Resistance[PDF / Epub] ✅ Resistance ⚣ B.R. Sanders – Resistance has many faces and one of them is Shandolin’s When she finds her friend brutally murdered Shandolin decides to fight instead of run–but her only hope of survival is a takeover of the Ci Resistance has many faces and one of them is Shandolin’s When she finds her friend brutally murdered Shandolin decides to fight instead of run–but her only hope of survival is a takeover of the City government Shandolin draws everyone she loves into the fray with her her assassin lover Rivna; her mentor Moshel; and her best friend Kel Apart they are weak but together Shandolin and her friends lovers and fellows may be just strong enough to save their skins and the skins of the other elves in the City. Estos libros son el euivalente literario a abrirme el pecho arrancarme el corazón prenderle fuego y volver a ponerlo en su sitio Yay a bi elf Shandolin “Doe” a female red elf and Rivna “Rivvie” a butch female blue elf are lovers Shoket is a past male lover of Shandolin’s Together they and several other characters from various ethnic groups attempt to wrest their majority elf city from the control of the in Tahrin people who rule them Shandolin also flirts with a couple of other male characters Lolo and Kel The storytelling is pretty good though the writing itself is a little clunky There were a few too many similar secondary characters for me to be able to keep track of them or perhaps they were just insufficiently distinguished Still I enjoyed the clear portrayal of Shandolin as a bisexual character 35Another winner from Sanders The world building here is fabulous Though I've read several stories in this world I think you get a pretty good idea of its complexity here in condensed formThe main character Shandolin Doe is likable as are the side characters But what's really great is that you get diversity in the cast both in the racial divisions of the elves in satyrs humans etc though not all of them play a big part in this book but also in sexuality gender orientation body types and relationship styles And all of it is just part of who they are no need to make it the conflict on which the story hingesThe infant social revolt that the story does hinge on is sketched out fairly faintly Much of it depends on connections Doe made before the beginning of the story But there is certainly enough to follow and believe it I did feel the end was a bit rushed Though I liked the ending just fine it did seem to come about uite easilyAs an aside and I'm really not sure as it's been over a year since I read Ariah but I think some of these might be side characters from the middle of that book I'm not sure as I said but they all felt so familiar but I'm not certain on the names Can anyone give me a yes or no on that idea? I see another review that said this is a whole new cast So now I'm doubting myself In short Resistance is about a bisexual elf and her girlfriend overthrowing the government Now there’s an elevator pitch that grabs my attentionLast year I read and loved Ariah by BR Sanders so I decided to check out books by the author Resistance is their debut novel which is set in the same world as Ariah I had fun with it but it never struck me the way Ariah didShandolin is an elf in a city ruled by in Although the majority of the city’s population is elfin the vampire like in retain tight control over the city Shandolin is a rebel who runs an underground revolutionary press She and her friends have managed to stay out of reach of the in until Shadolin Doe finds one of her friends murdered in the street The in have hired assassins to take out Doe and other elves who are resisting their rule Luckily Doe has the help of her friends and her girlfriend Rivna who is herself an assassin The only way that they’ll ever be able to live openly again is if they organize the city to destroy the in’s strangle hold on powerAt a certain point while reading Resistance I had a realization This is the book I’ve always wanted to write My senior year of high school I started trying to write a novel length story about a bi elvish conwoman in a trading city filled with a number of different species where she her girlfriend and her friends were trying to overthrow the local tyrant by means of a heist I ultimately didn’t get even a third through the story I may love reading but that doesn’t always translate into writing fiction So I am incredibly happy that BR Sanders wrote the sort of story I’ve always wanted – a ueer female led heist with amazing world buildingBut for all that I kept finding myself putting down Resistance and going to do other things My best guess is that the heist and plot let me down It’s relatively uncomplicated without any of the twists and turns I love those sorts of plots for On a nebulous note Resistance just wasn’t enough I left it wanting from the characters and storyWhile I think Resistance is decent for a debut novel it pales compared to the author’s later work That said I think it’s still a fairly enjoyable story If the basic premise appeals to you you might as well give it a goThe Illustrated Page Novella set in the same universe as Ariah with a completely independent cast of characters and plot Genre high fantasyTags elves female protagonistContent warnings violenceRating 4 starsFor an Introduction of the Aerdhverse and an Interview with B R Sanders have a look at this post on Just Love Romance Very solid fantasy novel about an elven uprising against their oppressorsThe elves are the majority in the City of Mages but they're refugees and slaves Shandolin has a plan to change all that but the Tarhin who rule the city are onto her and planning to kill her in order to discourage other revolutionariesSo Doe has to stay one step ahead of her enemies and sometimes of her friends as well if she wants to bring her plan to realityThe worldbuilding in this is breath taking Even though we only see one small city on the fringe of the Empire we get a sense of the vastness of history Doe and her assassin girlfriend Rivna are engaging as they bicker and make up save each other and stand at each other's backsThe violence and language are strong The sex is PG 13 at most a few topless elves and kissingRecommended for fans of fantasy