What Immortal Hand

What Immortal Hand[Reading] ➸ What Immortal Hand Author Johnny Worthen – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Michael is called of God; just not that GodWhat begins as a routine investigation of a hijacked truck turns into a desperate and personal uest for memories faith and meaning The answers to these for M Michael is called of God; just not that GodWhat begins as a routine investigation of a hijacked truck turns into a desperate and personal uest for memories faith and meaning The answers to these for Michael Oswald like the strangled cries of a thousand murdered travelers is found in the dark heart of an ancient cult of killers Literary and dark What Immortal Hand is a road trip across American wastelands and into the depths of spiritual darkness What Immortal MOBI :¼ where the Dark Mother Kali has set up house in the New World and her children the Thuggee cult of ancient India are alive and thrivingWell researched and imagined in the tradition of Dan Simmons’ Song of Kali throbbing with symbolism and epic undertones What Immortal Hand answer’s William’s Blake famous uestion from The Tyger “What Immortal Hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry” It is the Goddess Kali consort of Shiva Lord of Destruction Through her worshipers the Faithful Tigers—The Thugs of old she culls the roads of travelers and prepares the fires of renewal. What Immortal Hand by Johnny Worthen is a brilliant novel It’s a cross between Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and vintage Stephen King It’s literary horror but are the main character’s visionsfever dreams proof of his madness or is he being shown the future and the past by Kali the Goddess of Death?Michael Oswald is a tough investigator going down a dark road A mystery to find a missing person becomes a personal journey as Michael learns about his demonsThe main character is extremely well crafted the writing is impressive and engaging The story pulled me into the Nevada badlands at 90 miles an hour It made me think and wonder and want to read I loved it “What Immortal Hand” Some embrace the light others seek the dark But Michael Oswald espouses whatever comes naturally Call it good or bad it’s simply human This road trip through Utah Nevada and California detours through the depths of a man’s soul Mile after mile the true horror lies within as everything is fair game nothing is sacred; unless it is The prose are smart witty and subtle The story drives at a methodical pace like the cement seams of the highway lulling you into a false sense of security tha thump tha thump tha thumping all the while accelerating it’s engine to push you over the cliff Many times I stopped reading to look at the front cover to remind myself I wasn’t reading a Tony Hillerman novel No Detective Chee was not in this story but What Immortal Hand could be it’s long lost cousin from Eastern lands; eually thrilling mezmorizing and well written I read late into the night because I had to know Bravo I recommend this book and can’t wait to read by Johnny Worthen I can’t say I “liked” this story the whole time but it is a well crafted work of art The story begins with Michael Oswald an insurance claim investigator searching for a missing truck driver and his cargo He drives all over Nevada and Utah and Northern California I had just finished this drive myself when I started the book I even have family in AlturasIt starts off as a mystery but things are a little off Why are all these people calling him “J” names? And why does he keep losing time? The story gradually goes into something really dark—mass murder cults and a forgotten pastThere’s some occasional strong language and occasional sexual content I received a free ARC for review so I hope the copy editing isn’t finished yet Dark beautiful and harrowing Johnny Worthen takes his readers on a journey they'll never forget Like a great mystery there are hints sprinkled throughout the book that reveal what this story is really about creation preservation and destruction Mostly destructionWhen I started reading What Immortal Hand I had no idea what to expect Even now I couldn't begin to try and put it into a category and find myself at a loss for words when describing it to others At times it is lovely and heart breaking and others it is terrifying and gritty Johnny walks the line between reality and fantasy reverence and disregard good and evil blurring everything together into one profound story that will haunt you for the rest of your life I really went down the rabbit hole to write this one beginning with a simple road thriller and ending in the depths of philosophical destruction I consider it one of my best It is a psychological and theological horror Adult literary and haunting How do I negotiate rooting for a murderer? Breathlessly anticipating and then being elated by the acceptance into a family of unrelenting cruelty?Is it like NIMBY? I support what you're doing and why you're doing it just leave me and mine alone? Maybe Of course you can't support a streak and not accept that you too will soon be dead And very likely at the hands of those you condone And why was Craig named enemy?There's nothing better than reading a book that takes you somewhere you aren't expecting to go So many times I've been let down by a story seeming to twist a different way than I do but in the end it corkscrews back into boredom and predicability What Immortal Hand twisted and kept twisting snagging at the bits of my brain that need to understand and care for others That want only the best for everyone That hope each person succeeds in their greatest desire Even when that desire is crushing a windpipe and sueezing out essence of kidney by hand to make a sugary paste I loved this book I don't want to know these people or even glimpse a dark halo I don't want them to be betrayed either I'm so confused I shock myself How can I have such a strong bond with so little glue? Love this book It always keeps you guessing which side is Michael on Will good overcome evil? I am not a fast reader and I’ll admit that I’d rather wait for the movie sometimes but this book had me locking myself away in my room so that I could read on Undisturbed What Immortal Hand by Johnny Worthen is a well paced road mystery that steps up the weirdness gradually until it’s in full flow and the end is only the beginning for someMichael Oswald is a survivor A washed up almost ready to cash it all in survivor An disreputable insurance investigator he finds himself on the trail of a missing HGV its medical laser cargo and its driver simultaneously sliding down a slippery slope to face his own past and future People keep happening to Michael but he’s drawn to them too and his realisation of who he is and why grows in the prose of Johnny Worthen’s latest masterpieceIntricately worked What Immortal Hand is a masterpiece in timing Its gradual crescendo of a number of themes brings the story to a close that feels temporary Worthen’s writing is as calm and economical as ever and while he never stints on the description his writing is a pleasure to read Every sentence is worth a re readJohnny Worthen often references spirituality in his novels but it isn’t what you might expect from someone who lives in Salt Lake City Utah There’s a darkness and a sense of struggle to the spirituality you find in these pages not least the acknowledgement to the god herself The murders hold a message–or maybe just the keys to the box that holds the message–and I won’t be the one to reveal it and spoil the intrigue This may be a book you need to read a couple of times to make sure you catch all the early references be warnedIf you like things weird and you’re looking for a book that’s deeper than your average ‘investigation’ novel What Immortal Hand is worth a look On the other hand if you’re not looking for a dark spiritual journey in the middle of your perfectly respectable insurance investigation you may wish to check out one of his other novelsI received this as an ARC from the author For me this is the first time I have seen a story that starts in Wendover which sits on the border of Nevada and Utah Having lived for over 40 years in the Salt Lake valley I have traveled to many of the locations and over the roads in Johnny Worthen's What Immortal Hand It was a hook for me and the story drew me in deeper Michael Oswald is hitting a mid life crisis Life has been going in the wrong direction for a while He has gone through a divorce and his kids are living in another state with their mom and her new husband His job is one he despises and he despises himself for doing it He no longer has a house or apartment preferring to live out of his car and the occasional motel roomNow he's even losing it mentally he is experiencing hallucinations and blacking out We see Michael grasping for something to cling onto something to help him get grounded He starts exploring his past to find out who he really isJust about everyone goes through a time in their life where they feel lost and losing Like Michael we look for something to ground us Something to help us get an understanding about who we are and where we come fromSelf discovery can be a dark path For some it is darker than others Science has proven that our brains block out the memories of pain Then when we go digging through our thoughts to find what is missing we must deal with it in some manner Isn't that the idea of going to therapy? After we find what we are looking for we still have to decide what to do with it Where we take it into the futureIn What Immortal Hand Johnny Worthen published by Omnium Gatherum has created a 300 page journey of discovery with dark twists and turns A psychological horror story for adults that contemplates those losses we have the memories we are missing Then the inner battle we face when we learn about ourselves Join Michael on his dark adventure of discovery Find out where it leads him Decide if digging into your past is something you want to do to find out who you are where you are from and where you want to goOriginally published on Guild Master Gaming Fast paced fun and unsettling in all the right ways

What Immortal Hand MOBI · What Immortal  MOBI :¼
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  • 12 July 2014
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