Blue Diablo

Blue Diablo[Download] ✤ Blue Diablo By Ann Aguirre – Corine Solomon is a handler When she touches an object she instantly knows its history and its future Using her ability she can find the missing which is why people never stop trying to find her Like Corine Solomon is a handler When she touches an object she instantly knows its history and its future Using her ability she can find the missing which is why people never stop trying to find her Like her ex boyfriend Chance who needs Corine's gift to find someone dear to them both But the search proves dangerous as it leads them into a strange world of demons and sorcerers ghosts and witchcraft zombies and black magic. There are none so blind as those who will not see cHe would bear scars because of me as I carried them for him cSometimes when you meet someone there’s a click I don’t believe in love at first sight but I believe in that click Recognition cSometimes you smell the stupid all around you but you step in it anyway c After reading this for the second time I had to resist the urge to write Ann Aguirre a lengthy fan letter with a bunch of exclamation points view spoilerand possibly even a heart or two hide spoiler I would have enjoyed the plot and the supernatural world if the heroine hadn't been so annoyingly indecisive I love Chance I don't love Chance but wait I do love him uh lol nope I don'tShe was exhausting And the way she was so self centered like every fucking guy had a thing for her Nah I won't be reading of this series15 star This was a very interesting and uniue foray into the world of magic noir or noir occult detective fantasy fiction Corine Solomon is a fairly conflicted and troubled character Her mother was a practicing witch who was essentially burned to death by the suspicious and intolerant townspeople in Kilmer Georgia Before she died her mom endowed her with her power in the form of the ability to read objects However it comes at signficant cost to Corine She bears the scars of the readings on her hands and fingers Scars to match those deep in her soulAfter she almost died on one of their cases Corine cut out in the middle of the night leaving her boyfriend and business partner Chance behind She left because she didn't believe he loved her and that he was just using her for her abilities She left because she let him in and paid the price In her life Corine learned that caring for others is a losing proposition And Chance messed her up too much inside So she fled to Mexico running a pawn shop and living as close to a normal life as was possible for herBut eighteen months later Chance shows up His mother has been kidnapped and he needs her special gift to find her Chance has a special gift of his own incredible luck Unfortunately his luck isn't so good for those around him That and Chance is just way too self controlled and distant for her despite being gorgeous and her weakness emotionally They strike a deal she helps him find his mother he helps her get revenge against the people who killed her mother And it's just business Their relationship is over or so Corine saysThis story twists and turns and shows a side of Texas very familiar to me The aspects of Mexican culture ring very true to someone who's spent a fair amount of time in that environment and add to this story like the spice of chili powder Corine is a narrator who is not always nice and kind and neat but she sneaks in on you so well that you end up liking her for all her flaws Chance is delicious dapper half Korean completely intriguing and very much in love with Corine but unsure how to show it He's the enigmatic guy who sounds great on paper but probably isn't the best boyfriend But what in life is perfect? I wanted Corine to forgive him even seeing his flaws There's also interesting secondary characters such as Chance's friend Chucho and his wife Eva who help this couple in many important ways; Jesse who's a cop in Laredo with a gift for empathy He appoints himself as Corine's mentor in the world of the gifted but he wants to be Maybe Corine wants too Sex is not an issue but falling in love is Can she have all the wild crazy sex with Jesse and avoid falling into the trap of loving Chance? And there's a killer who considers himself the hand of God Is he going to help or hinder Corine and Chance in their search for his mother?Normally I don't like my noir urban fantasy too filled with romantic angst but it was well done and fitting in this story After all Corine's life is very turbulent and that's a big part of her life I have to say it really added to this story I have a feeling her future will always be entwined with Chance and that's not such a bad thing to meThe magic and occult aspects were very intriguing There were some parts that were borderline scary I think Ms Aguirre told a great story of dark magic being used to further the criminal enterprises of those who prey on the strange entity that is the border of Mexico and Texas I had little trouble believing that the cartels would hire witches and warlocks to employ sorcerous magic to keep business going If I had a complaint I think that the tension could have been sustained in some of the suspenseful moments The execution tended to be somewhat anti climatic Otherwise this was a great foray into the dark world of bordertown Texas and Mexico where magic is alive and well Corine is a character I got invested in and I definitely want to read stories with her And I hope that Chance stays in the picture He's uite a character himself Ok this may be a hard review to read because I find it hard to put into words the things that didn't sit right with me and this book First off it's my favorite genre and it's a series so I had high hopes But then it uickly became one of those books that I had to force myself to finish and I really hate that I mean I started doing housework instead of reading and that's just wrong This book had too much going on and nothing at the same time vague much Nicole? The concept of Corine and her special talent of reading object's histories was good but I have never seen a book go off on so many different tangents from that point of intro Had the author stayed the course with Corine's ability and gone into depth about her personal journey to that point I might of enjoyed the book a whole lot But instead it was filled with vague info reveals and half developed characters that shot off on an unbelievably challenging uest to rescue her ex boyfriend's kidnapped mother For me the plot had the feel of walking on a treadmill doing lots of km's but going nowhere and ticking off the allocated bad guysDirty cops tick black magic tick life sucking shades tick zombie corpses tick organised crime tick and a whole lot of gun fire and grenade action Not to mention that it strayed so far from it's own point that the biggest anti climax is when spoiler they finally achieve what they actually set out to do I may be backward but this is normally the highlight of a book for me but this was the biggest boring fizzer of an ending after all the crap they went through to get there I could go on but I think that's got this book off my chestonto Highlander books for me I think When this book started off I thought I was going to end up liking it much than I did It had a adult Urban Fantasy tone reminiscent of Sign of the Zodiac series for me It was a little noir ish the dialog was a bit hard boiled but not OTT I really thought I was going to appreciate the main character Corine as a smart yet conflicted for good reasons heroine She initially seemed to know her mind well enough could handle herselfThe premise also seemed interesting not too fantastical However that degraded by 75% the way through the book the eye rolls began Aside from being predictable SPOILERS BELOWCorine's lamenting over Chance the ex she walked out on became tedious immature I felt her insecurity about him the way he felt about her was borderline asinine b'c it was obvious the entire novel how he felt Her lack of self esteem pretty much permeated almost all instances Example; During a re group at a colleague's home after a field skirmish Chuch said colleague is complementing his wife on how hot she is but really it's an obvious flattering tactic to keep her safe at home so she's out of harm's way Corine's inner monologue about this? I probably could've taken offense that nobody thought I was so hot I'd distract the Mercs from conversation but I decided I'd let that go I did OK after all Some guys dug the long hair hippie chick Really? She could've taken offense by what a husband was saying to his beloved wife in order to distract her to keep her safe at all costs? Come ONbaring in mind the context of the situation this was a juvenile bit of dialog to throw in there only made me come to feel Corine is too insecure for her own good so why should I be reading an entire series about her? Her observations about Chance what she needed from him where at highly inappropriate at most times Let's face it they were in a supernatural warrescue mission a highly dangerous one at that Yet as Chance is formulating a plan in front of the Scooby Gang leaves to go call an integral person to help them Corine's self pity hit an all time pathetic level for me While Chance went to look for Booke online Chuch checked the weapons cache I ate a bowl of bean soup breakfast No one came to see about me I sighed took my bowl to the sink I had my wounded palm festering zombie bite on my shoulder that needed tending to Was it unreasonable to want Chance to put me 1st? The way he blew hot cold compromised my chief objection of resuming our relationship With that dance I thought he changed but now I stood in the kitchen with a burned hand no help Ummmearth to Corine your in the middle of a WAR His mom has been kidnapped which is why you were enlisted in the 1st place oh for fuck's sakeASK SOMEBODY like a big girl to help you tend to your wound instead of standing there like Norman No Mate's waiting for someone to notice youThe examples go on but I'll stop there Added to which the woman had just pitched a fit and left Chance b'c she though he was doing someone else so so she turned right around kissing the formulaic 3rd in the love triangle HypocriteAnd on top of the redundant inappropriate love life moaning there was also a lot of BS about food eating bringing dishes to the sink etc her red hair what's the deal with that? So what she changes her hair a lot now it's red her bad hippie chick style embroidered Khaki's a enough peasant blouses to choke a gypsy how Chance has tiger eyes with a whipcord build My point is that I felt it needed an editor The world building also needs to be fleshed out and the contradictions need to be noticed in order to stop For example Jesse the 3rd in the love triangle is an empath Yet he had no idea that his partner was a sociopathic warlock enslaving women for God knows how long or that Corine was not guilty when he shoved her face into the ground read her her Miranda Rights at a crime scene He actually tells her she's lying ErOK not only does Jesse suck as the worlds worst empath but he sucks at this mentor thing he supposed to be to Corine supposedly if you find another gifted you become their mentor the whole thing has yet to be properly explained last but not least he sucks as a potential lover One of these days I'm going to find a new series that I love but I'm afraid it's not looking like it's this one I usually have a 3 book minimum rule so I'll try the 2nd but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high although I would like to I really think it does have potential in spite of it all Christ What do you want from me?Only what I always wanted EverythingUnresolved love triangle How could I not read the next story? Especially when Chance and Saldana both are in the next book This was a great start to the series Not perfect but it was a uick fun read that I would recommend to anyone who loves urban fantasy I really enjoyed the uniue world of magic that Aguirre has created and the lively characters that reside there witches wizards warlocks demons zombies and the GiftedCorine is a handler She can touch any object that holds a charge and tell where it's been the previous owner's emotions when last holding the object and occassionally the object's futureThen there is Chance the ex that Corine fled from in the middle of the night without warning Chance has a special talent of his own He's luck He spins the coin a hundred times and comes up tails every timeUnfortunately his talent comes with complications Not for Chance but for those close to him With Chance acting as a bad luck repellent it finds purchase elsewhere and a lot of that bad luck has been directed at CorineAs the story begins Chance tracks her down to ask for her help in locating his mother MinThey work together in following the clues that Min has left behind so that they can discover who her captors are and where they have taken her They also recruit several friends along the way many with talents or backgrounds that prove highly beneficial toward helping them acheive their goal There is Saldana a sexy cop who is also an empath Chuch and his unlicensed private investigator wife Eva And an online friend named Booke who helps them out from a distanceCorine divides her time between solving Min's disappearance fighting her feelings for Chance and exploring her attraction toward the sexy cop Saldana who has agreed to become her gifted mentorThe will they or won't they between Corine and Chance was laid on a little too thick at times taking up a large majority of the story I enjoyed the tension between the two and Chance's jealousy but some of that time being devoted to learning about the underground world of the gifted would have been nice too Overall this was a highly entertaining read It left me wanting Corine Chance and Jesse Saldana People never offer an open hand and if they do you should step back to avoid the slap I've been looking forward to reading this for a long time Disappointed does not even begin to describe how I feel Usually I can read any UF and enjoy it but Blue Diablo was not enjoyable at all I see that many do not agree but I would like to present some of the reasons I did not enjoy this book so that prospective readers have both the positive and negative viewpoints First the novel is largely bickering between the main character and her ex I understand that they are exploring why their relationship went bad and one or both parties are trying to rekindle something but it was not enjoyable to me The first 100 pages consist almost entirely of dialogue between the ex lovers with a few other characters thrown in occasionally I do enjoy dialogue heavy novels but not when the dialogue is banter between two people that already know each other whom the reader knows nothing about I like to find out about my characters before having to deal with their relationship issues but that's just my personal preference My second issue was the plot and mystery behind the novel We are told fairly uickly that the novel is about finding the mother to Corine's ex but the mystery solving is agonizingly slow to me Everything unfolds in a fairly predictable manor Corine starts by using her power to tell where an object has been to find clues to where the missing person is located Then they follow one obvious clue to another obvious clue Talking to one person leads to another person that is helpful It's really too simple for me and not enough to get me through a book with characters that I did not enjoy Even with all of the dialogue between characters I have to say I never got a feel for Corine There isn't one thing that sets her apart from anyone else I personally found her flimsy and not likable again that is just my opinion I'm trying not to step on any toes with my review I find that UF books are largely mystery world building and characters If any one of those things are strong the others do no have to be perfect for me to enjoy it I didn't enjoy the characters in Blue Diablo the world building and magic were not strong and were not uniue and the mystery solving was too linear for me That of course is not to say that others will not enjoy this book but I personally did not like it at all Really a 35 Solid urban fantasy No vampires or werewolves just lots of scary and sometimes beneficial magic Oh and a few zombies 2 hot guys one imperfect gal in over her head but doing her best and some too convenient but fun friends help save the day And a little Chihauhau named Butch who as much as I love dogs was just too lazy a writer's tool with his helpful abilitiesI liked that Corine is far from perfect Like how she says or does little things as digs against her ex or thinks about them but resists Just like a real woman would do I don't know what I think about her and Chance we'll have to see in the next book They were together for 3 years and she's learned about him emotionally in the last week Why the hold up? Personally I like Jesse I'm of a jeans girl than silks and linens I enjoyed the scenes in Mexico and later the use of the culture In the border cities I read on the author's site that she lives in Mexico and she did a good job of conveying a bit of the street sceen there and the flavor of the community especially in Mexico City where Corine is at the beginning of the book So it was a good story nothing outstanding that everyone should immediately rush out and read but one I'm sure most urban fantasyromance fans would enjoy I want to write a better review of this book as I really liked it but with school starting back up tomorrow I'm swamped The basics is it's about a woman named Corine who has psychometry the ability to touch an object and sense it's past and in Corine's case sometimes it's future as well She's been running around most of her life but most recently she's been running away from her ex boyfriend Chance Chance is a mysterious man who somehow has incredible luck They used to work together as a team helping people find lost objects or people until one job almost took Corine's life It's been over a year since she's taken off to Mexico to build a new life for herself and she feels pretty settled in Until one day Chance comes back asking Corine for help and she doesn't know if she can refuseI have yet to read anything by Ann Aguirre that hasn't sucked me in from the first few pages Something about towards the end I felt like it was too big in a hurry to wrap everything up uickly but otherwise I loved it It made me really want to eat Mexican food too so be warned I was DYING for homemade tortillas when they were mentioned in the book I'm definitely looking forward to the seuel

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