Suave[Download] ➵ Suave By C.A. Bell – Max Harper I make sexy sexier When a woman is on my arm you can bet your life she suddenly becomes a hundred times appealing to everyone else around Why Because I’m hot as hell and I make them look Max Harper I make sexy sexier When a woman is on my arm you can bet your life she suddenly becomes a hundred times appealing to everyone else around Why Because I’m hot as hell and I make them look hot as hell too There’s no doubt about it I’m an arrogant hunk with an impressive six pack I’m not looking for love I’m not looking for money I’m just looking for a hot woman to stroke a few things—my ego being one of them I choose my women like I choose my wine—if she doesn’t smell fruity or look rich she’s got no chanceBrooke KnightI make sexy sexier When a man or woman is on my arm you can bet your arse they suddenly become a hundred times appealing to everyone else around Why Because I’m sexy as hell and I make them look sexy as hell too There’s no doubt about it I’m a sexy powerful woman with an impressive pair of legs I’m not looking for love I’m not looking for money I’m just looking for a hot man or woman to stroke a few things—my ego being one of them I choose my prey like I choose my perfume—if they don’t smell sweet or look expensive they’ve got no chance They’re both egotistical powerful people with uncontrollably intense sexual appetites But what happens when two forces collide because they want the same thing the same woman I’ll tell you what happens—mighty sexy things. I think I came across a teaser for this book on Twitter and decided to download a sample the rest as they say is history Super fun super sexy Entertainment value of this read gets two thumbs up from me Don't go into this book should you decide to give this a go expecting something other than what the blurb says it is It's light it's hot and the two characters some might even consider shallow not to mention both are VERY free with their sexuality but they are what they are and that's what I loved about them both Sexual chemistry was off the charts Add to it humor that made me laugh out loud a few times and those are just a few of reasons why I enjoyed Suave I'll definitely be checking out of this author's work in the futureCheers ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest reviewMax Harper is the ultimate playboy a no strings attached kind of guy He makes picking up women as easy as one two three He believes that women are predictable creatures that show tell tale signs of wanting to bed him I mean lets face it he is hot well dressed and has a body to die for Who wouldn’t want to bang him all night long? Max knows he can get any woman he wants He is uite picky though he only goes for well dressed classy women as he feels they are naughtier in bed A class act woman that acts like a total slutBrooke Knight owner of Suave a gossip magazine is a take charge kind of woman She knows what she wants and knows how to get it Regardless if it is a man or woman her sexual appetites have no bounds She is hot confident and sexy as fck She knows it and uses it to her advantage She wants what she wants and there is no stopping her from getting anyone she sets her sights on It’s not like men or women could resist her anyway She is the total packageWhen Max and Brooke meet the sparks fly and soon after so do their clothes The real fun begins though when they try to seduce the same woman Each trying to outdo each other in their uest to win What follows is a laugh out loud comedy between two cocky people who each think they have what it takes to be the victor of their little gameI have to hand it to CA Bell She really knows how to pull you right into a story Although you know you should probably hate the two main characters you just can’t help but fall in love with them Max and Brooke are egotistical materialistic and arrogant – all things we would normally dislike in people we meet but little by little they break down our walls and we wind up rooting for them to find happiness I also love how the author did not shy away from turning Brooke into a sexual dynamo which I find to be very rare in Erotica I highly recommend you pick up a copy of SUAVE sit back make sure you have a fan handy cause it is smokin hot and enjoy this fantastic and highly entertaining story Not my usual cup of teaalthough I love strong female and cocky male characters these two tipped over into super egotistical I'm so hot and no one else can even come close territory which generally turns me off But that being said it worked for these two It worked for the storyline and in the endit worked for me Some super smexy moments between not only these two but all of their other conuests because lets face itneither wants to even remotely settle down But if ever there were two people who were meant for each otherthese two are it Max and Brooke are both no holds barred and take no prisoner types but at some point someone will turn the tables on them Will they be able to hold it together and is it even possible for these two egotistical hotties to actually end up gasp together? I had no idea what to expect from this but I have to say I enjoyed itMax made me laugh possibly than was intended Brooke made me smirk uite a lot but I loved the chemistry between the two of themThe only let down for me was the end as I felt it was a bit rushed but other than that it was a good story Suave was my first time reading a book by CA Bell and boy was I glad I did Holy smokes The story is about Max a total egomaniacplayboy who gambles for a living and enjoys dating And Brooke the owner of Suave a rag mag who is a real kick butt lady who rattles his cage As the story unfolds their relationship blooms in many ways Their chemistry is off the charts Actually thought my kindle would blow up in flames I read this book in one sitting as I could NOT put it down I found that this book was scorching hot and funny and totally entertaining and I loved it This is a total must read book I will definitely read of CA Bell's books that's for sure Please read this book you will not be disappointed Reviewed for Red's Midnight ReadersI was very kindly provided with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I have given it 35 starsI love CA Bell and I love both her stories and her poetry and it pains me to say this but Suave wasn't really my cup of tea I loved the story of lust and revenge and the little story twist she threw in at the end that I just wasn't expecting It's great when the author keeps things interesting right up until the end It flowed smoothly making for an easy readHowever I just couldn't connect with the characters in a way that I would have liked Although I feel like the author captured the chemistry between them perfectly I just found them to be uite obnoxious In fact they really were perfect for each other I feel that maybe I didn't have the right sense of humor for this bookYou simply can't please everyone all of the time and this won't stop me from picking up her books in the future If you enjoy a sexy tale with a good dose of humor thrown in be sure to one click this Great book by CA Bell This is the story of magazine editor Brooke who takes no prisoners when it comes to life or love and what happens when she meets poker player Max their personalities are so alike so will tgey love ot hate each other?? This story is a true page turner as you desperately want to know whats coming next in Brookes crazy life Love itWow this is absolutely the best Max and Brooke are sexy cocky and delightful I loved every minute of their journey This book is written well This is my first book by this author and can't wait to read This is not one to miss OH MY THIS BOOK IS HEAVEN I LOVED THIS BOOK THE ULTIMATE BATTLE OF THE EGOS TWO HEADSTRONG ALPHA LEAD CHARACTERS WHO DOESNT LOVE A SEXY ARROGANT MALE AND AN EUALLY SELFISH FEMALE WHO KNOWS WBAT SHE WANTS I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ANYONE MY ONLY CRITICISM IS I FEEL THE ENDING WAS A LITTLE RUSHED Two very ego orientated characters who love sex with a variety of people they meet and though they frustrate each other the sex is off the charts uite a good read not a massive amount of story though they do go up against someone whos ego is even bigger than theirs a bit different and a mix of couples and sexes I enjoyed it as something for a change of pace from most of the books I read