to finding and keeping her safe “I’m not sure how I’ll survive knowing the truth knowing I didn’t protect the one person I was meant to protect” With Niko following all leads to find Aislin he doesn’t stop looking for answers in order to bring justice to her Returning to their hometown seems to heighten Niko’s memories until he receives the news he’s been dreading Trying to focus on a new missing persons case seems to help harness his kinetic energy and offers an opportunity to give someone a second chance “She’s very perplexing and the I’m around her the I want to figure out her story Told primarily in first person the landscape of this plot is measured and full of possible suspects and motives Additionally there is a much darker and mysterious perspective that adds to the tension and emphasizes the horrors of its situation This POV is in third person and while at first it caused some pause the authors’ intent is purposeful and effective Experiencing the layers of loss through Niko’s eyes is sad and sometimes his uest seems fruitless but he perseveres With clues scattered throughout the storyline the ultimate reveal is uite twisty and unexpected In this novel the collaboration of these two authors felt seamless and they convincingly captured the ominous circumstance surrounding such horrendous circumstances Though there were plot points that could have been tightened up the overall tone of loss and the effects of long term abuse were effective With light at the end of this book the epilogue felt a little too extended but provided insight into recovery Overall Pitch Dark is a suspenseful story about a man’s search to find what he’s lost and about surviving dark and difficult times This was a FBR with Twinsie Hawkey I love this genre; it gets your mind going as you're trying to work things out and keeps you intrigued all the way through Well this book was definitely one of those I had loads to do yesterday but thought I'd just have half an hour and get started on this After ten minutes my feet were up coffee at my side I wasn't going anywhere or doing anything until I'd read itThere are twists and turns as you expect and want from a story like this It gave me some bad nervous butterflies at times and I absolutely love reading something that stirs all those feelings that you would hate to feel in real life There were parts I had worked out but was still uestioning myself all the way through but there were also parts that I would've never have guessedBoth authors have done a fantastic job with this it flowed so well I was instantly pulled in and the pages just kept turning I wouldn't hesitate to one click either of these authors in the future Freaking Epic best book of the year I felt anxious while reading because you don't know what could happen next and then on top of that you cry and your heart is breaking Two broken people finding happiness and peace Powerful messageI loved Betsy The power that animals have to help heal us This review may seem vague because it isI don't want to give anything away Just know this book is 100% worth the read