The Cloud Raiders

The Cloud Raiders❮Read❯ ➪ The Cloud Raiders Author Samuel Sattin – FOR MORA WE STRIVEOn tiny Mora hurtling through space trying to find a star bright enough to sustain its fading life everyone must do their part to keep the planet alive Workers work Leaders lead Figh FOR MORA WE STRIVEOn tiny Mora hurtling through space trying to find a star bright enough to sustain its fading life everyone must do their part to keep the planet alive Workers work Leaders lead Fighters fightBut Loon Ozoa confined to the The Cloud PDF \ life of a pit worker but born with the heart and passion of a warrior dreams of enlisting in the Temple of Sacred Defense and fighting the monstrous Feeders that threaten his people's existence When his friend Val Mol second in command of the Rightful Blade promises Loon a place in his ranks Loon hopes to finally serve a higher purpose But his hoverhog riding glint slinging mine master grandma and her motley crew The Cloud Raiders are none too pleased about Loon trading in his drill rig for a shift swordDetermined to serve Mora Val and Loon's place in the military soon gets them lurched right into the murky waters of a conspiracy one that holds dark secrets at the hands of their supreme regent Will Val and Loon remain loyal to their commander or will the secrets they uncover change everything they thought they knew about the purpose of their fight and fate of their planet. There's some great world building here Set on a world where the fuel is drying up the rich still live in luxury while the lower classes put their lives at risk to mine the Glint that's left There's a larger mystery as large veins of Glint have gone missing along with some political behind the scenes underhandedness The main characters of Loon and Grandma are great Grandma is a badass skycycle riding warrior while Loon is small with lots of heart but little skill The story can be hard to follow There are way too many characters all with odd names along with several made up words to figure out from their context The art is great The aliens all have an individual look and the color palette is nice and soothing Received a review copy from Lion Forge and NetGalley All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned I received a copy of Glint Book One through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review Glint is the newest graphic novel from Lion Forge It’s the first in a trilogy but honestly it could also be read as a standalone as well if you were so inclined They got Samuel Sattin Legend and Ian McGinty Adventure Time for the creative staff which is pretty impressive Glint is set on a different world – one that is dying The people of this world have gone to drastic measures to survive understandably Meanwhile their society is slowly starting to crumble away Naturally it’s those on the fringes that are suffering the most while the wealthy are still managing to thrive I’ll give you three guesses as to how that worksview spoiler Glint was a fun and interesting read on the whole I’ll confess that it did take me a little while to really get into the story but once I did I enjoyed it I enjoyed the pacing of the book There was a lot going on and a lot to be said during it’s time but it never really felt like things were being rushed I can’t stand it when it feels like a book or graphic novel is rushing me along with the story Give it time to be organic Glint didn’t make that mistake – though I do sort of wish time had been spent letting us get to know all of the main characters involved I can’t uite put my finger on why but I never really did feel like I knew them all that well I especially loved the artwork for the series The bright colors and art style worked amazingly well together It sort of reminded me of The Dark Crystal only with pink and overall brighter tones I personally liked that reminder – in fact I’m probably going to end up watching the movie again soon because of this So thanks for that This volume is supposed to be the first in a three part series Honestly I think it could have worked either way They concluded the plot in such a fashion where if it had been standalone it would have made sense It makes me wonder if maybe the first volume was written ahead of the other two? At a point where maybe they didn’t know how many volumes it would get? Just a theory Still I’m happy that they’re getting three volumes out of it I’m looking forward to the next story in the world of Glint I’ve intentionally avoided any news about it so don’t go spoiling any surprises for me I’ll be interesting to see what they decide to do next though I can’t wait hide spoiler Before I read my first graphic novel in 2017 I was under the impression that they were all pretty much glorified comic books aimed at little boys who couldn't be bothered to read a full length novel I'm afraid that if The Cloud Raiders had been my first introduction to the graphic novel format it would have reinforced that assumption; I would've given up on the format instantly and then missed out on some wonderful booksThis is one of the weakest graphic novels I've read to date I still don't really know what the plot was all about The characters confused me no end; some of them looked so similar to each other and their names were all weird the use of nicknames and terms of endearment didn't help; neither did the slip up where one character's name was spelled two different ways on the same page And the panels are so cluttered that half the time I couldn't even tell what I was looking at even after zooming in on the e book edition There are no breaks for chapters or sections which leads to some rather abrupt and awkward transitions; it all reads like one great long piece which is kind of exhaustingGetting through this one was an absolute slog I didn't care what was happening probably because I couldn't tell what was happening and I just wanted to get through the thing Had it not been an ARC I probably would've abandoned itI don't think I've ever felt so lost while reading any book graphic novel or otherwise The Cloud Raiders just made me feel stupid like I was missing something really obvious Maybe I was or maybe I'm just not this book's audience Thank you to NetGalley and Lion Forge for providing a digital ARC Samuel Sattin and Ian McGinty are the creative team to beat Sorta like a Jim Henson project but in comic form I can't wait until this book is published because I think my kiddos at the library are going to love it Without coming right out and saying it Loon lives in a society where many of those in leadership are determined to create a situation where the lower classes have no way of raising themselves up and you know what that means in graphic novel land an uprising Eventually anyway In the first volume what we see is a lot of youthful idealism and elder wisdom Don't get me wrong we're not talking wise old owl elders these are former soldiers and their abilities are undiminished by their age I can feel some big deal type stuff coming in the next volume and can't wait to read it Glint is a great graphic novel with illustrations that remind me a little of Star Wars and The Dark Crystal The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger but the story does feel complete enough to leave you wanting to follow Loon to his next assignment Glint tells us a story in a different world Mora where their population are struggling to surviveWell at least the ones near the fumes are but those in the citadel thrive We follow the live of Loon a small boy that lives in the pit and works in the mine with his grandma and her group of cloud raiders but that wants in his life he wants to serve the country by working with the TSL the ones that protect the planet Let's just say that his family and work buddies aren't much happy with itAs well we follow a bit of the leaders of the planet the priestess and the the leader Murk of the TSL One trying to protect the country and one maybe not wanting that so much Follow along as they fight to protect the Mora country of the Feeders terrifying monsters as well as follow the mysteries of what's going on with the missing glint and the chiefs of stateAll the illustrations are magnificent the plot is really catchy and all the colors and everything are great I really enjoyed all the 160 pages of it and want That ending with the princess grandma and Loon are too cool Thanks for the chance of reading this book Netgalley Got a very Dark Crystal vs Ayn Rand vibe from this book Love the characters and the grandmother ish character I found the art and the dialogue to be particularly interesting I had read Sattin's other book THE SILENT END and was delight to see his name on this book Mora is a little planet struggling to stay alive On Mora there are warriors and there are workers The warriors protect Mora from Feeders and other vectors of attack while workers mine for glint to keep their planet alive One worker tiny Loon Ozoa wishes desperately to be a warrior and his friend Val Mol second in command of the Rightful Blade promises to make that happen much to the dismay of Loon's tough as nails grandmother Soon Loon and Val are called into battle but it looks like the leaders of the planet are keeping some very dark secrets A really compelling adventure story with a maddening cliffhanger of an ending it's going to have readers desperate to find out what comes next This is the first book of an exciting all ages sci fi series It takes place on Mora a world powered by glint a naturally occurring mineral collected at great peril by families of miners Nearly all of the citizens of Mora live in Pits or communities that have grown up around the mines Only a few are able to live out of the reach of the poisonous fumes in The Citadel the capital and center of the Temple of Sacred Defense The fastest way out of the Pits is to enlist in the TSD for Mora is constantly under attack by Feeders huge beasts with many months who devour indiscriminately Young Loon expects to live out his life working the mines until his best friend Val is accepted into the TSD and made second in command of his brigade Suddenly Loon sees an opportunity to follow Val to The Citadel Loon's mother sick from glint fumes and his badass grandma a war hero and rebel are horrified They understand that the army offers far death than glory especially under the command of Supreme Regent Murc who many or may not have Mora's best interests at heart The story is fast paced and brightly colored I love the mix of character designs citizens of Mora are humanoid but mostly bald with horns or ears of various shapes They also vary greatly in height weight skin tone and facial markings This volume ends on a bit of a cliff hanger so I am interested to see where the story goes in book two I should note here that I am friends with the author so I was able to get an advanced reader copy

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