The Best of Farmerphile

The Best of Farmerphile➻ [Download] ➸ The Best of Farmerphile By Michael Croteau ➺ – Farmerphile The Magazine of Philip José Farmer ran fifteen uarterly issues from July 2005 to January 2009Thanks to the generosity of Philip José Farmer and his Magic Filing Cabinet Farmerphile publi Farmerphile The Magazine of Philip José Farmer ran fifteen uarterly issues from July to January Thanks to the generosity of Philip José Farmer and his Magic Filing Cabinet Farmerphile published for the first time anywhere stories excerpts articles speeches and letters by FarmerIt also contained articles and appreciations from Farmer's fans and his fellow science fiction authors from critiues of his work to stories of personal encounters and everything betweenCollected here for the first time is The Best of Farmerphile. I have been a fan of Philip Jose Farmer the late great Science Fiction Grand Master who also wrote in many other genres from Peoria for fifteen years which is to say nearly half my life I have also been part of the online Farmer fan community for as long One of my biggest regrets was that I never got around to reading the Farmer 'zine FARMERPHILE while it was still being published although I was able to obtain the first three issues at FarmerCon the annual celebration of Farmer's life and work in 2012 I loved what I read and was left wanting Luckily this year Meteor House a company whose output is primarily but not exclusively Farmerian in nature released a beautiful collection of many of the highlights of the magazine's short but distinguished run These include essays by Farmer Farmer articles by others about his work and rare stories by the man himself Every piece in this collection is gold so rather than go through them all I will highlight some of my favoritesThe Roller Coaster Ride with Phil Farmer is by Bette Farmer his wife and recounts various vignettes from their decades of marriage These offer a great personal insight into a man whose work makes him seem almost larger than life at least in my eyes One anecdote that particularly amused me was Bette describing a convention where a young boy in a beanie hat walked up to Farmer and told him he had read his book THE LOVERS a groundbreaking novel for the genre in its mature approach to sex and thought it wasn't that great According to Bette Harlan Ellison has continually denied he ever said any such thingWin Scott Eckert one of the leading scholars of Farmer's concept of the Wold Newton Family a vast family tree of literary heroes and villains contributes three excellent essays The Farmerian Holmes deals with the role the Sherlock Holmes canon plays in the Wold Newton mythos Indeed Holmes is arguably the most important character in it after Tarzan and Doc Savage Excessively Diverted or Coming to Pemberley House talks about the discovery and Eckert's completion of Farmer's previously unpublished novel THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE an erotically charged novel set firmly within the Wold Newton Universe as Eckert dubbed it as well as explaining the route through which Patricia Clarke Wildman the daughter of a certain bronze skinned pulp hero inherited the Greystoke title following the disappearance of her distant cousin the jungle lord Only a Coincidence Phileas Fogg Philip Jose Farmer and the Wold Newton Family makes some startling revelations about Farmer's connection to the family whose existence he himself revealed to the worldGribardsun Through the Ages by Eckert and Dennis E Power is a timeline of the lives of John Gribardsun the enigmatic grey eyed long lived time traveler of Farmer's novel TIME'S LAST GIFT As that book's legion of fans know Gribardsun is famous under another name and also appears as the Grey Eyed God Sahhindar in Farmer's Ancient Opar booksThis latter series is the subject of Christopher Paul Carey's The Archaeology of Khokarsa Sources in Farmer's Ancient Oparian Motherland This provides an invaluable look at Farmer's influences in this series ranging from THE SONG OF HIAWATHA to Ambrose Bierce's An Inhabitant of CarcosaRemembering the Eyre Incident Three Decades Later by Danny Adams Farmer's great nephew is a terrific metafictional piece relating to Farmer's novel STATIONS OF THE NIGHTMARE which I finally read for the first time a few months ago Danny's love for his uncle's works shines through this and other works such as their collaboration on the preuel to Farmer's Dayworld series which I am currently reading the series that isFarmer's White Whales Raintrees Flying Saucers deals with the subject of mainstream literature vs science fiction and is a very well thought out and reasoned piece Ever the Trickster Farmer also includes a counterargument from Tim Howller who fans of his work will remember as the protagonist of After King Kong Fell More about Tim belowFarmer's speech Sherlock Holmes Sufism Related Subjects deals with the Great Detective's possible interest in the Islamic mystical belief system In doing so it delves into Holmes' activities during the Great Hiatus of 1891 1894 a subject that a number of scholars and authors have explored based on Doyle's tantalizing hintsJongor in the Wold Newton Family is a section excised from the final manuscript of Farmer's seminal fictional biography DOC SAVAGE HIS APOCALYPTIC LIFE describing how Robert Moore Williams' Tarzanic hero Jongor fits into the family tree Among his distinguished relatives are Captain Hugh Drummond Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy Rob Roy and Beau GesteThe Face That Launched a Thousand Eggs is an autobiographical make of that what you will and utterly hilarious tale by Farmer of the aforementioned Tim Howller's college days and the actions he took in uest of winning his own Helen A Peoria Night is another excellent and funny tale that mentions many of Farmer's favorite topics especially Tarzan It also contains my all time favorite opening sentence to any Farmer work George Harrier had never heard of the wheelchair whore when he started looking for a woman for his legless brother That is glorious and ensures you have to keep reading RED ORC'S RAGE's Jim Grimson had never planned to eat his father's balls is my second favorite Farmerian opening sentence in case you were wonderingDio Miaule is a genre bender in the best Farmerian fashion featuring elements of the P I genre sci fi and fantasy to delightful effect Also a great story for cat loversThese and many other pieces make this book a must read for Farmer fans I also have to call attention to the great cover by Keith Howell featuring Farmer clad in the familiar raiments including deerstalker and pipe of Holmes Speaking from personal experience any writer would be lucky to have Keith providing a cover for their book and he did his usual great job here