Undone[PDF] ✑ Undone Author Rachel Caine – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Once she was a powerful Djinn Then Cassiel defied her ruler Ashan who tore her very essence away and reshaped her in human flesh as punishment Forced to live among mortals Cassiel has found refuge amo Once she was a powerful Djinn Then Cassiel defied her ruler Ashan who tore her very essence away and reshaped her in human flesh as punishment Forced to live among mortals Cassiel has found refuge among the Weather Wardens whose power she must tap into regularly or she will dieCassiel earns her keep by assisting the Earth Warden Manny Rocha on his missions which she finds much easier than coping with the emotions and frailties of her human condition especially her growing affection for Manny's brother Luis But when Cassiel encounters a malevolent force that threatens the Rocha family she discovers that her perceived human weakness may be her greatest strengths. Undone is book one in the Outcast Season series by Rachel Caine What pulled me towards this book is that it features Djinn You don’t find many books written with Djinn in them so I was intriguedI didn’t know when going into Undone that it is part of another seriesuniverse As I was reading I noticed some of the characters have connections and are developed so it made me think that this is a spin off After reading I did some digging and I think that this series is part of the Weather Wardon Universe The author showcases that their are things going on with the Wardens New Djinn and Old Djinn in this book If you look at the Weather Warden Universe Series Undone pops up between Gale Force and Cape Storm in the Weather Wardon series Now even thou Undone is part of the Weather Wardon Universe we can still read this series without reading the Weather Wardon series I will say I did feel a little behind; because of this series combo but the I read the I picked up information and started to enjoy the book Cassiel is a Old Djinn At the start of Undone we don't know why Cassiel is striped of her Djinn powers and aspect We do know she refused to do something for the head Djinn but we don’t know what that thing is Now with her being cast out she is now human and must learn to live that way She struggles with what a Djinn would do and what a human would do She’s learning to come to terms and live in this human body but still she struggles It's interesting to see the two aspects collide and watching her learn to accept herself as she is now and work with the Wardens Their are struggles sad moments and actionNow if you don’t care for cliffhanger’s then I’m sorry to say Undone leaves you hanging at the end but it’s in a good way We know that the store and adventure will continue into book 2 and we will follow Cassiel as she deals with a threat and her new life Undone was interesting It was a little slow going but the I read the I liked and I’m curious to see what happens next I will also be checking out the Weather Warden series too Rated 35 Stars I love Rachel Caine I love her characters so much that I felt kinda reluctant to start reading this book because I didn't want to jump from the POV of her amazing characters Joanna and David from the Weather Warden books This new series is based is the same world there's even character crossover I had a bit of a hard time getting started the main character is standoffish but the book hooked me in and by the exciting ending I was definitely all the way with this book Can't wait to see the next one uite the cliffhanger 57%OH THE PROSE THE PROSE Yesyesyesss I do love the big events and the world building etc etc But come on who wants to read books with the most yawn y proses ever right? But no THIS ROCKS I LOVE YOU CAINE Originally published on my blog GoodO M G I was genuinely surprised by Undone I did not expect to love this book as much as I loved Caine's Weather Warden series But I truly did It was everything one comes to expect from Caine and her beautifully descriptive writing Now that Cassiel has been struck from the Djinn race and turned into a kinda sorta human she has been having trouble assimilating to human living and emotions And her assimilation process is violently cut short as something tragic happens that will change the rest of her life short as it may be But with the help of Luis a strong earth warden Cassiel is hell bent on destroying the evil entity that seems just as determined to eliminate the ex Djinn Of course it's not going to be that easy as this entity gains power and followers each day and its final goal might be catastrophic to the human race than Cassiel first assumed I just love the world Caine has created in both series There's never a dull moment in her books because enemies are just too abundant Even the weather earth and closest friends are never what they seem The action is ridiculously constant which I love and Caine's characterization is superb Not one character is the same Each have their very own personalities mannerisms and motives And for those who miss the characters we have come to love from the Weather Warden series you will get your Joanna David and Lewis fix in Undone since they do appear at the beginning of the first few chapters Cassiel is pretty much one of the most amazing characters ever Reading about her transformation and journey in a human body was inspiring Especially when she was one of the old Djinn who thought humans and the new Djinn were worthless beings I loved how Caine made everyday human things seem so weird and odd through Cassiel's eyes It made me see our world in a whole new light Cassiel is both hilarious in her ignorance and frightening in her seriousness It was so endearing how human emotions crept up on her ever so slowly Her fondness for Ibby the daughter of the warden who provides Cassiel with her energy to stay alive was the sweetest thing I ever read And Ibby was pretty much as cute as a button She almost made me like kidsalmost Oh and I am totally obsessed with Cassiel's hair You'll understand what I mean when you read this book I really didn't get Luis at first He seemed a little unnecessary but as the book progressed he became vital to Cassiel's survival I like the idea of him but he has not won me completely over yet But I do love that he doesn't put up with Cassiel's crap Come to think of it he is probably a perfect match for her I was stunned with the twists and turns in this book I didn't expect Undone to turn out the way it did I wanted to cry most of the time because Cassiel's constant regret and sorrow over events she in no way could have prevented But it's understandable why she blames herself especially when loss is a new experience for her The big reveal at the end made my jaw drop I wasn't expecting Cassiel's big secret to be so monumental With this new information I know the next few books will not lack in the action or drama department This series looks very promising The BadI truly loved every part of this book Okay maybe I wanted to pull my hair out when it ended on a cliffhanger Okay okay maybe I DID pull my hair out but just a little My hair grows pretty fast so it's all good The SnugglyDon't hold your breath for any snuggly Cassiel was an unemotional Djinn who is now a slightly less unemotional human Sex is not in her current euation either is romance But there is a scene that signifies future romance OverallThe constant adventure and who done it feel of this book made it one amazing read Cassiel's haughty attitude and struggle to fit in with humanity make her a fun and uniue character And as her human emotions start to crack through her iron tough shell of her past Djinn attitude you can't help but love her Any fan of the Weather Warden series will easily adore the Outcast Season series Highly recommended uotesI learned of my human body and the I learned the less I liked Its machinery was too fragile and reuired too much maintenance Food Breathing Finally sleeping The humiliating process of waste elimination was enough to make me wish fondly for oblivion The child bounced up from the couch and jumped in place face alight with pleasure Cassie Cassie CassieI sighed Cassiel please For all the good I sensed it would do Angela stifled a laughI had no idea of the human protocol for such things but I knelt down and the child rushed my arms Warm chubby arms around my neck A moist kiss on my cheek Ewwww you smell like burning things Ibby said WOW talk about the mother lode of cliffhangers Rachel Caine has done it again with the spin off of the Weather Warden series and what an amazing debut it isUndone follows Cassiel a Djinn that has been cast out of the Old Djinn by her boss Ashan We don’t know why or what she’s done to deserve this She’s left in the hands of Manny Rocha an Earth Warden who teaches her the ropes and feeds her power to keep her going Cassiel learns about being a human and finds herself growing close to Manny’s family including his ex gang member brother Luis Rocha and Manny’s child IsabelBefore she knows it Cassiel’s intense need to protect Manny and his family leads her on a mission that poses a sinister threat to all Djinn and only her Earth powers and Djinn detachment can lead her down the path to victoryI just loved how different this is to the Weather Warden series Those books talk about the weather stopping worldly disasters and the war between the Djinn and the wardens on a much broader scale The Outcast Season is where we can finally narrow it all down to one badass Djinn stuck in a human body with a narrow focused mission – to protect and save a child while adjusting to her new formThe voice given to Cassiel is also wildly different to the gossipy warm and snarky voice of Joanne Baldwin in the weather warden series As a Djinn Cassiel’s voice is uite clinical matter of fact and observational She offers some interesting sentiments about being a human which is uite funny at times Cassiel is really a badass character she’s determined ruthless unyielding and focused making her the perfect assassin of Ashan’s in the pastI’m thoroughly impressed with the first of the Outcast Season and look forward to reading the rest – especially after that major cliffhangerThis review has been posted on my Happy Indulgence Blog Check it out for reviews If you haven't read Caine's Weather Warden series yet I strongly suggest you stop where you are and pick up those books first Or at least read the first one okay? I'm telling you this now because while you can read Undone without too much prior knowledge of the Weather Warden universe you're not gonna know who the hell all these other characters are that are introduced in the beginning You're also going to read about lots of allusions to past events in the other series and be like huh? And I know that some people might not be thrilled about that especially in the start of the book Plus Caine doesn't delve further into these concepts as much in Undone as she does in her Weather Warden series So I think people might be a teensy bit confused if they start with the Outcast Season series first Just my fair warningWarning aside Caine does it again with beautiful characterization Cassiel had me cracking up with her strange Djinn mannerisms at the start Seriously they were hilarious I fell in love with her persona all over again the past two days because of that it was wonderfulCassiel's thoughts really invade your own effecting the way you view the other characters You grow bored of a certain person when she does Your interest is sparked when hers is with Luis You feel a softening of emotions towards little Isabel It's the strangest thing because it doesn't happen often enough for me as a reader Usually I still feel somewhat detached but with Undone I felt as if I were Cassiel at timesI found that the most interesting aspect of the story was Cassiel coping with all of these new human emotions Seeing things initially through a Djinn's perspective is a great new and interesting approachIt's definitely worth checking out especially if you're a fan of Rachel Caine FROM THE BOOK COVEROnce she was a powerful Djinn Then Cassiel defied her ruler Ashan who tore her very essence away and reshaped her in human flesh as punishment Forced to live among mortals Cassiel has found refuge among the Weather Wardens—whose power she must tap into regularly or she will dieCassiel earns her keep by assisting the Earth Warden Manny Rocha on his missions—which she finds much easier than coping with the emotions and frailties of her human conditions especially her growing affection for Manny's brother Luis But when Cassiel encounters a malevolent force that threatens the Rocha family she discovers that her perceived human weaknesses may be her greatest strengthsMy thoughts Undone is a spin off of her popular Weather Warden series with a new perspective Four books are planned I really liked her MorganVille Vampires series and heard great things about her Weather Warden series so I picked up this spin off book of her Weather Warden series The opening of Undone finds Cassiel I wouldn't advise you to call her Cassie being cast down to earth in human form for refusing to obey an order from her master Ashan Cassiel is one of the oldest of the True Djinn and is pretty arrogant She was a very powerful Djinn mean and strong She's never found the human world had much importance on her She was dismissive of human concerns and didn't understand why other Djinn's had their own human lives besides their Djinn selves But now she's cast into the human realm as a frail human and finds herself having human concerns of herself She finds herself relying on the Wardens for helpShe cannot survive without bursts of energy and only a Warden can give her it Cassiel has been partnered with Manny a warden who’s actually willing to work with her From the very start problems hit both of them hard and they find themselves being targeted by someone or something who wants them destroyed Not having her usual power she finds it hard to adjust to her reshaped self but she has never felt for humans as she does now so she's not going to let herself or her friends down I usual find it hard to be emotionally attached to a character right away in a book but I found this book had great emotion that reeled me in I laughed and cried with the characters and felt Caine wrote each one perfectly I'm going to be picking up her Weather Warden series now for sure I really loved the new take in character for Cassiel and cannot wait to pick up Unknown Re read 6715 4 stars Originally read 3302009 5 starsUndone was fantastic Ms Caine does an excellent job in drawing this reader into a great spin off to the Weather Warden series It's about a former Djinn named Cassiel She was banished to a human body for disobeying her leader The course of the story follows Cassiel as she learns to deal with her human limitations and the world that the Wardens live in It was suspenseful from the very beginning It was action packed funny and at times tender and left me wondering what road this was taking It was nice seeing the transition from cold Djinn to caring human In Caine's usual fashion we are left with a cliff hanger but I cannot wait for the next one Cassiel is one of the Old Djinn the powerful Djinn who came before humans walked the earth She was one of the most powerful but when she refused to follow Ashan's orders he cast her away Stripped of her powers and trapped in human form Cassiel is forced to go to the Weather Wardens for help She needs to access their power regularly to sustain herself or she will die She is partnered with Earth Warden Manny and finds it easier to help him with his missions than she does to deal with her new human body and emotionsUndone is the first book in Rachel Caine's Outcast Season series which a spin off from her popular Weather Warden series Being a massive fan of the Weather Warden series I was really looking forward to getting started on this series I was expecting a fast paced thrill ride and Rachel didn't disappoint me I loved getting to find out about the Djinn by looking at the world from Cassiel's perspective She is one of the Djinn who had never chosen to take human form so her new body is a strange experience for her She has never had to deal with humans before so everything is very new to her she doesn't know the rules and is still learning how her body works I really enjoyed her interactions with Manny and his family his daughter Isobel is adorable and watching her opinion of humans start to change as the story progressed I mustn't forget to mention Manny's brother Luis the sexual tension between him and Cassiel was great I'm looking forward to seeing how things may develop between them in the futureIt was nice to see Jo David and Lewis from the Weather Warden series make an appearance although this was brief and only at the start of the book To be honest although I liked the chance to see them again I'm glad they didn't feature prominently in the story as it would make it too easy to get confused between the 2 series I think you could probably pick up this series even if you've never read any of the Weather Warden books although that is a series I would highly recommend to those who haven't tried it yetUndone was a great start to a new series it had me gripped from the very beginning and took me through a full range of emotions from tugging at my heartstrings to making me laugh out loud My one minor complaint would be the cliffhanger ending I think anyone who is familiar with Rachel Caine's work will know by now that she is a master at leaving you desperate for and Undone was no exception I have already ordered book 2 Unknown but I'm not too sure what I'll do with myself between reading that and the long wait until Unseen is published next year Perhaps I'll finally make a start on the Rachel's Morganville series while I wait Whenever I want a comfort read I turn to the Weather Warden universe This is the first in Outcast Season a spin off featuring different characters Cassiel is a powerful djinn cast out and forced to live as a human relying on the Weather Wardens for energy and sustenance Her POV made this tough to get into at first she's cold standoffish and pretty ruthless when she's pissed off It's testament to Rachel Caine's characterization that she can write a spin off with a completely different voice from Joanne's The tone of this is much serious than the first few WW books were I can't elaborate much as things get Very Real early on in the book but I really enjoyed seeing Cassiel start to connect with humanity while trying to retain her shreds of djinn pride I loved seeing Earth Warden powers in action and this ends with the typical Caine cliffhanger Can't wait to read the next oneview spoilerJonathan coming back made me suee He's such an asshole but he's awesome hide spoiler

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