Pleasure Me

Pleasure Me➮ [Read] ➪ Pleasure Me By Monica Burns ➺ – A courtesan afraid of true loveYouth and beauty are a courtesan's greatest assets At forty one Lady Ruth Attwood appears to have lost both as her latest lover just abandoned her for a younger mistress A courtesan afraid of true loveYouth and beauty are a courtesan's greatest assets At forty one Lady Ruth Attwood appears to have lost both as her latest lover just abandoned her for a younger mistress Struggling with the knowledge that she's no longer considered desirable she's uncertain whether to be offended or flattered when a younger man makes her an unusual offer In need of funds she agrees But then she does the unthinkable She falls in loveAnd a gentleman ashamed of his true natureDespite his reputation as a man's man Baron Garrick Stratfield has never been with a woman His physical impairment is such that he knows not even a whore will touch him and he needs a mistress who's willing to be kept without sharing his bed But passion is just a delicious kiss away because his new mistress is wreaking havoc with his senses Worse yet someone is not only out to ruin his reputation but frame him for murder. I love reading CourtesanEscort romances perhaps because of Robin Schone’s The Lover or that is shows another faction of the human spirit of overcoming classes and those whose past are not pure white or perhaps I watch Pretty Woman way to much no matter the case and while this book didn’t live up to the hype I had for it it was still a very engaging read that had me reading to the end Lady Ruth has just been tossed aside by her lastest protector for a younger woman At Forty one Ruth is at a cross roads in her life dealing with her sexuality her age and what other think of her Her life changes again when she meets Barron Garrick Stratfield at a ball and after he saves her from a few snubs from the set Ruth and Garrick part ways until they meet again as they bid over Crawley Hall which both unknown to either want to buy to be built into an orphanage Each meeting leads them both drawing closer to one another secrets and a sexual tension either can resist Both leads have some deep wounds thorns that have fester over the years Ruth not only dealing with being a courtesan after so many years but her age now comes into play and the What Ifs start popping up into her mind Knowing it’s time to move on she’s trying to help orphans for a better life and options something she didn’t have at the time She’s very leery and with good reason of Garrick who while may be a younger man makes her forgot her age and sees her as a sexual desirable woman She finds it odd how Garrick fights the attraction between them while offering friendship and when the truth behind Garrick’s actions are reveled Ruth is drawn even closer to him even when she knows it may well be her heart broken in the end Garrick maybe a great kisser but because of his abnormality he happen to be born with and after his evil Uncle who was became Garrick and his siblings guardian before Garrick kicked him out belittled him at a tender age Garrick has hidden himself away from anything sexual until he meets Ruth even against his better judgment can’t keep his hands off Ruth and Garrick both help the other deal with one another insecurities and their pasts Like any chain it’s only as strong as it’s weakest link and sadly the characters for me fell into link Both were strong characters caring and dealt with a lot of hardships that only made them stronger were it could have broken anyone else My problem was the merry go around they got stuck on I can understand about the insecurities I wouldn’t be human being if I didn’t have my own insecurities but I don’t dwell on them like Ruth and Garrick did Of course they were scarred and hurt by those around them that only caused their scars to deepen and re open they keep going back to suare one In any relationship couples go through hurdles and when we thought Ruth and Garrick finally were over one hurdle it was like the same hurdle was here again Ruth was point blank about Garrick’s abnormality she even laid herself on the line in being blindfolded and tied up for Garrick to feel at ease when they first have sex and still Garrick doubts her Garrick proves to Ruth how much her age doesn’t matter going out of his way to shower her with affection and still she doubts him headdesk Their insecurities almost became a sort of character and monster Garrick and Ruth danced around and hid behind when things got a little to heavy for them They were suppose to be stronger then that and even then strong people can be weak but together the TRUSTand LOVE they put in one another and everything they went through should have been proof enough for them to have moved on from one hurdle and moved to another My other trouble I had was the disbelief Garrick showed toward the end and this cliché used many times over of Ruth showing her love by putting herself into her own downfall and scandal and the Garrick not believing in her and only after someone a stranger policeman etc says what she did does he finally believe I liked Garrick but by this point in the book I wouldn’t have minded kicking his butt to the curve It would have been 10X better if he came to this knowledge on his own instead of someone else because he believed and loved Ruth and knew her better then to spread a lie Even the ending had this same cliché with Ruth’s father whom was narrow minded only believed the truth of the his wife and Ruth’s mother he supposedly loved and he kicked out of his house only after he found a journal of the truth did he believe after all these years Wasn’t even given some groveling from the old geezer either There were some bright spots in this book the time when Garrick and Ruth weren’t hiding behind their insecurities and were together were some of the best moments and how much they grew to fall in love with one another Burns is a strong writer and it shown in great shades in Pleasure Me but not with the characters sadly 5 stars This is one of the better virgin hero romance novels I have read The story is well written with no editing issues I could see It is a stand alone and loaded with wonderful sensual and beautiful love scenesThe chartacters are well developed the pace is steady and I could not put the book downThe hero as well as the heroine had troubled pasts and when finally revealed them one another it was clear they were truly made for one another The chemistry between the two was intense and beautifulHere we have a 29 year old hero who is a virgin due to a physical defect I imagine it is difficult to for a writer to justify this with any sort of plausability but this author has done it spledidly He meets 41 year old courtesan Ruth who helps him overcome his reservations about being with a woman while he in turn helps her to overcome her age insecuritiesI really love the fact that the h is older than the H She obviously has a lot of problems dealing with growing old especially being a courtesan I can totally relate to this being 47 myself and I truly felt her insecurities about getting involved with a younger man for fear he will inevitably leave her for a younger woman as had all of her lovers before What she doesn't see is that age is just a number and that although she is 41 she is still beautiful physically and the H thinks so too This is such a uniue and refreshing theme that women of all ages can relate to Why is it that in the eyes of society it is ok for an older man to be with a young woman and not ok for an older woman to have a younger man? I give double kudos to the writer for bringing this topic outI will definately be reading from this author Favorite uote “A teacher of mine once told me that some women like to hear a man whisper naughty words into their ears” His teeth nibbled at her earlobe Her knees gave away and only his body kept her from sliding to the floor “Are you one of those women my lady?”Forty One year old Lady Ruth has been a courtesan most of her life and a very successful one at that However her latest lover has cast her aside for someone younger Ruth isn’t uite sure how to feel about this She knows this lifestyle will not last forever but she is sad to see her younger years have passed her by Determined not to let her former lover get the better of her she decides to make an appearance at a ball that night Word of her split has already made the rounds though and to start the ball she is the center of viscous gossipBaron Garrick Stratfield can’t stand to see a woman hurt and when he hears Ruth being cut down he intervenes on her behalf Ruth thinks he is only being nice because he pities her and they part ways They soon find each other again when they both want to purchase the same house Unknown to the other they both have interests in two separate orphanages and they both need to expand The they run into each other the their attraction builds But this attraction has many barriersGarrick is only 29 Ruth knows he is younger and assumes if they entered into a relationship he would eventually cast her aside as well Garrick on the other hand is a virgin obviously a tightly kept secret He has had a mistress in the past but never entered into a physical relationship with her He has a physical impairment that causes him much shame and can’t bare to be naked with a woman Garrick can’t get sex out of his mind when he is around Ruth but his shame outweighs his desires – at least at firstPleasure Me is one of the most sultry and sensual historical romance books I have read Garrick has this intense vibe about him but he is also a virgin and carries around such shame about his impairment This vulnerability is such a contrast with his outward persona It makes him out to be such a fun hero to read about He is sexual and he is a seducer he just can’t complete the deed due to his shame He is alpha in everything in his life except when a woman wants to have sexRuth and Garrick have such amazing chemistry yet both are so reluctant to make that step forward to a physical relationship Monica Burns builds the tension ever so slowly They truly become friends first even though that step is even hard for them Ruth is so obsessed with her age and how society will judge her if she is seen with a younger man Garrick is so obsessed with his physical impairment and how a woman will judge him if he unclothes himself There is no easy road for them They fight they don’t communicate – but there is this magnetic force pulling them back together They have much in common – both involved in orphanages and both had traumatic childhoods which have sculpted them into the adults they are today Best of all as we go through the steps of their friendship the sexual tension Monica Burns gives us is off the chartThe author blurb on the front of the cover states “I have never anticipated a love scene with such fervor before” and I can’t agree I literally couldn’t put this book down I NEEDED to get to the eventual love scene between the virgin and the very experienced courtesan Best of all – the scene plays out beautifully It is not rushed spanning a couple of chapters I don’t want to give anything away – but it is done with such an erotic twist Not only is the build up amazing the actual love scenes really really pay offThe first 95% of the book I loved every word Right at the end I think it veers off course just a little A betrayal comes into play that seemed a bit forced to me Otherwise this book is fantastic Pleasure Me made my smexy heart beat in all its glory I love this bookRating A Lady Ruth Atwood is 41—not a good age for a courtesan Her last protector dumps her for a younger model—and refuses to pony up on the large house he promised her If she sells some of her other stuff she can probably buy the large house herself She helps run an orphanage and the kids need room Baron Garrick Stratfield is handsome and despite the fact that he's got a reputation as a ladies' man he's actually never been with a woman Seems he has a deformity down there The first woman he tried to do the deed with was party to a cruel game by his uncle—the two of them scorned and laughed at him and left him certain that no woman will ever want to touch himGarrick wants the large house too—and for the same reason To protect his reputation he also needs a new fake mistress—the last one has gone off and married and some guys who hate him are putting about that he secretly plays Backgammon She's sensitive about her age He's sensitive about his man bits The love scenes are very tentative and very sweet still sexy though And the bad guys add just enough drama to keep it from being too angsty for my tastes I'll give it a 37 I wanted to love this story and given the chemistry of the characters I thought I would however to be honest the story was borderline exhausting Garrick is completely obsessed with his physical abnormality and Ruth is completely obsessed with her age and how society will view her being in a relationship with a much younger man Both obsessions took center stage through the entire book and as a result I felt drained and ready for the story to be over instead of anticipating a HEA I give credit to Ms Burns for creating well developed and passionate characters but the continued self deprecation of both left little satisfaction in the final outcome of this couple I have a small number of authors I always rely on who give me a well written uniue story These authors are either comfort reads or ones who are willing to take a chance and write unconventional characters and storylines Monica Burns is all of the above She gives me the comfort I need while writing excellent romance and with characters who are not the ho hum been there done that I’ve seen countless times before Her latest release Pleasure Me has a perfect combination of what I love in romance We have a semi alpha type hero who has been scarred from an event in his younger years due to a horrendous relative Because of that he feels he’s less than a man and has never been intimate with a woman The heroine is considered past her prime at 41 years old a courtesan who should retire and never been seen again Both Baron Garrick Stratfield and Lady Ruth Attwood are two maturely written characters I had the delight to read about set in a Victorian London England at the turn of the 19th centuryVirgin alpha hero older experience heroine in Victorian England WinRuth has just been tossed aside by Lord Marston her recent protector for a much younger woman At forty one Ruth knows her options have become limited She’s ready to retire as a courtesan but it pains her to do so Not because of the pleasure she may receive from a man but the idea that she’s dried up and lacking in her sexuality because of her age Ruth has a kind heart for she volunteers her time at an orphanage Her goal is to purchase Crawley Hall to make into a new orphanage that the odious Marston had promised to give her Unfortunately for her there is another interested buyer Barron Garrick StratfieldGarrick wants Crawley Hall for his sister Lily who also helps the orphans coincidentally the same ones Ruth is involved with The moment Garrick sees Ruth at a ball he’s bowled over by her Her advanced age doesn’t concern him He wants her as his mistress but in name only The reason is Garrick feels he’s has abnormality that makes him less than a man His uncle who became his and his siblings’ guardian after his parents death found out what he has and made a point to ridicule Garrick when he was only seventeen and coming into his sexuality Because of that event Garrick has never been sexually active other than kissing because he dare not let anyone see him naked But with Ruth he longs to be with her naked and do everything a man would do with a woman he desires At first Ruth wants nothing to do with him because he’s too forceful too young for her and knows all the gossip about his prowess from other women She assumes he’ll eventually leave her for another woman especially since he’ll need to get married and have heirs And since Ruth is past her prime and because of her reputation she can never have a future with GarrickAt first Garrick only offers her friendship But Garrick has a bad habit of kissing Ruth every change they’re together Ruth is undone by his skillful kisses If he can make her almost climax with his lips she can only just imagine what he’ll be like in the bedroom And when Ruth invites him to her bed he has one reuest she can never see him naked and must wear a blindfold Ruth allows this since she wants Garrick badly but he’s unlike any of her past suitors Something about Garrick if off He’s than willing to offer her pleasure but not receive anything in return And when she finds out what Garrick is hiding and why she tries her best to get him to trust her hoping that when they break off it won’t be too painful But Garrick isn’t the type to walk away because now that he has Ruth he’ll never let her leave himPassion is the key word here Monica can write such unbelievable sexual tension I really can’t find any fault with the way Garrick and Ruth interacted with one another They have this deep pull toward one another Garrick ultimately holds back because of his fear and loathing over his body Ruth’s reason is because of her age These two may seem to harp on a great deal about their faults but it’s written in such a way that makes perfect sense why they think the way they doI had a few “what if” moments with Garrick What if he’d only gone to a doctor at a younger age to discuss his deformity as he thinks it to be to announce what it is would take away from the enjoyment of the story? But if he had then the story would be very different from the way Monica has envisioned it Garrick is the type to keep things closely guarded and for a man of that time to be open and honest even with his physician may have caused psychological damage Because of that Garrick puts on an amazing front a self assured man who will not be messed with even as his enemies accuse him of being a sodomite because he’s not a braggart when it comes to his sexual conuests It’s very telling how male society views themselves when it comes to the number of women they have conuered Monica gives a great psychological study as well as a woman’s status and respect among her counterparts with Ruth Pleasure Me is Monica’s best book to date It’s mature and smart reading that doesn’t get better than this I really had high hopes for Pleasure Me when I first heard about it If there's a virgin hero and one who’s younger than the heroine you have me on board to read Monica has sold me hook line and sinker Those who are bored with historical romance because it’s the same old stereotypical trite stories Pleasure Me is perfect in taking away those blah feelings I’m giving you another call to action to buy Pleasure Me as a fabulous read and one of the best books released for this spring season This is the first Monica Burns novel I've read andwow AmazingThe title might be misleading for those who just want erotica or expecting a lot of hot and passionate love scenes but this novel is a gripping tale of how two people struggled to find happiness amidst a cruel society The characters were unpredictable and really complex there were a lot of layers to them and the storytelling was fast paced it really got me hooked For a novel branded as erotica it has fewer scenes than I expected but it had substanceThis is a story where both the hero and heroine are tortured both had difficult childhoods but they are really caring people and they're devoted to orphans and both of them have deep secrets It's not difficult to like the both of them and I liked how the conflicts pile up after one another they got of at a smooth turned rocky start and I loved Garrick's tenacity in pursuing RuthI found myself being lured in Ms Burns's writing that I became teary eyed in some scenes I felt the character's emotions and I was really impressed with the uality of the novel; reading this has been a breath of fresh air Not that I was disappointed for the lack of love scenes they were expertly written and they were perfectly in line with the story The author really built the anticipation and I was anxious to find out how each scene would play outThe tone was never dragging the conversation at a minimum and actions spoke louder than words the words themselves misconstrued and uttered with different intentions in mind Garrick's character is not the usual alpha male who's a domineering ass he's really in tune with Ruth one can't blame her for having insecurities about her age and her fears aren't really unfounded Ms Burns really did a good job of keeping me in suspense not the type that I'll whine get over it already but there's the anticipationOne other thing I noted about this is the long term effect of ridiculing a child It messes himher up and this story has a lot of cause and effect It's far different from the historicals I've read and I definitely felt the romance here What this story tried to convey is age is just a number it's no barrier for true love Like one of the characters said do not let happiness slip away from you no matter what the reason It stuck with me because a lot of people aren't really content with what they have they always find excusesSo on that note thank you Vikisha for recommending this to me and I'm definitely going to read her other works Reviewed for THC Reviews Pleasure Me was one of those random book choices I picked up not having read the author before and not really knowing what to expect I chose it in large part because it contains uite a number of themes I typically enjoy virgin hero hero with a physical imperfection who’s also dealing with past emotional abuse courtesan heroine heroine over forty and an older womanyounger man MayDecember relationship In many ways these tropes helped me to like the book much better than I probably would have if they hadn’t been a part of the story Another attraction for me was that I noticed this appeared to be a steamy romance – which it was – although not uite “erotic” as billed on the cover The love scenes are extremely sensual but they definitely don’t overwhelm the story in any way I think there were only maybe three or four in the whole book Also while they do contain some mildly erotic content a scene of light bondage a blindfold and a bit of sensual role playing that didn’t end in consummation these elements simply weren’t spicy enough to top a four out of five on my sensuality scale However they were very emotional and well written and were some of my favorite parts of the book as well That said though it was mainly the favorite tropes steamy love scenes and a pretty good emotional connection that helped garner the story a four star rating from me because it unfortunately had some frustrating moments which I’ll address shortlyAfter losing both his parents Garrick and his siblings were placed under the guardianship of an uncle who was emotionally and sometimes physically abusive and who sadistically loved to taunt him Garrick was born with a physical abnormality that he’d thought little about until he developed feelings at the age of seventeen for a young ballerina his uncle had invited to their estate Little did he know that the girl and his uncle conspired to lure him to the woman’s room for sport where they cruelly made fun of his deformity Mortified over the incident Garrick vowed never to bed a woman again and as soon as he was of age he threw his uncle out and has been paying him hush money ever since terrified that his secret might get out Over the years he’s carefully cultivated the facade of the ultimate man’s man becoming skilled at boxing and creating the persona of a womanizer However his peers are beginning to become suspicious of his sexual preferences as he never shows off his “mistress” like most men do Then said “mistress” falls in love with another man and moves away leaving Garrick without a cover When he meets Ruth just after she’s been thrown over by her lover he’s enchanted by her strength and beauty He unconventionally proposes that they become friends but he uickly finds himself wanting much However his past experiences have left him emotionally scarred and unwilling to expose his body to a woman again Garrick is the perfect mix between an alpha male and a sensitive man with a wounded heart and psyche I like how he gradually opens himself up to Ruth and he proves to be a uick study in the bedroom arts Underneath it all he has a kind heart caring for orphans and lost souls Overall he was the type of hero I generally love but I did find myself frustrated that even after Ruth proves herself trustworthy he still seems to have little confidence in her or their relationshipWhen her mother died and she was all but disowned by her father who erroneously believed she was another man’s child Ruth had few other options except to become a wealthy man’s mistress The life of a courtesan is all she knows and she’s generally been content with her lot in life until her latest lover throws her over for a much younger woman Faced with the fact that her youth and beauty are fading fast Ruth considers retiring to the country However she’s the primary patron of an orphanage that she’d hoped to expand to a property she wants to buy and doesn’t yet have enough money to do so Then she meets Baron Stratfield who has an interest in the same country manor making her fear that her dreams may be evaporating before he eyes until he makes her a very unusual offer His awkward pursuit leaves her uncertain whether to be flattered or offended but eventually he wins her over with his charm However the fact that he’s younger than her is a constant concern and when she realizes she’s done the unthinkable and fallen in love with him she knows polite society would never accept their age difference and believes he deserves a youthful woman Ruth is a kind caring person who accepts and respects Garrick despite his birth defect and is than willing to meet him at his own comfort level She’s very giving and loving toward him and also toward the children in the orphanage always happy to pitch in and help in whatever way is needed even if it means getting her hands dirty I sympathized with her fears over getting older and over their age difference but at times I felt like her issues were belabored instead of her gradually growing and coming to trust in Garrick’s love for herThroughout reading Pleasure Me I had a roller coaster relationship with the book As I said before I generally liked both Garrick and Ruth and their story had a number of tropes I truly enjoy However the characters internalized issues and inability to fully trust one another became a bit repetitive and tedious at times They come together and things start looking up for them and then on the next page they’re being distrustful of one another again This up and down continues pretty much throughout the entire book I also picked up on some circular thinking and repetitious words and phrases that only exacerbated the problem IMHO it would have been a stronger story if the author had given attention to building the external conflict instead of almost constantly relying on Garrick and Ruth’s respective internal conflicts to keep the story moving The ingredients to do so were present but not utilized to their full potential in my estimation I think this would have made it possible for them to trust one another fully and sooner and also would have left me with a satisfied feeling since to me trust is eually as important as love in a romance I struggled mightily with how to rate this book Parts of it were probably only worthy of about 35 stars but because there were a number elements I liked and it did manage to tug on my heartstrings several times I decided to round it up to four In any case it was good enough to make me interested in trying another Monica Burn’s book While Pleasure Me is considered a stand alone story Ruth’s friends Allegra and Shaheen from Kismet put in a few appearances so I might check out their story at some point Once upon a time in Ye Olde 2011 I’d never known the great joy of the addictive substance known as romance novels I was young and naive and possibly a bit snobbish thinking I was too good for “those kinds of books” insert elitist sniff Also you know reading such books was uite scandalous in my Ultra Conservative household Tsk tsk Anyway I saw a review for Monica Burns’ Pleasure Me thought that the story sounded uite gooddifferent than one’s usual preconceptions regarding romance Virgin heroes? Middle aged heroines? What what? I was intrigued so I oh so sneakily obtained a copy devoured itdevoured it again And then like 5 times in the next year or so Pleasure Me honestly changed my life so now 5 or 6 years after the fact I figure I owe it a proper review It’s the least I can do reallyLooking back this is kind of a weird book to be one’s first romance novel It really doesn’t have many of the popular tropes that one sees today No rakes no wallflowers no comic interludes—it’s not even Regency Rather Pleasure Me is a Victorian romance featuring a no longer 20 and fresh faced courtesan and a virgin Baron And if I were to describe the plot in a sentence I’d say something like “This is a book about two people overcoming extreme anxietiestraumasand also screwing each other silly” Really the plot is actually kind of nonexistent when I examine it but it doesn’t matter so much in the long run Because the sex is greatI think it’s the particular tropes here that appeal to me so much that drew me into reading it in the first place and that consistently draw me back—I think I’ve read this almost 10 times honestly The Virgin Hero trope for one is huge for me For some reason it’s really refreshing to have the roles switched and see the male protagonist in a position where he’s uncertain inexperienced and isn’t superlatively great It’s also about the furthest from overconfident mansplaininess as you can get And Burns really does well with Garrick’s characterization in this area The reasons for his virginity will be discussed below in the section of the review dedicated to Trauma Angst but for now yes I liked how the whole thing was handledRuth being a middle aged courtesan wasis also an appealing aspect of the book Shy bookish wallflowers who’re convinced of their lack of appeal until some roguish lord convinces them they’re beautiful might be The Big Thing but I like Ruth She knows she’s gorgeous she’s confident in her own intelligence and seductive ualities and also dedicates her time to charities when she can Again she deals with lots of Trauma Angst but we’ll discuss this laterSo obviously the very nature of the two tropes just discussed lends tosex A whole lot of sex I feel like there’s a bit sex in Pleasure Me than one would generally expect to find in your average romance which was wonderfully titillating for me the first time I read this And now that I’ve read plenty romances I can now admit also that the spiciness level of the sexual content is Hot much hotter than typical romance novels which I find to be consistently medium or mediummild Honestly this book ismostly sex with some character angst thrown in between And now to the promised Trauma Angst Basically both our heroine and our hero spend much of the book throwing themselves massive—and I do mean massive—pity parties Ruth is pathologically self conscious about her age; she feels that she’s old and ugly and unlovable and tries to run away from Garrick because obviously he could never love an ancient hag like her Garrick naturally overcomes her objections over time but it takes the whole bookGarrick meanwhile has remained a virgin until the ripe age of 29 due to a highly traumatizing event when he was 17 in which his abusive uncle set him up to be “seduced” with the intention of making fun of him and in the process discovered that Garrick was born with only one testicle Yep Garrick spends the entire book in an agony of shame and humiliation becauseonly one ball Again this anxiety is relieved by Ruth and Garrick learns how desirable he really is blah blah blahSo having highlighted to two main prongs of Burns’ attack let’s simplify The format of this book is usually 1 a casual conversation between Garrick and Ruth 2 a scene where one of them agonizes over their uniue trauma 3 a sex scene 4 internal angsting 5 a conversation where one tries to convince the other to set aside their trauma 6 sex Repeat repeat repeatUhI feel like I’m talking very dismissively about this book even though it’s the Most Important Romance I’ve ever read and definitely the one I’ve re read most often The thing is that Pleasure Me is super readable and super sexy but when you examine the plot with any level of scrutiny it’s not great Which is why I haven’t reviewed it until now because it’s my favorite and I must protect it at all costs Which I will doAnyway who reads romance novels expecting uality prose and storytelling? Pfft Silly women reading silly novels written by other silly women “uality” is for Manly Stories About Manly Things Like Hemingway And John GreenWhat Pleasure Me has going for it and what I love about it is the Super Steamy Sex Scenes honestly my favorite of all time the really hot chemistry between the characters even when they’re not engaged in coitus the relatively unusualuniue characterization and the way Ruth and Garrick’s tropes interplay Also nostalgia but that should be obvious by now and beside the pointBriefly The book that made Renae a lover of trashy fiction featuring age differences virgin heroes angst and lots of sexytimes 1010 would recommend📌 Blog | Review Database | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads Pleasure Me is the first historical romance I read by Monica Burns I was already familiar with her Order of Sicari Novels and I loved those So I wondered if her latest historical romance could mesmerize me in the same way as her paranormal romances I guess I was not prepared for Baron Garrick Strattfield; he knocked me off my feet with his raw intense masculinity right from the start And I immediately felt sympathy for Lady Ruth Attwood and was vexed on her behalf in only 18 pages the first chapter I went through a whole range of different emotions so yeahhhh this story had my undivided attentionLady Ruth Attwood is a 41 year old courtesan She fears she is no longer attractive since her last two lovers have left her for younger women She struggles with the fact that she is considered old and now has to figure out how to proceed with her life Then she meets Baron Garrick Strattfield who is obvious younger than her the attraction between them is instant but she keeps her distance Having a younger lover is just “not done” in the Ton but Garrick makes her an offer she can’t refuse The undeniable attraction is obvious from the moment Garrick and Ruth meet in the entryway of some party and it only grows stronger throughout the story But both have to deal with their personal issues and these issues stand in the way of forming a deeper connection Another thing that stands in their way of finding happiness is the Ton Breaking the rules of the upper class society euals social ruin so Garrick and Ruth are under a lot of pressure I love how Monica Burns brings Ruth and Gareth to life and puts them through the emotional wringer to find and accept themselves and each other Their dialogues are emotional and full of controlled passion; you can feel their sexual tension from start to finishBoth Garrick and Ruth have insecurities From page one it is clear that Ruth is hung up about her age and the fact that all the men in her life leave her Her father’s refusal to acknowledge her forced her to become a courtesan She is smart independent compassionate and very stubborn But most of all she is a real classy lady with her heart in the right place and although she always longed for a family of her own she knows that will never happen To protect herself and Garrick from further heartache she keeps throwing her age in Garrick’s face to stop him from getting any closer But does that stop Garrick at all nooo and it made me love him even Now Garrick’s masculinity rolls of the pages in huge waves a real alpha male very protective of the ones he loves fierce honorable but also gentle Yet he has to live with an embarrassing birth defect and his uncle has humiliated him to the bone for it when he was a kid because of this he has never shared a bed with a woman and denies himself the chance to find true love and happiness So he overcompensates by trying to be the best in everything else he does Garrick pulled at all my heartstrings and I was rooting for him the whole time As Pleasure Me is a character driven story mostly focused on Garrick and Ruth I found it refreshing to read that Ruth is the one with all the experience and that Garrick is the virgin in the bedroom It was touching to see how their trust in one another grew page after page and how they slowly broke down each other’s walls Pleasure Me is not the average historical romance read it is intense passionate and emotional You don’t have to be a historical romance lover “pur sang” to enjoy it; I dare to say it is one of the better upcoming historical releasesThe secondary cast of characters enhance the story even most of them linger a bit in the background yet somehow as the story enfolds it turns out that some of them have influenced the lives of both Garrick and Ruth profoundly in the past and continue to do so in the present time The plotline is straight yet invigorates around page 220 when it becomes clear that someone is out to ruin Garrick I loved how Monica Burns effortlessly interweaves all the pieces of the plotline and the characters to a fabulous hot read Her fluent smooth writing had me hooked from the start The epilogue ends the story perfectly and left me completely contented and with a big smile on my faceMonica Burns is an author to keep your eye on because Pleasure Me is breathtaking intense and sheer passion with a capital P