Deceive Declan Reede The Untold Story #2

Deceive Declan Reede The Untold Story #2[KINDLE] ✽ Deceive Declan Reede The Untold Story #2 By Michelle Irwin – Straighten up pull it around and get back on the track Declan Reede's life is in a tail spin Although he knows what he wants he can't see the road that will take him there Wherever he turns new secret Straighten up pull it Reede The MOBI ò around and get back on the track Declan Reede's life is in a tail spin Although he knows what he wants he can't see the road that will take him Deceive Declan eBook Ø there Wherever he turns new secrets lies and half truths threaten to send him crashing off course To deserve his family he must fight his past mistakes and prove himself worthy But can someone out Declan Reede The PDF/EPUB Â to deceive cost him the life he now craves Due to strong language and sexual content not intended for anyone under age of . MAJOR SPOILERS AHEADI would be a bit of a hypocrite if I scored this bookthis series anything less than five stars because of my current dislike of the man whore that inhabits it's pages because this author excels at creating angst drama supremeNot to do him a disservice as he is only 23 at that age authors should refrain from fooling us into believing that an ageless monogamous love exists because it does notat least not in realityThis guy has slept with so many women that he has lost countHe says he has used a condom with every single one of them but he has gone through a drug period drinks to such an extent that he blacks out has no memory so him recalling using condoms is beyond meAnd than the heroine has bareback sex with him despite being fully aware of his slut reputation that is public fodderHe has sent his one only an explicit video of himself having sex with 3 women all at oncethan does not remember sending the video because he was YES highly drugged to drive home his point that he had moved on than berates her for not informing him that she was in fact pregnant when he ran away after taking her virginityHis solution for when he is stressed is to hightail it to the nearest bar whatever barfly opens her mouth legs to himHe is constantly up to his eyeballs in other women dramaI'm unsure how the author is going to redeem this man whore as her following book has him at the depths of despair surrounded by temptation galore but I will be there to immerse myself in ensuing soap opera I don't care what anyone says about it this is aggravated CHEATING DisgustingSelf note 5 DECIEVE STARSArghhhhhhhhhhWhat the hell????I've been here staring blankly in my kindle for like hours and I am speechless and wanted to punch someone as in straight in the faceI couldn't really believe thisSo the story picks up right where Decline left Declan finally slowly started sorting his self out Asking help from a shrinkFinally admitting his love to Alyssa and then back More forgiveness And then when everything seems to be on trackBAM new secrets revealedanother fcked up ness cameI'm not gonna spoil anything here because you need to read it yourself I SOOOOO LOVE THIS BOOK Every twists and turns of this story will definitely make your heart in knots I was so eager to turn every page because I was so anxious what will happen next But that CLIFFHANGER Seriously???Michelle Irwin you're definitely the UEEN MOTHER OF ALL CLIFFY in a good way though Because this made me keep wanting for If only we're near I would've probaby knock on your door or climb in your window because I really can't wait Sounds creepy but this is what you're book have done to meGOOD JOBGREAT BOOK HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDecopy provided by the author in exchange of an honest review 5 Cranky Stars Deceive is the second book in the Untold Story of Declan Reede series If you haven't read book 05 or book 1 than this review will have a few spoilers for you  We pick up right where we were left hanging in Decline The author has amazed me with this book as it's better than the first two I couldn't put this book down Declan’s life was spiraling out of control  He finally realizes what the reasons are and admitting them was a major step for him Growing up his father always told him not to let a girl trap him or settle down at a young age  He should follow his dream of being a race car driver and that is what he did  Now coming to terms with all the mistakes he made over the past four years and trying to fix things is not easy for him especially when there is someone out to destroy him  He now knows exactly what he wants and can picture that life but getting there is far from easy  Although Alyssa has been in love with Declan since high school he has done things that aren't easy to get passed In order to work on rebuilding the relationship with her Declan actually asks for help from the shrink he told off and is working on righting his wrongs How many times can he be forgiven for his mistakes or ask for forgiveness?  There were so many times where I felt I was watching a train wreck about to happen and there was nothing I could do to stop it  I almost threw my tablet a few times As this book is told in Declan's POV the author did an incredible job telling his story The author did a fabulous job relating details often overlooked or missed The addition of mysterysuspense to the storyline is awesome  The sexual tension between Declan and Alyssa is amazing Declan’s interactions with his parents the shrink his boss and teammate as well as Alyssa’s family are awesome  Each book in this series gets better and I wish I could give this than five stars This is definitely an author I intend to recommend and follow I still love this series I will not spoil this for anyone but the cliff hanger at the end I did not see coming so now I really need In this one I am sick of Declan feeling sorry for himself and crying I want to scream grow up But I know its a process in healing And he has a lot of healing Just as things start to go his way something always throws a wrench in his plans Its like he has the worst luck ever OMG Michelle Irwin is the mother of cliffhangers If I didn't have the next book already line up on my kindle I'd definitely lose my entire mind I can actually feel the panic attacks Declan must be feeling after all this His life was absolutely crashed Someone went to great trouble to make his life hellI LOVED this book It was amazing seeing Declan step up and take responsibility for everything and to see him man up and grow up It was beautiful to read about it how he suffered just as badly as Alyssa while they were apartTo see his interactions with Pheobe was breathtaking I loved every part of this book I really like to read that Declan told everything to Alyssa she knew everything there was to know about him but someone went to great trouble to make him look way worse than he isI just cannot wait to continue reading this I'm absolutely losing my mind I just want them together I Declan Reede world class arse love you Alyssa Dawson exuisite goddess with all of my heart I love who you were I love who you are And I have no doubt I will love whoever you grow to become Wow Deceive is jam packed with emotions events twists and turns So much is happening I could barely turn the pages fast enough Get ready for a roller coaster ride when you read DeceiveIt was nice to see Declan trying to get his life on track Admitting to himself and others he was wrong for what he did was the first real step he has taken on the road to actually becoming a responsible adult Asking for help was the second After reading Deceive I'm truly rooting for Declan I still want to slap him sometimes for the things he says and does but not nearly as much as in the pastAlyssa is finally acting mature when it comes to Declan I can understand her conflicting emotions concerning their relationship He is her first and only love So she wants things to work out for them At the same time she is afraid of being heartbroken again I'm rooting for Alyssa to find love peace and contentmentI don't write spoilers but The cliffhanger ending caught me by surprise No it isn't contrived It makes sense Michelle definitely ended the story with a bang Can't wait to read the next book in the Declan Reede Series DecipherYou really need to read Decide Decline and Deceive the first 3 books in the Declan Reede Series They are fantabulous Received for honest reviewSo we continue on from book 1 with Declan and Alyssa’s story we were left with a bit of a cliff hangerThere are so many elements to this book so bear with us as we take you throughWhat would you do if the one person you looked up to your whole life deceived you?He deceived your motherEverything he ever told you a lieThe family you thought you had goneDeclan discovered that not only did Alyssa have secrets but so did so many others at Brown PlainsAfter years of listening to his dad the person he idolized was now gone the person that taught him everything now gone the person who he wanted to be proud of him gone Never did Declan ever think his own dad was that type of person but now he realizes what he meant buy his words over the years and what he had done to Alyssa was the last straw with DeclanEverything seems to be moving in the right direction with Alyssa if there was no one else around when people or family or friends seem to be around everything seems to fall to shit They work through there issues Declan tries so hard to show Alyssa that he isn’t going anywhere he wants to be a dad to PhoebeThey have some great dates and seems to be moving fast in the right directionBut for how long?Will Declan get his happy ever after with Alyssa and Phoebe?After a week or so back in Brisbane and everything going great he gets a call from his Boss “Danny” in Sydney He needs to get back there Why you ask? Well that you will have to find out by reading the bookWe really Loved Declan we felt so sorry for him at times he tries so hard to gain Alyssa’s trust we aren’t really keen on Alyssa we know Declan made mistakes but she could have tried harder at the start when he first left to tell him about her pregnancy But once again we were taken on a roller coaster we loved the book but we would have loved to have seen interaction between Declan and Phoebe maybe of a bond We also hated the cliffhanger ending and now have to wait to see where there future lies Dear Michelle Irwin WHY DID YOU BREAK MY HEART LIKE THAT? Now that I got that out I have been waiting for this book to come out forever it seems and I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT However the author has climbed up the list of authors trying to kill me for the evil ending Granted it takes a special and talented author for me to be this upset and she's definitely proven that My Declan Reede's life is on a severe downward spiral He knows what he desperately wants but just doesn't know how to fix it The lies and secrets surround him and he's having a hard time not crashing and burning All he wants is his family back and he's fighting with everything in him to prove himself worthy As he sees a light at the end of the tunnel a final attack takes everything away from him possibly for good this time When I finished this story I had a hard time breathing My heart was torn out set on fire stomped on to get flames out and sitting there charred as I wait impatiently for it to be stitched back in The character development is fantastic as the author is showing the depth of her talent in writing characters that will live on in hearts forever It's still a shock to me that I'm fully on my Declan's side as I always take the females side but there's something about his tortured soul that speaks to me on a different level An intense highly emotional and well written story line flows perfectly Michelle Irwin has taken her talented but diabolical evil writing up to new levels in Deceive and I am still completely and utterly emotional as I cried big ugly tears Her sexy scenes are EXPLOSIVELY HOT hot flash goodness and she's brilliant at sucking me into the story so deeply that I experienced every word physically not just read them She has uickly become kindle crack for me and seriously the next fix can't come uickly enough so I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY and yes HIGHLY RECOMMEND OMG Michelle you are killing me Don't miss out on this series they just keep getting better and better I wanted to commit acts of violence not only towards my IPad but I wanted to jump into my book and beat the crap out of people Michelle does a great job of keeping you hooked into her books and you will not want to put it down This book is full of twists and turnsDeclan is finally owning up to all the crap that he has pulled the last four years and is talking to a shrink to get to the bottom of everything and to find ways to cope that are healthy so he doesn't go down the same road that he's been going He realizes that he has always loved Alyssa and is determined to prove that to her and prove to her that he is there to stay this time Unfortunately everyone seems to be against them getting back together and it will not be as simple as he thinksJust when you think things are going the way the should you are completely hit with something else That ending completely took me by surprise and has me dying to read the next one Please don't keep me hanging too long Don't let the cliffhangers in this series keep you from reading this series they are worth it