No Number Nine

No Number Nine❴Download❵ ➵ No Number Nine Author F.J. Campbell – What do you do when your amazing beloved sister diesHide in your room for two yearsSleep with a very very wrong manLeave home and start a new life lying to everyone you meet including your kind employ What do you do when your amazing beloved sister diesHide in your No Number eBook ✓ room for two yearsSleep with a very very wrong manLeave home and start a new life lying to everyone you meet including your kind employer your curious friends and the man you lovePip Mitchell’s an expert at making seriously bad decisions But when her past present and future collide at the Sydney Olympic Games she’s going to have to decide whose side she’s on – or she’ll lose everyone she loves. Most North Americans call this game ‘field hockey’ and think hockey means ice hockey Many have the eually provincial notion that it is only a girl’s game’ But it is a game favouring team work uick and accurate passing over running the pitch and assists as much as shots on goal And one reason I prefer the women’s game is that they are better than men at relationships with teams displaying a sense of sisterhood But the exigencies of plot reuire a focus on men’s hockey specifically the German and Australian national teams at the 2000 Sydney OlympicsPhilippa ‘Pip’ Mitchell is an eighteen year old English girl who becomes an au pair looking after Max and Ferdi the ten and eight year old sons of a wealthy German family the von Feldsteins She is possessed of fluent German and French I was amused to discover that se taper has the same connotations as our word bang Pip also possesses some heavy emotional baggage Two years before her sister Holly a hockey player on the GBWNT was killed by being struck on the head by a ball A hockey ball weighs about the same as a cricket ball or baseball a goalkeeper kitted out in protective gear could easily be mistaken for a demolitions expert on a roadside in Ira This loss has left Pip with a super case of PTSD she also had sex with her sister’s widower husband Troy Costa a Kookaburra the Australian MNT The women’s team are the Hockeyroos Pip hides her relationship although she plans to fly out to Sydney for the Olympics at her own expense and affects to despise the game of hockey although she had been a very capable U 16 player Which turns out to be a huge complication because the von Feldsteins not only own a hockey club but that Max and Ferdi have two twenty something elder brothers who are keen hockey players aspiring to playing in the Olympics on the German national men’s team If you’ve watched a German national team play the elder brother Leo will be no surprise totally disciplined and keen on angles and sports psychology His brother Billy lives and plays like an Argentinian all flair and gusto When Pip first discovers him he’s in bed with Leo’s then girlfriendI loved this book It’s excellent and very erotic including what I call the ‘erotics of competition’ the thrill of playing a sport to the very maximum Which another marvellous facet of hockey the players run virtually nonstop whilst on the pitch The clock only stops for penalty corners I was disappointed with some of Campbell’s descriptions of play as perfunctory ‘Australia scored an unstoppable field goal from a volley after twenty two minutes to which Germany responded with a goal from a penalty corner five minutes later’ That’s an opportunity for exciting sports writing too good to miss A penalty corner is about the only time the clock stops for the kind of set play you find in American football with lots of opportunity for deception and usually a fearless first flyer defender rushing from the cage to prevent the offence getting a shot off But I liked this score with Pip watching on television ‘Billy dived in front of the goal Pip’s heart hammering he slid along the AstroTurf Pip’s eyes glued to the screen he stretched out his stick Pip’s mouth opening in a scream he gave the ball the lightest of touches to send it into the back of the goal’ Last year in the FIH Pro League I watched the New Zealand striker Olivia Merry execute the same shot against USA BrilliantThe characters lacked some believability for me too I could not understand why Pip would want to follow Troy out to Australia only to break up with him except the plot reuired it He has other plans and his inept proposal scene is the funniest thing outside of a Jane Austen novel And it takes Campbell forever finally to resolve the relationship between Leo and Pip As a crazy romantic I would have set it on a boat in Sydney harbour during a fireworks display to mark the close of the games But the scenes with the retiring of Holly's number the significance of the title and the scattering of her ashes by her teammates were most affecting; what GBWNT would surely doI so hope F J Campbell will write some hockey fiction I’d love a slightly older protagonist perhaps one who had played for an American uni there were several on last year’s England U 21 team who’s now graduated and playing for a club like Surbiton And with both an American and British boyfriend perhaps You can see the possibilities This book is in my top 5 surprise books of the year I loved the sound of it I’d seen good reviews about it but I still didn’t fully know what to expect So I went into No Number Nine not really knowing what to expect and I came out of it with a fuzzy feeling in my chest and a stupid grin on my face What It’s AboutHolly was the older beautiful talented sister and she was loved by all she met none so than by her little sister Pip But when Holly dies in a hockey accident Pip is left to navigate her grief alone; she cuts off all ties with her friends she stops playing hockey and can’t stand to watch it and the only solace she finds is when she sleeps with her dead sister’s husband Pip is a shell of a person when she moves to Germany to become a au pair for a wealthy family a family who unbeknownst to her live and breathe hockey As her feelings for the family grow so does the chance that her identity will be revealed and Pip struggles to keep her Before life separate from her After What I ThoughtPip can be incredibly frustrating at times there were moments where I just wanted to shake some sense into her but mostly I just wanted to give her a great big cuddle She was hurting so much and she made such bad choices but I still loved her which really is the mark of a fabulous character Because who wants to read about a perfect person? Pip definitely gets stronger as the book goes on which was incredibly heartwarming Initially the book had a very sad wistful feeling to it Pip’s sadness and hopelessness practically seeped through the pages I loved seeing her grow though; I loved seeing her settle into her new life fall in love and begin to move on with her life She also has an incredible friend in Nadine who totally makes up for her lack of screen time by being a full on riot whenever she’s around Nadine is the kind of best friend everyone should have fighting their corner she never gives up on Pip and would do anything to help her There is a bit of romance Leo is an absolute dream but it’s not overpowering at all it did however have me smiling like an absolute goon and I wish we could have Pip and Leo time Leo’s brother Billy also needs a mention; he’s your typical player but actually has a big heart and his brotherly love for Pip is adorable Seriously their banter I’m absolutely over the moon that F J Campbell put this book on my radar I loved it all and I can’t wait to see what F J does nextI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review I had the good fortune to receive an advance review copy of 'No Number Nine' in exchange for an honest review This is a heart wrenching story of loss coming to terms with not only that loss but the mistakes made and coming out on the other side I cried I laughed I punched the air and yelled 'YES Watching Pip move her way through her pain and become strong woman with a firm belief in who she was and what was right and what could and could not be forgiven was a pleasure I will recommend this book to everyone and I look forward to what FJ Campbell comes up with next Globally hockey is the second most played team sport and the third most played of all sports – yet it seems to be almost entirely absent from popular culture Huh So much so that a ‘hockey novel’ is a very niche almost uniue prospect That was the main reason I was initially interested in reading No Number Nine when I was offered the opportunity and I’m glad I did Though accessible to the lay person – anyone could enjoy this story – being a hockey player adds an extra dimension to your appreciation of the book; especially given how accurately the dynamics and complications of a large hockey club are renderedThe story itself is a Bildungsroman a coming of age story in Germany with a funny conversational narrative which means it is easy to read and hard to put down – but that’s not to say it’s frothy or frivolous it deals with complex and difficult issues in a comprehensive yet engaging wayIdeal holiday reading in normal times great isolation reading in today’s The plot is like a good hockey game fast paced exciting end to end stuff with a result that is somehow simultaneously unpredictable and inexorableview spoilerOne of the main things to love about this book is the full ensemble of likeable three dimensional characters And the protagonist Phil Mitchell is always fun where a lot of main characters are simply vessels for the narrative I was certainly very invested in her story and I feel like its climax took me through my entire gamut of emotionsThe author doesn't bother moralising or painting villains and heroes as is often seen especially in YA fiction instead all the characters are human flawed realistic Of course we are never likely to be too fond of Elizabeth or Troy but their behaviour is always consistent with their own personal troubles and as such they are drawn in a sympathetic and understandable light Even Leo our ostensible hero behaves strangely even reprehensibly at times but his ownership of and contrition for his actions allow us and Pip to forgive and love him Shout outs to the fantastic supporting cast of Billy Nadine and the friends Pip makes at the hockey club; all very enjoyable to readMy own personal reading was that the key conflict in the novel was that of Healthy Coping Mechanisms VS Toxic Masculinity in the face of tragedy but I'm sure that other readers will take away something completely different as is common with good writingFinally this book is marketed as Young Adult fiction though I'm 30 yo and it didn't feel remotely juvenile and its handling of sexuality is very well done and paints a very healthy picture of sex for any young adults reading hide spoiler FJCampbellThis isn't usually the type of book that I enjoy but someone gave me a copy an advance copy in return for an honest review and I have to say that I really enjoyed it It had just the right amount of action and intrigue to balance out the love storyI liked that it's set in Munich as I lived there for several years In fact if you've ever lived abroad this is a great book to read Pip the main character feels the differences in culture and language and especially at the start of the book there're lots of moments when you say Ah Yes That's so trueThe start of the story the first chapter or so is slow ish but with a bit of a surprise in the middle of the night; so that when at the end of the second chapter Pip discovers the true nature of the family she's living with it's hilarious and shocking and after that I just got completely hookedMy favourite part of the book is the ending and I hope I'm not giving anything away when I say that at the Sydney Olympics the drama of the sport and the drama of Pip's life crash together and it's impossible to put the book downI suppose you could call this book 'chick lit' but with sport and humour and a strand of darkness danger running through the whole book I can recommend it for anyone to readFans of Chris Cleave’s ‘Gold’ will love this book too I received an advance copy of No Number Nine in return for an honest review of the book and I am really honest when I say that No Number Nine is an absolutely marvellous entertaining story a great pleasure to readAt first I didn't really got to start reading it but once I had turned the first pages I was completely hooked It is an emotional story about a young adult going abroad after a personal tragedy life being a total wreck trying to find back into lifeThe characters are well described and I really felt with the the heroine Pip There were many situations when I mentally said Why do you do this or Why do you say that don't make it so difficult for yourself or Yes you're so right Watching Pip struggle suffer love and laugh until the great final at the Olympics is really compelling I am myself a German hockey player and am thus able to relate to the strenghts and loveable peculiarities of the hockey family But you don't have to be connected to this sport no rule knowledge is reuired to enjoy this storyAs soon as this book is out for sale I will buy a copy and read it again to shorten the time until the next book of FJCampbell is being published The book reminded me of how naive and immature one can be at 16 and 18 Pip was a typical girl who loved her sister and had great friends However she was young and didn't have the confidence yet to make better decisions She also convinced herself that certain men loved her and that she loved them In actuality she didn't really know them This was due to her immaturity It made me think about how we often don't give girls and young women permission to be strong enough to say 'No' to men That's it's not our women responsibility to make men feel better about themselves One criticism of the book is how unbelievable it was that the von Feldsteins didn't know who Pip was before she came to their home as an au pair The von Feldsteins are a wealthy family that have many resources that you would expect would use to find out about a care taker Pip was able to hide her identity from a whole hockey family and community It seemed highly unlikely No Number Nine is a cracking good read A well written page turner that kept my interest from start to finish Hockey is the back drop but not necessarily the star The characters are recognisable from the hockey world but they are not the 'jolly hockey sticks' brigade we usually read about uite frankly I want to know 'What Nadine did next' as I think there is definitely room for a second novel by FJ Campbell with this likeable character as the heroineGive this book a try it is fun uirky and reminds us of the excitement and opportunities that await the young as they set out on their own A summer read with a hint of international glamour a sporting back drop and Olympians on every pagewhat is not to love5 Summer StarsPS so good I read it twice Essentially the book follows Pip who after losing her sister gets a job as an aupair in Munich She is on a journey after this personal tragedy and we follow her story as she grows up learns about life and makes some great new friends It has some funny moments and proved to be a good holiday read I wasn't too keen on the 'love scenes' descriptive scenes are really not for me and there are parts in which Pip talks to herself and has a conversation with other characters which I'm not sure is necessary It's been a very long time since I've read a book like this which made me realise the majority of the books on my shelf are deep and emotive; definitely not the kind of books to take on holiday with you No Number Nine is essentially a young woman’s search for meaning after loss for self acceptance after blame and for love after let downThe story invites the reader right inside Pip Mitchell’s head to encounter plenty of humour stirred in with the grief of her sister’s death Although poignantly sad in places Pip’s resilience and wit shine through The dialogue is wonderfully zappy and the characters fully fleshed out My favourite was Billy with his cheeky charmI’m not a hockey player but was happy to be given a glimpse into the world of high level hockey Much of the story takes place away from the pitch – no prior hockey knowledge neededTry it

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