Dying Light And Other Stories

Dying Light And Other Stories★ Dying Light And Other Stories PDF / Epub ✪ Author Donald Hays – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The common theme that runs through this new collection of short stories from Donald Hays is people at moments of crisis in their lives They run from the title story where the main character has come t The common theme that And Other Epub à runs through this new collection of short stories from Donald Hays is people at moments of crisis in their lives They run from the title story where the main character has come to see himself as a failure as a painter and as a husband and attempts to come to terms with himself by moving in with his dying father a tough sometimes brutally honest man to the comic story Private Dance where a high school football coach who never understands what is happening to him loses his wife and his job punches Dying Light PDF \ a policeman and gets arrested in a sleazy strip club in the course of a day and two raucous nights Each story touches upon what it is to be human and the choices and decisions that we all must face again and again. An uneven collection not bad mind you and incredibly great in places but uneven Ackerman in Eden sets itself up with a conceit that goes nowhere Orphans stops before it really gets going but would not work as a novella either Private Dance is entertaining but ultimately feels like an attempt to elevate smut to literature and The Rapist while a compelling picture of the vilest of crimes just leaves you feeling unsatisfiedBut four of the stories are simply breathtaking The opening story The Rites of Love is an incredibly moving picture of the ambiguities of romance and what we owe those we love and how defining who it is we love and why we love them is the messiest and most difficult of all human decisions The story's dinner scene is one of the most beautifully and erotically romantic moments I've read and the closing image just sears itself into your mind not to be forgotten Material is a nuanced and exceptionally well told story about storytelling itself illustrating how the very act of creating art is itself a perhaps violent action this seems to be a fairly consistent theme throughout the collection and Hayes thus feels like a poor man's James Salter Redemption is both disgusting and incredibly human and Dying Light is a truly moving and beautiful portrait of a marriage a family a father and son and how we often don't and perhaps can't understand each other until the very endThese stories are thus both incredibly beautiful and incredibly upsetting and vile often simultaneously Which is I think the result of Hayes' use of sex both the most beautiful and the most violent disgusting thing human beings do These are stories then of individuals facing a choice between the beautiful and the vile and their very human inability to often do anything to move from one to the other Hayes's talents as a humorous writer are not on display here and this colors the entire collection with a darkness that makes the stories often overlap run into each other But on the whole despite some problems with differentiation between certain stories despite a few that fall flat there are three or four absolutely golden stories here especially the opening and closing ones For those alone this book is worth your time As with any collection of stories I found myself preferring some to others But in the end I was glad I stuck with it especially for the last four stories Hays' stories are character driven and often find people in the middle of some dramatic change in the course of their lives as often as not for the worse There's a pathos that undergirds the whole collection but that isn't to say the stories are without humor They are though many of them informed by a frank acknowledgment of the inevitability of death I find uite a few of the characters and their lives still bumping around in my head And that's as good a mark as any of a good story This was written by a faculty member at Arkansas The language is rich and precise creating not only characters but people Hays was always one step ahead of me which is the way it should be but often isn't; it will keep you reading to the end Although humorous dark and well written the stories left me wanting a little sustenance

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  • Dying Light And Other Stories
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  • 07 January 2015
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