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On the Way to You[Read] ➪ On the Way to You Author Kandi Steiner – Oaklandjobs.co.uk From the bestselling author of Weightless A Love Letter to Whiskey and Revelry What makes you happy That was the uestion Emery Reed asked me the day we met and I couldn’t give him a single answer I From the bestselling author of Way to PDF Ì Weightless A Love Letter to Whiskey and Revelry What makes you happy That was the uestion Emery Reed asked me the day we met and I On the eBook Æ couldn’t give him a single answer I could have said my dog or my books or yoga — but I just stared And then I got in his car It was crazy the Way to eBook ↠ to take a road trip with a stranger but after years of standing still he was my one way ticket to a new life and I wasn’t going to miss it We shared the same space the same car the same hotel room — and still we were strangers One day we’d be laughing the next we wouldn’t speak Emery was surrounded by impenetrable walls but I wanted in Discovering his journal changed everything I read his thoughts words not meant for anyone’s eyes and the I learned about him the harder I fell It turned out nothing made Emery Reed happy and I wanted to change that I earned his trust by violating his privacy and as wrong as it was it worked — until one entry revealed a darkness I never knew existed a timer I never knew was ticking Suddenly what made me happy was saving Emery from himself I just didn’t know if I could. 45 stars Kandi Steiner is one of those authors that gives me all the feels when reading I love her words This book is different from anything else she’s written It’s emotional powerful and the writing is stunning What makes you happy? 
If someone asked you ‘What makes you happy?’ right this moment could you answer them honestly? Not some superficial answer but true happiness Cooper couldn’t When Emery Reed spoke those four words to her she couldn’t answer him Cooper seems happy where she’s at but she’s not She craves adventure and has dreamed about getting out of Alabama to go to the northwest When Emery offers her a ride as strange as it may seem she goes It’s time to take a risk and live a little “Life isn’t supposed to be safe” she added with a laugh “If it was they wouldn’t call it living They’d just call it existing And you’ve existed long enough baby girl It’s time to live” I love road trip books In my opinion there aren’t enough of them This was not your normal road trip book however Emery and Cooper’s journey was much different It’s one of those books you need to read for yourself so I won’t delve into the plot of the book Just know the romance is gorgeous but it’s so much than that “I want that kind of love that leaves you breathless when it hits you” On the Way to You is a romance but it’s also a story of self discovery It’s a book about love loss friendship and it battles hard topics like mental health Kandi wrote this topic so realistically If you have ever struggled with severe depression or know someone who has you will be able to relate to Emery Cooper is a beautiful soul She loves with all she is and she tries to be understanding and helpful view spoiler Although it did irk me that she kept reading his journals I’m a big fan of privacy LOL hide spoiler FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorTime Such a simple word Such a complicated concept I’d had so much of it too much of it wasting away in that small town that I couldn’t wait to leave I didn’t even notice the ticking of the clock on the wall while I worked at the diner never considered how many days had passed each time a new birthday rolled around I didn’t even acknowledge time until the day I left that town until the day I met Emery Then time became a living breathing moving thing And it was entirely too fastI can’t remember the last time I read a book by an author that was new to me that I ended up loving with all of my heart ON THE WAY TO YOU is hauntingly beautiful in its sadness and Kandi Steiner’s exuisite writing has left an indelible mark on my heart The characters are incredible and their flaws which to most might make them seem imperfect only helped to further endear them to me I am completely in awe of the beauty of this story I felt a gamut of emotions while reading this book and I can tell you it seriously was unputdownable Never did I feel like I was on the outside looking in It was as if I was experiencing everything with Cooper as she traveled across the country with the beautiful but broken Emery I have found another author whose writing I have fallen madly in love with I can’t even tell you how many lines I’ve highlighted in the book and how many tears have been shed while reading it If you’re into emotional reads this is one you simply must not pass upCooper Owens has been biding her time until the day she would be able to leave the rundown trailer park in Mobile Alabama that she has called home for nearly twenty years She’s been working at a local diner for the past several years and saving as much as she can to pay for her tuition and living expenses in a college in Seattle Cooper is a vibrant young woman filled with determination and light We learn early on that she lost the lower portion of her left leg in a car accident when she was twelve This would destroy most people but not Cooper if anything it made her stronger You can’t help but fall in love with her from the very start During one of her early morning shifts at the diner a handsome stranger sits at one of her stations Cooper is a little stunned by how gorgeous the guy is and also caught off guard when he asks her ”What makes you happy?” A seemingly simple uestion but one she couldn’t find the words to provide an answer to While making small talk with him Cooper finds out he’s on a road trip by himself heading to Washington After she tells him that’s where she is attending school in the fall he offers to give her a lift While hesitant at first she eventually throws caution to the wind and takes Emery up on his offer and soon with just a few items of clothing and her little dog Kalo the two are off to start a journey that will bring them to some of the many picturesue locations across the country and it will also become a journey to self awarenessEarly into their travels Emery starts to have moments where he mentally shuts down and closes himself off to Cooper At first she doesn’t uestion it but as time goes on and tender moments pass between them sporadically her feelings start to intensify for Emery His darkness starts to affect her and Emery’s unwillingness to open up to Cooper has her resorting to deceitful behavior when she betrays his trust by secretly reading his journal in hopes of getting inside his head Cooper knows what she is doing is wrong and every time she goes against better judgment and continues to read his journal you can’t help but feel trepidation as to what will happen when she is caught in the act There’s just no way that it couldn’t happen right?At some point during their travels together Cooper is able to break through Emery’s defenses and believe me he’s wanted her just as much as she’s wanted him but his belief in the fact that he's not capable of giving her what she deserves has helped him to keep his distance from her But one night he’ll be too weak to fight it any longer and all I can say is I honestly don’t think I’ve ever read a beautiful description of two people making love for the very first time My sappy romantic self was over the moon and floating on a cloud high in the sky It was passionate and it was panty melting but the description was poetic and beautiful It was Cooper’s first time and Emery made sure it was filled with tenderness and reverenceEvery time they had a good day I felt all the warm and fuzzy butterflies fluttering in my stomach but I also knew that soon enough there would be days of darkness and despair when Emery was lost to the depression that plagued him and my heart broke with Cooper’s every time I had such a feeling of foreboding through the second half of the book but I knew that I had to see things through with Emery and CooperHere are my overall ratings on the book Hero 5 Heroine 5 Plot 5 Angst 5 Steam 5 Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5I don’t want to give anything else away All I can say is that I am so honored to have been able to receive an advanced copy of this truly amazing story and I know on release day I will be gifting this book to some of my book besties For those of you who battle with depression or have been in love with someone who suffers from depression this is one story that will surely hit close to home I especially loved the author's note after the epilogueON THE WAY TO YOU releases on November 16th Pre order it now for only 99 cents ✩ US ➜ amznto2i6blB✩ UK ➜ amznto2ina2uW✩ CA ➜ amznto2hxnfw✩ AU ➜ amznto2ilmfAE I adore Kandi Steiner's books Her stories are always MORE than romance They have a theme of hope and second chances that really inspires a reader The way she writes with intensity and fervor make you feel every word of her novels I truly connect to her characters and her storytelling and On the Way to You was no different I fell in love with Emery and Cooper and was actively invested in them This story is heavy and haunting in parts but also so beautiful and heartfelt and sexy with the gorgeous romance that springs to life Everything about it hooked me And I found myself feeling a million and one things If you know me you know I thrive off angst and On the Way to You has many different types of angst From the slow burn slow building relationship feels to the deeper raw and poignant emotional issues this book has a little of everything and that's what makes it a must readSo what's the book about? Well the blurb pretty much says all you need to know Emery comes to town and stops in at the diner that Cooper our heroine works in He asks her a really random uestion What makes you happy? Now for me I double blinked like huh LOL It's a weird way to greet someone but I have to say it definitely caught my attention and intrigued me Cooper is also caught off guard by Emery He's different and beautiful and when an opportunity to tag along on his trip arises she finds herself making a rash impulsive and crazy decision that changes her life completely From there this story takes off Emery and Cooper are both characters that are haunted by their pasts but the way they attack life is so different It's heart wrenching and eye opening to go on this journey with them I could not get enough of them together and felt so moved by the way they reacted to each other Emery is a man with some serious baggage and goodness I broke for him Over and over and over again And Cooper is a girl with such a big heart and so much potential that I just fell in love with her Overall I was left a speechless by this author She always creates a story that has a message and I really felt that with On the Way to You I felt like she was bringing us than a simple redemptionsecond chanceself discovery romance She was trying to bring hope to the hopeless And I really really really LOVED that she shared this with us It's one I'll remember for some time to come and one that has definitely made a lasting impression Here's what you need to know about this book right MEOW★ It's my favorite cover to date★ It's my favorite BOOK I've ever written to date★ It's a road trip story★ It's got the angst you love from me★ It's got those FEELS you crave from me★ It's NOW AVAILABLE and #FREE with #KindleUnlimited✩ US ➜ amznto2i6blB✩ UK ➜ amznto2ina2uW✩ CA ➜ amznto2hxnfw✩ AU ➜ amznto2ilmfAEKeep reading for a Goodreads EXCLUSIVE sneak peekAs soon as I expelled a long breath and lifted my eyes to where the boy from the diner stood leaning against his car I haltedHe’d followed me as I rode my bike back to my house and I’d ditched that same bike in my front yard before sprinting inside without another word But here he was waiting for me and again the same three words cycled through my head This is insane“I don’t know if I packed the right stuff” I admitted feet moving toward him and the car “I wasn’t sure what to pack honestly It’s still hot here but I know it won’t be in Washington Then again we’ll be in the car so I guess it doesn’t really matter too much what the weather is like We can just adjust the air I mean you can since it’s your car I won’t touch the air Or the radio I promise I’ll be like a fly on the wall Or well not a fly because flies are annoying I’ll be like a butterfly Like the caterpillar in the cocoon before the butterfly actually happens” He was just looking at me with those same uestioning eyes though the corner of his mouth twitched at a smile “I won’t be a problem that’s what I’m trying to say”“Good to know”I nodded adjusting the yoga mat under my arm He was just leaned up against the car which I realized now was not only a convertible but a BMW too His hands were tucked easily into the pockets of his navy blue pants one ankle crossed over the other as he watched me When he stood straight and opened the passenger side door Kalo bolted from where she’d been sniffing the grass at my side and jumped right into the front seat parking her little butt down and letting her tongue hang out as she panted up at usHe eyed her one brow cocked as he turned back to face me“Kalo I rescued her when she was a pup” I shrugged “Can’t leave her behind”He wet his lips looking back down at Kalo with a curious stare “Will you be like a butterfly too?”Kalo popped up little paws pressing into his chest as she lapped at his face before jumping into the backseat He chuckled wiping at the slobber on his chin before turning to me with an outstretched hand aimed at the bag over my shoulder I handed it to him mind still racing with all the reasons this was the dumbest idea ever as he loaded my bag into the trunk taking my yoga mat next I dropped Kalo’s bed into the back seat and she immediately climbed into it turning in two circles before plopping downAnd then I had a panic attack“Wait”He paused mid reach for the handle on the driver door but he was still relaxed a peaceful expression on his face as he did what I askedI couldn’t catch a steady breath ears ringing and fingers reaching blindly for my braid I pulled it over my shoulder and picked at the ends of it mind racing uestions burning through me“What’s your name?” “Emery”“Emery what?”“Emery Reed”I nodded over and over still picking at my split ends “Okay Emery Reed and have you ever been convicted of a crime?”He laughed just one uick hud bark the noise warm and comforting “No Have you?”I wrinkled my nose “Of course not”“Okay”“Okay” I agreed looking up and down my street One of my neighbors a few trailers down was sitting on their porch watching me with curious eyes “Are you dangerous?”“If I was I wouldn’t tell you”“But you’re not right?”He shrugged “Guess you’ll find out”I scoffed “I’m serious You’re not like crazy or anything are you?”At that he threw his head back and laughed again eyes warm when they found mine “Of course I am Aren’t you?”A warm breeze blew between us then the faint smell of pumpkin riding on its wings giving me the first scent of fall I’d had all season“Can I get in now?” he asked eyes not leaving mineI swallowed and then with a uick nod he opened his door as I slipped into the passenger seat and we closed the doors at the same time the uiet thunk of them solidifying my choiceI was leaving AlabamaI was going to Washington With a strange boyWhom I had just metWho admitted out loud that he’s crazyHe fired up the engine the soft purr of it sparking a wave of chills up my arms And there was no ceremonious goodbye no rush of memories as he put it in drive and pulled away from my house that never was a home I’d nearly shredded the end of my braid so I threw it behind me right leg bouncing as I wrung my hands together in my lap“I’m Cooper” I finally said when we pulled out of the trailer park “Cooper Owens”“Nice to meet you Cooper”I nodded leg still bouncing“So why are you going to Washington?”He shifted switching hands on the steering wheel as those two familiar lines creased between his brows “There’s just something I need to see”“Well that’s not vague or anything”He didn’t respond pulling onto I 10 and picking up speed The wind blowing through the car from the top being down whirled now picking up the stray strands of my hair and twirling them around me “How old are you?” I yelled over the wind heart still thundering under my ribs nervous system in a practical breakdown as it fired off all the warning signalsDON’T TALK TO STRANGERSDON’T GET IN CARS WITH STRANGERSDON’T TRAVEL ACROSS THE COUNTRY WITH STRANGERS“Twenty three”“What do you do?”He shook his head as if my uestion disappointed him “I drive”“Like for a living?”“No like right now in this moment I drive”“Well that’s not what I meant”“What did you mean?” he challenged glancing at me uickly before returning his gaze to the road I stammered hands waving erratically around me “I don’t know just like who are you? Tell me something to help me freak out less about the decision I just made to get in the car with you”He paused “If I do kill you I promise to take care of your dog”I narrowed my eyes “Funny” He bit back a smile and I lost my train of thought watching the slow spread of it on his face the wind whipping through his sandy blond hair the sun casting a warm glow over half of his face and cool shadows over the other “Wait I know” I said with a snap of my fingers pulling my cell phone from my back pocket “Is your name Emery Reed on Facebook? I can just look through your profile and reassure myself that you’re not a serial killer”“I don’t have a Facebook”I balked heart stopping in my chest before kicking back to life “What do you mean you don’t have a Facebook? Everyone has a Facebook” My nerves sparked to life again head shaking of its own accord “Oh my God you really are going to kill me aren’t you? Oh my God oh my God”Suddenly the car veered to the right and a scream ripped through my throat Emery riding the tail of a semi truck and cutting off an old van before pulling off onto the shoulder stopping us altogether with enough force to send me flying forward before I was jerked back against the seat again “We almost wrecked” I panicked checking the backseat to make sure Kalo was okay She just stared up at me goofily from her bed like I was the crazy one“Hey” Emery said calling my attention back to him “Are we doing this?”Cars and trucks zoomed by behind him each one rocking our car with a whoosh as I tried to calm my racing heart He wasn’t annoyed his face wasn’t screwed up with impatience his eyes weren’t accusing or judging He was simply watching me He was simply waiting I knew that look because I’d been waiting my entire life“Are we doing this” he asked again voice even steadier than before “Or not?”And in perhaps the most chaotic moment of my life on the shoulder of I 10 with cars zipping by and a stranger waiting to drive me to my new life I closed my eyes pressed my head into the warm leather seat and took my first breath“We’re doing this” I whispered eyes still closed“Okay” he said and then I felt a hand on my knee My eyes shot open heart back in my throat“Seatbelt” he said sueezing my leg before reaching into the center console for his sunglasses He slid the frames into place “And I hope you like The Black Keys”His hand reached for the knob cranking up the volume and then he pulled back onto the highway effectively ending my freakoutKalo popped her head between our seats nudging my elbow with her wet nose I looked down at her still in a daze numbly petting her head to assure her I was okayThen with one deep inhale I shook the negative thoughts from my mind choosing instead to embrace the momentI was leaving AlabamaI was going to WashingtonEverything I’d always wanted was finally happening even if it wasn’t exactly how I’d imagined it and the next breath that left my lungs also left a sense of peace behind it one that filled me from the inside outI think I knew even then that the greatest adventure of my life was about to begin I didn’t know who I was or who I’d become or where I’d go when we got to Washington I didn’t know where we’d stop on the way or how we’d get along or how I’d feel when we hit our final destination when we said goodbye and went our separate waysI didn’t know any of that But I did know something about that day and that boy and that car felt rightI knew as the sun warmed my skin and the wind blew through my hair that I was never coming back to AlabamaAnd ten minutes later when we crossed the state line I smiledI smiled and I didn’t look backPRE ORDER Sunday November 12thRELEASE DAY Thursday November 16thKINDLE UNLIMITED? Yes 4 “Relatable” Stars “It isn’t death that’s scary It’s living without actually living at all breathing without purpose existing without essence” ➽ FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED WARNING Depression and suicidal thoughts That being said this book made me rather hopeful than depressedReading this was like watching opposite sides of my own person fall in love with each otherThis was my first book from Kandi and I was pleasantly surprised I kept hearing so many good things from other romance bloggers that I had to take a look into the hype And let me tell you I am so glad I read this book We get mental health representation our main character has a prosthetic leg and there is a super cute dogMy feels for this book stand like this okay for the start and ending but uite juicy and captivating in the middle I overall highly enjoyed it I felt and loved everything after I got to actually connect without main characters I just felt I bit empty in the endAt first I was a bit hesitant because the situations weren’t completely realistic For example I the idea of a woman taking a road trip with a complete stranger as well as her decision to peak on his diary rubbed me in the wrong side But then I realized how fascinating the idea was because honestly I come to read fictional books because I wonder what outcome could be of something I would never do After I was able to just say is fiction let it go and be fine by enjoying this I had a lovely road trip with this book Something was missing for me in terms of the story but I loved our characters I was able to relate to both of our main characters Cooper being the positive optimistic side and Emery being the realistic depressed dude I loved how much they stayed true to their personalities while interacting with each other I was able to relate with the realistic take and down to earth take on life from Emery but I certainly could identify my small hope of true love being true in Cooper’s hopefulness These ualities kept the story interesting because I hooked on how the development of the relationship was gonna be looking out for the moments of an explosion conflict I also need to say I loved Cooper’s best friend although her appearances were small I laughed every time One of the things I loved the most about this book is the representation of depression as someone who has gone through it I connected deeply The bad days and good days the way Emery couldn’t escape his mind and how it controlled and exhausted him Those days where you can’t go up from the bed so fucking familiar to me Also the way Cooper handle the situations sometimes the best way to help people in their darkest days is to stay silent but let them know you are there if they need you was great I ultimately was so grateful to see that Emery didn’t become well after meeting Cooper he kept struggling but Kandi still was able to show how love or a close person can motivate you to get better Lastly I loved how Kandi tackled the myth that only people with tragic past can suffer from mental illness Through the story you will spect Cooper to be the one dealing with mental health but instead we got it from a dude who’s life from the outside perspective is perfect That hit home for me because reading Emery’s story made me shut some doubts and insecurities about how I am not entitled to feel bad in life We also get disability representation I personally cannot say if it was a great representation because I don’t have a prosthetic leg but I from an outsider found it incredibly inspiring Cooper is so independent and able as contrary to what you would think of the word disabled We also are able to watch the journey of gaining confidence and love herself completely This was also refreshing to see with the mental health aspect in a new adult book it really breaks the stereotype that new adult romance books cannot be deep and meaningful I wish we got books like these Now I am writing this review a few days after finishing this I need to say the romance didn’t hit me that hard Is not one of those books I will remember because of the couple but rather for the story and the meaning But that said the sex scenes are one of my favorites ever in new adult books The way Kandi writes them is so freaking captivating it literally takes you into a trance They were so hot but still not completely crude you could actually feel the passion and connection between our characters My heart still gave twists for the couple so don’t get the wrong idea the romance is still is wonderful “Life isn’t supposed to be safe” she added with a laugh “If it was they wouldn’t call it living They’d just call it existing And you’ve existed long enough baby girl It’s time to live” I definitely recommend this new adult book is so worth it I for sure will be checking of the works from Kandi The greatest adventure of my life was about to begin ‘ON MY WAY TO YOU’ is a standalone full length A New Adult Romance Novel by Kandi Steiner Get ready to meet Emery Reed and Cooper OwensHappy go lucky optimistic Cooper is a twenty year old female living in trailer park in Alabama with deadbeat parents who don’t give a damn about her working at the Papa Wyatt’s local diner she’d called home since the age of sixteen dreaming about her dream school Bastyr which is situated three thousand miles away on the Pacific Northwest Coast where she wants to study Naturopathic medicine She's just awaiting her acceptance letter I was Miss Optimistic I counted my blessings daily I always looked at the bright side of my life ignoring the shadows of it choosing to focus my energy on whatever positives I could grasp A good looking guy travelling alone stops at the diner where Cooper works and asks her one of the most oddest uestions she’s ever been asked before “What makes you happy?” What she wanted to say was “My books my dog yoga the way the sun always manages to come back no matter how dark the storm” But in the end she said nothing because he unnerved her he looked like he'd just walked off the cover of a magazine Talking to this boy she discovers that he's passing through on his way to Washington and revealing that her dream school is there out of the blue he asks her if she wants to come along So when an offer in a lifetime comes her way she’d be silly to turn it down wouldn’t she?Grabbing what she could fit into a bag and her Australian shepherd mix dog named Kalo she was set to take this crazy journey through many states with a guy she didn't know Her dream of finally leaving Alabama behind had finally come true Twenty three year old Emery was taking a trip to a place that held a lot of meaning to his recently deceased Grandmother and on her deathbed he promised her he would go and see it Emery is the complete opposite to Cooper she's sunshine and happiness he's dark and gloomy but together they just work She's the sun and I'm a black hole I want to swallow her up and lose myself in her But if I do I'll destroy her A uniue beautiful journey of self discovery survival self reflection and love this will pull on your heart strings like no other book I have encountered this year these two were perfect for each other I truly loved how they took care of each other travelling towards their destinations Teasers used are off the Authors facebook page brain wtf are you reading? This protagonist is crazy you can't just go on with a stranger to nowhere he might be a kidnapper or anything ?Haven't you heard of crimes stupid girl?Heart it's so beautiful omg the idea of what makes you happy and taking chances and risk is explained so beautifully Brain crime bitchHeart happiness mattersMe crying give 4 stars to the book sometimes you need shut your brain it was so beautiful ”I think I knew even then that the greatest adventure of my life was about to begin” OMG Kandi Steiner’s newest release On the Way to You is unbelievable and amazing Kandi’s carefully crafted words were heartbreaking beautiful and touched my heart beyond all belief I loved loved loved it I have been a massive Kandi fan for a while now ever since reading A Love Letter to Whiskey I know it sounds clichéd but that story literally changed my life and I knew I would always be drawn to her amazing storytelling for thereon in “What makes you happy?” This should be a simple uestion to most but when Cooper was asked this very uestion by a gorgeous stranger while at work at the local diner she was unable to form an answer This uestion is so powerful to me so simple but has so much meaning Cooper dreams of one day leaving her trailer park in Alabama and moving to Seattle to attend College Through one diner shift at a time she knows she is saving up the money she reuires to make her dreams a reality It is no longer a pipe dream and it is when not if ”It was my moment one meant for no one else and for the first time I felt alive – truly one hundred percent alive It was my rebirth” Emery is on a road trip to Washington all by his lonesome when he stops at a diner and asks the waitress “What makes you happy?” After idle chit chat Emery discovers that Cooper is fast on her way to Seattle to attend college He decides to offer her a lift one that will change their lives foreverEmery does not always find it so easy to open up and can at times be uite dark and somber whereas Cooper is a positive ray of sunshine Where Cooper is day Emery is night but together they are simply beautiful no words I will say will do this couple the justice they deserve positively breathtaking I don’t want to go into too much detail because this amazingly beautiful story needs to be read spoiler free and trust me when I say this it will break your heart and move you beyond recognition This story for me was absolutely unforgettable and a definite favorite of mine so far this year If you are looking to read something so poignant and something that is guaranteed to stay with you long after the last word is read then check out On the Way to You this book is so raw and beautiful but i suppose it didnt uite hit the mark for me i highly recommend this if youre into road trip romance characters with depression and disability cute dogs and high level of angst and steamfirst of all i appreciate the author for breathing life to these characters and sharing such a personal and hopeful story through them i adored both emery and cooper and i feel insipired by them and their journey to love and self discoverydepression is smth that ive heard and seen a lot yet it still feels so foreign to me i have bad days as much as everyone else but never to the point of wanting to kill myself to some extent i could relate to both emery and cooper however the portrayal of depression in this book didnt really move metheres nothing in particular that im against ive been informed over and over how depression feels like that sometimes the representation of one in books just seem redundantmisused especially in romance i dont mean to cheapen the actual experience or insult those who battle with said mental health problemto some readers this book can be hard hitting and im glad for them for being able to identify with these characters on a level that i couldnt but for me as the author pointed out in her note at the end of the book this is just another book i put on my read shelf read in audiobook format As I sit here and try to write what I’m feeling in this exact moment I realize that it’s impossible How can I do that when I’ve just read some of the most powerful words that has not only touched me but made me ask myself a simple but life changing uestion “What Makes you Happy”? I had no idea that those four words and these two characters were going to forever change my reading experience but I’m glad it did One The Way To You is a story about loss love and finding hope and strength when you were at your last wit’s end I’ve always believed in the saying that there are people who enter your life for a reason whether it’s just for a few minutes or a few years Good or bad they make an impact on you and whether we want to admit or not some of them shaped our lives “I think I knew even then that the greatest adventure of my life was about to begin” Most of us know what it’s like to be in love and experience that type of heart stopping emotion with someone else having your heart race from a simple touch and knowing the exact moment you realize that this person is the one for you Cooper hasn’t felt anything like that because she’s stuck in her small town with nothing but big dreams and a hopeful future When a stranger walks in and asks her the biggest uestion of her life something changes for her and from that moment Cooper took her long awaited journey and threw caution to wind But what happens when the trip of a lifetime become so much than what Cooper was expecting? I honestly wasn’t expecting this story to hit me with such an emotional force if I’m being honest I loved that it was different and uniue and for me that was a breath of fresh air I reveled in all of the different uirks of these characters and seeing their journey and emotional break throughs was some of the best moments for me Two people who didn’t have anything in common we’re suddenly joined by fate and because of that we were given one friendship in the making and an incredible love story for a lifetime If you’re looking for completely different and touching story this is it for you No need to look any further because THISISIT Teaser used is from the author's fb page