Love Bites Darkness Light Duology #1

Love Bites Darkness Light Duology #1[Ebook] ➠ Love Bites Darkness Light Duology #1 By T.L. Clark – Alternate cover for ASIN B0747W31W1Shakira had never felt at home growing up in Surrey but as soon as she entered the uaint Welsh village she knew she belonged Maybe it was because of the welcoming vi Alternate cover for ASIN BWWShakira had Darkness Light PDF É never felt at home growing up in Surrey but as soon as she entered the uaint Welsh village she knew she belonged Maybe it was because of the welcoming villagers Or perhaps it was the presence of the others whom she sensed nearby; the ones she saw in Love Bites MOBI :¼ her dreams with their strange glowing eyes Fate is not always kind It gives with one hand and takes with the other There is a reason she didn’t grow up with her own kind A rich tale of witchcraft fae sorcery elinefae and dragons; this is a story for all who dare to believeNow available Bites Darkness Light Kindle Ô as a paperback as well as ebook. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟STARSSo I absolutely adored Love Bites Darkness Light Duology #1 by TL Clark and I really can't wait to get started on the second bookI can honestly say I don't think I have ever read anything this different Love Bites has a uniueness to it that I haven't seen in a whileA freshness to a paranormalfantasy theme that I haven't encountered beforeI read a lot and can honestly say this is the first time I have encountered this ideaHere we are dealing with basically evolved felinesElinefae to give this race of uniue individuals their correct nameBasically a race of cat people who have kept their selves separate from the world almost lost in another time if you regard their lack of technology and how they live in Dens undergroundClans of Elinefae who are basically forbidden to mix with humans each clan having the aid of a witchAnd into this strict hemisphere of controlled populace comes Shakira searching for something she's not uite sure of just following her inner psyche until she lands in a small welsh village beginning a journey that has been in the reckoning for nigh on twenty yearsIn the process Setting in motion a ball that cannot be stopped in its momentum gathering speed along the wayUntil all of Shakira's uestions are finally answeredSo as I said earlier this is so fresh and uniue Love Bites is filled with all sorts of magical creatures a lot would do Kiera harm given the opportunity Kiera is Shakira's new chosen name on account of Pryderi being unable to pronounce ShakiraPryderi is?well Maybe you should pick this up and give this a go and find out for yourselfI Guarantee you Pryderi is all sorts of fascinatingAnd you so won't be boredThis was such an easy engaging read with fantastic world building a truly uniue experience all roundI read this so fast and in one sitting I was that engrossed and lost in this fascinating original worldSo Love Bites is filled with witches fairies sirens warlocks the list goes on and onThis is such a magical extravaganza that I really enjoyed and didn’t want to endSo to finish up this was a great read that I highly recommendI was gifted a copy of Love Bites Darkness Light Duology #1 from the Author of which I have reviewed voluntaryAll opinions expressed are entirely my own Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom So often people don’t feel like they uite fit in and that is exactly how Shakira felt just not on the same wave length as those around her It wasn’t until she moved to Wales that she finally discovered why she felt “different” It wasn’t her it was the human world she lived in because as soon as she is “transformed” by a handsome young man the world she should belong in comes to life Is Shakira finally going to find a place to feel like home or will she discover that even in the mysterious world of magick she does not uite belong Is it her fault or the circumstance of her birth?Speaking of birth a man will come into her life who wants nothing than to know her and possibly kill her a man filled with powerful magick a man she should be able to freely call “father” What drives his ire against her? Is he truly evil or has something in his own past twisted the man he has become today? In a world of witches and vampires Shakira’s every existence is forbiddenStep into the world of LOVE BITES by TL Clark and meet a heroine with attitude standing strong in spite of her predicament laugh at moments of uirky dialogue and feel your inner temps rise at some very adult very hot moments of passion TL Clark doesn’t heave us over the edge into the action and tense moments readers can settle in and get a good feel for the atmosphere before the real chaos begins Definitely worth taking a look at for paranormal lovers always looking for that next great read that is just a little differentI received an ARC edition from T L Clark in exchange for my honest reviewSeries Darkness Light Duology Book 1Publication Date August 27 2017Publisher TL ClarkGenre FantasyPrint Length 368 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More TL Clark brilliantly created the world of witches sorcerers and battling clans of vampires The book is an enjoyably read Shakira started jogging in deep forests and ultimately came to know that she is only half human This novel is a nice mix of fantacy and romance Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast Episode 12 Love Bites Review by Pauline Reid Love Bites darkness and light duology by TL ClarkGenre Fantasy Fiction Paranormal Paranormal Romance ⭐What This Book Is AboutShakira had never felt at home growing up in Surrey but as soon as she entered the uaint Welsh village she knew she belonged Maybe it was because of the welcoming villagers Or perhaps it was the presence of the others whom she sensed nearby; the ones she saw in her dreams with their strange glowing eyes⭐Here is an excerpt read by the author herself ⭐What I Thought About This BookTL Clark's wittiness and friendliness comes out through her writing in this book however this is a darklight book I enjoyed the contrast the balance between the dark and light writing flowed well TL Clark is known as a romance writer The sexiness was a bit too lustful for my taste but I took note and understood that this is part of the story line Love Bites is a blood thirsty book although not heavy I had a hard time digesting this side of it but again I understood that this was a very important part of the storyline Shakira the main character I adore especially when she was going through the transforming stage her wittiness I too enjoyed loved the way Shakira tried coping with new teeth and limbs that weren't humanI learnt a bit of Welsh twp means foolishstupid TL Clark is notorious for making up words one I stumbled across was Elinefae which are cat people believe me I looked it up but no luck with Google this time Wolfy wotsit was another one I enjoyed 😍TL Clark is a Reiki teachermaster does yoga likes to stay healthy by making what she eats being careful what she eats loves writing in her pjs is a cat lover infact her cat Pusskins was her muse for this book and I see what she means by that as TL Clark takes us through the motions of what it's like to walk like a cat I follow T L Clark on different social media sites and thought I would include the ones I followhttpswwwbookbubcomauthorstl clark Bookbubhttpsinstagramcomtlclarkauthor?i InstagramhttpswwwfacebookcomTLClarkAuthor FacebookhttpstwittercomTLClarkAuthor?s20 Twitter⭐Recommendation Love Bites is a good one to read if you like like forests paranormal paranormal romance fantasy fiction fairies fae vampires witch craft dragons sorcery and fantasy fiction also don't forget that this is a duologyFollowContact me on Goodreads Tube I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review forWelcome to a crazy fantasy world that will suck in keeping you hooked until you finally reach the end wondering what will happen next Its full of some great world building as well as lots of little details that really set the story off If you enjoy vampires fantasy and then you will probably enjoy this book I really enjoyed it so I give it 45 stars Love Bites follows the life of Shakira a young woman who has never really fit in anywhere She decides to move away from her family and to start a new life in a new town Shakira is drawn to Wales especially to the mysterious forest bordering the small town of her new home The novel is a mix of self discovery fantasy and romance It was also a bit like reading a mystery I felt like I was discovering all the secrets of a magical world right alongside Shakira I love a good fantasy adventure with a healthy dose of romance Love Bites checks all of those boxes TL Clark did an excellent job of world building It was fun to discover the secret lives of smart witches temperamental fairies the mysterious elinefae and shady sorcerers The pacing was good with a slow build at the beginning and lots of action in the final chapters I’m not a big fan of cliffhangers and technically Love Bites did not end on one All of the major issues are resolved and all of the big uestions are answered However there is a twist at the end that is pretty huge Fortunately the second book in TL Clark’s duology is available At least I don’t have to wait to find out what happens next Although this is not normally a genre I read I'd been following this particular author on Instagram for a while so decided to give it a go and I'm very glad I didRight from the start the plot is engrossing and draws you into the tale Just why has Shakira left everything behind and run away to a tiny Welsh village? What is it about her that means she has found it impossible to ever feel she really belongs anywhere? As the story unfolds we discover that Shakira is much than she ever imagined possible although I did doubt her intelligence when she went jogging in the woods alone Has she never seen a horror film?Believing this to be your typical YA novel I was a little taken aback by the first graphic sex scene yet they are very well written so once the initial shock is over you settle down and simply enjoy them as a necessary part of the plotThe author has very cleverly built a credible and believable world around her characters with enough backstory to inform but not so much you get bogged down in the details and I look forward to learning of this world in book twoThe character of Shakira as she morphs into Kira develops nicely learning her strengths along the way but never losing sight of her humanity and compassion which in the end turns out to be her greatest strength after allThere was a lot I really liked about this book and only one tiny thing I didn't and that was the split dialogue which sometimes made it a little difficult to know whom was talking But that is just a personal observation and in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the novelThe plot rolls along at a fair old pace as witches sorcerers and battling clans of vampires are thrown enjoyably into the mix the whole thing interspersed with freuent deliciously naughty sex scenes On the whole a very enjoyable read and I look forward to the next book ‘She was Elinefae she was a Sorceress She was Keira’Love Bites a gripping fantasy tale follows young Shakira as she discovers a uniue and mysterious heritage she is part fae Elinefae Shakira starts the story with an ingrained sense that she ‘doesn’t belong’ which is understandable given her mixed ancestryThrough befriending a local witch Cerys Shakira slowly learns to adapt to her new Elinefae form cat like hybrid and even begins to make allies in the Fae world Themes of not belonging secrets and dishonour dwell dep within this enchanting tale‘She could be accepted nowhereShe’d never fit in anywhereShe was nothing NOTHING’Keira’s internal conflict of not belonging was one I found easy to relate to being a transgender man as well as an Autistic individual Not fitting in has forever been the bane of my existence and so I came to view Keira as a dear friend for whom I would do anything to protectThis recurring theme of feeling out of sync with her new friends fades as Keira learns about her dual heritage and accompanying powers She appeared to me as a brave young womanElinefae with a strong and determined will I especially loved Keira’s dark sense of humour as well as the playful way she interacts with Pryderi her mateDespite the numerous dangers present in the Fae realms Keira navigates them well transforming from a shy human female into a brave and beautiful young Elinefae With her uniue abilities she is able to bring about the end to a war within the Fae realms for now and finally finds where she belongs with her own makeshift family amongst friendsLove Bites is a powerful imaginative fantasy that swept me off my feet from the very beginningI would definitely recommend this to lovers of the fantasy genre and Fae worldMy rating? Easily 5 stars Magnificent When Shakira leaves her parents and drives away to find a new life for herself she is completely unaware of just how complete that change will be ‘Love Bites’ is a story of learning to deal with change but also one which emphasises the power of the struggle for supremacy between light and dark and goodness and evil Shakira grows and develops from a young woman fully aware of the fact that she doesn’t fit in to someone who must accept and learn to embrace her origins in order to survive The story is cast with well developed characters none of them perfect but many of them very likeable Shakira herself is developed not only through her experiences and relationships but also through how she deals with what is imposed upon her There is than one lesson for all of us in this and the reader is challenged to consider their own choices and ethics in the way they communicate and relate with others The narrative is well crafted weaving together a number of plots and subplots various settings and significant challenges for the characters that often leave the reader holding their breath without even realising The dialogue is engaging reflecting both the author’s and the characters’ intelligence and adding further depth to the characters and to the action of the story Clark’s design and development of characters including a new and uniue species of creatures and of rich and varied settings is elegant and complex paying careful attention to detail without causing any wordy distraction for the reader The pace of the story is effective without being overwhelming making this book an absolute page turnerThere is some adult content so it is not recommended for younger audiences but ‘Love Bites’ is sure to please adult lovers of both fantasy and paranormal reads This was my first time reading this genre and I liked it TL Clark has uite an imagination and she does an excellent job describing the assorted magical groups including the Elinefae who are cat like creatures As a cat lady myself I enjoyed this incarnation of felines which captures their fierceness loyalty and beautyLove Bites the first in the Darkness and Light Duology centers around Shakira a woman who has left her adopted family to find herself She discovers a lot than she bargained for She's half Elinefae plus a powerful sorceress to boot both of which prove to be a blessing and a curse She falls madly for Prygeri her Elinefae soulmate but she also must grapple with a sorcerer father who suspects her power may be greater than his A couple of good witches add to the hijinks doling out a brew of humor kindness and contextThe pace is brisk and the plot easy to follow but not overly predictable While Shakira later renamed Kiera is the heroine I enjoyed witch Lily the best due to her personality which is sweet and occasionally sassyWhile the dialogue is snappy and realistic the heavy handed use of dialogue tags often coupled with ly adverbs was distracting Sometimes the tag reiterated what was already covered in the speech and other times it was just a physical impossibility you can't breathe and speak at the same time as vocalizations only occur on an exhaleOverall this criticism reflects my preferences and I imagine most readers will be too caught up in the story to care I would rate something like this 35 stars but I bumped it up to four since it was so much fun