Captivated[PDF] ✎ Captivated Author Tessa Bailey – Secret aspiring comedian Autumn Reynolds is a girl gonenot wild exactly More like lazy Since her boyfriend abandoned her in New York City for a bunch of improv groupies she’s had two priorities; suc Secret aspiring comedian Autumn Reynolds is a girl gonenot wild exactly More like lazy Since her boyfriend abandoned her in New York City for a bunch of improv groupies she’s had two priorities; sucking the nitrous out of whipped cream cans and making sex comics about her mysterious landlord Blake hates people—and sunlight—with good reason Imagine his surprise when he finds himself lusting after his upstairs tenant a sunny Australian people pleaser down on her luck Turns out his ability to terrify with a single scowl comes with an advantage Autumn seems to like it A lot As evidenced by the prisoner captive comic Blake was never meant to see As they embark on a three date arrangement the rules are clear; filthy ground breaking sex no feelings or commitment reuired When chemistry is this strong though attachment follows As Blake and Autumn attempt to negotiate their New York romance their prior histories and secret dreams come to the foreground How long can these polar opposites remain Captivated when all signs point to disaster. 4 STARS What did he have A cave on the first floor heaps of books and an aversion to sunlight No He had one thing The ability to make her his captive Sweet mother of all ovaries I can't even right now This bookit was FILTHY SO deliciously filthy It was also uirky and fun with a dose of feels But it was sooooooo filthy Bailey and Dangerfield are a powerhouse duo that have created an addict in me I demand of their dual writing magic DEMAND IT Can't live without it It didn't event take me long to see their individual styles in this book Eve is the ueen of uirky heroines They're always funny unconventional and female's you'd love for your BFF They're a breath of fresh air And Tessa Bailey The woman is the UEEN of PMBs and she may have just created her poutiest man bear ever with Blake GAHAutumn Reynolds is a vet secretly aspiring comedian and a woman that just found out her boyfriend of 7 years had cheated on her Numerously The man that she gave up everything for to come to America with is now gone and she's left all on her lonesome Harboring injured pigeons in her bathroom and trying to hide it from her broody and grumpy landlord Firstly let me tell you that the Beauty and the Beast tones in this story was fantastic It was just the right touch of emotion that this dirty story needed And boy was it dirty Because sweet little Autumn has a secret fantasy One where she's captured bound and taken by one bearded and mean landlord And when said landlord finds out that the woman he's secretly been attracted to all this time wants him back All bets are off Who’s bigger Autumn In every goddamn way” “You” “My fucking name BlondieWho will drop a grand on your dinner and still fuck you like a slut Say the name” “Blake” Oh yeah Eve and Tessa brought the big guns out for this story No holds barred And it was AWESOME But this book was so much than just sweet filthy loving I loved watching Autumn break Blake out of his grumpy shell This is a man with some wounds from his past and years later he's still nursing them Autumn was the light to his dark and they were so dynamic together I simply couldn't get enough of them I loved Blake break out of his broody shell and I loved watching Autumn come into her own And the chemistry between them IncendiaryI'm all for the kinky taboo fantasies and Captivated definitely had that But it was also a story with fantastic banter wonderful secondary characters and plenty of emotional moments It put a smile on my face even while it made my ovaries feel like they were about to combust I hope that this will be the first of many books these two co author together because they're a dirty duo of pure awesome ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on 5 STARS You don't want to change the right person you just want to be where they are Gah AMAZING Is there anything better than well written smut with substance Well how about well written uniue smut with substance that's filled with laugh out loud moments I swear for me it doesn't get much better than thisLong story short Autumn hates NYC And worst of all after coming to the US from Australia to support her long time boyfriend he cheats on her Her new reality she's lonely and miserable; and she may or may not fill her spare time with fantasies about her hulking landlordBlake aka The Landlord is a surly bastard He rarely leaves his apartment but when he does he couldn't care less if people are intimidated by his size or brusue manner Keeping people at bay is exactly his intention Except he has a bit of a 'thing' for the Aussie tenant upstairs that may or may not border on stalkerishHonestly I'm not sure where to start with this review The stellar writing She rarely paddled in the pools of her childhood memories and for good reason They were swampy with affection and confusion and resentment Or the sweet romance I know there's to you than just your fantasies Autumn Or the SUPER HOT kink As soon as the stairwell door shuts you're mine No one will interrupt us Nothing will happen that I haven't planned Start to finish it's what I want you got that Or with how wonderful these two vulnerable souls were together he understood once and for all that this wasn't just Autumn's thing Yeah he'd fantasized about being rough with her but her specific needs had sharpened his own They were in this together Deep I get that the premise of this book won't be for everyone If you're concerned check here view spoiler Where his bedside drawer had once been empty it was now filled with rope handcuffs a gag a notepad for ransom letters new pictures he'd taken of Autumn on the sly and panties he'd confiscated hide spoiler 5 Fun Size Stars ⭐️Autumn an Australian expat is alone in New York after being cheated on by her ex boyfriend With limited choices the end of her working visa is looking appealing During a drunken episode amidst her pity party a bottle of gin with a straw will do that to you she accidentally gives her landlord a page out of her sex comic An explicit illustration of the two of them in a very compromising positionWhelp Smart and fucking humongous Where had she gotten off turning this guy into a porno comic characterBlake has been secretly crushing on Autumn from the sidelines Even without a boyfriend he never thought that the fun size blonde would ever be interested in the man giant with a limpUnbelievable They’d barely exchanged a word since she moved in yet they’d been mentally screwing each other’s brains out from two floors awayAutumn admits to Blake that he has featured in her fantasies A kinky fantasy of being captured restrained and taken advantage of something she has always longed for Blake agrees to fulfil her sexual fantasies on the condition that she agrees to three dates Three dates to get to know one another and to eliminate any fear that may exist between strangersBut with Autumns visa expiry date looming can they both be brave enough to embrace then the fantasyCaptivated was an amazing joint effort between Tessa Bailey and Eve Dangerfield With a combo like this you are guaranteed a standout read Filled with a storyline that will have you continuously grinning swooning and of course fanning yourself you’re missing out if you haven’t ready thisThis sunny girl was on a date with a borderline hermit who didn’t know the first thing about repairing post break up pride—he had zero delusions he could salvage her heart—but was utterly compelled to try 3 45 5 stars 3 Omg I loved it so much I had a smile most of the time and it was super hot Autumn and Blake were so perfect for each other I loved that they were awkward and cute and funny at timesTheir romance was uniue and so differentThe plot was really good and I was intrigued from the first pages but what make me fall in love even with the story was the charactersI loved them so much they have a great connection and they were super hotCaptivated will leave you breathless and hotIf you are looking for a sexyheartwarming and funny story this is perfect for youI need books from these two together      So there is steamy contemporary romance and then there's Tessa Bailey and Eve Dangerfield level of filthThis book is HOT So hot it'll certainly burn your grabby little handsI had to put it on hold at some point yesterday because I couldn't read through a scene in a public place without physically giving clues about what was within my hands Blushing suirming giving furtives glances around because I was sure everyone KNEW how dirty my book wasAlthough I'm pretty sure I can be stealthy enough and read with my erotica with stone cold face in reality reading this one felt a lot like this Camille The Angry Reader and I both read it and laughed our asses off And the reason she didn't pull the book out at work was not because it was smoking hot but because she couldn't stop laughing Out loud RepeatedlyThe heroine is deliciously skittles and the irreverence tinting her POV made her my favorite thing in the book I challenge you to read Autumn's POv and not die of laughterThe hero is a perfect contrast to her sunny personality stern brooding rough but with a sweet caring side to him he's scarcely and unintentionally revealing through the simplest gestures and acts even throughout their roleplay He was really perceptive and aware of her needs he was a pleasure to read A legend He was doing this to her he was giving this to her What a fucking legend Autumn is a 20 something Aussie expat in New york who followed her boyfriend to support him in his endeavors to become a stand up comedian Turned out he was a total cunt and cheated on herAutumn's work visa expiring soon she needs ot figure out if New York still holds reasons for her to stay or go homeThe reason could well enough be The Landlord with a scowl of gold An awkward incident led Autumn to give him a very graphic picture of him starring her darkest taboo fantasies Who could have known the young bubbly tenant from the third floor had the such inclinations A deal is made between Blake The Landlord and Autumn to explore their kink togetherI don't want to say too much but I simply adored the humor throughout the book and even if sometimes for me the sex could be little too much the kink they're both exploring is considered taboo— I personally think it's hot AF— there was the matter of 'role play name calling' that threw me off a littleI'm saying this but it's a really minor detail and didn't stop me to devour the book and wish for There's a uote in the book about the heroine being all dicked out I guess what I felt was all sexed out Tessa Bailey Eve Dangerfield are too powerful a combo for this romance readerFor the fantastic banter the perfect match between two opposites and the intensity of their feelings I can't recommend this book enough and it's releasing next month Her landlord couldn't talk a worth damn but god he could kiss ———————————— This just landed on my kindle and let me tell you I'm super excited to read it It has mischief and steam written all over itThe ueen of Dirt Talk and the ueen of Sass are joining forces to bring us this opposites attractneighbors to lovers tale Tessa Bailey sketched a broody hermit with a mighty scowl and Eve Dangerfield outlined the sassy stand up comedian with a heart of goldWhatever will happen when he'll discover himself starring in her wicked sex comics I received an Advance Review Copy More reviews and book talk at You can find me here too ☞ I'm not tagging this one I'm not going to summarize it either I merely want to bask in the absolute pleasure I got from this story these two wonderfully beautiful multi faceted characters and a beautiful uniueness away from the stereotypical romance formula Blake is truly out of this world anyone would be so lucky to have him just proof that sometimes the best thing can be standing right in front of you but if you don't take the time to see it and to look past the outer shell you'll miss it completely and never know what a special thing you passed by And Autumn The epitome of what appears to be a polar opposite to his hermit grumpy ways but truly these people are so alike deep deep down where it countsIf you want a real review on the story read Melanie A's she's the only reason I read this and honestly I couldn't be happier than to have done so and carry these people with me It lifted me in a time of turbulence and I thank my book buddy for turning my attention it's way 5 Stars full of Sunshine all the way around 45 starsEver wondered what would happen if two of your favourite go to authors decided to collaborate Well wonder no Tessa and Eve are like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like marshmallows and fire like salt and vinegar crisps or like cheese and onion crisps or bacon on everything Utter delightfulness I swear I think I got sick so I could have a good book streak It's either healthy and meh books or not breathing constantly coughing and spectacular books I hate nay loathe being sick and yet if I get good books with it I'm sort of willing to compromise Back to this book Eve Dangerfield and Tessa Bailey are two of my regular go to authors especially if I'm in the mood for dirty talkers and spicy rumpy pumpy And these two combined just blew my mind Not to mention my nether regions I unreservedly recommend both authors as I found both of them to have that special something in their words that always draws me in Tessa Bailey has written some of the best dirty talkers I've ever read and Eve Dangerfield has this rare ability to make beautiful couples out of the most unexpected situations and people And here together they made something exceptionalIf you're looking for something that's off the scales hot grazes the bdsm but doesn't actually venture deep in then this is the book for you To my safety gangpossible triggers view spoilerNo other woman no other man But both Blake and Autumn have a kink that could be touchy for people Autumn fantasizes about being stalkedkidnapped and taken by force And Blake has a darker side that loves to do that to Autumn It's all consensual between them though They agree on role playing those scenes have safe words and Blake insists on her getting to know him before they go too far Contains role play binding light spanking and public sex but no one sees them hide spoiler 4 'Beauty and the Beast' Stars ARC provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review When I saw that Tessa Bailey and Eve Dangerfield were writing a book together I knew I just knew they would write one sexy love story And if you have read both or one of these two ladies before you know you are in for a filthy and oh so yummy treat because they know how to get down and dirty if you know what I mean ; You all know by now I am HUGE Tessa Bailey fan and actually this is my first time reading something by Eve Dangerfield and now I know it will not be the last one I am captivatedSo Captivated is a standalone contemporary romance and it is the story between a sassy Aussie called Autumn Reynolds and her grumpy and mysterious landlord Blake Munroe Autumn has just broken up with her boyfriend of 7 years the man has cheated and he definitely did a number on her Autumn dropped her dreams for him and now she is in a city she does not like much without friends and working in a job she does not fully love However she also has this secret A secret fantasy involving being captive of her moody and sexy as hell landlord Well imagine when said landlord discovers that fantasy in a very curious way especially when he has been attracted to this Aussie lady for the longest time Things are about to get steamy “Enjoy using your hands now little blonde girl You won’t always have them I’ve got a rope with your name on it” Oh man OH MAN Holy mother This novel pours the heat on every level This duo of authors surely knows how to burn our Kindles with all that filthiness I mean I knew this would be dirty I love Tessa's writing to pieces and I've read many good things about Eve's too But these two ladies together EXPLOSIVE As you can imagine Tessa wrote that delicious and dirty hero and Eve wrote the funny and sassy heroine This book is funny as hell it's hotter than hell and it will grab your full attention from the very start And yes sometimes that kink got a little bit much to me but it was impossible not to melt with all that hotness and chemistry between this couple They were both in this together Deep Autumn needed to be a prisoner and his desire to give her everything made him crave the role It’s mine She’s fucking mine I also love a good pair of main characters and Autumn and Blake did not disappoint at all Autumn is the funniest person she actually wants to be a comedian and she definitely has the talent She also is a smart and lovely woman who will make it impossible for Blake not to fall in love with her And yes let talk about Blake because Gah I love Tessa’s heroes and he is no exception He is so dirty He definitely is a big bearded protective alpha and I loved him from the very beginning Who does not love a closed man who peels all his layers when his soul mate appears and turns his world upside down “You made me want to be in the sun again You made me want to be the one who gave you the sun” Therefore I am rating Captivated with 4 STARS because it surely was a great first novel by this amazing duo of authors I hope this is the start of many releases by them because I loved this couple this story the emotions and the explosive chemistry between Blake and Autumn If you are a fan of super hot contemporary romances or of either or both of these ladies be sure to check this book outCHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE DNFAutumn Reynolds is a down on her luck just been dumped veterinarian who’s not satisfied with her body image and hoards injured pigeons in her apartment Blake Munroe is her bruiting hulk of a man landlord I gotta say I uestioned at times if this story was supposed to be taken seriously Like with the right comedic actors it might have been a pretty good parody of a romance But as a real feel the chemistry and swoon romance—not so much As a romcom—nah I rolled my eyes than I cracked a smileThe characters came off too much as caricatures Autumn is the rambling bumbling put her foot in her mouth heroine who holds a special place in her heart for captivity kink So much so that she illustrates it Now the comic might be kinda cool if she owned it but Autie whose name I kept seeing as Auntie isn’t badass At all She’s just comes off desperate needy and insecure Her latent desires to become a submissive would make Anastasia Grey proud “‘I I think I want you to stalk me’” Meanwhile Blake harbors some angsty secret It’s made him a recluse Physically Blake is described aswell he’s not your ordinary romantic hero I had a hard time not picturing him as the love child between Disney’s Beast and the Hunchback of Notre Dame “‘he always looks like someone just punched his mum but he’s really uite sexy Kind of broad and hairy and angry looking’” “Not that Blake had any room to judge someone’s appearance—not with the pissed off Yeti aesthetic he had going on” Don't get me wrong every romance hero doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous but when he's described animal like than human it's not exactly a turn onMy issues with connecting to the characters and the story weren’t helped by the 3st person POV There’s just something about a distant narrator in romance that makes it feel as if it’s being told by a voice over I’d much rather have the characters tell me about themselves; otherwise it feels detached and makes it difficult for me to connect with themBy 35% it was just too much of a struggle to read on I was tired of hearing about Autumn’s ex from both characters annoyed with Autumn’s inability to form coherent sentences bored with the side characters and getting disturbing vibes from their “romance” The lines between liberating role play and you have some issues were getting too blurred for my enjoyment I volunteered to review this ARC All reviews written by Book Bosomed Book Blog are honest opinions In the interest of providing unbiased book reviews and to avoid misleading other readers it is the blog’s policy not to withhold or delay any reviews no matter the star rating To the best of my knowledge this title was presented to the blog without any conditions or stipulations Review posted on The Eater of Books blogCaptivated by Tessa Bailey Eve DangerfieldPublication Date June 11 2018Rating 4 starsSource Review copy provided by publicitySummary from GoodreadsSecret aspiring comedian Autumn Reynolds is a girl gonenot wild exactly More like lazy Since her boyfriend abandoned her in New York City for a bunch of improv groupies she’s had two priorities; sucking the nitrous out of whipped cream cans and making sex comics about her mysterious landlord Blake hates people—and sunlight—with good reason Imagine his surprise when he finds himself lusting after his upstairs tenant a sunny Australian people pleaser down on her luck Turns out his ability to terrify with a single scowl comes with an advantage Autumn seems to like it A lot As evidenced by the prisoner captive comic Blake was never meant to see As they embark on a three date arrangement the rules are clear; filthy ground breaking sex no feelings or commitment reuired When chemistry is this strong though attachment follows As Blake and Autumn attempt to negotiate their New York romance their prior histories and secret dreams come to the foreground How long can these polar opposites remain Captivated when all signs point to disaster What I LikedI love Tessa Bailey's books I'm part of her fan group and I am always watching eagerly to see what she is writing next I'd not heard of Eve Dangerfield before but when I saw that Tessa was writing a book with Eve I was 100% on board and couldn't wait to read the book The duo seemed to have a lot of fun writing this book together As it would turn out Captivated was a funny sweet and very sexy novel I didn't doubt that I would love it and I'm glad I wasn't disappointedAutumn is having a rough couple of weeks; her boyfriend who convinced her to move from Australia to New York with him for his acting career has been cheating on her with improv groupies he abandoned her in their apartment in New York and let's just say that she is unhappy She has been spending her days at work at the vet and at home she's a mess and constantly fantasizing about The Landlord He's big and silent and rarely sets foot outside the apartment building He fits her naughty fantasies perfectly little does she know that Blake the landlord has been fantasizing about her as well A trick of fate has them colliding and it doesn't take long before they decide to do something about the chemistry between them I have to say there are many great things about this book but uite possibly my favorite is that it is a loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast Beauty being Autumn and the Beast being Blake Autumn is sunshine and happiness humor and sweetness and she's a vet she even brings injured pigeons home and nurses them back to health Everyone loves her and is drawn to her Including Blake the big hulking landlord who lives in the building and rarely comes out in the daytime Or at all He walks with a limp and says very little Autumn has always been intrigued by him and he has always been intrigued by herI liked Autumn immediately; she is a sweetheart with a dirty mind and some x rated fantasies Her ex boyfriend was terrible for her self consciousness and just terrible in general so she has some self esteem issues and she's embarrassed about the x rated fantasies Especially when Blake finds out that she has included him in her fantasies But to her surprise he isn't disgusted or freaked out Rather he wants in Blake is the best Beast I've seen in a romance novel He is big and surly and really does not like people He has a really sad past that made me want to hug him over and over He has been hurt physically but also emotionally and he didn't deserve any of the pain He has always had an eye on Autumn but knew that his tastes were too dirty for an angel like her But he was wrongThese two had great chemistry especially with them being complete opposites Autumn is light and sunshine to Blake's storm and darkness Autumn is a chatterbox of opinions and ideas whereas Blake is a uiet observer who communicates so much without saying a single word The pair are perfect for each other on so many levelsThis book was hot X rated fantasies indeed In all fairness I actually expected x rated scenes but that's okay The book had plenty of sexy times and good buildup of tension I like that the authors explored this kind of kink without making it seem non feminist You'll have to read the story to see what I mean Consent was always there and desireOn top of this book being very hot it was also really really sweet I was struck by how sweet this book was It wasn't just sex 247 The relationship between Blake and Autumn was a thing to behold They are so good for each other and good to each other I loved watching them fall for each other Blake with his grumpy silent self and Autumn with her energetic sweet self Towards the climax of the book I was less concerned with the sexy times and invested in the emotional aspect of the romance It was so sweetThe climax was a little angsty but in the best of ways I love how the conflict was presented and I like how it was handled Blake and Autumn had some things to work out on their own and together There is drama both individually and between them but it's not unnecessary drama The ending is a very nice HEA I like the idea of this book being a standalone and I hope that it remains that way It was a lovely story and I will definitely be rereading it againWhat I Did Not LikeNothing specific comes to mind Perhaps x rated sexy timesWould I Recommend ItIf you enjoy Tessa Bailey's books this is one that you won't want to miss The combination of Tessa and Eve is a good one I've not read any of Eve's solo books but I can clearly see Tessa's writing and the other half being Eve's writing The humor of the story is so great and the tension and the romance These two authors wrote a sexy sweet heartwarming retelling of Beauty and the Beast and it is so worth the readRating45 stars I am curious to see if the pair will write books together It would be neat if they retold other fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White Perhaps not in a problematic way but hey they did a great job with this book in making it not problematic so I'm down for whatever