The Fall of Lilith

The Fall of Lilith✸ [BOOKS] ✬ The Fall of Lilith By Vashti Quiroz-Vega ❂ – In The Fall of Lilith Vashti uiroz Vega crafts an irresistible new take on heaven and hell that boldly lays bare the passionate conflicted natures of God’s first creations the resplendent celestial In The Fall of Lilith Vashti uiroz Vega crafts an irresistible new take on heaven and hell that boldly lays bare the passionate conflicted natures of God’s first creations the resplendent celestial beings known as angels If you think you know their story think againEndowed with every The Fall PDF \ gift of mind body and spirit the angels reside in a paradise bounded by divine laws chief of which are obedience to God and celibacy In all other things the angels possess free will that they may add in their own uniue ways to God’s unfolding planLilith most exuisite of angels finds the rules arbitrary and stifling She yearns to follow no plan but her own a plan that leads to the throne now occupied by God himself With clever words and forbidden caresses Lilith sows discontent among the angels Soon the virus of rebellion has spread to the greatest of them all LuciferNow as angel is pitted against angel old loyalties are betrayed and friendships broken Lust envy pride and ambition arise to shake the foundations of heaven and beyond For what begins as a war in paradise invades God’s newest creation a planet known as Earth It is there in the garden called Eden that Lilith Lucifer and the other rebel angels will seek a final desperate victory—or a venomous revenge“A compelling narrative that strays far from traditional biblical text A well written descriptive and dark creation story”—Kirkus Reviews. In the reimagining of heaven and earth Vashti uiroz Vega has created a vast and rich story with characters that leap off the pages Taking names of angels we know from the Bible she has brought them brilliantly to life Rebelling against God Lilith seeks to cause discord amongst her fellow angels in order to rise above her creator Not to go into too much detail but the motives actions and fallout are well mapped out and give the story believability  With a uniue twist on the fall to Earth Ms Vega builds on her creation The Garden of Eden Adam and Eve is the final battleground over Lilith's need for vengeance against God I could not put this book down The story hooked me and kept me glued to the pages I highly recommend The Fall of Lilith  In The Fall of Lilith Vashti uiroz Vega crafts an irresistible new take on heaven and hell that boldly lays bare the passionate and conflicted natures of God’s first creations the resplendent celestial beings known as angels This one line from the book blurb gives the reader a hint of the story's direction What the reader of that one line will not know is the richness and depth of the story and characters Ms Vega has taken familiar names from the story of creation in the bible and breathed so much life into them that you would swear they were alive and had appeared on your favorite television drama Although I would like to give a blow by blow description of all the beautiful things about this book I want to keep the story a surprise for those who haven't read it yet Even though most of us know the story of the fallen angels it still would be a spoiler to tell a lot about what happensSuffice it to say that the tableau on which the story is told is vast and rich with descriptions that can only be made by a gifted writer The detail of each of the angle’s personalities and motivations will astound and please even the most fickle The action contained in the battle scenes have been well researched and constructed in such a way that one would think Ms Vega had been there when they occurred The love scenes were tender where they needed to be and rough where roughness was natural without stepping over the line into gratuitousness There are several uniue twists on the classic story of Adam Eve and the fallen angels that are uniuely creative One gets a better idea of the origin of sin and how evil came into to the world Well at least according to Mr VegaAll in all a story that had continuity and pace and was very hard to put down I would recommend this book to anyone who likes well written fiction that is part fantasy part thriller and all entertainment I don't even know where to begin This book was so amazing It took the story of the fallen angels to a whole new level Initially I had hoped it was a story of Lilith the first wife of Adam from Hebrew lore but I was pleasantly surprised by the story I received The book is long it is actually two books in one The first is the story of the angels in Heaven The reader is given a glimpse into the adolescence of God's holy beings You watch as Lilith learns of her ability to manipulate her siblings She takes this gift and begins her desire to be as God She convinces several of her weaker siblings to join her cause which leads to the battle for HeavenBook two takes you on the fallen angels' journey across the new world God created Earth Here you experience the joys and pains as the angels discover their new gifts and realize they are free from the laws that bound them in Heaven Vashti is an incredible author with an amazing imagination She created characters that you can't help but fall in love with and in some cases absolutely hate She used the fallen angels to explain several mythological creatures and I found that to be ingenious I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy When I saw this book was about the Fallen Angels I jumped at the chance to read it This is the first book I have read from this author and I can happily say it won’t be my last What a fun and interesting twist to the Biblical event of God’s perfects becoming not so perfect Were there really celestial beings created by God that turned to defiance of his rules eons ago only to experience the pleasures of the flesh? According to the Dead Sea Scrolls and many other texts from around the world this event did indeed take place and humans have suffered the conseuences from their actions even unto this day Vashti uiroz Vega does a wonderful job with this first book in her fantasy series of the Fallen Angels I'm so looking forward to reading the next I found this novel exciting to read New ideas about Lilith and the angels abound in this tale Refreshing and entertaining it also makes you wonder a great deal especially if you have a religious background Well written and the descriptions were wonderful A book I would go back and read again after the initial rush of images and excitement The characters come to life Lillith makes me angry which is the sign of a good read I recommend this book highly ‘The Fall Of Lilith’ by Vashti uiroz Vega has been listed as ‘dark fantasy' but I didn’t find it dark as my focus was on God the omniscient the forgiving and the kind but He doesn’t seem to show any kindness towards His “perfect” Angels and banishes them from Floraison because some of them revolted against His arbitrary and oppressive laws The oath of celibacy and obedience are the two pledges which the Angels have made but attraction – the natural instinct that they have been endowed with is too much to brush asideLilith the rebel the influencer who could enchant and seduce whosoever she wants takes the lead and raises her own army to defy the Almighty and wrest control out of His hands A powerful and incredible move but she is confident enough to win The conseuences are unbelievable and the suffering ineffable Severe punishments are inflicted upon those who dared to uestion God’s power Beelzebub suffered the most as he was gagged and chained and got a watery prison in a river for obvious reasonsThe book celebrates the power of female dominance in the form of Lilith She is individualistic headstrong overambitious and deceitful who could stoop to every level to wreak vengeance and accomplish her motives Fired by the desire for divine power she aspires to create her own wonders Undeterred by the punishment she had to face for entering the forbidden garden in which she was tortured for three days she continues on the chosen path Not only is she instrumental in stirring the passions of males around her but also succeeds in leading many of them astray assuring them that they possessed the potential to vanuish God and His loyal celestial beings I have always liked strong female protagonists but this one I hate There lies the success of the authorVashti conveys some subtle messages too we may detest rules but they “create stability discipline and promote safety” Goodness and evil are two inevitable aspects of life which cannot be eliminated because they were created by some sinister forces which refuse to appreciate virtues Once I started this I couldn't put it down Not your usual run of the mill fallen angel story Completely uniue Impatient for the next The Fall of Lilith is a high fantasy that delivers the reader into the imaginative realm of Floraison better known as Heaven Forget what you learned in Sunday School This version of events has nothing to do with Lilith Adam’s first wife from the Hebrew texts If you love inventive fantasy read onBook One is dedicated to the lives of the heavenly angels in Floraison where they live under God’s laws They are reuired to adhere to the rules with no uestions asked The young angel’s days are filled living blissfully in a celestial Garden of Eden As these heavenly beings mature they develop into spectacular angels with resplendent wings and powers that are unsurpassedGod eventually separates his godly offspring into groups by rank Seraphim Cherubim Thrones Dominions Virtues Powers Principalities Archangels and AngelsHowever this newfound maturity creates problems for the angels Raised like sisters and brothers they suddenly take notice of their own bodies with feelings of love and desire for each other Lilith feels the first pull of the lust for free will and wastes no time in uestioning God’s rulesLilith is the catalyst and as some of the angels follow her lead there are others that revolt and refuse to succumb to her wiles The great manipulator Lilith convinces a group of angels to rebel against God and his laws believing they can change Floraison into what they desireThe war between good and evil escalates uickly and the penalties for failure are harsh Lilith and her cohorts are banished from God’s kingdom of Floraison and sent to earth They are stripped of their heavenly abilities and made to live like humansBook Two deals with the survival of the earthbound angels On earth their celestial forms have been changed The most noticeable transformations are in Lucifer and Lilith although some of the angels are made to suffer unbearable lives because of their deceit Lucifer becomes the red demon and Lilith now possesses the lower body of a snake God’s wrath is reflected in each of the fallen angel’s new formsLife on earth for the angels is unforgiving and the struggle to survive is strong The one constant is Lilith and her unuenchable thirst for power and control Her machinations don’t stop on earth Instead they increase leading to a spectacular ending that will surprise youThere is a subtle message that resonates with the story besides the good vs evil theme It centers on the realization that not all rules are bad – some control is needed to tame the chaos An excellent lesson for modern timesVashti uiroz Vega skillfully created Lilith the protagonist as the epitome of the evil enchantress The rest of the characters swirl around her larger than life vileness I was enchanted by the novel the characters and the creative ingenuity of both worlds It’s a long read but well worth every wordI’ve added this book to my Me Time category for Fantasy If you love angels you won’t want to miss this epic storyMY RATINGCharacter Believability 5Flow and Pace 5Reader Engagement 5Reader Enrichment 5Reader Enjoyment 5Overall Rate 5 out of 5 FAIRIES I read this as part of the #ABRSC read and reviewAmazing I absolutely loved this wonderful novel by Vashti uiroz Vega I rarely read long books but this kept my attention throughout both book 1 and book 2 In fact it was such a uick read I’d highly recommend reading The Fall of Lilith if you love high fantasy books with amazing descriptive prose uniue and highly imaginative writing and fabulous characters The main protagonist Lilith isn’t at all keen on God’s decree that they should be celibate She is a power crazed angel who plots and schemes bringing a heck load of drama horror and strife to the storyline Advisory It’s not a YA book as there are passages of steamy scenes that take it beyond YAIt ticks every single box Splendid a definite favourite Highly recommendedReview on my blog Read as part of the #ABRSC Read and Review on Goodreads An epic story which will make you reconsider what you thought you knew about angels demons and everything in between I have seen this book described as “epic” and I agree not only for its length it is two books in one but also for its topic It does talk about all things in Heaven and Earth near enough from the creation of the angels and the battle of good and evil to the fall of the angels and their revenge plans once on Earth that don’t bode well for humanityThe author’s writing style in this book is reminiscent of the Bible although the story is told from uite a different point of view and it deviates from the narrative most Christians are familiar with I am intrigued to know how the story will resonate with readers not familiar with the Christian tradition although the world building is detailed enough for anybody to be able to follow the events I am not a bit Fantasy reader mostly because I am not that fond of lengthy descriptions I admire authors who do it well although this story has the added interest of providing a major variation on a story many of us are familiar with As typical of the genre there is plenty of telling in fact all the characters are storytellers and we get to hear the angels’ voices often narrating their own adventures or even fictional ones like a fascinating story Lilith narrates in book 1 and beautiful descriptions of Floraison the part of Heaven inhabited by the angels of the angels and also of the creation of Earth and of Earth itself in book 2 We follow the story in a chronological order from the time when the angels are uite young growing up and learning about their powers this part reminded me of YA books set up in special schools for young people with special abilities and also of parts of The Hunger Games when the characters had to train for the battle ahead through to the battle between good and evil and their fall to Earth Although the story is narrated in the third person we follow the points of views of a variety of angels mainly Lilith the main character but also most of the others at some pointThese angels reminded me of the Greek gods They are not the celestial beings many of us imagine but human than human They have their personalities their peculiar characters their flaws their desires and they are far from goodie goodie two shoes Even the good angels have faults Oh Gabriel We get to know Lilith’s cunning and devious nature better than that of others she is rebellious proud has a superiority complex and does not seem to feel true affection for anybody even her supposed friends but we see that Lucifer is proud and is not a good looser from early on when he is following the rules and some of the other angels are weak easily manipulated and only worried about their own well being and interests The God of this story does not tolerate rebellion or deceit and he severely punishes his children for their misdeeds The author excels at writing the punishments and tortures the angels are subject to and these parts of the book are not for the faint hearted I know she writes horror too and this is uite evident in her penchant for devising monstrous characters and pretty cruel and sadistic torturesAs is often the case the bad characters are interesting than the good ones that we mostly lose sight of in book 2 apart from some brief appearances I would not say any of the characters are very sympathetic Lilith is put to the test and punished for being what she is and considering angels are given free will that seems uite cruel but she displays psychopathic traits from the beginning and it is difficult to blame her nasty personality on her experiences She is strong and determined but she abandons her friends is manipulative and goes to extremes that make her exceedingly unlikeable I have no problem with having a truly horrible character as the main voice of a book although I missed something that helped me connect with her there are moments when she hints at a weakness or hurt but I did not feel they were particularly convincing Perhaps a sense of humour no matter how dark would have helped but other than some instances of silly behaviour very early on there are moments of wonder but not many laughs Gadreel is perhaps the easiest character to empathise with and she grows and develops during book 2 to begin with she is constantly complaining and moaning but she gets confident although she is not traditionally good either Satan does horrible things especially to Lilith who is not blameless by a long stretch not that such abuse could be ever justified in real life but he is an interesting character and uite loyal to his friends And he also does much of what he does out of love however misguided I don’t know what that says about me but I really like Dracul Satan and Lilith’s child He is described as uite an ugly thing but I find him cute There you have itFor me book 2 is dynamic and moves faster than book 1 I particularly enjoyed the fact that the adventures of the fallen angels on Earth allow us to read about their first impressions of the world as it would appear to somebody who had never been here a totally brand new place Such estrangement and sense of wonder are fascinating and the writing captures it well The fact that the fallen angels find themselves in a hostile environment and have to learn to work together to survive adds to the interest Of course Lilith has her own plans and she makes sure she convinces others to followThe character of Lilith reminded me of the typical figure of the femme fatale in film noir or the spider woman or well I’m sure you can think of many epithets such females have received over the years who is powerful but her power consists in manipulating and deceiving males convincing them that they are in charge while she pulls the invisible strings I do admire such characters especially when the circumstances are dire and that seems to be the only option to get ahead There is always a difficult balance to maintain between creating a strong negative female character that can hold her own and ensuring it does not reinforce the usual story tropes that blame women for all of world’s ills from the beginning of timesThis book made me wonder once about the well known narrative and let me tell you there are some twists that will keep readers on their toes of events which amounts to a civil war in Heaven where there is no reconciliation and no possible redress or forgiveness for those who rebelled against the established order and lost I also had to wonder about the rules imposed in Floraison and what seems to be a bias against LGBT sex is bad but same sex sex is worse and is severely punished which has always been an issue that has caused much religious debateThis book is a tour de force that I’d recommend to readers who love to be challenged by narratives that push the limits of well known stories and make us rethink and reconsider the stories we have been told And one for those who love strong and wicked female characters And baby demons