Releasing the Watcher

Releasing the Watcher[Read] ➪ Releasing the Watcher ➲ Kim Loraine – The final installment in the Fallen Angel Trilogy concludes the epic tale of Heaven vs Hell and the conseuences of forbidden love She was forbidden and I gave everything to be with herMy graceMy wings The final installment in the Fallen Angel Trilogy concludes the epic tale of Heaven vs Hell and the conseuences of Releasing the PDF \ forbidden love She was forbidden and I gave everything to be with herMy graceMy wingsMy place in HeavenBut still she was taken from meNow thousands of years later I’ve found her in another life but she doesn’t know me and her heart belongs to anotherThe other Watchers are getting bolderSoon war will be here With every fight I grow closer to Heaven but farther from my Selah I can’t lose her again not when she’s finally within my grasp I’ll make her see help her remember us She is mineI won’t let her go I can’tPraise for Waking the Watcher by NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken Spellbinding addicting I couldn’t put it down”Praise for Denying the Watcher “Intense dark and SO sexy This is a must read” NYT Bestselling Author AL Jackson. 45 starsNow THIS is what I have been waiting for from this series I have enjoyed this series from the beginning it’s so different but this last installment is the culmination of it allSariel’s full and complete story We get all of him this time around and it was amazingThere is a lot to follow from the very first page of Waking the Watcher through Denying the Watcher to the very last page of Releasing the Watcher It’s a lot to take in and remember but that is part of the appeal There are hidden treasures throughout little clues that niggle at the back of your mind and this is where it all comes togetherSariel has been with us all along he is the reason this story is here I have always felt his pain and his anguish and this time is was a lot to handle His search for his Selah is coming to an end we finally meet her and learn about their history as does she Sariel is so strong yet so weak at the same time The things he has been through and sacrificed for are unimaginable Hearing about his past in such great detail makes you fully understand the things he has been doing in Galen and Devin’s stories“the selfish part of me has taken over and I’m not strong enough to keep her at arm’s length”Then we have Selah this is all new to her and as you can imagineit’s not easy to take in As with Reese and Willow Selah has so much disbelief that this is real but the pull she has to Sariel is undeniable But as was with her predecessor heroines she pulls away so many times The uncertainty of the situation weighs down on her immensely I mean come onfallen angels watchers demons Lucifer himselfhow can this all be real? She always came back though she just can’t stay away Soul mates are an amazing thingFrom the first word to the last I did not want to put this story downI even sat at a book signing reading it in between my jobs as a volunteer just so I could finish“Your lips your skin your smell If I could exist solely on your love I would” #review KimLoraine2 #ReleasingTheWatcher #fallenangeltrilogy #Sariel #KimLoraineBookueenZany 5 Star ReviewReleasing the Watcher Kim LoraineReleasing the Watcher is a blistering solstice of mind body and soul Which leads you on a magical journey of a life and time Breaking down your every thought or misconceptions of what PNR is This exuisitely crafted storyline is one of binding by love ethereal fate and true everlasting will That just flows like a song or a siren's call in the wind Moving you to the everlasting core With every emotion on high alert Making your skin tingle with need Your pulse race with suspense But making your heart erupt with true bliss A True masterpiece of writing excellence Releasing the Watcher is a 10 Star ethereal work of art Literally one of the best books I've ever had the privilege of reading Releasing the Watcher is third and final installment to The Fallen Angel Series and what a way to end this epic tale After two books we are finally bestowed with Sariel's incredible story of sacrifice loss and utter devotion for his eternal love Falling from grace and giving up heaven and eternity in order to be with his forbidden love Selah Sariel is then punished by her being taken from him As further punishment he is then imprisoned for thousands of years with only the hope they might be reunited again Now lifetimes later he finds her once but she has no idea who he is or of the love and life they shared in the past Can the fates be so cruel as to bring them together millennia later only to have him see her walk out of his life again? Epic spellbinding and perfectly alluring Sariel will steal your heart and never let go and his love for Selah will leave an indelible mark on your literary soul Releasing the Watcher is the grand finally The Fallen Angel series deserves and readers everywhere begged for Bravo Kim Loraine on this awesome series All the stars Holy moly If you've read Waking the Watcher and Denying the Watcher you get to see Sariel throughout This book is Sariel's POV and Kim outdid herself blowing my extremely high expectations out the park I'll just be over here suffering from the mother of all book hangovers Releasing the Watcher by Kim Loraine First of all this is the third book on this installment so to be able to understand this story you better read Waking the Watcher and Denying the Watcher first This is the finale we were all waiting for We finally have Sariel's story Now I want to say DAAAMN Kim this book was AMAZING I can honestly say is my favorite Kim Loraine 's book You had me biting my nails with the action and suspense behind it The love passion and steamy sex is NOT ALLOWED FOR CARDIAC PATIENTS You will definitely be swoon over Sariel Not gonna lie you made me hate Sariel a bit in Waking and Denying the Watcher He was insensitive about Galen and Devin's feelings towards their SoulMates He was just interested in his personal gain and what he's heart desired for so long that he didn't care about the conseuences He just had a goal; getting his soulmate back damn the world But one you get to understand the deeps of his love for Selah the undeniable connection between this two souls and the anguish and pain they had to suffer for centuries you just HAVE TO love him fiercely Sariel is suuuper hot powerful and beautiful He's a FALLEN ANGEL so beautiful is an understatement That beauty is multiply in RtW by finally seen the humanity the pain suffering and struggles he endure for so long He was an incomplete man without his SoulMate Been apart from Selah was the worst punishment he could endure and finally seen her after so long was like dangling a bottle of alcohol before an alcoholic How can he not get crazy desperate when he has a chance to get her back to be happy with the one his heart desires most You get to see Galen and Reece again Of course Devin and Willow will be driving you crazy a bit and let's not forget gorgeous moody archangel Gabriel This will be an EPIC FINALEfor The Fallen Angel Trilogy I can't say no than go grab your copy on September 13 when this books hits ebook world ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Have you read Waking the Watcher? and Denying the Watcher? well Releasing the watcher is the third book from Kim LorraineDO NOT MISS this 3 part series in the war between Heaven and hell This is unlike anything you have ever read trust me Kim's imagination stretches far and wide in this battle Truly a cannot put my Kindle down page turnerDESERVES MORE THAN 5 STARS Watch and learn That's a common phrase we all have heard before but have you stopped to think about these words Watch and learn But what then if you couldn't put into action what you've learned Awoken the need to try what you've learned but then denied the chance From the beginning Sariel just watched that's what watchers do This book is the final story that brings us back to the beginning The story of an angel who watched and learned and learning was the step he didn't know could be so powerful He learned about feelings needs and wants and touch His down fall was he's touched what he feels the most for But this we all know from the first 2 books Waking The Watcher and Denying The Watcher What does a man do when he's learned a lesson even an angel failed at? No watching this time it's his time to act or fail trying Fighting a war against good and evil or rather fighting both wars One against good and another against evil By the grace of god might be the only way to win Of course he's got some friends he's become very 'close' with in the past and that just might be what a man needs What a fantastic ending to a fantastic series I loved how this all played out Getting to see into Sariel Selah’s past made this all the better Seeing the intensity of their love what they went through what was lost Their interactions in the present hold that same intensity and you want nothing than for them to finally get their happily ever after I loved that everyone came together to fight The struggles the intense emotions the excitement the sorrow all the feels The witches had me so worried with what it was going to take to take Lucifer down and I was on the edge of my seat anticipating how this was going to all play out It was so fantasticWhat an incredibly crafted story line Kim Loraine has given us with this series The way each book flows together and builds you up with such anticipation and emotion; and it all comes together so wonderfully I can’t wait to see what Kim has in store for us next Wow what a fabulous ending to s great series 5 stars are not enough The reader is taken on an emotional journey as we watch Sariel fight than demons to get his soulmate to safety The push and pull between doing what is right and doing what others need him to do makes this such an emotional read I laughed in some areas and cried in lots of them I wanted Sariel and Selah together so bad but in the back of my mind I knew it was going to take a divine intervention Will Lucifer win or will Sariel? This is a must read Kim has once again took me for one hell of an ride and not even my seat belt could save me Her mixture of angst love and heartache with a dash of humor will take your emotions to new heights Releasing the Watcher is the final book in The Fallen Angel Trilogy and just as amazing as the first two Now if you have not read Waking the Watcher and Denying the Watcher you need to just stop right there go get themFinally we get Sariel's story His story of love and loss is been in the making for millions of years and Fking hell its a good one