My Dragon Masters Sanctuary Texas #2

My Dragon Masters Sanctuary Texas #2➧ [Ebook] ➢ My Dragon Masters Sanctuary Texas #2 By Krystal Shannan ➲ – This is an alternate cover edition of ASINB00O0SOXAFrom Bestselling SANCTUARY TEXAS seriesSexy vampires dragon shifters and werewolves See how the scintillating romance and the exciting saga continues This is an alternate cover edition of ASINBOSOXAFrom Masters Sanctuary PDF ↠ Bestselling SANCTUARY TEXAS seriesSexy vampires dragon shifters and werewolves See how the scintillating romance and the exciting saga continues She’s coming to youFire breathing dragon twin brothers Miles and Eli Blackmoor hold on to the hope that one day they will be reunited with My Dragon Kindle - their soulmate A goal that has forced them to spend the last one thousand years searching for a way to reclaim their birth right and rescue their wife from captivityWith no memories and no hope Diana Karlson is hellbent on escaping from the shackles of the Veil With only a fiery desire to Dragon Masters Sanctuary eBook ´ ignite a heat within her Diana sets out to find the burning answers to the uestions that plague her Not knowing who or what she isor was Diana will stop at nothing to break free and unlock the truths of her identity returning her to the only men whose fire can melt her icy exterior. My Dragon Masters is book two in the Sanctuary Texas series by Krystal Shannan “She is coming to you” We first met the two twin fire breathing Drakonae or dragon brothers Miles and Eli in book one since they were good friends with Erick the vampire We know that their wife Diana was taken from them in the most violent of ways one thousand years ago But they know she is still alive in The Veil You see if the mate of a dragon dies then the living mate loses their human side and reverts to full dragon wiping out everything in their paths in their grief Miles and Eli were taken in by Rose and brought to Sanctuary where they vowed their allegiance to protect the sisters in the Castle The sisters are Seers and have seen that Diana will return to them But when? Suddenly they can feel her She is back on earth But they can’t leave Sanctuary leave the sisters unprotected They can feel that she is hurting confused and she is in heatDiana Karlson Blackmoor only knows the cell she has been in for one thousand years But she dreams of two beautiful identical men although she has no idea who they are And she dreams of a baby being taken from her can hear it‘s cries But she has no idea who she is what she is or why she is being held prisoner And she is burning from within from a fire but on the outside she is producing ice Everything she touches turns to ice The upset or agitated she becomes the ice she produces She has no idea why this is happening to her Then comes her chance finally after a thousand years and she takes it and escapesWe also get to know the evil Xerxes better in this book the brother in law to Rose in Sanctuary They are the only two Lamassu left Xerxes wants power to rule both earth and the Veil And he will do whatever it takes to get it He is using the Djin to do his dirty work and is slowly taking control of the government Diana finds herself thrown into a world she has no idea how to navigate She has never seen cars and the clothing is baffling Her anxiety grows until she can’t control the beast within her and she transforms leaving a trail of ice and chaos in her path The world knows of supernaturals they refer to as “others” but they knew nothing of dragons Now they do She has no memory and can’t understand anything that is happening All she knows is that she feels a pull toward something And she knows if she can find the two men from her dreams she’ll be safe and she’ll have answersDiana is found by a female vampire called Eira who helps her escape those that are hunting her But with all her anxiety Diana is throwing out ice wherever they go It’s hard to not leave a trail when everywhere they stop for rest ends up being frozen solid Since Diana publicly transformed and has left a trail of death and chaos now the military who hunt paranormals is pursuing them Eira uickly becomes Diana’s only friend and Eira feels protective of herThis was a great continuation to this series as we learn of the evil Rose and her residents of Sanctuary are battling against I said it in the first book but I love this little town I love that all these different paranormals live together and work towards one goal to keep their town safe and protect the sisters Miles and Eli have suffered for so long not knowing where their beloved mate was Through it all even when everything they are screams to go to her when they know she is getting closer and needs them they remain in Sanctuary honoring their vow to protect the sisters Then when they do find Diana to find that she has no memory of them of their life and love my heart broke for themI am loving this series I can’t wait to continue on with book three My Eternal Soldier when we will get Eira’s story as fate will again return her to Sanctuary In a futuristic Earth where supernatural creatures have been deemed the biggest threat to humanity the world has become little than a battleground In an effort to control the supernatural populations governments have taken control resulting in fear and turmoil throughout the land Walled cities black markets and battles on the streets have become commonplace But the biggest threat may be lurking just beneath the surface Trapped in the human realm most of the supernatural creatures known as 'Others' would prefer to return to their magical kingdom beyond the veil But under a shroud of magic one small community hidden in plain sight is thriving Out of reach from the chaos and constraints that plague the outside world Sanctuary Texas is as close to perfect as any creature could hope for on EarthAll the Sisters ever say is she is coming to youMiles and Eli Blackmoor are dragon shifters and twin brothers who have vowed to protect the Sisters of the House of Lamidae After losing their beloved wife and being banished from their kingdom they had lost all hope But in Sanctuary they found a mission and a purpose Still a dragon's bond lasts a lifetime which for a dragon is a very long time Having retained some semblance of their humanity they know their true mate must still be alive The Sisters continue to give them hope while one uestion remains Will they ever be reunited with their true love?Fire and ice don't go together or do they?When Diana awakens in a prison of ice she has only her haunting dreams and elusive memories from which to piece together her past How long has she been trapped within these walls of ice and why is she here? It has been a thousand years But something is changing in her something that is making her stronger and driven than ever before And it may be the catalyst she needs to find a path to freedom But will she discover her own truth along the way? The first book was based primarily in Sanctuary while in this second installment we get a closer look at the world beyond the veil And I must say both worlds are eually enchanting Rich with detail the story has depth and originality and plenty of laugh out loud moments The humor flows naturally throughout the dialogue without feeling forced or contrived 'Zip it you giant fire breathing windbag' I couldn't hold back the snort of laughter She'd just called a seven foot giant of a man who could breathe fire a windbagThe romance was truly lovely but the scorching hot bedroom scenes were most impressive especially when you consider that dragons often marry in groups of three Yes three very sexy very hot dragons which made for some phenomenal love scenesA great cast of characters an enchanting setting and a well paced plot combine to make this enthralling tale a must read I can see so much potential for this series and can't wait to get to know the other characters as the story continues Note This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 🎁 FREE on today 872019 🎁 So much potential 35 starsThis book starts after a brief chapter from Xerxes POV with Diana in her cell there's no windows a few furs on the floor a drain in the corner and ice on the walls this has been her home for a thousand years She has no memories no idea who she is why she's locked away or even how long she's been here She dreams of two men twins she thinks since they look identical and a baby she dreams of a baby cryingThis book started really well with Diana escaping from her prison to a world she hardly recognises she discovers she's a dragon and has no idea she's not supposed to change but then it's too late and she's being huntedThere was a lot I liked about this book we see a little of the world and the hold Xerxes is gaining in it Diana is an interesting character she's strong despite being robbed of her memories and Eira is fierce and determined and despite my mixed feelings on this book she left such an impression I'll be reading her book 'My Eternal Soldier' next my issues with this book really come down to one thing the cheating it just didn't work for me Now I knew going into this book that Miles and Eli were having sex with women in the castle but I didn't realise until I read this that they knew for a fact that Diana was alive Dragons mate for life so if they knew she was alive why were they having sex with other people and not just visitors to the castle but the pixies that actually live in Sanctuary they've been told by the sisters that Diana is coming to them although again I thought it was hope than anything so how's she going to feel living with women they've had sex with while she's been locked up alone in a cell after being raped and abused and while she can't remember this at the moment Miles and Eli saw it happen so they know and yet they're happily having sex killing time till she returnsIn the previous book the BDSM scenes didn't really fit and felt like an after thought but I assumed it was setting the scene for this book and the brothers but again it didn't really fit for me here either and seemed awkward and forcedThis is an interesting read with so much potential and if only the twins hadn’t known for sure their mate was alive then I would have been happier but having read how she spent her years apart compared to them I wasn't impressed and it took the shine off this book for meHopefully Eira's will be better It was okayThere was two main things that really bothered me in this book besides it was okay One thing is that if dragons mate for life why did miles and Eli open up a BDSM club and screw everyone in town? I mean if she was their one and only they would of kept their dk in their pants and mourned their mate They drunk themselves into a stupor until picked up in a ditch by rose waiting to lose their humanity They had a inkling that Diana was still alive and yet while she was rotting in a prison giving birth to their son they were having their jollies with pixies I mean really way to go And the other women are part of their little town The seers told them she will come and they just screwed around Wonder how long it took them to become whores F that Another thing Eli knows she is alive because he can feel her and yet he is flirting with his pixie fk buddy after his beloved shows up on their dragon radar Ugh Unbelievable Screw themafter that I couldn't like the hero's at all Sad too The BDSM was so out off place in this book just didn't flow with the books storyline at all I felt sorry for Diana being stuck with them Their love sounded so genuine too but in my eyes they were slime A lot of grammar issues as well Received this story for an honest reviewI've heard that the second part of a series is never as good as the first one In this case it's wrong o I like this story much better because it gave history into Sanctuary Texas history into the Drakonea line the characters from the last book are mentioned but you know this story is about the dragons and dragons alone And you get to meet the bad guy Xerxes ohhh he is a total bad guy that each time he was present I wanted to smack him and stomp on his person I wonder if the author will give background into his and Rose's species That would be something to look forward toNow for the main girl Dianashe is much stronger even though she was imprisoned for a log time than Bailey I should compare the two since it's their own story but couldn't help it Diana had endured a lot torture in 1000 years than Bailey did and yet she's still strong and in controlso to speakThere were times in the bookthat I felt the brothers her mates were just for background and this story is actually Diana'sIt had funny moments like the first bookGreat story to pass the time and looking forward to reading to reading the next one My Dragon Masters book two in the Sanctuary Texas series was not my type of storyI wasn't sure if I am going to read the book because of the BDSM and menage but curiosity got the better of me because I wanted to know what will happen next There was one crucial aspect in the book that was not justified and bothered me even than the whole kinkThe Castle was the playground for both husbands They were both told over and over again that she is coming the wife and still they fkd their way in the cityI don't have an issue with cheating because it is an aspect of life and it happens often My issue is when true love and mating are involved but the cheating is in the mixWhen you are mourning your other half and know that she is somewhere even though out of reach but alive I cannot see how your pass the time fun is in a BDSM club If they thought she is dead then I would have agreed with them enjoying all the female population from the former US republicsSo there you have it when something doesn't make sense it just spoils the readTo end my ranting I am glad that the plot has moved forwardI know I am in the percentile readers who cannot move past this aspects but hey my honest opinion 35 stars A MAGICKAL DELIGHT Title My Dragon MastersSeries Sanctuary TexasDesignation Book Two of Series Can be read as StandaloneAuthor Krystal ShannanMy Rating FIVE SUPER SEXY STARSWowza I love it My Dragon Masters is the second riveting release in Krystal Shannan's action packed Sanctuary Texas Series and it is AWESOME Shannan's boundless imagination incredible talent and uniue style shine brightly in this powerful story of loss bravery courage determination hope recovery healing and love paranormal style The story is original exciting powerful compelling thrilling heart wrenching romantic seductive arousing sensual and steamy The dialog is smart well written and flows beautifully The characters are imaginative captivating fascinating intriguing engaging and sexy as sin They are uite literally out of this world They explode from the pages grab your imagination and completely capture your heart Vampires Lycans Dragons Pixies Brownies Sirens Witches Lamassu Djinn And a whole lot And who doesn't love dragons especially when they're beautiful sexy and handsome right? But I digress let's talk about the premise for this story The series Sanctuary Texas is based on a town aptly named Sanctuary located somewhere in Texas which is no longer part of the United States of America but rather part of the Texas Republic In the year 2046 the world learned of the existence of supernatural beings called Others and as a conseuence the United States succumbs to mass hysteria fear hatred darkness and despair Mass riots and violence ensue causing the fracture of the American government resulting in the creation of five dictatorships disguised as republics ruled by dictators calling themselves Presidents Others are persecuted hunted tortured and murdered on a mass scale Of the five republics only the Texas Republic is Pro Others the only government to welcome Others and allow them to become citizens Sanctuary is a safe haven for Others Its residents are a diverse but loyal assemblage and are protected by a small group of prophesied chosen supernatural beings Only a certain few are destined to become the Protectors of Sanctuary but both of the twin dragons have been chosen by fate to be members of the elite group protecting the citizens of Sanctuary and the refuge they guardIdentical twin dragon shifters Miles and Eli Blackmoor have suffered for a millennium without their beloved mate Diana Karlson Blackmoor She was abused beaten and raped on the same bloody stone where their parents had been murdered Miles and Eli were tortured nearly to death chained and then forced to watch the horrors unfold before them and could do nothing to stop it The brothers eventually managed to escape their captors but their beautiful Diana was recaptured and still they could do nothing Miles and Eli now help Rose the Lamassu protect the Sisters from their ancient enemy Xerxes The Sisters of Lamidae have prophesied that Diana will one day return to them but it's been a millennia with no knowledge of her fate and little hope for her safe return But she must be alive They would know of her death because her death would result in the loss of their human forms and would drive their dragons to madness Oh my Will Diana finally escape her captors and finally find her way to safety and to the two men she sees in her dreams? Will Xerxes ever be defeated? You never know who you'll find or what will happen in Sanctuary Texas Beautiful brave ice Dragoness check Handsome twin fire dragon masters check Heinous enemies and large cast of paranormalsupernatural beings check Suspense adventure action danger drama and magickal clothes check Yep I said magickal clothes Romance steamy sex and a smidge of BDSM check check and check Yeah baby This story has it all Leave it to Krystal Shannan to give us an all you can eat buffet I was turning the pages so fast my IPad couldn't keep up I was totally enthralled I can hardly wait to read the next book in this amazing series Awesome read and fabulous entertainment Things I likedPlot line was well played World building was thorough interesting and obviously thought out Characters were intriguing The villain was well developed a sadistic power hungry abuser I wanted to see suffer indefinitely for the pain he inflicted Diane the heroine was easy to love and empathize with throughout the novel She kicked ass when needed loved completely and survived the cruelest of situations The way she handled the hand she'd been dealt earned my respect through and through But in support of Diane my love for My Dragon Masters took a serious turnThings I DIDN'T likeThe heroes They were weak physically and emotionally unfaithful Miles and Eli were mated and married to Diane They left the Veil without her after she had been beaten and repeatedly raped during a coup When the story began they had been parted from the woman they were physically spiritually and emotionally bonded to for nearly 1000 years In that time Eli and Miles hadn't fought bled and nearly given their lives to find her or save her They talked like they'd missed her and mourned her but did little to reunite with her They knew she was still alive because they could feel the bond still intact Yet they'd spent the last several centuries protecting a group of women that tried to seduce them regularly they'd established a BDSM club and shared and separately enjoyed screwing around with other women All the while Diane had been held captive in a castle her memory had been wiped and her baby had been stripped from her arms directly after she gave birth She didn't ask about the BDSM club when they took her there soon after she'd returned to them She accepted the fact that they'd needed the outlet Pardon my feminist heart but if I'd been locked away treated like a slave and had lost my only child to later find my husbands had needed to sexually dominate other women instead of move heaven and earth to save me I'd be than a little pissed Diane was the true hero in this story Miles and Eli were as useful to her as tits on a boar hog She saved herself and others multiple times Her actions eventually saved her son She had strength and courage than Miles or Eli In my mind she would have been completely justified in telling them to screw off and find a new dragon or sexy lycan to spend some uality time between the sheets with Despite my severe dislike of the heroes the story was definitely worth reading and perhaps the apathetic behavior of the dragon husbands was a plot ploy to make Diane the ultimate hero in the story However I need a little Alpha with my male A little fidelity please A little gotta' get my woman back no matter the cost no matter how long it takes The title should have really been She Dragon Masters Her Own Fate