Prepared to Fight a Golden Oakes novel

Prepared to Fight a Golden Oakes novel[KINDLE] ❅ Prepared to Fight a Golden Oakes novel By E.J. Shortall – Live each day as if it were your last Worry only about yourself Work hard and never ever fall in love That’s Olivia Buchanan’s motto and she stands by it every dayFeisty headstrong and confident r Live each day as if Fight a Kindle Ô it were your last Worry only about yourself Work hard and never ever fall in love That’s Olivia Buchanan’s motto and she stands by it every dayFeisty headstrong and confident recent graduate Liv is fighting to succeed in the male dominated field she has chosen as her career Working for her best friend's father's respected London based company her chance to shine and become recognised comes when she lands the Prepared to ePUB ✓ prestigious account for GO Sports and Leisure Armed with her plans and determination Liv is ready to deliver the presentation of her life That is until he walks in The mysterious personal trainer from the gym The only man to ever make her heart flutterWhen he offers Liv a business proposition to join him in France to complete a major architectural design project she’s left uestioning his motives—and her body’s ability to ignore his sexiness But to Fight a PDF Î as she is also intrigued by the prospect of what the job could do for her career she reluctantly accepts Liv has no time for a relationship Nate doesn’t want one When forced to to Fight a Golden Oakes PDF/EPUB or live side by side though feelings are stretched and emotions are battled Can they keep their professional and personal lives separate or are they prepared to fight for what is in their hearts. 5 Cranky Stars Nathan Oakes the golden boy fighter comes out of retirement to settle a grudge match with his arch nemesis Damian “the Dark Destroyer” Sanchez These two have an antagonistic history and the rematch is something Nathan doesn’t take lightly Enter Olivia Buchanan an architect assigned to design Nathan’s newest rehabilitation in France Sparks fly and Nathan agrees to be Olivia’s personal trainer As the rematch heats up with dubious dealings from The Destroyer so does their relationship Both may need to make a choice gloves or love? Set against a backdrop of boxing and gyms fans of the romantic fighting genre will enjoy this book It is almost impossible to highlight without spoiling and Cranky doesn’t do that so we urge readers to pick this up Highly recommended Clearly I am in the minority with my rating but the book was just OK It fell short for me with the build up btwn Nate and Olivia His constant push and pull became eye rolling Then when the focus shifted to his MMA rematchit took away from the love story dynamic and I just lost interest It just didn't work for me 25 stars This is a gripping journey of discovering self worth learning to trust and putting your heart on the line Liv is a strong feisty leading lady who I instantly connected and identified with She knows what she wants and she goes for it but is there something missing in her career fuelled life?Nathan is a hot focused gym owner What lies beneath that sculptured hard exterior and what is it he really wants from Liv?The sexual chemistry sizzles off the pages and the story carries you along cocooning you in their world and keeping you on the edge of your seat Another fantastic book from this fabulous author Prepared to Fight? Try to take my copy and you'll see I throughly enjoyed this book Olivia is not a simpering female who falls at the feet of the hero Nate She is smart ambitious and knows what she wants It was nice to see a female in a role where as soon as you meets the hero she doesn't fall at his feet and that is it No once she meets him it is a truly wonderful journey to find their happy ending The book was superb in that the plotline kept me interested the characters were continually developed chapter after chapter and the chemistry jumped off the pages I am so glad I took a chance on this book you should too I wantneed to meet a man like Nathen Oakes This story had me gripped the words flowed and I didn't want to put the book down Desperate to find out what was gonna happen next in the life of Olivia and Nate Nathan Olivia was a completely relatable character her attitude and feelings towards life She is feisty and strong but still insecure within herself Being career driven she has let other areas of her life slip A series of events leads her directly to met Nathen Oakes owner of a gym and later we discover he is an mma fighter Soon Nate and Olivia are fighting against there feelings for each other Nate is dark and brooding he keeps his emotions hidden buried deep but when they do surface he uickly rains them in Olivia is sassy and determined nate certainly meets his match This is a slow burning love story mixed with some seriously hot scenes This was a passionate filled book that i loved Nate and Liv 3 Perfect coupleI couldn't wait to jump into this book I love EJ's other books and I was really excited to get this one Liv is very career driven she isn't interested in men dating or relationships In the industry she is in its over run with males She is one of very few females She needs to prove herself The only man in her life is her best friend AdamNate is against relationships he's been hurt in the past and wont put himself through that again He has his fun with women but that's all it is a bit of fun These are the most addictive characters to read You want to know about them you want to be friends with them I loved how feisty Liv is She doesn't take any shit from anyone Sometimes I just wanted to slap Nate myself he could be such a idiot at times to Liv 5 stars for EJ I can't wait to see what else she brings out in the future Wow this book sucked me right in this was intense intriguing I loved every minute of it this is my first book by EJ and it will not be my lastLiv was sexy caring fiesty she knows what she wants in life and goes for it I really enjoyed her character and her development Her character was very well written and left me wanting Nathan holly hotness he was panty melting hot his chemistry with Liv was hot and undeniable I could not put my kindle down I just connected with him great job EJ I cannot wait for of your greatnessARC received on behalf of bookalicious babes blog EJ has written this novel beautifully It captures you from the very start to the very end I hated putting my kindle down and getting on with reality but enjoyed every second of picking it back up It's so nice to see a curvy lady achieving her dreams while getting the man of her dreams and helping towards building to of his success If you love MMA books then I would 100% highly recommend this I smiled and had tears threatening to fall throughout Nathan is one of my beloved book boyfriends Iv claimed him and not letting go#TeamNate #Always For full review please check the following link x I’m just going to keep this review short and sweet When I first read the synopsis of Prepared to Fight I was really intrigued by it I loved the cover I was really excited to dive inPrepared to Fight starts off really promising and then just sort of falls flat Olivia is supposed to be this feisty confident woman who is living in a man’s world trying to succeed and make a name for herself While I did see her as a great business woman I felt that she severely lacked confidence Her character is not a perfect 10 and has some self esteem issues Yes ladies we all have them from time to time but this was just too much I felt like she was always complaining about how she looked For me that was very hard to get past Then we have Nate Nate is this MMA fighter who also owns his own gym He is very intrigued by Olivia when he first meets her He not only likes Olivia but wants to help her get in shape When we first meet Nate he has all the makings of an alpha male He’s possessive of Olivia He wants her He will do anything to have her I love a good alpha male but again I felt like he just fell flat Instead of being the alpha male that I was anticipating he just came across as creepy Again this is just my opinionI didn’t really feel any real chemistry between Olivia and Nate They had some moments but not nearly enough I needed to see build connection Why did these two want to be with one another? In the end I just left wanting Prepared to Fight had a lot of potential but just didn’t work for me There were times I found myself wanting to put this book down and not read any but I stuck with it hoping it would get better It never did for me There was a lot of things that were hard for me to get past Again this is just my opinion What doesn’t work for some may work great for others I was provided an ARC copy of this book via SBB Promotions in exchange for an honest reviewMy review can also be seen at wwwonceuponabookblogcom I absolutely loved reading this book by EJ I honestly don’t know how she takes these awesome ideas and makes them seem so “real” The characters and the situations are so realistic that I swear I could see them on the street and become their friends This was an exciting read and very motivating First off I want to tell you that Olivia is amazing I loved her from the first sentence of the book She has fire and very goal oriented She works in a male dominating field but she doesn’t let that stop her from reaching her goals What I love the most about her is the fact that she isn’t some skinny snobby girl who gets her way She is a curvy girl and she works hard to get the things she wants When a run in with a stranger Liv decides it’s time for a change and that is what brings her face to face with the sexy Nathan Oaks Nathan is every woman’s dream man He’s sexy dominate and most of all he’s a MMA fighter I loved Nate just as much as I loved Liv He challenges Liv and they are perfect for each other Throughout this entire book I was giddy with excitement I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next And in certain scenes my adrenaline was pumping right along with the characters There are also some humor and I loved that Liv has a smart mouth and is always coming back with a witty comment And my most favorite part EJ is a British writer and I love love love knowing her character have that British accent It makes it sexier when Nate talks thinking of how he would really speak in real life I highly enjoyed reading this book I love EJ’s writing style and how she doesn’t over do anything in her books I recommend everyone reading this I can promise you you will enjoy it just as much as I did Great job EJ Looking forward to and by you