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Carter Finally Gets It[Download] ➵ Carter Finally Gets It By Brent Crawford – Meet Will Carter but feel free to call him Carter Yes he knows it's a lazy nickname but he didn't have much say in the matter Here are five things you should know about him 1 He has a stuttering probl Meet Will Carter but feel free to call him Carter Yes he knows it's a lazy nickname but he didn't have much say in the matter Here are five things you should know about him He has a stuttering problem particularly around boobs and belly buttons He battles Attention Deficit Disorder every minute of every day unless he gets distracted He's a virgin mostly because he's no good Carter Finally PDF or at talking to girls see number He's about to start high school He's totally not ready Join Carter for his freshman year where he'll search for sex love and acceptance anywhere he can find it In the process he'll almost kill a trombone player face off with his greatest nemesis suffer a lot of blood loss narrowly escape death run from the cops not once but twice get caught up in a messy love triangle meet his match in the form of a curvy drill teamer and surprise the hell out of everyone including himself. Yes yes he finally doesat around page 290 out of 300 Up until that point you have to put up with a lot of alternately tedious and offensive scenes After reading this book I realize though how difficult it is to create this type of teenage boy narrator think Holden Caulfield only less interesting The narrator in this book is such a tool it's really hard to get through it in one sitting I had to put the book down several times and even once walked out of a coffee shop I was so irritated So what's wrong with the book? First the tedious there's really nothing new uniue or specific in its portrayal of freshman year of high school There's scenes with the football team parties a fightI get that the author is trying to relate some sort of universal male high school experience but both the humor and conflict feel recycled There are not 1 but two parties in which the cops show up to chase the narrator 2 instances of the narrator deeply cutting himself with a razor while trying to shave Sound exciting yet?Secondly the narrator It's really hard to like this guyor really easy if one isn't aware of what the author is up to Yup this novel's just as deliberate as Twilight that one's wish fulfillment for girls this is the same for boys Carter the protagonist is attractive a star athlete football and swimming and scores the lead in the school play In other words he's Mr Popular the kind of person everyone hateshopes to be But wait you say is he perfect? Well no he's not great at academics and has ADD both of which the author exploits to make his protagonist cooler and neither of which are actually dealt with seriously by the novel Well maybe he has a great personality like the narrator in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian you might wonder? Nope He's a complete tool until he matures slightly in the last chapter He's the type of guy that does mean manipulative things but then feels guilty and cries victim The 'yeah I just screwed up but now I realize it and am crying so it's okay that I was a total jerk' attitude The 'in fact you should like me and give me your pity' attitude Mind you he's also attractive and an extracurricular and athletic star a real outsider It's so much easier to like the minor villains of the book because at least they don't cry victim Crying does not eual sensitivity especially when the same mistakes keep happening it just means you're a jerk who feels guilty about being one Maybe those mistakes could be explained as part of learning and growing up however if there wasn'tFinally the offensive No I'm not talking about the sex drinking etc I actually think that those are appropriate topics for a high school novel No I'm talking about the freuent use of 'bitch' 'gay' and 'retard' No not 'bitch' used to refer to women although that does happen 'bitch' used in the context of 'I'm crying like a little bitch' see previous paragraph Or how about when the narrator looks forward to having a 'bros before hos' night Yup we're in whiteboylandia and it's painful Or how about this exchangein the last chapter no less 'He's also gay' She laughs'OhWhat? You mean he's gay like he's a dumbass?' I reply'No I mean he's homosexual like he's attracted to boys' she clarifies 'You're gay like a dumbass'Yeah that's progressive let's distinguish the different meanings of the word 'gay' thus validating the meaning of it as 'dumb' I'm all for realism when it comes to language but a You have to go all the way or not at all This novel pulls up short for example the f bomb rarely if at all shows up while 'gay' and 'retard' happen over and over; and b It's always nice to have someone anyone but preferably the narrator uestioning those stereotypes at some point in the book Maybe for example at the end when he's supposedly matured he would uestion the use of 'gay' etc But this protagonist never really does perhaps that's what makes it realistic and sadBut this novel isn't about uestioning stereotypes or presenting high school from the point of view of a true outsider there are plenty of good books that do that Speak the previously mentioned Sherman Alexie novel Will Grayson Will Grayson to name a few Nope this book's about giving a white middle class heterosexual point of view of high school and it's a pretty bland journey If that's what you want though here you have it You might even be waiting with baited breath for 'Carter Pledges a Fraternity' and 'Carter Goes to Law School' WHAT IS IT ABOUT?Brent Crawford’s hilarious young adult novel “Carter Finally Gets It” the first book in the Carter Finally Gets It series welcomes the reader inside the head of Will Carter a fourteen year old boy with attention deficit disorder ADD Carter is about to start his freshman year at high school and he is totally not ready But who can blame him? Life is not easy when you are constantly distracted by hot chicks who make you stutter bullies peer pressure expectations alcohol your hormones and ADD “Carter Finally Gets It” is a highly entertaining high school comedy full of “lewd humor underage drinking illicit fantasizing and very bad decision making”THUMBS UP1 Laugh out loud hilariousThis book is truly funny Yes some of the humor is inappropriate some of it might even be offensive and almost all of it is uite silly; nevertheless “Carter Finally Gets It” will get out of you at least a chuckle but most likely a non stop guffaw2 Convincing portrayal of a mind with ADDI don’t have any experience with the disorder myself but if I imagined what happens in the head of a teenage boy with ADD it would be something similar to Carter’s train of thought impulsive random and crowded with distractions and day dreaming3 Fast and light read“Carter Finally Gets It” has a nice flow short chapters and tons of action thus it is a very uick read with a single purpose to entertainCOULD BE BETTER1 Not very realistic I hopeSince this book is a comedy some of it seems uite exaggerated Though I do understand that teenagers are at times impulsive reckless irresponsible aggressive indecisive mean adventurous and above all horny not ALL are like that and not ALL the time I also believe that if they are like that most of the parents would not be totally OK with it and would do something about it And finally I simply refuse to believe that uite a few girls in the same high school by the age of 14 can already have a reputation as “village bicycles” and are eager to “seal the deal” with random guys in the backyard bushes during a high school party2 Not much than a funny brainless readThis book is a great entertainment but not much else The characters are rather one dimensional except for Carter maybe and thus are not very relatable The plot is action packed but not very thought provoking There is not much to take away from this book either; there is some kind of message at the end but it is not very uniue and rather underdevelopedVERDICT 3 out of 5“Carter Finally Gets It” is a guffaw inspiring and action packed high school comedy which is entertaining fast and light but not much else End the R Word Day 2012 Being inside the head of a fourteen year old boy is scary This book was incredibly real very entertaining and laugh out loud funny It is a book with five star potential but alas I could only give it two I'm about to get preachyCarter Finally Gets It was a good book for so many reasons and I did truly enjoy reading But the author chose to use the word retard excessively The author even goes so far as to talk about students in special education as if they are a stupid sub sect of people that are the lowest of the low I know that the author probably chose this voice for his character in order to reflect how a fourteen year old boy would view students with special needs Unfortunately I found it appalling and sickening every time Carter said that word or referred to students with special needs in a derogatory nature I am the mother of a child with special needs and I fight everyday for my daughter's acceptance in this world It's books like this that make light of R Word when in reality it is hurtful and just plain mean and doesn't need to be said I am also a teacher I teach thirteen and fourteen year olds just like Carter As a role model and someone who is trying desperately to educate the next generation of leaders; I want to instill a better sense of values into their lives I do not allow my students to use that word in reference to anything because it will 99% of the time have some sort of negative or derogatory comment following it People use it only to be hurtful and to make fun of those with special needs like it's a joke to be different Well news flash WE'RE ALL DIFFERENT As a society we should be trying to better ourselves I'm against the use of any words that negatively portray any group of people So the book Carter Finally Gets It gets two stars I kept waiting for Carter to get it but he never did Hopefully those of you that read this review will get it and choose your words carefully What grabs me most about this book is Crawford's rendering of Carter's adolescent ADD voice From the first page I knew this character In this way it surpasses Don Calame's Swim the Fly although there are striking similarities in tone and plot between the two And unlike several other teen comedies Carter isn't a loser; he's actually fairly popular Some of the convenient tropes are a little predictable the sassy older sister the befuddled parents the thuggish bully the out of control parties but they never feel stale Several other reviewers have faulted Carter for being such an unrelenting horn dog but I believe many readers will recognize this facet of teenage boyhoodIs there some underage drinking? Yep Some obsession with 'woman boobs'? Yes Some OK lots of absurdly flawed decision making? Yes But I think readers especially boys will laugh a lot at this story that has its heart in the right place A very funny book that I'm sure the majority of boys would enjoy reading plus girls too While the book is great and I would love to recommend it to teens at my library I doubt that I will Mostly because of parents I think most in my area would freak out at the idea of this book in their kids' hands Because as we all know boys don't think about boobs porn asses sex and all that other stuff Also it made me want to watch Guys and Dolls Carter is a funny endearing likeable guy think of Joey Pigza ADD big time as a 9th grader whose hormones have gone wild We get to live in the head of a freshman boy whose main goal is to have sex but he has to survive football practice razzing by his friends belly flopping at the community pool lots of parties being caught by the police and the intricacies of not making all girls hate him Very humorous and self deprecating you'll love Carter Big disclaimer though the reason this didn't score a 4 or even a 5 was the offensive language I don't mean swearing I mean the prolific use of gay faggot and retard as the banter between Carter and his friends I know that some teens talk to each other this way but we work extremely hard to de normalize this kind of hateful language and author Crawford could have done without it As a result I'll have to be careful when I recommend this book to students One of the saving graces is that Carter learns to get in touch with his creative side and auditions for the school play even though he knows he will be ridiculed by his friends and teammates I'm looking forward to the seuel Carter's Big Break because in spite of the language and his relentless thoughts of girls he's a really fun character Recommended Ages grades 8 10Meet Will Carter but feel free to call him Carter Yes he knows it's a lazy nickname but he didn't have much say in the matter Here are five things you should know about him 1 He has a stuttering problem particularly around boobs and belly buttons 2 He battles Attention Deficit Disorder every minute of every dayunless he gets distracted 3 He's a virgin mostly because he's no good at talking to girls see number 1 4 He's about to start high school 5 He's totally not ready Join Carter for his freshman year where he'll search for sex love and acceptance anywhere he can find it In the process he'll almost kill a trombone player face off with his greatest nemesis suffer a lot of blood loss narrowly escape death run from the cops not once but twice get caught up in a messy love triangle meet his match in the form of a curvy drill teamer and surprise the hell out of everyone including himself product descriptionThis book was hilarious I couldn't put it down and couldn't stop laughing It was a bit of a culture shock to realize that yes this is how 14 year old boys think Carter is a freshmen in high school with a few things on his mind girls and how to fit in A year in the life of a 14 year old the book is sexual full of bathroom humor and embarrassing moments and occasionally funny More often than not though I was just sort of disturbed by the objectification of women the stereotypes mean girls drunk jocks weird theater kids etc and his stupidity are teenage boys really that dumb? Carter's character is sort of endearing and thankfully by the end seems to actually learn something but I didn't always believe his voice which sounded a little like the author was trying too hard to capture the teenage boy's inner monologue 45 stars Awesome hilarious insightful poignant and entertaining exploration of the mind of a teenage boy with ADD who is trying to survive his freshman year of high school Alright There are a ton of problems I have with this book but I have to admit I did think this book was hilariousOkay I'm a girl I get that this book isn't exactly fo me but it was the first book I saw in the library on the shelf of summer reading so I just picked it up When I got home I read the back and was MORTIFIED How can the teachers let such a messed up book like this onto the reading list? What creepers will read this and get ideas? These thoughts and many acompanied me throughout the perverted mind of Carter I don't think that starting the book off at the pool with the lifeguard's boobs about to burst through her bathingsuit and all the guys at he pool thanking God for their existence is the way I like to kick off my journey with Carter and his first year of highschool And believe me that wasn't the only thing he had to say He judges people by their butts and how big their chest is which is pretty gross Also when he goes on that date with Abby I'm not a specialist or anything but I severly doubt that could happen in a crowded movie Another thing all highschool parties don't end in 14 year olds driving trucks your unconscious sister rolling around in the back of that truck running over your mailbox and bushes demolishing your neighbors fence being chased by the cops the cop car swerving off the road and falling into a ditch the back of your friend's pants ripping off and his butt cheeks hanging out being arrested and running away handcuffed your friend who's butt is hanging out of his pants and you being handcuffed then getting into a fight on the sidewalk being chased by a rabid Pitbull driving on the wrong side of the road and all your friends ending up drunk Guess what? Your dad is okay with it Although this book featured many perverted guys and many slutty girls it was wicked funny The comedy that is used isn't clean I have to admit that it was as I would say a knee slapper The thought process of Carter is just so comical that I have no choice but to laugh out loud My favorite laugh was the part before Scarry Terry Moss and Carter get into the fight I'm looking at my left arm to see what's written on my wrist about science class I took a shower this morning and I cant tell is it says 'uiz' or 'pizza' when who should pop out of the Behavioral Dissorders classroom like a crazy rabit out of it's cage? None other than Scarry Terry Moss And guess who runs right into him?BAM I drop my health book and slowly look up into his crazy eyes 'What the hell muthafcka?' he screechesThis is not good'S S Sor Sar ' I stammer The word 'sorry' will just not come out But guess what does fly out of my death wish mouth?'You stole my bike you A HOLE'

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