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This review is for Sky of Fire and Ash by Audrey Grey Sky of Fire and Ash is another welcome brilliant treat from the amazingly talented Audrey Grey Those compliment are well deserved Fallon the main character is the very embodiment of my favorite YA fantasy character She is a kickass strong fighter who is a Drakoni HunterBlack Guard Drakoni because it's not just Dragons it's also wyverns firedrakes wyrms and other species In a world where Drakoni have invaded the world Firewalkers are created Firewalkers are genetically tweaked people with the ability to withstand Drakoni Fire Drakoni are also called Scorchers Fallon is the best they have so far and the oldest Because they mostly don't live long enough Her being 19 is considered impressive Oh also Firewalkers and other members of the Black Guard have these metal wings connected with them that is connected to the brain receives instruction This basically means they hunt Drakoni in the air On a routine hunt Fallon and her Spotter Basically an assistant that help Firewalkers with taking down dragons by giving them instruction through their aerial view are captured by some Dragons in an unprecedented move This leads to a revelation that shook the foundation of Fallon's world as she knows it It turns out there are some special Drakoni Guardians who are also shape shifters and can take on the human form and Fallon is one of them After her whole world was upended Fallon finds a grounding once through a Guardian Rek He is the one that shows her being a Drakoni can be just as beautiful and amazing as it is deadly The chemistry between this two is awesomesauce If this becomes a full novel I can't wait to see their love bloom The other characters are also amazing though their backstories weren't fully explained This is a novella after all It is obvious it's going to be an amazing tale Fallon knowing the woe and injustice that has befallen her kind is going to do whatever it takes to bring an end to the brutal treatments One thing I love about Audrey Grey's books are the attention to detail This may be a novella but the descriptions are vivid and just amazing The facts are also brilliantly constructed in a way that shows a lot of research went into it The worldbuilding here is just as amazing though not as vast as it could be were it a full novel but still commendable Sky of Fire and Ash is a perfect blend of Fantasy and Sci fiAudrey Grey has introduced a brilliant and beautiful world that will definitely resonate with all readers and I can't wait to get back into it I think an anthology is a sure bet when it has several stories by authors a reader has come to love That's certainly the case here as my list of favorite authors includes five of the contributors to this anthology Margo Bond Collins Monica Korwin Melanie Karsak Patricia Loofbourrow and Wendy Knight I can only give you a partial review as to date I've only read Patricia Loofbourrow's Vulnerable That story is one that I can confirm the uality of It's superb Anyone who is a fan of her Red Dog Conspiracy novels basically meaning anyone who has read at least one of them knows the Bryce family and this gives their backstory poor Eleanor Bryce her husband a suicide and now finding herself trapped between the truth and his mountain of debt Even if you've never read any of her stories though you'll still enjoy this one It has a great plot that doesn't need any background knowledge as it's a preuel a well crafted plot and complex and interesting lead and supporting characters that are very well drawn Darn impressive in a story of this size My only complaint is that I wish it was longer Not due to lack of completeness as it was totally complete but rather because I wanted to stretch out the enjoyment If the other stories in this collection are nearly as good then this is definitely a winner of a set I am reviewing Scorched Sun Extinction thank you to Melanie Karsak for sending me an e copy of her book to read and review The story follows Ash and Keyes in this post apocalyptic world where the world we know has been destroyed by a solar coronal mass injection Ash is sent off with a small group to find out why another village the Low Tide has not delivered any of their supplies back to hers the Park This is a preuel novella so we get to meet the characters and learn about their world first I really enjoyed this novella and I read it in such a short time because obviously its not full book length but it was packed with intense moments and I couldn't stop I liked all the characters and was rooting for them the whole time and then there were the wailers The wailers are these nasty disfigured beasts that are very happy with killing and eating humans so of course in the story our heroes had to navigate the wailers and that was my favorite part I would recommend this novella if you like the Divergent series since it reminded me a lot of Allegiant but even better I can't wait to read from this author 55 This review is for Vulnerable by Patricia Loufbourrow She gave me an ARC copy of her story to review for herThis story a preuel to Jac of Spades was extremely good It certainly grabbed my interest as I have read the Jac of Spades already and just had to know about the characters Vulerable deals with death and debt difficult subjects to write in an understanding way but Patricia Loufbourrow managed it with finess I loved the way the story turned and turned again as the main character Eleanora struggled to find money for her husband's debts I felt immensely sorry for her as she went from one issue to the next and still tried to remain strong What the author has written is a story about personal conviction and courage in the face of hardship I absolutely loved it and really wish it had been much longer as it seemed to end too uickly to me Audrey Grey does it again She's created another BAMF female protagonist you can't help but love and cheer for A young woman who is fully capable of taking care if herself and those she chooses to protect Fallon is probably one of my favorite characters of all time Because this is a novella we don't get nearly enough time with her but this promising beginning to a new series guarantees that she will become the new hero of the YA Fantasy verse She's strong and feirce but has a proper sense of morality and a huge heart loving and protecting those who deserve it Needless to say I'm obsessed with yet another series by Audrey Grey I didn't intent to finish it in one sitting but I couldn't stop myself Even when my eyes were burning and I knew I would want to die when my alarm went off in a few hours I just had to know what happened It only took about one and a half hours to read so it wasn't too bad but I had started intending to read a chapter or two and lull myself into sleep Instead I read the whole thing then promptly passed out and had the coolest dreams I've had in a long time The one critiue I have is that we never really got a physical description of what Fallon looks like I didn't realize this until after I finished the story because I follow Grey's social media and was introduced to Fallon before the ARCs were ready so I decided to post that photo of Fallon in my review so everyone else can meet her too I hope you all end up loving her and this book as much as I do Edit Currently Photobucket is being the biggest PoS and not doing what I need it to do so I'm unable to upload the photo You can find it on the review page or in the facebook group Grey's Ninjas I volunteered to read and review an eARC of this novella but haven't read any of the other books in this box set Vulnerable by Patricia LoofbourrowThis is a story that happens before Red Dogs Conspiracy This is a story of Eleonora's Bryce It allows us to have an insight of her origin and what made her the way she will be in book one of the series It has a fight intelligent women blooming feeling and debt intrigue Really shortie and interesting as with any anthology some stories were amazing Wendy Knight others were very much less so the longest story dragged on so long that I eventually skipped it it's worth a read through though just for those gems that make it worth it So far this review is only for Wendy Knight's Before These Wings 5 starsI loved getting a glimpse into what happened to Phoenyx before the events that took place in With These Wings which I read first but the books can be read either way This reads like a preuel since I read With These Wings first but Before These Wings does stand on its own and will definitely make you want to read With These Wings right after I love the world Wendy Knight has created there's really interesting enemies for the characters to combat with and I enjoy Wendy Knight's take on a dystopian world I love Phoenyx's strength she's definitely a strong female character and it's easy to root for her I love the friendship between Phoenyx and Enika Enika is a really great friend to Phoenyx and I love seeing how much they are there for each other This series is uniue and really entertaining I love the action and the whole alien scenario This book alone is worth the price of this boxset and I'm excited to see where this series is going to go Strong and interesting writing with wonderful characters This review is for Overdue Uprising by Jason Paul RiceThis is a great collection of stories I read Overdue Uprising first as the author is someone I have read before Jason is still a fairly new to me author but I fell in love with his writing style His characters tend to get their claws into you so much so you will lose yourself in the story and be with them every step of the way even finding yourself crying as they doThe book tells a short story of earth having been overrun by an alien force with any remaining humans being held as captives but longing for the day when freedom will be theirs or they have totally given up all hopes of escapeThe Seven have given promises of a freedom but at what costs to the remaining humans numbers is it all just a dream this place where they meet The Seven and learn special skills or is there just the smallest chance of it all being real with the very real hope of escape When would this happen importantly how where can they go where they need no longer be afraidThis is a really great story it leaves you wanting Collections like these are great to find a new series or a new author to readand this one is one of the bests I've read in a while Kory M Shrum was the reason I bought it and her story was excellent as alwaysbut Karsak's story surprised me and I want to read a great collection for everyone who loves dystopian fictiongreat uniue stories that make you want spaceships mer people dragonswhat else could you want when curling up to read