Bleeding Snow (The Rise of Isaac, #2)

Bleeding Snow (The Rise of Isaac, #2)[Read] ➱ Bleeding Snow (The Rise of Isaac, #2) ➹ Caroline Peckham – Oliver Knight continues his journey through the seven worlds in this thrilling seuel to Creeping Shadow A brutal land of snow and ice awaits him beyond the Gateway as well as a powerful ueen and her f Oliver Knight continues his journey through the seven worlds in this thrilling seuel to Creeping Shadow A brutal land of snow and ice awaits him beyond the Gateway as well as a powerful ueen and her ferocious armed guard Dealing with the recent revelations about his family and the impending threat of the curse Oliver must find a way to fight on With everything at stake he must risk it all once as he is faced with a perilous task a bloodthirsty enemy and a furious race against time to get to Brinatin. I received a free copy of this book from the author Ms Peckham Thank you so much Caroline This is my reviewThis novel picks up right where the first one left off Magic mystery and so much adventure This novel was everything I wanted in a follow up bookThe uest is on in a new world they have never encountered New threats loom on the horizon and time is running out on seeking the cure for May Your favourite characters return new characters are introduced that you loath and love The baddies are so good you have to like them they are so intense There were moments in this novel that brought tears to my eyes moments where I was screaming with joy while I was home alone And the final moments leaving me shocked and mouth hanging openI love Caroline's writing She keeps the story flowing and so interesting; you just want to stay home from work and jump into her worlds she is creating and never leave I cannot wait to start book 3 This series is so intense and highly addicting A Must Read Series You will not be disappointed I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewI am rating this seuel as 45 starsWhat it's aboutWell this is the second book in the series by Caroline Peckham In the first book our teen siblings went on an adventure to cure May's curse In this next installment along their adventure they end up stuck in Glacio another world Along the way they face new enemies and find themselves on a uest to save the ueen's son People die and people get hurt dramatically As soon as they complete their uest they face an all new problem at the gateway to another world They are still looking for May's cure and are hopeful it will be in the next world BrinatinWhat I thinkThe reason for the loss of a 12 star was only because of the lost characters I got attached to them and losing them SUCKED It definitely pulled out the feels That's the sign of a great writer There was still a ton of action like I am used to seeing with Ms Peckham's books The ending view spoilerCLIFFHANGER hide spoiler I voluntarily reviewed this book for the author All opinions are my ownCaroline Peckham is uickly becoming one of the authors I look out for She has such a knack for storytelling and capturing her audience I am reading both of her series right now The Rise of Isaac and The Vampire Games series and both are FANTASTICBleeding Snow was VERY intense I fell in love with this group in the first book and definitely still felt as compelled with them if not even this time around The surprise in this book was definitely Larkin he is definitely growing on me I can't wait to see how his character develops in the next bookI am also really interested to see if Hector will continue to play a role since I really liked the addition of this character as well I loved the scenes with the Hunters so much fun Lastly I need to mention the cuteness of Oliver and Anna YASSSSSDespite lots of intenseness too much usually takes too much out of me I still really loved this series and can't wait to read 5 stars The uest continues to find a cure for the curse that was placed on MayThe group of friends get in all kinds of hazardous situations The mystery of what happened to May and Olivers parents will be unraveledI received a copy and this is my honest and voluntary review Bleeding Snow the seuel to Creeping Shadow is the second book in Caroline Peckham's Rise of Isaac fantasy series for young adults The story continues from where it left off Oliver and his compatriots including his grandfather Ely have crossed into Glacio in an attempt to reach Brinatin and save May's life by lifting the curse They are rapidly captured and jailed for illegally using a Gateway The ensuing conseuences make up the bulk of the story in Bleeding Snow along with the continuing back story involving Oliver's parents and IsaacI found this second book less compelling and derivative than the first volume The book continues the action and moves the story forward although not very far in the terms of finding a cure for May Faced with a huge obstacle standing between them and their goals the group has to adapt and compromise The plot and the action resulting take centre stage over character development but there is enough growth and romance to continue to make the characters interesting It's always difficult to fairly judge the second book of a multi book series they are freuently bridges between the introduction of characters and their challenges and the climax of the action in a further book and cannot be fully assessed as a stand alone novel would beWe do learn about William Alison and Isaac and how this back story intersects with the immediate action involving Oliver May and the others I found this thread of Bleeding Snow and its development satisfying than the main story as it appears that in the overall story arc the developments here are of conseuence than the events that befall the protagonists in this book But only time and the next book will confirm or contradict that suppositionI did however have serious niggles with this book falling into two categories plot and errors of grammar and spellingA large part of the book is taken up with a journey in the winter world of Glacio and the rescue of a kidnapped prince from the evil trolls that mine gems in the caves Unfortunately this read to me as being heavily influenced by a combination of the attempted journey over Caradhras and the Redhorn Pass in The Fellowship of the Ring Thorin and Co's adventures in Smaug's cave in The Hobbit and the battles in Moria The escape seuence that ends this adventure again appears to owe much to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom This may not have been the author's intent nor even her influences but that is how they came across to meAs far as grammar and spelling there were errors than I like to see in the text the most jarring being the mis use of 'effect' or 'effected' when 'affect' or 'affected' is meant and the mis spelling of 'mat' as 'matt' The inclusion of the non standard grammatical structure 'was sat' which is ubiuitous in the UK should also in my opinion been caught by the editors A few other minor errors occurred but these were the ones that caught my eye However the author assures me these will be correctedOverall then I'm giving Bleeding Snow three and a half stars at this point That may change after the next book when I can fairly rate it as part of the overall series Three and a half stars means I like it but found some significant flaws I would still recommend the series to someone looking for an undemanding entertaining young adult fantasy storyReview by Goodreads author Marian Thorpe Empire's Daughter and Spinnings Brief Fantasies in Prose and VerseThe author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Today We DidIn this seuel to Creeping Shadow Oliver May and their friends have burst through the gateway to Glacio only to be immediately captured and imprisoned by the ueen’s men The ueen’s son has been kidnapped by the horrible gem trolls of the mountains known as Grolls She forces the group to accompany a band of hunters led by Hector Rook on a perilous journey in an attempt to retrieve the young prince They must travel through ice and snow and face murderous beasts huge Grolls and soldiers led by an insane commander Even if they survive gain their freedom and their Gateway keys the delay might still cost May her lifeAnother fast paced installment in The Rise of Isaac series Bleeding Snow had me intrigued right from the first chapter I was excited to get into this book and I wasn’t disappointed There was a lot of action some of it rather gruesome and violent but exciting none the less along with magic and a little romance I really enjoyed the description of their mountain journey and the fight scenes The whole story is well written and the characters are complex And I just love the book’s coverI feel like I really know the main characters I like most of them immensely I am beginning to like uinn a lot now too and even Larkin has shown some improvement through this story I’m not saying I like him yet but there is potential for him to become a better person The addition of the hunters was interesting and welcome Despite his gruffness and dislike for magic I became rather fond of Hector and I’m hoping to learn about him in the next bookCommander Xen was pretty scary Cruel and powerful he was a formidable enemy and not one I would like to meet in a lonely mountain pass It seemed incongruous that he cared for and even showed tenderness towards the boy Nex but perhaps evil villains do need a sidekick I liked that he was hampered by his magical illness otherwise he would have been far too powerful The ueen was pretty evil too but in a hands off kind of way She was conniving and manipulative and I didn’t care for her at allIn this book we learn about Isaac and William and what happened to Alison when she disappeared Isaac reminded me a bit of Voldemort in his pale and sickly appearance from his exile in Vale I didn’t like or trust him I feel that he is capable of doing anything to gain his objective no matter what or who he destroys in the process William is acting rather despicably too but I didn’t get the same evil loony vibes from him that I got from Isaac Both him and the Vark Kogure were able to send shivers down my spineBleeding Snow is suitable for high school students and is perfect for fantasy fans It is the second book in The Rise of Isaac series following on from Creeping Shadow I can hardly wait for the next book in the seriesI received this book as a digital copy from the author who asked me for an honest review of this book I did not receive any other remuneration and the review is composed entirely of my own opinions Fighting their way through worlds and challenges in an effort to cure May's curse Oliver and company are faced with a new set of obstacles in Bleeding Snow by Caroline PeckhamTo read this and other book reviews visit my website earned their key to enter Glacio Oliver May and their friends enter despite the order that the ueen gave to close the Gateway Taken hostage by the ueen's men for their crime the group is taken to the Freezer an icy prison for a few months Once their trial commences their luck appears to change as they fight their way to the ueen to seek her mercy To serve her own desire to get her son back the ueen allows the group to venture out to attempt to rescue her son Prince Kile and upon their success they'll be permitted to complete the Gateway challenge But in Glacio not everything is as it appears and with different forces driving each character in this pursuit trust is difficult to earnThe story picks right back up where it left off which was refreshing that there wasn't an additional informational recap throughout the narrative as happens commonly in many series The action builds as we learn about the plot surrounding May and Rimori and a good amount of suspense is also built up There is still some grammatical clean up that is needed as there were consistent issues with the incorrect homonym being used ie taught being used in the place of taut The complexity and layering of characters is done well; for example with Larkin we begin to learn about what drove his actions during the Gateway Challenge and it alters the perspective that we have on him I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis is still an interesting story the writing has gotten better though it’s still simple but I think that’s what makes the story good It’s simple yet descriptive enough that I can see what’s happening and it’s not overwhelming I can feel the urgency and even when it’s not mentioned I can hear the sarcasm which there is a lot ofA little bit of romance though it isn’t the focusIt was a little long but those 51 chapters are worth it The author gives the readers flashbacks action intrigue tension and characters with than one side Hector was an interesting character I liked him although he did confuse me at the end I can’t wait until the third book to see why he did what he didUsually I don’t like stories with journeys but this one wasn’t boring there was enough happening even when they were resting that the reader is kept interestedThe descriptions of this icy world are beautiful and while I can’t really say that I’m completely in love with these stories I’m really interested in this storyline I don’t love it but I really really like itI would say that this could be a series for any age group so long as they don’t mind a little cussingI do think that the action scenes were a little fast but there were plenty of them to keep a teenage boy happy and a little romance to keep a teenage girl reading All of this combined makes for a great and complex story for kids and adults Also bonus the covers are gorgeous as wellThank you for reading my review Sam I'd actually probably give this 35 stars but that is not an option This is a seuel and while you could read it without having read the first book there was no amount of recap which means you'd be kind of lost I actually really liked that about the book All too often I've read books in a series where it feels like half the book is the author trying to fill us all in on whatever happened beforeI love the descriptive uality of the writing It's especially helpful since the worlds these characters inhabit are pure fantasy and many of the creatures are so fanciful The scenes are painted very vividly and I could see in my mind's eye the story playing outThe book opens with action which was great but then it kind of felt like it took a long time for anything to really get going again The imprisonment felt like it dragged a bit but when Oliver and his friends finally got going on their uest the pace picked up again I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next installment but to be honest I did like the first book a bit better ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Wow Just Wow Thrilling suspenseful and action packed are mere words that fail to do this book justice My heart raced due to the circumstances and obstacles faced by the characters in a non stop page turner from the first word to the last It will be an utter torture of a waiting period for the next installment release