My Viking Vampire (Sanctuary, Texas #1)

My Viking Vampire (Sanctuary, Texas #1)[KINDLE] ✽ My Viking Vampire (Sanctuary, Texas #1) Author Krystal Shannan – This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN B00MR4DKGS She’ll fight them to the endOr die tryingWith enemies closing in on her Bailey Ross has nowhere to run–except into the arms of a sexy stranger This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN BMRDKGS She’ll fight them to the endOr die tryingWith enemies closing in on her Bailey Ross has nowhere to run–except into the arms of a sexy stranger who promises to keep her safeBut the irresistible and mysterious vampire Erick Thorson might be a little than she bargained for As they begin to grow closer and their chemistry ignites they realize that their lives are in jeopardy than ever My Viking MOBI :¼ before Can Erick live up to his promise of sanctuary in a world of danger and doom. My Viking Vampire is book one in the Sanctuary Texas series by Krystal Shannan It is August of the year 2096 It’s been fifty years since the discovery of “the others” Since the world learned of the existence of supernatural beings This knowledge sparked riots and the fall of the world as we knew it There were only four states that opened their doors to the others Texas being one of them That is where Bailey Ross is currently living in Fort Worth But her time is up and she has to move on That’s the way it’s been for the last five years Since the day she ran from her horribly abusive ex Kevin Holt But he always seems to find her and each time she runs again This time though her problems are doubled She finds herself being followed by a supernatural man So as she is sitting in the bus station hoping to stay hidden from him while she waits for her bus a vampire sits beside her explaining that the one that has been following her is a Djinn and he is dangerous So he vows to protect her He convinces her to accompany him to his home in Sanctuary Texas and that he will keep her safe Bailey has no where else to go She has no money she’s starving and scared It is against everything she knows to trust this vampire but there is something about him that calms her So she says yes “I was so tired of running Maybe it was time to take a chance on a man again even a supernatural one” Erick Thorson is a vampire who is thousands of years old He is one of four protectors that live in the town of Sanctuary Texas It is a town they specifically built for themselves There are all kinds of supernaturals in this town lycan witches vampires pixies dragons and many They all find a way to live together working together to protect what is important to them Erick is drawn immediately to Bailey It is not allowed to bring humans in to Sanctuary But he can’t leaver her here In the deepest part of himself he can already hear the word wanting to escape “mine”Bailey was tortured by her ex Kevin She has the scars to remind her of what a man can do Her instincts tell her not to trust this beautiful vampire but there is something about him something that draws her to him She believes him when he says he wants to keep her safe Once they get to Sanctuary she falls in love with this little town But she knows Kevin will come looking for her and now the Djinn as well She will bring danger to these people that have shown her so much kindness She knows she will have to run again but hopefully she will be given a little time here with this sex god of a vampire “Something about this town called to me It said I belonged” It doesn’t take long for the attraction between Bailey and Erick to turn to These two together did not lack for chemistry It seems there is than just chance though that led Erick to Bailey That perhaps her arrival in the town was destined Even as the connection between she and Erick deepen though her fears that were beaten in to her by her ex threaten to tear them apart And danger is lurking threatening not only Bailey but the entire townI had read a few of this author’s shorter stories and had been looking at this series for awhile now Thinking that it sounds like something I would really like Well it was and so much I loved it I could not put it down I am in love with this town and all its residents This series will give us the chance to get to know so many different “others” In book two My Dragon Masters we will get to know the two dragon shifter brothers Erick was most definitely a sigh worthy sexy vampire that both dominated and adored Bailey Bailey was a tough girl determined to survive even through all that life has dealt her I was so happy for her to get a chance to be worshiped by her vampire And I can’t end this review without mentioning the enchanted clothing that the town seamstress sells at her clothing boutiue Clothing that when you put it on it instantly forms to your body to a perfect fit And it continually keeps itself clean This would be every girl’s dream The clothing alone was enough to make me fall in love with this book So if you love a good paranormal sexy romance with plenty of steamy scenes and a good dose of danger and suspense and lots of beautiful supernatural beings this is definitely for you I am immediately going in to book two I can’t wait to get to know the dragon brothers I'm being generous here because really what did I expect? Vampire smut was my big expectation and it delivered tons of smut And there was a hunky male vampire who apparently falls in love at first sight and is filthy rich So you know I guess he's swoon worthy But truly? Here's the set upShe's having a terrible day So bad that she is literally covered in sewage and completely disgusting She's homeless dirty and afraid of her own shadow Then this gorgeous vampire shows up pays for her to come home with him takes care of her completely while supplying her with new clothes and everything else she can possibly need all while telling her that she doesn't have to do anything in return He protects her with his life at great cost to everyone in his town He treats her like a princess And he falls in love with her within days of meeting I just have to wonderWhat's wrong with this guy? If it seems too good to be trueAlso the comment? Ermagerd Skerples Cracked me up It's the simple things manSeriously He's gorgeous and rich Is he really that hard up for a date? Does he fall in love on a regular basis or something? Maybe a closet brony? An unhealthy obsession with feet? Or does have a micropeen? Cuz let's face it there is something wrong thereBut don't worry she's a special snowflake so all will be well and the love that they found in each other within hours of meeting? It will totally last foreverOh the other thing you need to know about this book is that the whole town of Sanctuary Texas is built around a giant castle that is a BDSM place So if you hate the whole BDSM thing like I do this book is definitely NOT for you I'm so sick of that shit that I just want to bitch slap the 50 shades lady for making us have to put up with it in every romance series now And ya know I just don't believe that many men out there are dying to get into this scene So instead of just having sex with my girlfriend I need to tie her down and seduce her for hours giving her tons of orgasms until I finally get to go ahead and have mine without her ever touching me or doing anything but lay there in restraints receiving pleasure? Uh No thanks I'll go for some Netflix and Chill I mean come on Isn't one of the biggest complaints men have about sexual partners is if they just lay there and do nothing? Why would they want to make sure that happens? Good story but oddOverall I liked the storyline which is about a girl running away from her abusive ex in the near future where Supernatural beings or “Others” have been outed to the public A Djinn starts following her and they are bad news so this Vampire helps her out and it turns out he was searching for her to bring to his town so Supernaturals called Sanctuary because an Oracle has seen her in a visionThere is a whole story about this town and why the “sisters” who are all Seers or Oracles are being protected But then there is also this weird side story about the castle in town where the sisters live being a BDSM club and how the sisters are nymphomaniacs and human and supernatural guests come into town who are members of the club view spoilerThe club really only comes up for Erick and Bailey at the end when it comes up that Erick is a Dom and he wants to help Bailey get over her former abuse Since she was often chained and whipped so he figures showing her how good a DomSub relationship can be will do that hide spoiler I first saw this book when a friend reviewed it and since it was free at the time on I thought I'd give it a try Thank God I did This is an amazing story and I'm glad I read it People these days were afraid if they held out a hand it’d get bitten off And most of the time it didSingle women in this day and age were hunted like big game Women my age were targets for slavers whorehouses labor camps baby factories The cruelty of the world knew no bounds I could only dream of a world I’d read about in secret –a world where freedom and choice were important and protected The world we know is gone and almost completely forgotten It's the world Bailey has to fight for survival every day Now even than when she was younger She made some wrong choices that cost her dearly and one of them was falling for her psychopathic ex that is now following her every step and won't rest until he finds and ends her Only problem her ex isn't the only one who wants to see her bleed Nope the world really isn't as we know it Supernatural creatures that were long hidden from out eyes now roam the Earth And just as luck would have it Bailey's new stalker is a djinn Thankfully she meets Erick an old viking vampire or better said he finds her He says he wants to help her and given her situation she has no choice but to trust him to speak the truth“It’s been a rough couple of days” “Join the club Mine went from shitty to nuclear”I had run from one lunatic straight into another I liked Bailey's character She's been through a lot For years she's been on the run from her ex and that abused her on the daily basis She almost lost trust in humanity especially men but thankfully Erick helps her to overcome her past and fears The time she spends with him and her new friends the she opens up and finally starts living again She's a strong character and I'm happy how her story unfolded I was falling in love with this man who called me beautiful and strong— a warrior It was time to fightAs for Erick once he sees Bailey he knows she's special and someone he wants to protect and spends his life with He doesn't have to wait long for her to feel the same I could not pinpoint one thing exactly that had attracted me to her so strongly and so uickly but I’d known without a shadow of a doubt that she was mineThey make a great team and I was really happy for them to have found each other They have a lot on their plate but at the end it all plays out as it should The only thing that bothered me was the last chaper I think the ending could have been different the whole BDSM scene was completely unnecessary to be put at the end Somewhere near the end yes At the end NOStill I enjoyed reading their story The book has a refreshing plot that kept my attention till the end A great readSafety gang Safe view spoiler No cheating no OW there is light flirtation from OM but it's friendly than anything else Also the H was married uite a few centuries ago and loved his wife till her death The h did not love her ex and they were together for a year I think no condoms very used Also we do get to hear something small from their past lovers ex and wife but it didn't bother me too much hide spoiler An Unexpected great find Why do I say that ? This was a free offering and usually the free books are rough and seldom lead to anything better Yeh How negative of me but it has proven true Okay moving on this book broke that pattern The story was well developed with believable backstories and characters I want to know better vampires werewolves djinns dragons and so much living in a town together There was never a dull moment it stayed steady Why only 3 stars ? Don't laugh there was too much sex Yup I went there call me a prude if you like The story was just so good on it's own it didn't need all the sexual activities It took me out of the story and stuck me in their bed or in their head thinking what they wanted to do I just wanted them to hurry it along so I could get back to the djinn or the werewolves or the town where the actions was stalled waiting for them to finish I also didn't care for her therapy plan it was weirdly placed in the story I thought Not a fan of BDSM and that could be the root of itI have heard great things about the rest of the series and plan to keep going I loved this this para world the author created The dragon brothers are next P My Viking Vampire was engaging and easy to read paranormal romance set in a dystopian world and peppered with intriguing paranormal creatures from myth and legend as well as interesting side characters There's also a hint of world building and I hope the author explores this intriguing world in the next book but the best part is that My Viking Vampire is free on Kindle This book features a whole host of paranormal beings but focuses on vampire Erick and human Bailey The parade of other characters feels a little like set ups for future books There are chases and battles and hot times in bed Unfortunately the world building is lacking which is too bad because the taste I got of Sanctuary was good but felt incomplete except for a few locales The division of humans and Others also felt intriguing but vague Maybe there will be in future books but I'm not sure I will continue with the series I'll be honest this book had me with the title something had to be seriously wrong for me not to love this bookIt's set in 2096 and the world is a very different place fifty years earlier humans became aware of supernatural beings 'the Others' and chaos broke out riots and a collapse of the world as we know it lots of people said Europe hadn’t changed as much but America had become a closed country International flights had been banned since 2050 and in 2052 the Mexican and Canadian borders were closed The United States has become dictatorships under the guise of republics most of which have banned Others only Texas Louisiana New Mexico and Colorado have opened their doors and welcomed them Only the elderly remember life as it was information about the time before is carefully guarded even the Internet is monitoredThis is the world in which Bailey Ross lives well survives would be a accurate description and for the past five years she's been on the run from her abusive ex but unfortunately he's well connected and always manages to find her her life as such has been one of constantly moving Since her ex Kevin hates the Others Bailey finds herself in Texas where her world is about to get a whole lot biggerWhile running from Kevin her anxiety attracts a Djinn Djinn are evil and to be avoided at all costs now she's got two evil monsters hunting her and it's only the appearance of a handsome irresistible vampire that saves herThe vampire is Erick and he takes Bailey to Sanctuary a town full of supernaturals a safe haven for them and now her This book has everything too much really it's dystopian read full of a whole host of supernatural beings that can do amazing things plus a castle which is also a BDSM club and while I loved so much about this book I did have a few issues I know Bailey has suffered unbelievably but her negativity got to be a bit much especially when she's in a town with 1000 years old vampires shifters witches mind readers and so much she's fretting about one human getting to them I know I'm going to sound like a woman impossible to please but Erick was just too perfect I liked the castle and the idea of the BDSM club and I can't wait to read the next book 'My Dragon Masters' but I didn't feel personally Erick being a Dom fit in with this book it almost felt like an after thought While I loved the whole concept of this book and I know this is a first in series I would have like on the world as it is now This whole book is spread over just a couple of days but at times it dragged a little and felt jumpy at others the flow just wasn't rightWhile I don't like really like spoiler reviews probably because I have a hard time not reading them even when I don't want to I'm putting one at the end because this isn't an honest review without itOn the whole I really enjoyed this book but I felt it tried to be too many things in too few pages and got cluttered at times The world that's been created is fascinating and I'd like of that but I'm sure we'll get it in future booksThis obviously an adult read there's a lot of sex plus the BDSM as well but if you take that out it reads like a young adult read it was all very smooth and perfect personally I would have preferred a darker deeper readview spoiler I found it positively unbelievable that Bailey as a newly turned vampire is able to take down Darius when way powerful beings have been trying for hundreds of years I mean come on seriously and not only this but she gets him to take her backTake me back You bas Take me backC can’t” he said his voice gargling in his chest Damn it His pulse was growing slower by the secondDrink” I growled “And take me back to Sanctuary” He turned his head away from my dripping wrist and scoffed “I w won’t help y you b bitch” You will” I grabbed the lapels of his suit jacket and pulled his face closer to mine “Take Me Home” The world flashed in front of me again and And yes you guessed it she's back in Sanctuary just like that hide spoiler I am so excited about this new series Krystal Shannan has a way with paranormal romance as demonstrated in her other series including the shape shifting world of The Vegas Mates My Viking Vampire offers up an enticing new cast of supernatural creatures including vampires pixies djinn and The enchanting world imagined by the author is brought to life with colorful descriptives and plenty of steamy romance And as we've come to expect from the author clever uips are interwoven throughout the dialogue resulting in a fun and captivating tale that will keep you hooked till the end This is definitely one of my new favoritesBailey Ross lives in a futuristic Earth where supernatural creatures referred to as 'Others' are known and feared and where governments have responded to the threat by locking down borders to control the flow of Others and humans alike Black markets thrive and woman are treated as a commodity Books are banned and what little information is known about the Others is carefully guarded by the government control agents Now on the run from her abusive ex boyfriend Bailey finds herself in a bus terminal in Dallas with no money no place to run and two supernatural creatures stalking her One is a loathsome djinn with the power to teleport; while the other is a vampire a powerful fearsome and surprisingly handsome vampire But as Bailey knows all too well looks can be deceivingErick Thorson a centuries old vampire is drawn to Bailey She reminds him of someone from his past So when he spies his sworn enemy Darius a djinn with whom he's been battling for centuries stalking Bailey he takes matters into his own hands He knows there are risks in taking her to the secretive town of Sanctuary Texas but he needs to get her away from Darius And so with the offer of a bus ticket and a vow to keep her safe from the djinn Bailey accepts Erick's offer to leave Dallas for Sanctuary And soon they are on their wayBailey considers the very real possibility that Erick might have a hidden agenda Alas he has just saved her life and her options are limited So pushing past her fears she makes the trip and is pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome she receives in Sanctuary The town seems to have the potential to earn its name But while she is drawn to her handsome rescuer and the allure of safety provided by the town dangers are lurking And soon she discovers there are secrets behind the castle walls walls that are made to keep some out and others in A very sexy tale full of romance This is a world that once you enter you won't want to leave It wraps up nicely but leaves plenty of room for This is a must read for fans of paranormal romance who also enjoy a little kink I'm looking forward to the next installment and seeing where the author will take us The only downside will be having to wait until it's releasedNote This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 3 12 All for Erick StarsWell I enjoyed this story but I didn't love it like I wanted to It was missing some detail that I would have loved to read and also some information I'd love to know But the bones of the story was very good I LOVED Erick and I liked Bailey too Poor girl needed a Sanctuary I'm very interested in Miles and Eli They both seem very interesting to me and it sounds like their story will be HOT So when I think I'm in the mood for a BDSM menege clears throat I'll be on to their book Happy reading