Creed (VLG, #8)

Creed (VLG, #8)❰Read❯ ➫ Creed (VLG, #8) Author Laurann Dohner – Angel was whisked away from a life of abuse as a child when a guardian angel flew her in his arms and gave her to a Lycan couple to raise and love as their own It was inevitable that she developed fee Angel was whisked away from a life of abuse as a child when a guardian angel flew her in his arms and gave her to a Lycan couple to raise and love as their own It was inevitable that she developed feelings for her elusive savior the GarLycan who protects her pack As she matured those feelings deepened to something once after spending time with him only to be rebuffed by her hero Dejected Angel left the pack moving away to distance herself from the pain Now years later her mother has called her home Their pack guardian is in need Creed is emotionally distant and cold He’s had to become that way to survive his harsh life His one weakness is Angel She deserves a happy life something that he can’t give her He was born into servitude and isn’t allowed to take a mate But every thirty years he goes into one night of heat The ravage is upon him and Angel is determined to be there for him He’ll take her to his lair chain her down and finally be able to touch her Creed and Angel soon discover their one night of bliss has dangerous conseuences. The second GarLycan story of the series and I have to say that I really enjoyed it The story is about Creed a GarLycan who is Gargoyle than Lycan Thus he suppresses this feelings and he thinks that he cannot feel love “I love you”“You are my only weakness Angel”That was as good as saying he loved herOne day he will discovered a little girl dirty beaten and scared and he will take her and fly her away from her miserable and loveless home He will give her to a nice couple of Lycans who do not have children and they will raise her as their child and as one of the pack The pack that Creed protects They will accept her and love her and she will have a wonderful life until Creed rejects her and she decides to move away24 years later she will have her chance to help Creed Creed has only had one lover before in his life and after Angel he does not want another but he will hesitate to tell her and mate with her Luckily their destiny has to be entwined Creed and Angel will end up together but then they have to convince Aveoth and the rest of the GarLycans that they have had good reasons to break the law It’s a good thing that Aveoth believes in justice and true love Thus although the couple has to be punished their punishment will be fair “You really do love her You’ve had it bottled up for years You need to tell Aveoth this”I was sure that GarLycan would be the most interesting creatures and I was not mistaken They have their own rules their own rituals and wonderful stories to tellThere will be the beginning of another storyline towards the end with the missing Lycan children which makes me salivating for the next books 5 Creed StarsI said it before and I will say it again this series is outstanding I want No wait I NEEEEED I loved the dynamic in this book I loved that Angel is totally a kick butt chick She knew her story from a young age and went with it Sure she had some hard choices to make when she was young because she knew she couldn’t stay where she was because her heart was broken But she picked herself back up and was stronger for it Creed Well now I said it before I love the brooding ones Hehe and boy oh boy is Creed king of the brood But again it’s understandable because of his background I LOVED the end I won’t say why because I don’t want to give anything away But it was nice to see a little bit of unity when there might not have been Savannah Richards knocks this series out of the park she really does a great job giving us all such uniue voices for these uniue charactersYou don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion and I am allowed to have it I confirm what I said before for this series weak point dialogue strong point world building This has got to be my fave VLG book Creed H was a celibate hero for 30 yrs He only had 1 other sexual experience and that was because he went into heat and could not avoid it else he will go insane Once he met Angel h as a teenager he also never thought of having a lover as he knew she had feelings for himAngel was a good heroine and she was NOT TSTL She followed instructions for her safety ran away when needed hid in the room when there was fighting outside She didn't unnecessarily put herself in harm's way and she was not whiny and argumentativeI liked the conflict and can understand why Creed took so long to claim her and it was accidental only because he was going into heat again He really did not expect that he was allowed to have a mate as Gargoyle rules were so strict as he was indentured for 100 yrs not allowed to mate else very harsh punishmentI liked the dialogue in this book it was better than the previous ones I'm intrigued by Creed's brothers and hope to read what happens to them too 3 12 Garlycans are sweet and endearing StarsEnjoyable Angel talked a lot kind of annoying she was ok Creed was great Super sweet and cute I'm looking forward to what happens next in the clans and whomever is next to get mated Happy reading You just gotta love a GarLycan I was so happy when I saw this drop in my kindle but now I'm sad because I finished reading it I love shifters but have never gotten into vampires and much less gargoyles Who would have thought all I needed was all those things combined I have loved this series since the first book I think she did a cool job at taking us from one pack to another pack then to the cliffs While the books are linked they're not repetitive or boring This one in particular has given us 3 characters I hope to hear about because the just seem so awesome Creed's brothers I liked it there really isn't much I can say without sounding like I'm over selling this book It was a great story I liked the relationship between the main characters and if this is your genre then you won't be disappointed Couple of typos here and there but that could be worse right Solid addition to the series Honestly I was a bit worried about Angel and Creed because of his situation thanks to Creeds SOB father But I shouldn't have It got taken cared of in splendid way I love Creed Safety lovers will adore him Though he couldn't be with Angel when she become 18th Creed only had her in his heart for yearsAngel was great too I love her personality And she did can kick ass 4 12 I really like this book I am loving the Garlycon books they have really been worth he wait Creed was a great hero 35 starsGarLycan Creed saved human child Angel from abusive parents and gave her to a childless VampLycan couple to bring upWhen Angel offered herself to him once she came of age Creed cut their relationship because his father has given him as a servant to the clan for 100 years and is not allowed to mate until his time is servedBut when Creed reuested a female volunteer to help him with his ravage heat issue that comes around every 30 years Angel's adoptive mother suggests for Angel to volunteer knowing Angel is still in love with CreedThen everything got complicated when Creed bit Angel during sex There is a bit of a common theme with bad fathers Creed's pure Gargoyle father is part of the ruling council and is disgusted that he had to mate a lycan and that all his sons are mixed bloodAs for the ending view spoiler Creed’s father wanting to use Angel for himself to breed is pretty disgusting He did deserve to die but should it be at Creed‘s hands hide spoiler There's just something about this series that I done like it's like each book has so many new paranormal rules and it's hard to keep track