The Kingpin of Camelot (A Kinda Fairytale, #3)

The Kingpin of Camelot (A Kinda Fairytale, #3)[PDF] ✪ The Kingpin of Camelot (A Kinda Fairytale, #3) By Cassandra Gannon – The ueen Guinevere must save Camelot Ever since Arthur died the evil Scarecrow has been trying to marry her and gain the crown If she and her daughter are going to survive his mad schemes Gwen needs t The ueen Guinevere must save Camelot Ever since Arthur died the evil Scarecrow has been trying to marry her and gain the crown If she The Kingpin PDF or and her daughter are going to survive his mad schemes Gwen needs to find Merlyn’s wand Fast Unfortunately the only man strong enough to help her on her uest is Kingpin Midas a flashy uneducated mobster dealing with a curse Gwen is a logical rational woman though and she can draft one hell of a contract She’s pretty sure she can come up with an offer not even the kingdom’s greatest villain can refuse The Kingpin Anything Midas touches turns to gold Literally The curse has helped him to rule Camelot’s underworld with an iron fist He has money and power than anyone else in the kingdom He’s convinced there’s nothing he can’t buy One look at Gwen and Midas knows that he’s about to make his most brilliant purchase yet He’s about to own the one woman in the world he would give anything to possess All he has to do to claim her is somehow win a war against the smartest man in Camelot hide his growing feelings from Gwen deal with his overprotective bodyguard’s paranoia about the ueen’s hidden motivations and adjust to a five year old demanding bedtime stories from a gangster Simple right The Contract Gwen’s deal is simple If Midas marries her she’ll make him King of Camelot It’s a fair bargain Midas will keep her enemies away and she’ll give him the respectability that money can’t buy She never expects Midas to agree so uickly Or for their practical business arrangement to feel so complicated Midas isn’t the tawdry feral animal that Arthur railed against He’s a kind and gentle man who clearly needs Gwen’s help just as much as she needs his In fact the longer she’s around Midas the Gwen realizes that their “fake marriage” might be real than she ever imagined. 45 Happily Ever After stars One of the best fairytale retellings I've ever read Cassandra Gannon took all the fairytales and myths and turned them on their heads When Ilona Andrews recommended this book on their newsletter I was immediately fascinated rather like a vampire smelling blood And much like a vampire I really had to stick my teeth in it I even read it out of order Believe me I paid for it My brain would not shut up about how much better it would be if I read the others first But you really don't need to Cassandra Gannon does a brilliant job of pulling you in her world without much effort and without making you feel lost The worldbuilding the ingenious setting and the writing was exceptional This book is about legendary King Midas and ueen Guinevere Yes that Guinevere the one married to King Arthur from the Knights of the Round Table and Sword In The Stone fame And Midas the king that would turn everything he touched into pure gold Got your attention? Now forget about everything you know about these three because the author blitzed it all out the water Arthur is dead and no one is particularly upset about it The throne is being usurped by his chief advisor an evil scarecrow that's trying to force Gwen into marrying him Gwen is having none of that and manages to escape with her daughter Avalon She runs to the biggest Kingpin of the kingdom Midas She offers him the kingdom in return for her daughters safety If she marries him then Midas will have everythingMidas on the other hand just wants Gwen He'll sign her contract and help her get the kingdom just as long as she stays with him He isn’t the tawdry feral animal that Arthur despised He's just Bad folk and Bad folk are well bad and evil Or are they? And who are the Good folk to judge and label? The way Gwen sees it he’s a kind and gentle man who needs her help just as much as she needs his The longer she’s around Midas the Gwen realizes that their “fake marriage” might be real than she ever imagined The only thing that made me mark it down a bit was that both Midas and Gwen go on a bit too much about certain issues Too much waffling and faffing until finally they realize the truth Not that I didn't enjoy their prater but it was a tiny bit much after a certain point The author actually talks of it in her Notes at the end Writing their relationship was only difficult in the sense that they talked a lot which is why this is the longest book I’ve published to date Other than this small issue I thoroughly enjoyed myself I gave in to my brain and I'm now reading book one which so far is hilarious and innovating in a way I haven't read before Recommend whole heartedly especially to those that love a good retelling with a twist 16th April 2019This fun spinretelling of the myth of Camelot remains my favourite and I still prefer the ending in Gannon's story to what happens in the original tale24th Feb 2019This remains a fab read one I can always get lost in26th October 2018There's something about this book I have a habit of re reading it uite a bit Gannon has created an engaging collection of characters a narrative which surprised me A good twist on the original story this book has humour charm and characters that draw you in and keep your attentionThis may be the 3rd in the series but it can be read as a standalone and is my favourite in the series so far ABSOLUTELY LOVED Cassandra Gannon is my favorite author of fairytalesretellings and this series is one of the BEST in the genre that I've ever read The Kingpin of Camelot is a play on Midas and King Arthur I loved Gwen and Midas' story SO much It's hilarious and sweet with a single mother heroine who thinks she's almost Bad and a hero who worships her and thinks he's not good enough for her but is having her anyway I'm dying for alreadyRereading Dec 2019 in time for the time next book And yep loved it just as much as I did the first time around CG never fails to make me laugh and swoon WOW this book made one hell of an impression on meFirst Ilona Andrews recommended this book and that woman rarely recommends books so I immediately paid attention and I was so glad I did because this book ROCKEDI love fantasy But even so I love books that color outside the box When authors take a genre or an idea and put it on its head color me intriguedThe Kingpin of Camelot was my first book by Cassandra Gannon but it won't be my last She impressed the hell out of me Not only with the story but also by writing an absolutely appealing heroine and let's not forget a charmingly clever MidasSo to give you an idea what this book is all about The author took the legend of King Arthur and Guinevere added some OZ and other fairytale characters and turned everything upside down Nothing was as it seems or as we knew it This story offered all kinds of new opportunities for the characters as well as interesting character building or not DI was ENCHANTED Truly this book was immensely enjoyable captivating and fabulously entertaining I LOVED it It made me HAPPY And that's exactly how I felt reading it I caught myself smiling throughout the bookI'm not sure if any of you have read Amanda uick I read ALL of her books years ago and still have favorite paperbacks on my shelves My absolute favorite title was RAVISHED But what always stood out for me was how she wrote the spunkiest heroines EVER Those woman were married or engaged to incredibly powerful men often with the blackest and darkest reputation around town but these heroines never saw it as such They only saw what was deep inside their men the GOOD the NOBLE and the hidden COMPASSION And that's how Cassandra Gannon wrote her Guinevere and I was immediately enchantedGuinevere felt she was the heartless ueen and Midas the noble one I was laughing my ass off And Midas smart and clever as he was let her believe just that and went on conuering his ueen He was always a few steps ahead of everyone else especially when it pertained to  Guinevere He made damn sure that nothing would EVER come between him and her SWOON My heart went all gooey and fuzzy for himNow on top of having TWO absolutely awesome main characters Guinevere and Midas the author managed to write two personalities that stole the show and turned the duo into a uartet of the most memorable cast These characters made me deeply fall in love with this story but also with the author I can't wait to dive into book 1 Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf So long review short story READ ITIf you are anything like me and you love an uniue storyline with a fabulous cast give this book a go It's currently on kindle unlimited Another reason to get KU the most interesting authors are on it TJ and I talked just yesterday about how many of our ARC's end up on KU as soon as they are being released We are AMAZED by the offeringsFind reviews and book recommendations on my blogFind me on Bookstagram New favorite book alertWhy do I love this story?There is so much going on I prefer plot driven stories over character driven stories This is fast paced and there are so many uestions to be answered tropes I love and enemies to slayMarriage of convenience A prison break All the toys you can imagine A king slaying ueen A coupWho is Avalon's real father? Who is Midas's True Love? What happens when Gallahad returns? How did Arthur die? Where is the wand?Shopaholic collector MidasA bodyguard with honour no filter no emotions homicidal tendencies and a soft spot for kidsOpen communucation They talk about everythingI’m certainly not telling you to change  I would hate for you to become cynical and hardened like me  It’s wonderful that you’ve retained your innocence” Midas’ eyes had flicked up to her like that heartfelt assurance confused him  Then he’d honest to God looked over his shoulder to see if she was talking to someone elseMidas COMPLETELY sells the idea of True Love and love at first sightMidas wanted to make sure everyone in Camelot knew she’d married him  Bragging arrogance territorialism pride whatever you called it he had no desire to hide his triumph Hell he might just take out a billboardPerspectives on Parenting“Trystan says size isn’t important in battle just you’s willingness to kill and die for glory”“This is why no ueen should ever take a mate”  Trystan instructed Avalon  “It makes you soft  Remember that as you ascend your throne  ueens need only slaves and consorts” I only got the basic necessities” “You bought a four foot tall robotic teddy bear that plays golf” “All children need one of those  The shop clerk assured me it’s educational” If you like fairytale pastiche with some twists and sex these are the books for you and they are completely addictive I have had so much fun with these books I really enjoyed this book and it's going on my keeper shelf to re read It was so funny that I kept laughing out loud I also liked how hard Midas tried to make Gwen and her daughter like himExamples of funny uotes He picked up a remote control and clicked on his two story high fireplace in case she was cold The mantle was made of yellow bricks Damn Munchkins had charged him an outrageous amount for each and every one but they were the bestShe crossed her arms over her chest reminding herself to stay strong in the face of his marshmallow ness “You don’t need to buy us things Midas” He hesitated and she could tell he didn’t agree “I only got the basic necessities” “You bought a four foot tall robotic teddy bear that plays golf” “All children need one of those The shop clerk assured me it’s educational” “In addition to lacking a sense of right and wrong my prison psychiatrist informs me that I’m pathologically incapable of doing what Good folk want” Midas explained like that nonsense was somehow true “I’m also prone to disproportionally violent responses when people cross me I’m selfish greedy narcissistic and in short irredeemably BadWhat about starting some kind of henchman school?” The Cat chimed in absently strumming her fiddle which was lying flat on the not round table It was a nervous tick “They need training in the minion ing arts Those dishes and spoons I work with are fucking nymphos constantly running off together It’s cutting into my bottom line especially since the Cow jumped off to who the hell knows where” She looked over at Little Dog “Am I right?” Little Dog laughed because Little Dog always laughed because Little Dog was always high Midas had no idea how the jackass got any villainy done when he was forever stoned out of his spotted skullI loved how in love with Gwen Midas was and how he would protect her from anyone and everything This book had it all hot intimate scenes humor good plot and great supporting characters I really want Trystan the Gryphon to get a book I'd love to see Trystan fall in love I can see myself re reading this book over and over as a comfort read Good romance hot funny and no angst I have not read the earlier books in the series and the author told the reader everything they needed to know I plan to go back and see if I like book 1 and book 2 as much as I did Midas and Gwen's book 3 3 struggle bus stars I definitely struggled with this one The first two in the series were beyond amazing I was so happy I found this author and her style of story telling Finding a good book now is like finding a needle in a very crowded horny and tacky haystack While I still enjoyed it somewhat I found myself picking it up and putting it down and never getting really invested with the story or the characters I found the heroine to be extremely dense and a bit of a suare The author wrote her to be a very logical person but her personality and her logic just ended up getting in the way of the plot and dragged the whole story down She always thought she knew than everyone and was constantly assuming things about the hero before confirming them herself The hero on the other hand was way to passive He took a back seat in this very jumbled roller coaster of a book Its even stated in the book that Midas was just along for the ride I dont mind a beta hero but Midas' character just felt very blahhh While I did struggle with this one I ended up giving this 3 stars because the author takes the road less traveled with her books Not ONCE in all three books did it have the heroine get capturedkidnapped and has to be saved by the hero The heroines were saving the hero 90% of the time and I freaking LOVE THAT All of the heroines were freaking smart and could hold their own against a stubborn hero Thank god We need books like this Books that show that the Hh are eual partners In fact it was the main theme of this book The H and h said over and over again We are eual partners How refreshing is that? takes a deep breath of fresh air I've been in a book slump and I blame Ilona Andrews After reading the Hidden Legacy series I have varying degrees of dissatisfaction with everything else I read I'm not saying I haven't really liked some of the books I've read since but I keep going back wanting Mad Rogan and Nevada The struggletotally real So I was trolling the Ilona Andrews blog for I don't know surprise news that another HL book is coming out right this minute and I saw this post instead I love fairytale retellings so I was sold and it was fantastic Now that I've read it retelling isn't exactly the right word It's like Shrek All the characters are here Disney Arthurian legend Grimm nursery rhymes living together in what is basically modern times There are castles and magic and True Love A main theme of the story is that people are born Bad or Good and the Good folk are much better placed in society But if you're born Good or Bad does that mean you are born a good or bad person? The characters challenge the labels that are placed on them and I really liked that aspect of the story I thought the world was awesome The characters are honestly fantastic I loved the dialogue I would read a portion start laughing then go back so I could read it out loud then start laughing all over again It was marvelous Just about everything I want in a book is here This is part of a series but I didn't feel like I was missing anything by skipping ahead so it can be read as a standalone Also for all you Kindle Unlimited people it's available there A delightful feel good book Why aren't there ?Top notes of Pratchett well worked out fantasy world overlay a really charming romance After Arthur's untimely and suspicious death beleaguered Guinevere takes refuge from the Evil Scarecrow with top crook Midas who rocks a purple pinstriped sharkskin tuxedo To his chagrin His decades of professional villainy weren’t enough to convince her he was able to take care of himself  She looked concerned for himI would hate for you to become cynical and hardened like me said Guinevere It’s wonderful that you’ve retained your innocence Their love story isjust lovely Not particularly subtle perhaps but sweet and satisfyingThis isn't a book that takes itself too seriously it's very funny and there's a lot of pleasure to be gained from spotting all the clever references to other fantasy worlds the Walrus worries about staff retention rates with his oyster servants; the four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie turn out to be less a culinary treat and a guerilla task force What Cassandra Gannon does take seriously and it's why she's a little like Pratchett is creating a threat to this rather cookie world that works in universal terms view spoilernamely the tendency of dictators to want to brainwash independent thinkers and all outliers hide spoiler