Ten Thousand Points of Light

Ten Thousand Points of Light[PDF / Epub] ☀ Ten Thousand Points of Light Author Michelle Warren – Oaklandjobs.co.uk NOW LIVEFREE in KINDLE UNLIMITEDUS years ago an unthinkable tragedy slashed Cait London’s life into two parts before she had amnesia and afterDetermined to keep her past hidden and start over she mo NOW LIVEFREE in KINDLE UNLIMITEDUS years ago Points of PDF/EPUB ì an unthinkable tragedy slashed Ten Thousand MOBI :¼ Cait London’s life into two parts before she had amnesia and afterDetermined Thousand Points of ePUB ☆ to keep her past hidden and start over she moves to Chicago and plunges into a new job—all while keeping a walled distance from everyone she meets But it’s not long before Cait reconsiders her solitary existence and soon she’s stepping beyond her boundaries and taking unthinkable chances like crushing on her impossibly sexy landlord Evan Wade He’s flirty annoying and with him living in the same apartment building she can’t stop thinking about him If she can sleep with him once perhaps she can get him out of her system The problem is Evan seems bulletproof to her advances As the two develop a connection it becomes clear Cait may not succeed before her heart remembers what it feels like to love Ten Thousand Points of Light is an immersive contemporary romance about the intensity of first loves the heartache of loss and the power of forgiveness. theres no way i could tell you how i heard about this book or how i even ended up with a copy not even if you paid me a million dollars yet here i am nearly 500 pages later and so grateful this story somehow mysteriously appeared into my life the one major aspect of caits before and after is veryyyy predictable but that didnt stop me from enjoying this if anything it made me invested there were even a few moments where i got a little misty eyed and although i dont think the concept is necessarily original i feels uniuely executed the writing is uite lovely and genuine so that definitely helps very happy and pleased with how much i enjoyed this ↠ 45 stars So I got this book because one of the reviews said it would make me cry I needed to work my lacrimal glands so I said why notIt didn't make me cry maybe my ducts have atrophied or something The book was nice though I thought it was a cute story I didn't really vibe with the characters but I liked their romance The end was a bit too rushed for me as well I thought there was going to be a confrontation with her family but that didn't happen That left me disappointed Full review now posted on the blog and we have a signed giveaway happening NOW Stop by to enter in every single way this is a beautiful story of a love so strong and so pure a story of fate a story of a loss so profound that it will gut you but the love—that soulful forever love will repair you in all ways and your heart will feel such complete and utter joy This is romance at its finest Readers looking for something uniue and different—something outside of the box—that will touch your heart and soul completely should pick up this book right away This is without a doubt a top fave of 2017 Full review to come I can't promise you won't cry 📘UPDATED REVIEW 📘6 STARSMy All Time Best Of 2017 ❤️Oh Golly Guys? Girls? Ladies? Book friends? I'm the uiet dork that stalks Book blogs Goodreads and you all know what I'm talking about because just like you I'm addicted to books And lovelies This book not only brought me out of my book funk but also made me write a review after silently scrolling through the all consuming overwhelming book world web of reviews posts and snippets without saying a word since joining the reading force five years ago and since I've found you all Am I ringing any bells?? A shout out to me wouldn't go unappreciated just kidding not 🙄 and today friends as we can't leave any follower readers behind I have finally came out to say I have a book recommendation that I'm begging you all to read This Book Ten Thousand points of light was so uniuely different from all the others I've read this year or maybe ever that I HAD to come out of hiding and express my feelings after reading it TTPOL was so beautifully written with an all consuming love so uniuely profound it was destroy you put you back together only for it to rip you apart again and again The mystery was completely mind boggling as I had no clue where this story was going I love when an author can do that causing me to second guess where I thought it was going only to change directions and blow me out of the water with a different route I had ALOT of ideas where I believed it was heading and was completely thrown off course but in the end couldn't be happier I love when a book can do that it's proof that the author is extremely talented with confident writing skills when a book can wrap you around the soul sueeze your heart and leave you utterly exhaustedSeriously you all HAVE to read this beauty gather everyone and Start This Book It was undeniably the best book of the year Our heroine Cait was so imperfectly perfect She was strong and determined even after everything she's been through You learn why she's the way she is as the story unfolds capturing emotions so strong I can't say your eyes won't water And Evan Sueeee Is everything I could ever ask for in a heroI have to remind myself I'm nothing to her now even if she's still after all these years everything to meOh my heart ❤️ Do yourself a favour and read this book but Go In Blind Don't let me down friends Your be hearing a lot maybe from me probably not Cheers And Thank you Michelle for pulling me out of my shell and officially giving me the biggest book hangover I think it would make a good movie Ten Thousand Points Of Light by Michelle Warren is a creative masterpiece I just love her writing and this book is her best yetThe story is about Cait and her life before the tragedy and after the tragedy and how she is trying to heal and cope with new challenges Cait tries to hide from her past but soon finds her past can't be forgotten This book will keep your attention as the mystery unfolds I could not put this book down because i just had to know what happened?? This book is full of love loss intrigue and forgiveness 5 great big starsFor indie book reviews Myindieauthorfixcom I loved the banter and the slow burn love between the characters Evan was 3 I can't wait to read from this author Hopefully Linden's story is next “I have to remind myself I’m nothing to her now even if she’s still after all these years everything to me”Oh myI don't know where to start with this one to be completely fair It started as any other New Adult novel introducing us to our heroine Cait London I absolutely love her last name and her crazy adventurous friend Aggie Cait is honest with us from the beginning and doesn't hide away the fact that she's suffered from something that caused her to have amnesia She divides her life into two categories before and after Now I must admit that as the story progresses on my mind switched into Sherlock mode and I was trying to understand what happened to her that caused her to lose her memory of her life before the accident I have to be completely honest and tell you that the mystery keeps the story going When we learn that Cait lives in a family building owned by her boss' family and that she's crushing on her landlord Evan the brother of the previously mentioned boss I get interested because I thought I'd see the slow burn of the romance and that with time Evan will help her remember Imagine how disappointed I was when the story shifts focus and suddenly this little lust Cait is experiencing there were a couple of very funny but also very steamy scenes I have to add turns into a proper crush I still move my eyes across the screen though absorbing every word as I try to figure out what is so secretive about Evan and his past What happened to Cait? Was she in a car accident? Did someone hurt her? The mystery kept me going When I get to the part about Evan being heartbroken over a girl once upon a time my heart once again broke and I was once again disappointed because I don't really enjoy stories about heroine and hero finding love the second time I'm into believing there is such a thing as a soulmatePlus there was a problem of a pretty big insta crush This annoyed me until This is the part where I have to say that there was a voice in the back of my mind telling me a little hint telling me to think outside the box and the real plot twist envisioned in my mind long before it was revealed in the book view spoiler Now I love many movies But one movie in particular that I found completely bad is The Vow I found the husband to be pushing and not understanding and just the whole story was portrayed very unsuccessfully At least in my opinion hide spoiler 35ish 4 stars This book started off slow for me and it was a little confusing at times We know something happened to Cait to cause her memory loss but we don't know exactly what Little by little bits of her past are revealed and eventually everything starts to make sense It reminded me a lot of the movie The Vow with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams Once I got really into it after about 30% or so I couldn't put it down