Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas The Film the Art the Vision

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas The Film the Art the Vision❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas The Film the Art the Vision Author Frank T. Thompson – Oaklandjobs.co.uk On screen Jack Skellington leaps with joy singing with wonder at his discovery of Christmas Town He seems so real so alive that we believe both he and his fantastical worl must somehow existBut in rea On screen Jack Skellington Nightmare Before PDF Æ leaps with joy singing with wonder at his discovery of Christmas Town He seems so real so alive that we believe both he and his fantastical worl must somehow existBut in reality it is not Jack who is the star of the show; it is the over artists and technicians who spent than two years bringing Jack and all his cohorts to life on the sceen Every gesture Jack makes was created by a human hand by an animator who moved the puppet in tiny increments from fram to Tim Burton's PDF/EPUB or frame Every character every set every prop even the candy dances had to be designed and then actually fabricated by someone This book tells the true story of the film highlighting the art and the vision that make the movie so memorable. More pictures at parkablogscomThis is the dark yet wickedly cool making of book for The Nightmare Before ChristmasThere are three parts to the book The Film The Art and The VisionThe first part is on how Tim Burton came up with his story and characters the process of getting approval from movie studios to get his idea asking Henry Selick to direct If you still remember the tunes from the movie this section contains the lyrics and you can sing along if you want toThe second section is the art This is where you'll see the nitty gritty details on art direction creating sets sculpting characters and all sorts of post production work The creative illustrations film stills and photos aren't limited to this section as they are throughout the whole book There's a good amount of artwork drawn by Tim Burton himself in his usual scrawly scratchy styleThe last part is additional commentary on the film with Tim Burton Henry Selick director Danny Elfman music Caroline Thompson screenwriter Kathleen Cavin producer and Denise Di Novi producer They analyse the film from their own uniue perspective and expertise looking back at the challenges and fun working on the setThis is a nice visual companion especially if you like the movie Having read this before and loved it not to mention the fact that this is my favourite movie I of course loved it all over again The details and insights this book provides are superb and show the progression of the movie from Burton's original poem through the storyboarding design scripting and filming process Not to mention showing the level of skill and dedication that everyone who worked on it had which is than impressive by itself Not to mention that it gives me all the song lyrics so I can completely sing a long next time I watch itnot that I would do that kind of thing mind you The nightmare before Christmas is about a skeleton named jack who lives in a land of HalloweenOne day he went on walk in the woods with his dog zeroJack found trees with holidays on them Jack found one with a Christmas tree on it He opened it fell in and he suddenly was in a land with snow and joy fullnessHe went back and told everyone he want to have Christmas not HalloweenEveryone got ready for Christmas And jack made himself a Santa suit And sent 3 kids to get Santa so jack can be SantaOn the night of Halloween he went to Christmas town and when he gave kids toys they where terrifying toys Everyone was finding jackJacks sleigh came down and when he go up he realized he could not be Santa So he just stayed himselfI recommend this book because the nightmare before Christmas is awesome It was full of surprises and had lots of holidays It is a popular book and movie Very interesting and informative and loaded with pictures sketches and photos It's October so I figured that there would be no better time to read about Tim BUrton's crossover holiday movie the Nightmare Before Christmas and I was definitely right I enjoyed delving into the making of the film so much so that I just had to go and rewatch it Knowing all the nitty gritty details about how it was made actually made the film even enjoyable to watch since I started noticing all the production details and could appreciate the huge amounts of effort put in by the crew to make the first feature length stop motion animated film As per usualy with these types of book I was left wanting but Thompson collected an admirable amount of material and presented it in a highly accessible and readable manner Incredibly captivating dive into the world of stop motion animated film Nightmare is one of my all time favorite movies it's one that I'm so completely bewitched by that I find myself returning to it multiple times every year If you find yourself in a similar love affair with this film then this is a great book to pick up to learn about the talented artists who worked tirelessly to bring this world to life Lastly if you're interested in learning about stop motion animation storyboarding and armature building this would also be an excellent choice Happy reading My 5th grade teach had me read this book I like this book because the author wanted to make this book funnyThe main character that I liked was jake the skeleton because he was able to come alive from nothing What was most important thing i liked was when jack was taken to the boogie monsterThe author mayed this book amazing I actually enjoyed this book surprisingly as I hate the movie It was a uick easy and fun read the ending was sweet It would have been better if it was a tad bit longer but overall it was great It's a great book and fun to learn the behind the scenes in how the movie was made The Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favorite movies Necromancy trees of life archetypes

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas The Film the Art
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  • Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas The Film the Art the Vision
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  • 17 July 2014
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