It Happened One Haunting Karmic Consultants Book 2

It Happened One Haunting Karmic Consultants Book 2[Epub] ➝ It Happened One Haunting Karmic Consultants Book 2 ➢ Vivi Andrews – Love doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance Billionaire hotel magnate Wyatt Haines doesn’t believe in ghosts or anything that stretches his definition of normal Unfortunately his new Victorian inn appe Love doesn’t stand a ghost One Haunting PDF Í of a chance Billionaire hotel magnate Wyatt Haines doesn’t believe in ghosts or anything that stretches his definition of It Happened eBook ¶ normal Unfortunately his new Victorian inn appears to be extremely haunted and his only hope for evicting the ghosts and opening on time is the Happened One Haunting Epub Û snarky ghost exterminator who’s been shunning normalcy ever since she started seeing ghosts as a kid Jo Banks just wants to get the job done Happened One Haunting Karmic Consultants Kindle - and get far away from the uptight materialistic and irritatingly sexy Wyatt But when her extermination goes awry Wyatt winds up with two prankster ghosts inhabiting his body and haunting him This skeptic is going to have to start believing in ghosts—and Jo—fast Especially when every time he falls asleep the mischievous ghosts take over turning his perfectly ordered life into chaos With Jo’s mojo on the fritz when they need it most they’re stuck with one another until they can figure out how to unhaunt Wyatt and his inn Preferably before his spirit is permanently separated from his mouth watering body And before her heart is permanently attached to the Happened One Haunting Karmic Consultants Kindle - most sexy frustrating normal man she’s ever met Previously released as THE GHOST EXTERMINATOR. This was a fun bookThe whole premise of this book is that a man buys a house and the house hates him He hires a consultant to deal with the house Meanwhile he does not believe in anything supernatural At all Not even a little bit So for him to hire someone who is a supernatural freak is a huge deal The house has him rattledWyatt Haines buys old houses and turns them into Bed and Breakfasts He's super successful and super straightlaced Jo Banks has been seeing ghosts since she was a kid but her mom and dad were the country club type so Jo was told she wasn't allowed to see ghosts So Jo is still trying to find herself Showing up at Wyatt's new property in biker clothes and a bad black hair dye job with like 3 inches of blonde roots showing well she doesn't make the best impression Oh except that her bod is smokin' hot and Wyatt's stoic corporate self can't help but stare at her boobsShe immediately sets to clearing out the ghosts when something goes wrong The ghosts are being kept in the house and it takes all of her energy and concentration to send them towards the light Wyatt sees her being jerked around like a puppet on strings and calls her name Jo loses concentration and snap 2 ghosts rebound right into Wyatt's stomach He is officially haunted by ghosts And he refuses to believe it The hijinks in this book are great the uirky sense of humor that Jo has cracks me up at every opportunity and Wyatt's change from wanting to screw Jo's brains out but never wanting anyone else to know about them to being proud of her brand of crazy and being happy to have her in his life was sweetThis is a fun and uirky read with some ghostie business and a great secondary cast I'm definitely reading the rest of this serieshttpwwwdemonloversbooksandco Every once in a while a book drops into my lapor accurately downloads to my Kindlethat I got on a whim based on nothing than an interesting premise and a few decent reviews I may not expect too much from them for whatever reason but if the price is right I'm usually willing to give it a try Then every so often one of those books turns out to be a fantastic read that I enjoyed immensely and I'm doubly impressed because of my lack of expectations The Ghost Exterminator is one of those booksJo Banks is a Goth chick wannabe stuck with the body of a Playmate of the Year She wears her lack of normalcy on her sleeve like a badge of honorand a shield to protect herself yet feels deeply the slings of family and friends who don't accept her for who she is Wyatt Haines doesn't feel much of anything beyond annoyance when something upsets his carefully controlled world He's about as rigid and close minded as a person can be and the only thing he believes in is the bottom line Wellthat and the fact that his new house hates himWyatt doesn't believe in ghosts Jo exterminates them Both have their issues not the least of which is that they're complete opposites and each generally holds in great disdain everything the other is all about That however doesn't stop the sparks from flying it actually ignites them It also doesn't prevent Wyatt from accepting that there's something wrong with his house and to protect his investment he's determined to try every option even if that means having the wacky Jo Banks try to work her mojo on his newest jewel in his Bed Breakfast crown The experience will alter both their liveswell either that or end themI loved this book I did Not because it was so spectacularly well written or because there were no issues with the plot and technical aspects but simply because it was a wicked amount of fun and I loved the sharp banter between Wyatt and Jo It was fun it was funny and sometimes it was just plain smokin' hotThis book is the epitome of a light read There were of course some issues with the plausibility and than a few plot threads that were introduced but not satisfactorily resolved I would have loved to see Jo's family get a bit of comeuppance for how they treated her at a party and I thought her mother needed to be possessed by the ghost of kindness Reptiles are warmer than that woman I thought some of Wyatt's thoughtlessness deserved a sharper response I also think there was a serious lack in world building beyond the barest necessity and the book itself was mostly dialogue and description of the actions of the lead characters so I didn't get a clear picture of anything outside of that bubbleDespite that or maybe because of it this was an extremely fast read and the pace of the plot was lightning uick The relationship between Jo and Wyatt however evolved in as realistic a fashion as can be expected in any light romance and I had no complaints about the legitimate issues that they addressed in approaching their HEAWhere this book shines though is the dialogue between the characters and the inner monologue of the characters I chuckled and laughed out loud in several places and that's so incredibly rare for me as rare as it is prized Both characters have a bit of a potty mouth and Jo in particular has a veryearthy way of describing things and I found it likable and amusing I found Jo likable and amusing actually There were even moments in this book that surprised me with its insightful observationSome of my favorite gemsThat stick shoved up his ass must be tickling his tonsils Poor baby Jo BanksWyatt had run from her last night like she was a leper chucking spare body parts at him Joagainslapping an I am peering into your soul with my super ghost vision expression onto her face which hopefully did not resemble her I am thinking of stripping you naked and covering your body with chocolate syrup just so I can lick it off expression Still JoThe pencil pushers think I'm nuts yeah but it isn't about what they think it's about what I do I commute to work I have an office and a desk I check my emails and get coffee from the break room I do normal stuff So even if they avoid me like a leper at least I'm still behaving normally I don't come in for them I do it for me Jo to Wyatt in a moment I found both insightful and poignantI could actually go on The whole book is littered with both funny zingers and witty gems and the interplay between the Trekkie Goth girl and Mr Executive Starched Shirt is fabulous It elevates what could have just been a slightly flawed but pleasant romance of little note into something that I truly loved I highly recommend The Ghost Exterminator if you like light funny romance and don't mind a few ghosts The book will be in paper print in November but this full length novel is available now electronically and the price makes it that much enjoyable It's the second in the series and I haven't read the first The Ghost Shrink The Accidental Gigolo The Poltergeist Accountant which appears to be a novella length story but I will as will I read the third a full length book The Sexorcist Karmic Consultants Book 3 I'm looking forward to them both Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another A word of caution this is actually the second in a series called Karmic Consultancy but it is totally stand alone and can be read without reading the first oneOk so I totally wasn't going to write a review of this book when I started to read it but when I saw that no reviews or ratings was included here for it I decided to do it This book is a total joy to readTwo opposite characters that are just corky enough to work together as a couple Jo is a rebel who also sees ghosts and works in a paranormal consultancy firm Basically she is the Ghost Buster's euivalentWyatt is a stick in the mud businessman who just does not believe in ghosts He has just bought a victorian house and he just can't seem to keep a construction crew After the last one uit he against his better judgement because really who believes in ghosts??? listens to his hippy secretary and brings in Jo's firm and Jo herself to see what the problem is and things just get interesting after thatIt's a novel about excepting what is different and each character comes with their own set of problems to the table By the end each one discovers something new about each other and themselves In between they kick ghost assThe novel is charming witty and at times down right funny The sex scenes are tasteful and sweet there is not much of it but what is there is there in the right time and in the right place I'm off to buy the first one in the series lol Jo is a medium who sees ghosts and it able to help them transcend Wyatt is the business man who hires the company she works for to deal with his ghost problem Jo and Wyatt are complete opposites This was laugh out loud hilarious in places While I liked Jo right off the bat Wyatt was an uptight asshole It took some reading to gradually like him too Well done entertaining I liked the supporting characters too Karma is intriguing and hopefully she gets her story too I especially liked Angelica and TeddyOff topic but the the publisher of this book Samhain Publishing is closing So I went and bought some titles I've eyeing with a giftcard I got They are still paying loyalties and rights will gradually be reverting back to authors Unlike some other publishers that have ceased operations A rollicking good read A uick and fun read I love comical ghost stories Jo the ghost expert is hired to rid the Victorian home of Wyatt and uptight and cynical businessman A lot of fun Jo is sent to ride Wyatt Haines' new venture of ghosts but things backfire Something fights Jo and she loses control Unfortunately two ghosts end up inside Wyatt Jo is ordered to stay close to Wyatt by her boss Karma Wyatt is a non believer despite having called her in They fight the attraction between them and meet each other's families during the weekend They lose the fight not to get involved but learn to accept other as they are They also find out what is behind the problem at the Victorian On Halloween night Jo returns with Wyatt to the house Wyatt reacts bad as the talisman tries to draw out his two ghosts and his own soul Jo drags him to safety before kicking butt with Wyatt's help once he recovers which by that time she had found and mostly neutralized the talisman With the talisman destroyed Jo releases all but the two original ghosts who are still in Wyatt She takes Wyatt to their play room with ghost help and they leave Wyatt on their own Wyatt convinces Jo despite her misgivings that they are together and in love including any ghosts which he believes in now Non believerbewareWhy can’t you be you I can be me Stuff scares a lot of different people in a lot of different ways When you find your weird own it When you find your normal live it Even if it is alone You can be alone in an auditorium full of people Life is too short to feel “less than” Good read interesting Very enjoyable story Kept me reading past the time my eyes were trying to close This was a really cute story Very light on the smut but definitely high on the sexual tension Even I felt like I was staring at Jo's boobs from all the time that was spent thereJo is the Ghost Exterminator She helps those with haunted homes to eliminate their spectral problems Jo is the classic good suburban girl gone goth and she is the exact opposite of her current client; uptight businessman and disbeliever extrodinaire Wyatt Haines They are opposites in every possible wayso of course there is an immediate sexual attractionduhIn the middle of her usual ghost removal practice Jo experiences a slight problem A slight problem for her because it wasn't her who was suddenly wearing ghosts in her stomach like the latest green glowy fashion accessory A pair of children who happened to have died a few decades ago accidentally got thrown into Mr Haines And Jo has to find out how to remove them from a man who doesn't believe they exist This was a funny romantic story with a ghostly twist Like I said this was a little less steamy than the reads I usually come across from Samhain publishing but it was hil frickin arious and had some classic romantic elements in it including a really cute HEA We also got a glimpse of our hero and heroine from the first novel in this series Will definitely meet from this author