In Pursuit of Change

In Pursuit of Change[EPUB] ✼ In Pursuit of Change ❁ Maya Berger – When her joy over the birth of her daughter is overshadowed by complications of depression and autoimmune diseases and she fears she can’t balance the demands of motherhood against those of her own When her joy over the birth of her daughter is overshadowed by complications of depression and autoimmune diseases and she fears she can’t balance the demands of motherhood against those of her In Pursuit PDF or own parents and husband Maya decides to investigate alternative methods In Pursuit of Change is the result—offering encouragement knowledge and joy to women who might otherwise not know where to find it as they struggle to adjust to their new role. Having read Maya’s amazing and very intimate book Luna Tree The Baby Project I was beyond excited to read Maya’s next book In Pursuit of Change which takes place after the events of Luna Tree Maya’s writing style is definitely getting better and better with each book her stories are always very raw intimate and easy to relate to so I immensely enjoyed reading In Pursuit of Change This book offers a very strong encouragement to women all around the world who are struggling with their own problems which may or may not be similar to Maya’s very own onesIn Pursuit of Change also managed to inspire me and to offer me a uniue knowledge that I am definitely going to use in the future I kindly recommend this book to all of my bookish friends who are in a need of a bit of a motivation and inspiration E copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewYou can read this review on BookishFever ARC kindly provided by authorThanks MayaWhat I loved most about this book is how honest personal raw and real it was I am not a mother and I don't know much about motherhood and I never experienced the struggles Maya wrote about in In Pursuit of Change but she made me feel like I was right there with her That is a pure talent You have to know the way to your reader's mind This is not hearts and flowers and don't expect it It is a story of a woman facing post partum depression and autoimmune disease It was not easy to process it at first but I found it amazing how each individual can turn it's life around embrace positivity and find the answers through alternative paths I think this book opened my horizons and inspired me in ways I couldn't even fathom I highly recommend this In pursuit of change tells the story of Maya a first time mom trying to deal with her newborn her health issues and the relationships with her parents and her husband It was an inspiring book specially to read the point of view of someone who's struggling everyday with a chronic disease Also it introduced me to a number of therapies and alterantive medicine that people go to in order to try to feel a little bit better each day view spoilerThe place where Maya worked as a presenter it sounded to me a little bit like a cult no hanging out with your friends no shopping at the mall no vacations or crowded places I could never live like that hide spoiler I was immediately drawn in by this book because the author is just so open and honest with the reader Within the first chapter she was discussing the realities of pregnancy labor and delivery Maya writes that she was unhappily surprised to discover that the stomach doesn't go back to being flat uickly after delivery I didn't know this either and these early chapters made me relate to Maya and care about what happened to her throughout the rest of the book The main conflict in the book is Maya's struggle to diagnose and heal her chronic pain condition but there are also side conflicts involving her experiences with postpartum depression her relationship with her husband and mother and her career in alternative medicine Out of all of these topics I related the most to her personal relationship issues and found them to be very compelling Maya is brutally honest and does not shy away from sharing some uncomfortable truths which comes across as very brave Alternative medicine and energy healing are topics that I didn't know much about before reading this memoir and after finishing I have to say that I still don't understand it Maya's description of the energy center that she attends to help manage her pain makes it sound like she's trapped in a new agey cult and I was waiting for the chapter in which she leaves the center altogether Maya's writing style is uniue and it did take me a bit to get used to the third person narration but it didn't distract me from the story as a whole I would encourage anyone who is struggling with chronic pain and motherhood to read this novel especially those who have exhausted traditional Western medicine practices and are looking for a creative solution There's a bit of Maya in all of usThis is a very easy to read and no nonsense book that provided both entertainment and a lot of insight into the world of motherhood I love that Maya is a real woman with a lot of angst confusion and yes tiredness from doing too much Regardless what stood out is her persistent desire to be better not only for herself but for the people around her She understood the demands of being a mom a daughter and a wife she continuously rebelled about it but in the end love for self and family won by a mile This is the second book I've read that was written by the author and this is a good read It touched on the lesser known ailment of Fibromyalgia and how it can aggravate postpartum depressionFor most women whose children are now grown up the book is a reminder of the days when trial and error is a norm and where the search for a woman's new identity as a mom is the goal Seeing how the characters have evolved in the story made the reading experience wonderful Well I hate sad endings but this book ended in so much hope and optimism for the future Indeed IF we chose the right path as Maya did we will be alrightMy takeaway At first change is difficult It can get messy midway but in the end it can be empoweringGreat uotes from the book People who didn't do anything about their happiness and just complained a lot would always be the first to criticize others' happiness Honest Entertaining And Provides Hope“Was it normal to feel so disoriented so lost and without any solution to her problems?”Maya’s story is real Postpartum lack of energy joint pain trouble sleeping – related or separate ailments? Maya uses honesty as she captivates her readers through her journey to find relief and answers I found the third person writing to be a refreshingly uniue change of pace The detail is extraordinary whether describing a holiday at the sea or struggling with her own feelings of pain and anxiety or dealing with the relationships in her life such as her mother and husband to the concerns of caring for her newborn baby What seems to be a simple short read on the surface is really so much complex Maya offers help encouragement and knowledge to other women showing us there really are answers and relief which can lead to joy and happiness This is the first book I’ve read by Maya and I found I enjoyed it so much; I’m starting her first one I really hope she continues her story as not only is Maya’s writing style entertaining she gives hope to those who suffer and her honesty is amazing as she shares her life with her readers I feel this is a must read – not only for new mothers anyone suffering from pain but a must for women to know they are not alone“There was always a solution a person just had to have the motivation and energy to find it” This memoir which is told in the third person and set in Croatia describes the author's journey of self healing When we first meet Maya she struggles with sleepness joint pain and depression which makes taking care of her newborn a challenge This book depicts Maya's search for health via western medicine and a series of healers such as her Chinese energy Master an acupressure healer a Thetahealer and others I enjoyed the author's authentic voice Maya is incredibly honest about her postpartum struggles She lays out her worries about bonding with her baby difficulty nursing and exhaustion Many new mothers can relate to her feelings Maya also describes her frayed relationship with her mother and it was interesting to see how it resolves I liked reading about the seaside towns and cities in Croatia where the story takes place It made me want to visit Maya's beautiful country A woman's introspective journeyWomen are intuitive about their bodies than they can believe with confidence Maya's story is than just how she dealt with baby blues or postpartum depression Her journey to wellness and change took her through Western medicine and alternative healing Though it took her many years she finally found a way to ease her mind body and spirit The narrative style of her story almost feels like a diagnosis mystery with reflections of Croatian geography and culture Readers can take away a lesson to listen to themselves and not settle with one answer Everyone is different with a story to share When we listen to ourselves and consider what others have to say we can make our own decisions in the pursuit of happiness and positive energy This book is about the journey from pain into peace Sometimes it takes a large amount of change and a large amount of pain to find inner peace But the moral of the story is that you have to continue to pursue peace Sometimes you even have to fight for it The writing is from the heart and it's an easy read but I would recommend it to anyone who has experienced chronic pain and post partum depressionSo many women don't know about post partum depression and how it can affect their lives The author of this book does a great job at detailing the struggles of a new mother with chronic illness She also explains the fight to find peace and answers The moral of the story is to never give up

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