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Montgomery – Oaklandjobs.co.uk No amount of drama between the Dark and Penhallow families can prepare them for what follows when Aunt Becky beueaths her prized heirloom jug the owner to be revealed in one year's time The intermarri No amount of drama between the Dark and Penhallow families can prepare them for what follows when Aunt Becky beueaths her prized heirloom jug the owner to be revealed in one year's time The intermarriages and resulting fighting and feuding that have occurred over the years grow intense as Gay Penhallow's fiancé leaves her for the devious Nan Penhallow; Peter Penhallow and Donna Dark find love after a lifelong hatred of each other; and A Tangled PDF/EPUB ² Joscelyn and Hugh Dark inexplicably separated on their wedding night are reunitedHopes and shortcomings are revealed as we follow the fates of the clan for an entire year The legendary jug sits amid this love heartbreak and hilarity as each family member works to acuire the heirloom But on the night that the eccentric matriarch's wishes are to be revealed both families find the biggest surprise of all. I am ready to die I've felt almost everything in life there is to feel ay I've drained my cup But I mean to die decently and in order I'm going to have one last grand rally The date will be announced in the paper But if you want anything to eat you'll have to bring it with you I'm not going to bother with that sort of thing on my death bedNot much can stir up old suabbles grudges and festering resentments like the reading of a will and I'm pretty sure Aunt Becky has that in mind when she orders all her relatives to gather before her First she insults each and every one by mocking their physical defects or penchants for writing bad poetry For some she brings up old missteps and embarrassments One woman's crime? She once made jam from blueberries gathered in a graveyard Horrors Old Becky then proceeds to read off her will leaving her furniture and other household items to those who want them least Why is everyone putting up with this crap? They ALL hope to be the one who inherits a rather ugly jug that has been in the family for ages Who gets it? Well the answer is in a sealed envelope to be opened and readin about a year and a halfWhat follows is a delightful comedy of manners and errors as each family member jostles to be the lucky owner of the jug Men attempt to stop swearing Couples come together and split apart Confirmed bachelors decide that perhaps they should take wives Secrets are revealed and old mysteries are solved Montgomery is best known as the creator of the beloved Anne of Green Gables but she really proves her mettle as a writer with this sly comic masterpiece The only reason I did not assign five stars is that I was a bit taken aback that the book ends with a racist joke It was so out of the blue and so out of character for Ms Montgomery it was a like a slap in the face For shame Anne Shirley's mommy For shame Although in LM Montgomery's 1931 adult themed novel A Tangled Web most of the various and diverse both living and yes also long and recently deceased depicted and featured members of the Penhallow and Dark clans and with recently deceased I also mean family matriarch Aunt Becky Dark née Penhallow have made me want to generally giggle and often uite derisively and sometimes also scream than a bit impatiently at the Penhallows and Darks and their behaviours their antics via the unseen but definitely not ever silent narrator with hisher sarcastic asides and delightfully humorous descriptions of a large well known but obviously also eccentric and woefully dysfunctional Prince Edward Island family I also did end up and surprisingly for me rather emotionally invested in especially some of the love stories presented in A Tangled Web For even though I am usually not that much of a fan of LM Montgomery's romances and was at first kind of aghast that in A Tangled Web there are actually something like four different episodes of love and courting I did find myself actively cheering especially when Gay Penhallow not only finally and totally rejects her fickle fiancé Noel Gibson but also realises that she indeed is truly in love with Roger Penhallow and I also do very much appreciate that LM Montgomery does not cast all of the blame for what happened between Gay and Noel at Gay's selfish and malicious cousin Nan Penhallow stealing Noel's affections but that she clearly points out that Noel Gibson is a spineless self important and shallow fool of a man who basically in the end deserves being dropped like a proverbially hot potato by both Nan and then Gay who finally sees the light and refuses to take Noel back when he comes calling after Nan has finally had enough of him And even Peter Dark and Donna Penhallow's romance and indeed Jocelyn and Hugh Dark's story do tug at my emotions and I am glad of the happy endings although personally I have definitely found Jocelyn as a character at best a bit frustrating that she simply left her husband Hugh almost at the altar so to speak when she took one look at Hugh's best man Frank and fell in love with him at first sight as yes this not only makes me rather personally angry and annoyed on Hugh's behalf but that LM Montgomery also focusses mostly on Jocelyn and only rather sparingly on Hugh when she has her narrator in A Tangled Web relate their story it does kind of feel a bit uncomfortable and monotonous as in my humble opinion in the marriage fiasco between Jocelyn and Hugh it is not really a case of that it takes two to tango since the fault really is to be or rather should be cast mostly at Jocelyn and at her stubbornness holding on to that silly dream of love at first sight which yes in the end is thankfully destroyed but it does take almost the entire course of A Tangled Web for Jocelyn to finally come to her senses and return to Hugh Now I have read in both reviews and literary analyses of A Tangled Web that Pennyciuk Dark asking family dressmaker old maid and often the object of family derision and pointed nastiness Margaret Penhallow to marry him and mostly in order to increase his chances of obtaining that coveted jar of Aunt Harriet's is to be approached as being rather comical But in my opinion while I do find Pennyciuk a rather clown like figure in and of himself I personally happen to consider Margaret Penhallow tragic and sad and not in any derisive and critical manner whatsoever as I actually do consider her as one of the characters in A Tangled Web that LM Montgomery has constructed and described with the most love and personal understanding simply because her family has cast Margaret aside that the Darks and Penhallows all seem to see her as a nothing and a nobody And while it has certainly made me chuckle a bit when Penny Dark is strutting around like a peacock and thinking that by proposing marriage to Margaret Penhallow he is conferring some great honour to her that she although it is clear from LM Montgomery's narrative that Margaret Penhallow really does not at all desire Penny and really does not desire marriage either feels obligated to accept Penny's proposal this actually kind of makes me really sad and actually than a bit personally enraged Therefore when Margaret finally gets her own home adopts abused orphan Brian Dark and basically lets Pennyciuk Dark know that him breaking the engagement is actually totally wonderful and not at all something that will in any manner be even remotely traumatic for her this makes the Penny and Margaret romance uotes are mine the most personally satisfying one in A Tangled Web but not really all that comical in my opinion just satisfying for LM Montgomery allows Margaret Penhallow to find her true happiness without adult love and traditional marriage as Margaret is able to obtain a coveted and aesthetically lovely home with an evocatively beautiful name she adopts dreamy and by the entire clan nastily ignored and despised orphan Brian Dark and she obviously does NOT need either a husband or even an adult male love interest to obtain ultimate contentment and joyAnd finally of course LM Montgomery's A Tangled Web has at its main core that coveted and described by the narrator as being pretty distinctly ugly jug of Aunt Harriet Dark's and who will about a year and a half after Aunt Rebecca Dark's death finally receive it as an heirloom And personally I have to admit that even though the by all or most Darks and Penhallows desired and wanted jug is I guess the thread that holds all of the different strands and episodes of A Tangled Web together I have found the family's almost religious obsession with said intimate object rather annoyingly strange but I guess it kind of does underline just how into their various and almost sacred family traditions the Penhallows and the Darks are and how a family heirloom can be considered an absolute treasure even if it is aesthetically horrid and visually off putting But for me with the ending of A Tangled Web when Oswald Dark who is obsessed with the moon and is considered not all there so to speak even by his eccentric clan takes Aunt Harriet's jug and smashes it I not only laughed and continue to laugh out loud I actually consider this to have been what the clan should have done with that silly jug in the first place And therefore with regard to going against family tradition and taking an active role against this I for one very much believe that Oswald Dark is indeed the only truly and completely sane member of the entire family and I even also sometimes wish that he had thrown that jug and destroyed it right at the beginning of A Tangled Web and perhaps even in Aunt Becky's hallowed presence but of course then there would not have been the need for a story but indeed seeing that jug in smithereens really does make me smile with both appreciation and going against family tradition glee and makes A Tangled Web an entertainingly satirically delightful four star reading experience Superb Absolutely superb The characters live and step right off the page leaving me thinking about them after I've closed the book I like Gay though she's a weensy bit pathetic and one track minded and Roger and Margaret and even Drowned John though I wouldn't want to meet him in realityAll the 'damning' does get a little old it's almost like LMM was trying to show that she could write something 'realistic' and 'grown up' but it doesn't interfere with my delight in the story nor does the racism of the Sams though it's a little disconcerting It's without doubt one of my favorite LMMs The thing I like most about A Tangled Web is that when I read it I feel that no matter who I am or what my circumstances are everything will turn out alright and the dreams I have may come true There are so many characters in it with their hopes and desires and I love how she ties up their threads There's such a broad spectrum of humanity that I think everyone could find herself in at least one of the characters I guess every LMM book brings me to feel that everything will be okay giving me lots of hope and optimism and that is why I'll revisit her work again and again The cover drives me mad is it Donna and Peter or Gay and Roger?? I can't figure it out The woman looks a little dark to be Gay but on the other hand she has a sad expression that tells of keen suffering as would fit Gay Anyone reading this have a guess? I have made the decision that the Darks and Penhallows are my favorite LMM clan and a Tangled Web may just be my favorite stand alone LMM bookyes I believe that I shall now declare that it is now my favorite stand alone LMM book we have to change our favorites as we change you know I started out reading this book on the heels of Magic for Marigold and The Blue Castle just to simply study the clan dynamics I do love Marigold's clan a lot and I detest Valancy's clan in The Blue Castle I realize that I love Marigold's clan with a child's eyes because that's how we see Marigold's clan with a proud child's adoration I love these Darks and Penhallows with an adults eyes They are complex and messy and real I love the stories of the clan in this book and I found myself wishing that I could jump in this book and live among them and be one of them They all had a love hate relationship with the clan but in the end they couldn't have survived without each other They lived in the most beautiful place in the world during a time when life was much slower and they all knew each other and each other's ancestors etc and stories Oh and LMM's nature descriptions are so beautiful and healingFor some people in the clan such as Jocelyn and Margaret this clan knowledge and nosiness proved to to cause them years of loneliness and depression until they decided to just go for what they really wanted no matter what people thought once they figured that out for themselvesFor people like Gay the clan always protected and supported her and as much as she didn't like it they always knew what was best for her Oh and sweet dear young Brian the neglected clan orphan child I love thee It's amazing how certain stories speak to us at different times in our lives I really need to re read this book often I actually did not ever adore this book as I do now today this weekend September 17 18 2016 I set out to study the clan dynamics and found myself healed of some things that I've been confronted with lately Yes it's vulnerable to confess such a thing in a book review but I do this for myself than others since this is my reading journal than a review for others I actually never think of others when I review books I'm selfish that way haha ; I can identify with so many stories and people in this book I spent all day yesterday consumed by it a perfect rainy day read that spoke to me on many levels at this moment in my life Thank you once again LMM for giving me your counsel and wisdom right exactly when I needed it I cannot believe I didn't like this book the first time I read it It's full of everything good in an LM Montgomery story from humor to romance to judgmental families ; I really really REALLY like this book 3 LM Montgomery was very very good at several things and one of those was keeping a secret from her readers building suspense until she finally decides to reveal all – which is always done in a satisfying manner And she never does it better than in A Tangled Web – through the petty jealousies and deep passions and suabbles and allegiances of the tale of the Darks and the Penhallows runs one of the best tantalizers I've ever seen why did Joscelyn leave Hugh the night of their wedding and refuse to ever return to him? I don’t know if the reality of what happened uite lives up to the anticipation – but it’s believable in its way and in order for the situation to be resolved reuires some excellent plotting And the anticipation is delicious I love the character Oswald Dark – what a being he is Were I to indulge in fan fiction about LMM I think I’d center on him But there is a fly in the ointment which I'd forgotten until I came to it how could I forget that last line of the book? Avoid if possible It’s an unnecessary stain on a lovely book and a true sign that while a lot of things have changed for the worse since LMM wrote not everything has Even given the fly this is one of my favorites among LMM's books Five stars despite that line I didn't really have any expectations for this one For unknown reasons the unread book never appealed to me and it is one of the last Montgomery novels I read Yet I really liked A Tangled Web I was intrigued from the very beginning and found myself caring for many of the charactersIt was uite an unusual setting for a Montgomery novel to have that many storylines but for me it worked well I enjoyed reading it and I was pleasantly surprised It all begins with garrulous Aunt Becky and the infamous Dark jug She may be dying but the old matriarch of the large Dark and Penhallow clan is determined to throw one last levee and stir up her extended family with her plan for beueathing the heirloom Dating back to when the first Darks came to Prince Edward Island in the early 19th century the Dark jug has been in the family ever since and with it comes a certain prestige for the owner Over the generations the Darks and Penhallows have intermarried time and again and now they gather in Aunt Becky's rooms to hear what's to become of this jug and who will get itBut sharp tongued Aunt Becky's not about to make things easy for them She announces that the new owner of the jug will be announced a year from October and that Dandy Dark is trusted with the secret or perhaps he will make the decision on her behalf so everyone should be on their toes And so they all are Drowned John and Titus Dark stop swearing knowing that Aunt Becky wouldn't give the jug to someone who curses all the time Tempest Dark decides to finally start his history of the clan that he's been talking about doing for years And perpetual bachelor Penny Dark thinks maybe he should get married if he wants to get the jug and casts his eye upon the spinsters in the clanMeanwhile young pretty Gay Penhallow is caught up in love with Noel Gibson while her sophisticated and seductive cousin Nan decides to steal him away Peter Penhallow suddenly and violently falls in love with widowed Donna Dark whom he has hated since they were children only he's been travelling through Africa and South America so much he hasn't seen her since or not until Aunt Becky's infamous final levee Joscelyn and Hugh Dark separated on their wedding night for reasons unknown still yearn for things they cannot have And forty year old spinster and dressmaker Margaret Penhallow too yearns for things she feels she can never have a beautiful little baby to adopt and the little old house she calls Whispering WindsAt the centre of it all is the jug and Aunt Becky's final surpriseAccording to the inscription on the inside of my copy I got this book for my birthday in 1993 from my brother meaning my mum picked it out for him to give to me when I turned 14 As far as I can remember I only read it once but I did love it I'm always wanted to re read it and now I finally have I can say that I still love it Allowing so much to go by meant that it felt like visiting old friends I hadn't seen in a long time but with all the surprises still intact I couldn't remember what had driven Hugh and Joscelyn apart I couldn't remember how Donna and Peter finally overcame her father Drowned John's refusal to let them marry; and I couldn't uite remember what happened to Gay Penhallow though I was pretty sure she did end up with thirty year old Roger the clan doctor rest assured it's not as Jane Austen as it sounds Gay is no Mariane DashwoodThere are of course A LOT of characters to keep track of and at first they tend to blend one into another for instance there are two Penny Darks one is the bachelor and the other is Joscelyn's sister in law and it doesn't help that they go by the old naming conventions eg Mrs Frank Dark; you'd think it would but it doesn't But Montgomery focuses on the main characters and since the novel takes place over about a year and a half we get to know characters progress somewhat with their story then come back to them later so you do get very familiar with them and like I said they start to feel like your own crazy extended family Montgomery is so good at writing these character sketches one has only to read those scenes set around the dinner table at family gatherings in The Blue Castle to get a sense for it that for all their eccentricities you have to wonder just how many of them were based on real people Montgomery knewThe pacing is wonderful brisk and rolling like gentle hills here getting dramatic then slowing down again for a spell a breather before dashing off into a new plot Perhaps the most tragic character for me was little Brian Dark whose mother Laura died when he was young never revealing who the father was so that Brian lives with his uncle Duncan Dark and his family barely fed or clothed and given endless chores mostly to look after the dairy cows It broke my heart a little bit especially now that I have my own little boyThe story is told with Montgomery's usual insightful wit and honesty and an artist's touch she knew when to get in there and strip a character bare and when to hold back and let things reveal themselves to the observant reader on their own I should add a warning for American readers the final sentence does include the n word which should be taken in the context of the period it was written in as well as the character who uses it don't let it put you off this author who weaves magic with her words in the simplest most unpretentious ways This is the LM Montgomery book for adults I was hoping to read Keep in mind it was first published in 1931 but it is daring and witty sarcastic and sentimental This clever story of the Dark and Penhallow clans whose family trees are like shrubs is a fun romp with the skeletons in their closets It's a behind the scenes look at the best and worst of human nature among the clan and it's entertaining from start or almost to the end not uite The first section of the first chapter is a little off putting and there is an unfortunate racial slur in the last paragraph of the book which leaves the reader with a nasty taste in their mouth which is sad for such a wonderful book Granted there are so many characters in the book with such similar names that it gets very difficult to keep track of them all but the main characters are uickly well developed and stand out from the pack A definite recommend to anyone who loves Victorian literature and LM Montgomery in particular One of my absolute favorite LM Montgomery books This story about two uarreling fictional families in Prince Edward Island was just amazing I think it is probably why I loved family drama stories so much

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