Traveling Light

Traveling Light[Ebook] ➩ Traveling Light ➯ Lynne Branard – From the New York Times bestselling author and masterful storyteller behind The Art of Arranging Flowers comes a new novel about the search for what really matters in lifeDriving from North Carolina t From the New York Times bestselling author and masterful storyteller behind The Art of Arranging Flowers comes a new novel about the search for what really matters in lifeDriving from North Carolina to New Mexico with her three legged dog a strange man's ashes and a waitress named Blossom riding shotgun isn't exactly what Alissa Wells ever wanted to be doing But it's exactly what she needsIt all starts when Alissa impulsively puts a bid on an abandoned storage unit only to become the proud new owner of Roger Hart's remains Two weeks later she jumps in her car and heads west thinking that returning the ashes of a dead man might be the first step on her way to a new lifeShe isn't wrongEspecially when Blossom who just graduated from high school hitches a ride with her to Texas and Alissa has to get used to letting someone else take the wheel Posting about their road trip on Facebook complete with photos of Roger at every stop Blossom opens Alissa's eyes to the road in front of her and to how sometimes the best things in life are the ones you never see coming. Most people die exactly the same way they live Angry people die angry Broken people die broken Lonely people die lonely Burdened people die burdened Live how you want to die Alissa is like a lot of people in life she's going through the motions playing a role reading from a script that's been handed to her by happenstance Never uestioning why Never entertaining spontaneity Never stepping outside her comfort zone She's pleasant enough on the surface Dutiful and loving daughter cordial but distant friend astute newspaper manager But she harbors some bitterness has a snarky streak and totes around a good bit of baggage never taking a vacation to unload any of it Until she bids on a storage unit and discovers one Roger Hart of New Mexico lurking within or rather his urn filled ashes In which she decides to drive him home We don't always get the happy endings we want; but that shouldn't change what we try to make rightAnd from there the eccentric life affirming slow awakening road trip begins Alissa nor her unexpected companions along the way will ever be the same In a minute or day everything you thought you knew about your life could unravel like an old pair of socks You never know when you're going to need a little extra something to darn the holesFOUR Fabulous Chick Lit that will Warm Your Heart Tickle Your Funny Bone Lighten Your Load Brighten and Your Day Winning the bid for an unclaimed storage unit wasn't Alissa's favorite prize but what she found inside actually changed her lifeAlissa works for a local newspaper in North Carolina owned by her father and impulsively decides that she is going to take a road trip to New Mexico to return Roger Hart's ashes that were in the storage unit to his familyAlissa begins her journey with the ashes and her dog When she stops at a restaurant and meets Blossom her road trip and her life have an added passenger and some added changesTRAVELING LIGHT is a sweet lighthearted read and a read that will make you think about your own life and decisions you make and have madeI enjoyed Alissa because she was a good person and I really enjoyed Blossom Blossom had the perfect name because she just brightened up any place she was and helped Alissa see her life in a different perspectiveTRAVELING LIGHT is a book to read when you need to be uplifted when you need to hear good comments about mankind and when you just need a change of pace that comes with beautiful descriptive writing and marvelous charactersEnjoy TRAVELING LIGHT if you read it It even has some sweet romances included 55This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review The author has created a delightful and surprising read in this new book A uirky yet never boring story we are asked to tag along on this very special journeyWe get to follow along with Alyssa and her newfound friends she drives from North Carolina to New Mexico Along the way she learns things about her life and herself from a very surprising young woman and other people she meets along the way There may even be a bit of romance too YayThis is the first book I have read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the story and the beautiful craftsmanship that led to this enlightening lighthearted and delightful readThe author is a rather new addition to the women’s fiction genre but she captured me with this enthralling story I fell in love with her writing and great storytelling ability 5 stars What a delightful book I loved the author's voice This book was both sweet and deep also I laughed and teared up The characters especially the teens were my favorite 35 stars I was looking for a fun light read on a gray winters day This was just right Al and her 3 legged dog Casserole take a road trip to return the ashes of a dead man they don't know to New Mexico As their journey begins they meet a young free spirited girl named Blossom It turns out to be a learning experience in many ways for both Cute story The premise of this book is fantastic woman wins a 'Storage War' only to discover she is now the owner of a box containing the cremated remains of man Eww After a bit of investigation she hits the road to drive across country to return him home Road trip books are my thing Who doesn't long to hit the open road for adventure So I'm still puzzled as to how this book got it all wrong The audiobook's narrator certainly didn't help Neither did the lead character's frumpy passive ways Naturally she turns things around eventually but you have to endure the VERY long slow ride to get there The two passengers she picks up along her route kept me listening but only marginally Oh well A fun light hearted read Perfect for summer The name says it all Good messages especially for anyone who 'likes' things a certain way I enjoyed the journey and would totally recommend “Traveling Light” is light chic lit Protagonist Alissa Al Wells bids on and receives the contents of an abandoned storage locker In the locker is box of ashes remains with the name of the mortuary and the name of the deceased Al is in her thirties single and an editor of a small town newspaper owned by her father She wants to return the remains to the family but the mortician won’t provide her with any information She’s in North Carolina and the mortician is in New Mexico so road tripAlong the way she acuires a couple of nineteen year old passengers who make her view the world differently Her road trip takes some unlikely detours which end up enriching her lifeCharacter development ensues Al has personal growth as a result of the road trip All ends well Cute story Easy to read Thank you Pamela for reviewing this book and drawing it to my attention I initially picked this up because I like road trip novels for the most part and the main character was on her way to Grants New Mexico where I used to live because my father was a geologist who worked in the uranium mines I enjoyed it for the most part but it would have earned another star if it the author hadn't used up her entire lifetime supply of semicolons in the book Seriously It got to be almost an affectation like Dan Brown's love of interrobangs It didn't get fewer stars because the characters were engaging though I think their personalities could have been fleshed outDon't get me started on the third to last page where she uses respectfully when she means respectively Alissa Wells wins an unclaimed storage unit and finds a box of ashes Reuniting the ashes with his loved ones is just the impetus she needs to take a deeper look into her life choicesWe follow her on her cross country road trip and the people that she meets along the way We also join in her memories discovering the why and how of her decisions It was a pleasant readAlthough the characters were fairly well fleshed out I felt that I would have liked even information on some of them Perhaps this was just a taste of some of the characters and there is to come I did not see any notes in that regard I enjoyed the storyline however it did not call to me to lose myself in it It is an easy read while doing other things if that makes sense There were several very moving moments in the story yet it never delves too deeply